Privacy Policy

Leisure is committed to keeping the privacy of travelers’ personal information. Our top priorities include respect for your personal information. We have put in every effort to make sure that the information that you share is safe with us. Our Privacy Policy describes how we treat the data as given by you at

Collecting Information

We would not request you for any personal data if you want to visit the website in general. However, we may ask for certain information from the travelers when they want to use our services. You may be required to fill out our request form to allow us to plan a trip for you. In such cases, we would need some of your personal data that you have to submit to us through different means.

Your Personal Information That We Collect

Leisure collects your personal information and your travel related data through the website (or any other means as directed). You will be providing this information to us that will further be shared with travel agents, matching your requirements. This information may include your

Full Name -

Email Address -

Contact Number -

Country of Residence -

Travel Related Information -

In the second part of the process the selected travel agent may ask you about your date of birth, location, and other trip related information.

Privacy Policy Updates

Leisure will keep updating the Privacy Policy details from time to time. We make sure to keep our customers informed on these updates. In addition to reflecting these updates on our website ( we’ll be sending an email to your registered email address regarding the same. This way you can be aware on how we are going to use your personal information in the future. In case, you don’t agree with any of our new clauses or additions, you may stop following us and availing our services. If you continue using our services we’ll consider that you agree to the changes we have introduced.

Trip Requests and Trip Plans

Leisure is a business-to-consumer site that deals in traveling. It builds a healthy relationship between reliable travel agents and companies with customers who really want to travel. While availing our services, the data related to your trip will be visible to other users of the site. However, only Travel agents and companies can see your username.

Leisure also provides a platform as a part of the trip request to create your own profile page, post your travel details, and upload photos. Every piece of information that you are disclosing on your discretion will be displayed publicly and can be used by anyone who visits the site. Your email address won't be visible to other visitors on the site (only username will be visible) when you are posting a comment or uploading a photo or sending messages from the site.

Data Integrity

Leisure makes sure to use the information only for the key purpose it was collected for. Also, we take care of the privacy policy while we are using your personal details. In addition to that, we rewrite our processing practices, storage, and data collection in order to maintain data integrity. We collect, store, and process your personal information that is actually required to make improvements in our services. We do everything possible to make sure that data collected from travelers is exact and updated. Users can also update their information as provided on the site whenever there is a requirement.


Almost every site, live on the internet, makes use of cookies. These are actually pieces of information that gets stored on the user's computer after he has visited the website. Leisure uses cookies to analyze users' pattern (how & when) when they are visiting the site. This information is helpful for our team in researching what people like and dislike about us and improve our services. However, cookies don't personally identify a user.

Aggregate Information

Leisure reserves the right to maintain a record of the number of visitors coming to the site. We also maintain a record of data like total number of visitors coming to a page of the site, their IP addresses, and the type of browser they are using. We might use this comprehensively collected data in future to analyze statistics, trends, maintain user movement track, and administer our site. But, at the same time we ensure that this aggregate information will not contain any data that could be personally identifiable.


Leisure may sometimes be sharing your personal as well as comprehensive data (obtained from cookies) to vendors and third parties that we are collaborating with for availing their services. This may be like providing your personal information to service providing companies so that they can help in planning your trip according to your request. In addition to that, we'll also be disclosing the following information:

(a). In case it’s required by a Government body or we are obliged to do so as per the law. Also, in case, this data is required by a Government.

(b). This information can be used in accordance with the protect our rights or Leisure Terms of Use agreement.

(c). For the indemnity of our site users and services.

Links to Third Party Sites

Leisure reserves the right to allow “external websites” (over which Leisure does not have any control) to link to itself. However, with this type of linking Leisure does not encourage any type of endorsement of those external websites. Uses of these external sites should be in adherence with the privacy policy and terms of use as mentioned on those sites.


We may make use of technological and procedural measures in the quest of protecting your personal information from disclosure, loss, unauthorized access, destruction or alteration. In addition to that, Leisure may take control on whom should have access to your personal information. Leisure may make use of password protection, firewall protection, internal restrictions, and other security measures necessary to keep your personal data safe from any unauthorized access.

Reviewing, Updating & Deleting Personal Information

Leisure allows you to review, update and delete your personal information provided to us. You have all the right to access, review, update, and delete this information either, from your profile page, or by contacting us through email to: In case, you want to know more about this section of our Privacy Policy you are free to contact us at the email address mentioned above.

We are currently based in the United States and your personal data will be processed at our U.S. data centers, and we may not be able to provide the same level of privacy regulations and protection as in other parts of the world like the European Union. When you are creating an account from outside the United States as a visitor, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. You are giving consent to the transfer of this data to our data center in the United States. Our Privacy Policy may not follow an equivalent level of protection as required in the place from where you are creating this account.

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