12 Must-Have Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Carry

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 15,2021

In today’s world, almost everybody is tech-savvy. When it comes to technology, travel is no exception. From luxurious electronics to handy bottles, there are ample gadgets for travel that make the journey convenient. These smart travel gadgets have changed the way people travel and made their journey more easier and enjoyable. To take you to the technical world, we have handpicked some great travel gadgets. These are the 12 cool travel gadgets that deserve a special place on your packing list. Include these gadgets in your carry-on luggage and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.


1. Smart Carry-On Luggage



All thanks to the advancement in technology, you no longer have to worry about your luggage on your vacation. Smart carry-on suitcases are a game-changer. They are the suitcases that are embedded with technological features like GPS finders, solar-powered batteries, USB ports, and smart lock systems. This gadget is undoubtedly one of the most innovative gadgets for travel and is extremely useful. Using such suitcases will make your luggage feel lighter and easy to carry. Together with so many in-built features, such luggage bags are also great in design. They are sleek and are made of sturdy material that enhances their look and makes them a lot fashionable. This gadget out there is great for all travelers. You must get one on your vacation. 


2. Travel Wash Bag



If you are traveling overseas for a long time, then you must add a travel washing machine to your bag to enjoy a clean and easy stay. This gadget is a pocket-sized washing machine that will allow you to do your laundry anytime and anywhere. It is a flexible washboard that is used to wash the clothes in just a minute. Using these bags is hygienic and convenient. Beyond this, it does not require electricity to wash the clothes. This makes it perfect to use anywhere. Having this device in your bag will make the whole vacation a lot more enjoyable. Although it is great for all, it is highly preferred by trekkers, campers, and backpackers. 


3. Travel Drone



Never forget to carry a travel drone with you, if you want to achieve perfect shots on your vacation. In recent years, travel drones have gained immense popularity. The drones are in-built with quality cameras and are able to fly high in the sky to capture the moments. Being compact and foldable, carrying this device in your bag is an easy task. On the beach or mountains or while enjoying adventurous sports, you can fly your travel drone anywhere. With this, you can easily get breathtaking shots from different angles. If you really want to invest in one, make sure you check all the specifications. It’s time to up your photography game and get jaw-dropping footage of your travel.


4. Water Purifier Bottle



Most of the time the reason behind the travel health problems is the contaminated water. While exploring unexplored lands and traveling in harsh weather conditions, one can never guarantee pure filtered water. However, it is never a good idea to sacrifice your health. Regardless of where you are traveling, it is always important to prioritize your health and clean drinking water. This where water purifier bottles play an important role. Investing in a water purifier bottle is a no-brainer. Using these bottles, you can have clean drinking water anytime. Such bottles remove germs and other impurities and provide travelers with clean drinking water. This is one of the super cool gadgets for travel and is a perfect addition to your packing list.


5. Heated Insoles



Surviving in cold weather is never easy but once you get yourself the heated insoles, it will be an all-new experience. They are a perfect companion to your travel shoes if you are moving to a colder region. Not just for cold winter weather, it is also great for improving the blood circulation in the feet. Wearing them in snow or freezing temperatures will keep your feet warm and make you feel comfortable. This piece of technology is in-built with a thermostat and water-resistance system. Beyond this, these insoles are rechargeable which makes them ideal to use in the long-run. Gone are the days to remain cold on a winter vacation. This means you can now warm your legs whenever and wherever you want. 


6. Travel Smart Watch



When it comes to wearable technology, SmartWatch tops the list of gadgets. It is one such gadget that will make you wonder how you managed your vacations till now. They are an unbeatable combination of fashion and adventure. Such watches are packed with various smart features that enhance the travel experience. Some of the great features of such watches are heartbeat monitoring, in-built GPS, e-payment options, smart maps, music systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more. Together with noteworthy features, these smartwatches are lightweight, flexible, versatile, and of great quality. The interchangeable bands of these watches make them a great piece to style on your vacation. Buy one and find yourself a perfect travel partner.


7. Travel Iron



This is one of the travel gadgets that you should always carry with you on a vacation. Carrying it in your bag will save you from wearing horribly wrinkled dresses. No matter how much a traveler tries, they always end up getting creased clothes in the luggage. In such scenarios, these compact travel iron comes in great help. To keep the travelers well-dressed, there are several providers who are producing cute little travel irons. Such irons are smaller in size, lightweight, and non-stick which makes them perfect to carry in the travel bag. Also, the travel irons are designed with a temperature control system which makes them ideal for different fabrics. If you want to look stylish, you must carry a travel iron with you. 


8. Kindle



Reading is perhaps the best way to enjoy your vacation. It is a great time pass while flying and a perfect way to calm your mind. For travel reading, a kindle is an outstanding gadget. It is one of the gadgets that everyone must carry with them. Along with compact and easy to carry, the kindle is great to enjoy reading even in the strong sunlight. Using this gadget, you can read millions of e-books, travel guides, stories, and more whenever you are traveling. Kindle is designed with powerful features and a great library. It also saves a lot of battery as compared to the mobile device. Beyond this, this device puts no strain on the eyes. Being a thinner, lighter, and feature-packed gadget, it is great to carry it in the suitcase. Buy one and it will keep you entertained all the way.


9. Mobile Hotspot



Regardless of which destination you are traveling to, the mobile hotspot will come in handy on many occasions. In the tech-savvy world, living without the internet is impossible. This is why every travel must carry a  mobile hotspot with them. Using this gadget for travel you can save a lot of money on international data charges. It allows not just one but multiple devices to get connected to the internet. Together with providing a secure connection, this mobile hotspot gadget also works as a portable charger. Using this, you need not carry a power bank with you to charge your devices. The mobile hotspot broadcasts a secure wifi signal which allows travelers to use an internet connection on the go. Invest in one and enjoy an uninterrupted connection. 


10. Noise Canceling Headphones



Undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for travel to invest in is noise-canceling headphones. Such headphones let the travelers shut the unwanted noise and enjoy a pleasant journey without being disturbed by passengers’ voices. Especially while flying in aircraft, they are of great use. Putting them on cancels all the noise in the surroundings and allows the traveler to enjoy a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Such devices are not just great for canceling the noise but also are also perfect for listening to music. They are comfortable to wear, lightweight to carry, and of great quality to enjoy the music. With the on-going advancement, they are available in various styles. If you too want to enjoy a pleasant journey, then you must invest in noise-canceling earphones.


11. Portable Safe



This is probably one of the best investments any traveler can ever make. While traveling across the world, it is always a dilemma how to keep valuable items safe. Many a time, travelers keep the jewelry aside and avoid carrying it while traveling. However, it cannot be the case every time. Along with valuable jewelry pieces, there are several items that require great protection. But now you need not worry about your valuable items. With the portable safe, you can carry your valuable items without worrying about being stolen. These safes are smaller in size, convenient, highly secured, and rust-resistant that makes them perfect to carry. With so many advanced features, it has become the most unique travel gadget that you must buy on your vacation. 


12. Electric Toothbrush



While traveling, another great gadget that you must carry is an electric toothbrush. Not just convenient to carry, such toothbrushes are a great cleaner. This gadget is a savior when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. They clean the teeth far better than manual toothbrushes and keep the gum healthy. These toothbrushes are equipped with sensors that recommend the required amount of pressure on the teeth. At the time of traveling, carrying such an item is of great convenience. An electric toothbrush is a compact and lightweight brush that is quite easy to take with you. The main reason behind the popularity of these brushes is their battery life. So, purchase a quality electric toothbrush and it will surely be worth the money. 


Check out the list and find yourself the perfect companion. These are some of the cool and trendy gadgets for travel that are great for enhancing your experience. Among the list, get the gadgets that you find most engaging. 

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