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Everything You Should Know About Italy Tour In 2022


Paradise on Earth: Fall In Love with Italy!

In addition to the great food and wine, there's no dearth of reasons that make Italy a must-see destination on Europe tours. From the appealing mountains to unique museums and wonderful coastline, every part of it beautiful. Italy makes for one of the tourist destinations which ought to be on the Bucket List of every travel enthusiast. Let us find out why Italy tours make for one of the most sought-after destinations.

Love for Venice!

The extraordinarily romantic vibes that spread all through Venice can make anyone fall in love with this place. The vibrancy, grandeur, peace, and the charm of this place are the aspects that attract people from around the globe. There’s romance in every drop of the air in Italy! The perfectly beautiful views around offer an opportunity to click plenty of pictures. Experienced Italy tour agents will help you see every part of this amazing city.

Hiking through the Cinque Terre

In the last few years, Cinque Terre has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. Cinque Terre is also called as “five lands” and there are plenty of reasons for this unique name it is called with. This colorfully beautiful town is worth visiting for its amazing location looking as if it dangles through the cliff. For its charismatic scenery, this tourist site has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Deserted Islands

Talk about deserted land and Italy will definitely be one place that will come to anyone’s mind. For those travelers who are looking out to travel to a unique place and discover new things, Sicily’s Pelagie Islands are the right place to target. It offers travelers an opportunity to dive through the turquoise waters, wander around the white-sand beaches and see the lovely fishing towns. One should not miss visiting Lampione, which is a true paradise!

Rome & its Decaying Ruins

Rome is peculiarly beautiful! Unusually, for ancient Rome, disintegrating is a term for fondness. It is the crumbled Rome that makes this place way more enchanting. Rome is particularly the best destination in Italy for those who love this part on a trip. In addition to the crumbled Rome, people can also enjoy here every bit of ultra-modern luxuries. From top-rated restaurants to ultra-modern accommodations with qualitative facilities, the place where Julius Caesar had walked, and museums, there’s no dearth of charm here in Rome. This place is particularly a wonderful location for the history buffs.

Sampling Antipasti

One may have tasted Antipasti somewhere, but it is hard to find the one, which is found in Italy. The antipasti dishes vary throughout different regions of Italy. Also, they prepare it in different ways in different restaurants. This makes out that one can visit through the country trying on different tastes of Antipasti around the country.

Florence City Streets

We have heard about Venice and Rome from most of the travel enthusiasts. But, know that Florence is also one of the most enchanting cities, which finds its place in the list of best cities to travel in Italy. The best thing about Florence is that it can be explored on foot for its smaller size. It's incredible visiting some places like the Galleria dell'Accademia, Ponte Vecchio, plenty of museums, and the Uffizi.

Italy’s 47 World Heritage Sites

Italy has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world and the goes to 47. In fact, there are four Natural World Heritage Sites and 47 cultural World Heritage sites. Some of these sites include the beautiful archeological Pompei areas to Torre Annunziata, Herculaneum, the Dolomites, and the Aeolian Islands. Most Italy tour agents say that at every step of the trip, there's one UNESCO site.

Val d’Orcia Rolling Hills, Tuscany

The most interesting things about a trip to Tuscany is enjoying the green rolling hills sipping on a glass of Chianti. Tuscany is one of the largest areas of Italy that gives a lot of scope to its travelers to explore and discover fresh and interesting. Some places in Tuscany are particularly amazing. On top of the list falls the Val d’Orcia that is beautifully located on top of the Monticchiello, Pienza, and Montalcino hills. Ones get an opportunity to click plenty of pictures in the heavenly land.

Dolomites Adventure

It's not just the rolling hills and the isolates islands that make this place an interesting place to boast off, but there's much more than that here. A snowy mountain, Dolomite is a paradise for adventurers who are hikers, skiers, snowboarders, and climbers. Visiting the Dolomite, located in the southern Alps is a great way of giving a thrill to your adrenaline. These wonderful peaks are sure to make people feel the charisma of nature.

How to find Budget Hotels in Italy?

It is important to save money when traveling! There are plenty of things to be handled and therefore finding budget hotels in Italy is something that will keep you at the safer end. Opting for hotels in Venice, Rome, and Florence would not be a great idea. They may charge as high as €150.

  1. Research is the key! Do some rigorous research on booking platforms, but make sure to call the hotel directly.

  2. Even after seeing something really great or a tremendously positive review, don’t instantly rush into it. Call and talk to the hotel staff and negotiates the rates. If anything could be done.

  3. Another way by which one can save money, in this part of the trip is looking for other options for accommodations and not just sticking to hotels. There are a lot of other accommodation options in Italy.

  4. Most experienced travelers and luxury tour agents suggest that one should choose a lodging space which has a beautiful neighborhood and that gives easy access to the historic piazzas. The hotel should be such that one can walk around and reach to some of the tourist sites.

  5. There are many other options for accommodation other than hotels including B&B, apartments, and much more.

People, Behavior & Customs in Italy

Meeting Etiquette

  1. Upon meeting, Italians meet very enthusiastically. While at the first instance, it will look formal, but gradually they will mix up easily.

  2. Italians will meet even a stranger with a usual handshake with an amazing smile and proper eye contact.

  3. After developing a level of comfort, air-kissing starting from the left side and then to the right cheek is very common. Sometimes they may also end up with a tap on the back.

  4. Italians have developed the habit of judging people on the basis of their first impression. Our luxury Italy tour agents suggest demonstrating proper behavior at the first meeting.

Gift Giving Etiquettes

  1. Those who are opting to gift flowers should make sure that they are not choosing chrysanthemums because they are used during funerals.

  2. Red flowers should also be avoided when it comes to gift-giving. Red flowers are actually considered the symbol of secrecy.

  3. Yellow flowers symbolize jealousy therefore yellow flower gifts should also be avoided.

  4. Also, make sure not to wrap gifts in black and purple colors as they are considered a symbol of mourning and bad luck respectively.

Be Healthy & Safe on Italy Tours!

Italy has always been an enchanting destination for people around the world. It's the countless form of attractions, which attracts people to visit this place. Be it the pilgrims or the art lovers or the nature lovers, there's something for everyone that sweeps them off their feet. But, before planning a trip to Italy or any other corners of the world, take precautions and be healthy & safe. Let's discover how!

  1. Italy is a safe destination for tourists. Since it’s one of the most visited destinations in the world, the Italian Government has made sure to keep a strict check on the safety of the travelers.

  2. There is patrolled by the Italian soldiers at most of the major tourist locations to make sure in case of any mishappening, the public is given all the needed assistance.

  3. Italy is the 34th safest countries in the World for tourists as per data collected by approved companies.

  4. However, there can be cases of pickpockets and other small cases, especially in crowded places. So one should be careful at such places.

In the case of unfortunate events during your Italy travel, you can use Italy emergency services. Italian medical care, as well as the police services, are of a very high standard and any situation is handled very quickly and efficiently.

Anyhow, it is best to be prepared prior to your trip and therefore to make sure to take care of your travel insurance ahead of time. Moreover, to avoid unpleasantly large bills, find out what your medical insurance covers overseas, i.e. which medical services, cases, and medical institutions (specific hospitals, doctors, etc.) you can turn to.

Unique Experiences on Italy Tours

With Italy, the southern European Nation being the home to perfect architecture, art, fashion, Mediterranean coastline, and some of the most mouth-watering cuisine is a must have tourist destinations on every traveler's Bucket-List. For the last many years, its vino, people, and the language have inspired travelers' through the world to visit this part of Italy. This country is particularly a place that is believed to follow a complex set of etiquette and customs. We are listing here some of the unique aspects of the country that makes it one of the must-visit destinations in the world. Read them below...

The Ideal Dinner time in Italy begins at 7:30

Most restaurants in Italy open only after six or seven! People in Italy have the habit of eating their dinner late. Eating outlets and restaurants in Italy take it casually when it comes to the opening and closing time. The owners open and close their outlets as per their convenience. They don’t really take it seriously with the timings. The owners might even switch it off for days for their personal work.

Authentic pizza experience in Italy

There are around 20 regions in Italy and each of these regions use their own specialized techniques to cook something delicious. One can get some best of pizza experience throughout the world. For this one will need to travel to Naples where the Margherita pie is believed to have been invented. There’s a lot to enjoy here in Italy! Bologna is popularly known for its most luscious Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Lombardy for risotto, Rome for carbonara, and Sicily for cannoli. Food in Italy is something that must be enjoyed by everyone.

Enjoy the Art Scene in Italy

Most travelers might be aware of the charm of wonderful restaurants, ancient ruins, and the shopping areas of Italy, but there is much more to discover. Most Italy travel experts have revealed that missing the artistic scenes of Italy is not really a good idea, be it from the present day or from the Renaissance. There's a lot of art in every part of Italy! One of the artistic flavors of Italy is the 100 art Galleries of the Vatican Houses. Undoubtedly the best of this 100 art Galleries is the painting by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel ceiling. Apart from this, the gigantic art collection by Magritte and Picasso in Venice, Peggy Guggenheim is another artistic part of Italy that should not be missed.

The Vatican Museums

Italy tours are indeed incomplete without exploring the Vatican Museums! It has a great collection of sculptures, paintings, and other masterpieces & pieces of art that have been collected by popes. The museum is all laden with plenty of monumental pieces that include the Chapel of Beato Angelico, Loggia and the Borgia Apartment, the Sistine Chapel, and the Raphael Rooms. Designed by architect Beltrami, the picture gallery or the Pinacoteca is situated in the building that belongs to 1932. Then, the Ethnological Museum has a wonderful collection of archaeological and artistic objects. Many highly skilled Italy travel agents say that the Vatican museum follows strictly a proper dress code. Know that, it’s not allowed to wear hats, miniskirt, any kind of sleeveless clothing or shorts when traveling here. That means that it’s not allowed to show off knees or shoulders.

Italy People do not like cappuccino after Breakfast

Before taking up the final decision for an exciting Italy vacation, know that this European holiday spot has a variety of customs and thoughts put in food. Italian people have their own rules and traditions when it comes to what food should be eaten at what time. For instance, one can’t drink any coffee drink like a cappuccino after a meal. These drinks are meant to be consumed only during the morning. However, one has the freedom to sit at a restaurant and order anything they want. But, there are more chances that something that is unusual can bring about a flood of lectures on digestion and everything from people.

Italy Metro (73 stations just three Lines)

You ought to get an awesome experience with Italy Metro! The Rome metro supposedly belongs to the 50s. There are just three lines that have been designed to serve 73 stations. Many well-experienced say that opting for metros can save a lot of money on traveling through the different tourist sites in Rome. But, of course, one has to keep in mind a lot of things before starting a train ride. One must keep their eyes on the current news, know that children below 10 will not need a ticket, and the most important thing to note is that after buying tickets, validating it before entering the station is important.

Tipping in Restaurants is not an Idea in Italy

It’s not about tipping in Italy! The staff that serves to the guests are considered a part of the family and are paid a fair amount of salary. One should avoid giving tip the servers might feel offended about that. There are many unusual inclusions in the bill that may be confusing. The most confusing of them is the 'coperto', which is actually the charge for sitting at the table in the restaurant. A 'Servizio' is another charge in restaurants and it will come up in most of the tourist areas. It will be around 10% to 20% of the bill. 

Know these Important things about Italy

  1. Since Italy is a member of the European Union people belonging to the EU member countries will not need a visa. Americans don’t need a visa if they are staying for less than 90 days. For those who are the members of the EU will need to apply for a visa before traveling to Italy.

  2. On January 1st, 1999, the Euro became the official language of the country.

  3. One can easily find ATMs at every corner of the country. And, most shops, restaurants, and hotels accept e-money.

  4. But, a few small villages and small shops, restaurants, and hotels may only accept cash money.

  5. Throughout Italy, it is easy to exchange money. It’s most convenient to exchange American dollars and British pounds. Go to any international Kiosks and you can easily exchange money.

  6. And, for those who have hired experienced Luxury tour agents, it is even easy for them to get help from these experts in exchanging their currencies.

  7. For those who have a passport can also exchange their money with a bank. The facility is available in Italy.

  8. Travelers’ checks are not that fine in Italy. They are not usually accepted and if that happens, the exchange company is going to charge a large commission.

  9. Tipping is not practiced in Italy! Unlike many other countries, it is not necessary to give a tip to the restaurant servers, drivers, or at a bar.

Unlike most countries, Italy offers the perfect opportunity to travel throughout the year. Though it's not bad to visit Italy at any time of the year, however, fall is the best season for traveling. During the fall that is from September to November, hotel charges and airfares are less. Also, during this part of the year, there isn't much of a crowd at popular tourist attractions like the Vatican and Coliseum. Many luxury travel agents suggest relying on the following information before planning an Italy vacation.

Best time Visit Italy in terms of Weather: May - October

Best sightseeing season in Italy: April - June & September - November

Best Honeymoon Season in Italy: May to June & September to October

Best time to Save Money on Italy Tours: March to April & November

Best Season to travel to Rome: April - June & September

  1. The most perfect time to plan a trip to Italy is fall that is September to October & spring that is between April to June.
  2. During this time of the year, there's pleasant weather around, less tourist crowd, low prices, and also the temperature is moderate.
  3. Summers are not really good. The temperature is high, the hotel and other charges are quite high, and it's crowded all through.
  4. When it comes to sightseeing, April to May & mid-September to mid-October is a perfect time. There's pleasant weather all through and there isn't much of a crowd through the city.
  5. The best time of the day to visit the very famous tourist attractions of Rome, the Roman Colosseum, is the nighttime. During the day there is a large array of crowds.
  6. Shopping in Italy is rejuvenating dusting the summer sales as well as during the winter sales. is an online platform that deals with creating travel plans throughout the world. Looking at the increasing trends of tourism, our handful of creative, highly-skilled, and enthusiastic team decided to design a single platform for fulfilling all travel needs. Leisure then became a reality with its wide array of services to help travelers plan their trip with ease. Our platform has been designed in a way that it's easy to browse through the site and simple to get connected to luxury Italy tour agents.

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