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Comprising of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, the United Kingdom (UK) or Great Britain has long been the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This is a diverse, traditional, and unashamedly modern place, mixing centuries of history and industry with some of the most cutting-edge buildings and entertainment venues in the world. One of the greatest pleasures of a vacation in the UK is the ease of exploring this mesmerizing country. No matter what your preferences are, one can just as easily transport back to the Shakespeare’s time and before, or enjoy the best of the electrifying nightlife in cities all over the region.


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Being geographically secluded from the rest of the world, the UK has always been a unique world in itself. Because of its island identity, this country cultivates its differences from the rest of Europe and its unique culture is definitely worth visiting. As a nation, the British are known to be friendly to tourists and are charming to be around whereupon their dry humor is a priceless bonus. This country has infinite places to visit from the rugged hills in Yorkshire to the busy streets of London and the unique seaside villages all along the coast. The national dishes such as fish and chips or hot cross buns are an absolute must-try and vary in quality all over the province. Despite the endless rain there is always cheer to be found through its famous pub culture that promises comforting warm meals and excellent beers.

The cathedral cities such as Winchester, Salisbury, and Bristol boast magnificent architecture and history to explore. As a place that has an extremely rich past, there is an inexhaustible amount to learn and places to visit one of the most famous examples being Stonehenge. The important aspect to note about the UK is its vast variety with hundreds of different accents and landscapes that never fail to be awe-inspiring.

The City of Bristol

The City of Bristol is a bustling metropolis home to some of England’s best independent bars and restaurants. The thriving arts and music scene makes it hard to pull yourself away. Should you want to explore a little further afield the South West of England has plenty to offer. There are a number of impressive historical and geographical landmarks that fall within an hour’s drive of the city center, perfect for a day trip away from the city.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds lie in the very heart of England. Home to vast scenic landscapes, picture-postcard villages (literally!) and architecture steeped in history, the Cotswolds has something for everyone.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional pub lunch, an idyllic spot for a picnic or a walk to blow the cobwebs away, the villages of the Cotswolds will see you right. An easy two-hour train journey from London and easily accessible by road there are no excuses not to strap on your boots and lose yourself in the expansive rolling hills of the Cotswolds. 

SEA LIFE in Manchester

Take a deep sea excursion without setting foot in the ocean, by visiting SEA LIFE Manchester aquarium. Inside, you’ll find many fascinating species of aquatic life just waiting for you to find out more about them. Follow the life cycle of a sea turtle at the Turtle Beach exhibit before moving on to the underwater cave system exhibit where you will encounter some very strange looking creatures. During your tour of SEA LIFE, you’ll see such species as the lionfish, stingrays, jellyfish and even sharks!

The Tour of Etihad Stadium

This tour is perfect for sports enthusiasts. On this 1.5-hour walking tour, you will go behind the scenes of the Manchester City Football Club’s Etihad Stadium, where you will visit the manager’s dugout, press conference room and the players’ changing rooms. Enjoy a brief history lesson on the team that dates back to the 1800’s with the interactive displays located in the exhibition hall. Your tour guide will recount to you stories of football legends, including Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany. Be sure to stop by the gift shop on your way out; your ticket to the tour will get you a 10% discount on all merchandise.


Stonehenge is one of the United Kingdom’s most iconic landmarks, it has been attracting visitors from the four corners of the globe for decades; Stonehenge is an integral part of English heritage that is not to be missed.


The United Kingdom can be visited at any time of year, as its climate is relatively temperate and, in general, doesn’t experience extremes during either summer or winter. Overall, spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit, when it’s usually warm and dry. At these times you’ll see beautiful spring flowers or the leaves changing hue in autumn, and avoid the much busier summer period. Winter (December to February) can also be an enjoyable time to visit. Although some attractions close in mountainous areas and in the north, where there’s likely to be snow, the main cities remain fully open and will be quieter for sightseeing. The highest temperatures are experienced in the summer, but these rarely rise above 30°C (86°F).


London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Set right on the banks of the River Thames, the London Marriott County Hall offers stunning views of the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. You don’t have to look outside to get your fill of grandeur and history through – the hotel is in London’s former city hall, a grand, sprawling old building. Here, you’re also right next to the London Eye and a 10-minute walk away from Waterloo Station.

Premier Inn London County Hall

One of the more affordable options along the Thames, the Premier Inn London County Hall is just beside the London Eye and 350m away from Waterloo Station. It’s just across the river from Big Ben and Parliament Square, so be sure to ask for a room with river views when booking. The location of this hotel is top-notch, and you can expect clean, comfortable rooms with luxury Hypnos beds.

Shangri-la Hotel

Occupying levels 34-52 of the tallest building in the United Kingdom, the Shangri-la Hotel at The Shard offers breathtaking views of the capital. You’ll definitely be able to see Big Ben, although you might have to use the complementary pair of binoculars for a good look. The rooms in the Shangri-La are pure luxury, with body-contouring beds, underfloor heating in the bathrooms and mirrors with integrated TV screens. 

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Planning a trip to the UK probably seems pretty easy. The language is almost never a problem, the visa requirements are not particularly onerous for vacationers from North and South America, Australasia or Europe, and there's a good choice of ways to arrive and get around.  And, you know, it probably is as easy as all that. You could pop over to London and take a few day trips in the immediate area, then spend a day or two venturing a bit further afield - to Oxford or the Cotswolds or Stratford upon Avon and, hey presto, what a great vacation you've had.

There are three nations in Britain. The most important thing to know is that Britain is home to not one but three patriotic nations: England, Scotland, and Wales.


The National Health Service (NHS) provides comprehensive health care throughout the United Kingdom. The NHS provides medical care through a tripartite structure of primary care, hospitals, and community health care. The main element in primary care is the system of general practitioners (family doctors), who provide preventive and curative care and who refer patients to hospital and specialist services. All consultations with a general practitioner under the NHS are free.  The other major types of primary medical care are dentistry and pharmaceutical and ophthalmic services. These are the only services of the NHS for which charges are levied, though persons under age 16, past retirement, or with low incomes are usually exempt. Everyone else must pay charges that are below the full cost of the services involved.


The United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Historically the country was a forerunner in the developing world and, at its peak during the 19th Century, had an empire that stretched across the globe. There are no strict etiquette rules that you have to stick to when in the UK. It is advisable, however, to demonstrate decent manners and respect to the local culture and traditions.  The first and most important step is to be aware of the clearly distinct nations which form the UK. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The citizens of any of these countries may be referred to as 'British'. This term is also the safest to use when not certain of a person's heritage. When certain of heritage, you are free to call the different residents as follows: English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. While the four countries share many customs, each has its own set of traditions and history.


British people are not very keen on displaying affection in public. Hugging, kissing and touching are usually reserved for family members and very close friends. You should also avoid talking loudly in public or going to extremes with hand gestures during the course of communication. The British like a certain amount of personal space. Do not stand too close to another person or put your arm around someone's shoulder.


English is the main language spoken by approximately 98% of the population in the UK with numerous dialects. Accents can vary tremendously from south to north, even occasionally confusing Brits themselves.  There are some regional language speakers including Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic and Welsh. The latter is one of the most widely spoken regional languages. 

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