Best Travel Apps For Every Traveler: Install Them Now!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 19,2021

In today’s scenario, travelers are more focused on their smartphones while planning a vacation than a guidebook or travel agent. A smartphone has now become a modern-day travel buddy. From the time you think of a holiday to the moment you reach back home, a smartphone is a device that remains there with you all the time. The unbreakable bond with the mobile device is why the best travel apps are used by people more than ever. These apps are not just an inspiring tool but are also great for making bookings and organizing the vacation. It’s just because of these apps that you can make bookings, plan a dinner, reserve a table, and do everything right from your palm. 


With the correct information and a travel app at your fingertips, traveling will become less stressful. It also helps in saving money and time when you are out. Having these apps on your phone will provide you a lot of local travel tips and let you find some hidden gems that are worth experiencing. There are a plethora of travel apps available for both Apple and Android- and that’s the problem. Among so many options, most of them are awful and just a waste of time. Downloading the worthless app or sorting through the list to find the right one is time-consuming and pointless. That’s why we are here with a list of the best travel apps that you need on your phone before you leave for a vacation. You might find some of the apps on the list quite obvious, while some are more obscure. But either way, these are the best apps that will make your travel a lifetime experience.  


Keep this list in hand, and instead of wasting your precious time downloading useless junk, download the best travel apps. Trust us; Travel apps- one of the best travel technology- will convert your wanderlust into an experience that you’ll never forget.


Are your thumbs ready? Let’s look at the list. 


Airbnb- Good For Non-Hotel Lodgers



Airbnb is an app that has proved that accommodation is everywhere. Whether you want a room on rent or an apartment or an entire hacienda, Airbnb will make it possible for you. This is one of the best travel apps that help travelers find appropriate accommodation in different countries on different budgets and desired locations. Airbnb has data of more than 6 million properties in 191 countries. With so many options, it is for sure that you will find something of your interest. Using the app, you can look through photos, reviews, surroundings, and amenities. If you want to relish an authentic experience on your vacation, then this is the app that must be on your device. Try it now!


Available For: iOS and Android


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AllTrails- App For Nature Lover



For all adventure seekers who love to spend their time amidst nature, this is one of the best travel apps. AllTrails has a plethora of biking, hiking, running, and walking trails. Here you will get over 50,000 maps of different routes curated with all the required information. From distance to reviews to photos to elevation charts to weather forecast, every detail you need to know is available on the app. Along with this, you can also record your movement on the trail. The recording will help you get back in no time. If you are on adventure travel, then download this app, save your favorite track, turn the GPS on, and you are good to go! 


Available On: iOS and Android


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GasBuddy- Gas Station Finder App



True to its name- Gasbuddy is a buddy for all road trip lovers. It is one of the apps that will help you find the nearest and cheapest gas station when you are on the road. Having Gasbuddy at hand will track down all the gas stations and their details like the prices, location, brand, reviews, paying options, deals, amenities, etc. Some of the prominent features that make it one of the best travel apps are trip cost calculators, outage trackers during natural disasters, gas price maps,  gas rewards, driving habits trackers, and more. GasBuddy is a must-to-have app for all US, Canada, and Australia travelers to make the most of their road trip.  


Available For: iOS and Android


Citymapper- App For Urban Explorers



For getting around a new city and exploring an unknown destination, Citymapper is a great help in hand. It is one of the best travel apps that will help you find the easiest, speediest, and fastest route on your vacation. This travel app works excellent in significant cities like Canada, U.S., Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe. People prefer to use this app instead of other maps due to its depth and intuitiveness. You will get up-to-date information on various services like cars, ferries, bikes, commuter trains, and more on this app. You will also get the traffic update, jam status, how long it will take, what if you walk, etc. Download this app on your phone, and you will feel like a native in no time. 


Available For: iOS and Android


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Hopper- Cheap Flights Finder



Hopper is one of the best travel apps for vacation planners. Due to the fluctuation in prices, it becomes quite a tricky task to know whether you should book the flight at the price it shows or wait for them to drop a little. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing the flight that you booked at a lower price. But now, you don’t have to worry. Hopper is an app that predicts the price and helps you know the best time for booking the flight. This app also comes with many other features like price comparison, push notifications, amenities check, and more. The level of details this app offers makes it one of the best travel apps.


Available For: iOS and Android


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LoungeBuddy- Provides Access To Airport Lounges



If you want to fly in style, then download the LoungeBuddy app now. It is an app that will provide you access to various premium airport lounges. Irrespective of the airline you have booked or the class you are flying in, you can spend your time at the luxurious airport lounge. For getting the access, you just have to add a trip in the app, and it will show you the accessible lounge, its fee, what’s inside, etc. From food to amenities to photos to reviews, you will get every information right on your travel gadget- your phone. Now you don’t need to be jealous. You can too enjoy the luxury at the airport.  


Available For: iOS


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Roadtrippers- App For Planning Road Trips



Together with the right place and right people, you also need a perfect plan and impressive stoppages to have the best time on the road. For this, Roadtrippers app is designed. It is an exclusive and one of the best travel apps that helps travelers plan out a road trip. On this app, you will get to know some interesting, fun-filled, off-the-beaten paths and attractions that are worth enjoying. There are several fantastic places on your way that you never knew existed. Although the app is free to download and use, you can buy its premium version. It will provide you access to a wide array of options. Now, whenever you plan a road trip, download Roadtrippers, grab the car, and go!


Available For: iOS and Android


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TripIt- App For Organizing Itineraries



TripIt is an app that will help you organize your upcoming vacation. For using this app, you have to forward all your reservations to the official id of TripIt, or you can provide access to your email account. With the help of your bookings, this app creates a master itinerary for you. The designed itinerary gets synced to your calendar, making it easy to keep track of your vacation. On this app, you can also store your travel documents. TripIt is one of the best travel apps. It is free to download and provides access to the itinerary even without an internet connection. Doesn't it sound interesting? If it does, then make sure you download it on your next vacation. 


Available For: iOS and Android


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Duolingo- Best App For Learning New Language



Nothing can be more attractive for the locals than speaking something in their language. It’s always a good idea to learn a few words before leaving for a vacation. Learning the language will make it easy for you to understand the signs and help in interacting with the locals. Speaking in their language shows that you care and are making efforts to learn their culture. For this, we recommend you download the Duolingo app. It is a fun app with over 30 languages. The learning method on this app is relatively conventional and relaxed, making the language fun and exciting. Download the app and learn a new language!


Available For: iOS and Android


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Uber- Taxi Booking App



Uber is one of the most ubiquitous and best travel apps globally, which most of us have used at least once. The app covers over 700 cities and allows passengers to request a car at any time. Using this app, you don’t have to struggle with public transportation and can enjoy a rental car ride at a much lesser price. The ride fare on the app is fixed and is usually less expensive than the traditional taxi fares. The prominent feature of the Uber app is the background check of the driver. On the app, you can check the training, reviews, ratings, and information to ensure safety. Have this app and enjoy a ride like never before!


Available For: iOS and Android


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Wait…Wait...Wait... This is not it. These are the 10 best travel apps that must be on your mobile device when you are planning a vacation. But there are ample other apps. Here are some more apps that are worth checking out.








RV Parks & Campgrounds



Google Maps






Hotel Tonight

XE Currency 


Google Translate 





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