Denmark Vacation

There is something peculiar about the Nordic region. The quaint, tiny country of Denmark has a charm that not many nations can boast of. So, if you are someone who enjoys solitude and peaceful travel experience, you need to check out Denmark vacation packages.

Thanks to its picturesque beauty, millions of travelers flock to Denmark every year to witness the islands, museums, and historic castles. The Denmark vacation packages offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage that dates back to over a thousand years. The country is also known for its innovative architecture, with vibrant buildings and enchanting palaces all over.

The Denmark vacation packages will take you on an incredible journey through the history of LEGO bricks, danish butter cookies, and of course, the Viking culture. There is a lot to explore, especially for those who enjoy spending their time amid mother nature. There are plenty of lush green forests for your hiking trails that lead to stunning landscapes. When you're in Denmark, you can't really miss out on the world-famous pork dishes. So if you are a foodie, this is the place to be.

So what are you waiting for? This gorgeous European nation is ideal for tourists looking to visit blissful little towns and explore travel in the slow lane. If this sounds perfect for you, see our Denmark vacation packages for more incredible tourist spots.

Know Everything About Denmark Vacation 2022


Denmark will sweep you off your feet with its beautiful location in the Nordic countries. From its charming castle to beach-edged coast, its overwhelmingly amicable people to the beautiful church-studded skyline, every part of the country is worth visiting. 

Denmark has been the capital of Copenhagen for a long period of time and it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Other charismatic parts of the country that you should never miss include Aalborg, Aarhus, and Odense. 

Top tourist Attractions in Denmark: Kronborg Castle, Copenhagen’s treasured landmarks (Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the Little Mermaid statue & the National Museum). The country is also popularly known for its delicious culinary (restaurant Noma is one of the most popular throughout the world).

Geography of Denmark: Denmark is a part of beautiful Europe and it covers an area of over 42, 434 square kilometers. It was in 980 that the country was founded.

The currency of Denmark: Danish Krone (DKK) is the currency of the country. Also, the people of Denmark are called Danish.

Bordering Countries: Germany shares its Border with.

Language in Denmark: Danish is spoken in Denmark and it is the only country where the language is spoken. Other two countries where people understand Danish are Norway & Sweden. Most people in the country speak English very fluently and the language is taught in schools right from grade 1. Also, German is taught in schools from grade 6.


Only a small percentage of travelers visiting the country know that it is not just Denmark, but is the Kingdom of Denmark. It was because of the Royal Family that created this sovereign state. And, this is the reason that you can find plenty of castles here. This place is truly a heaven if you are truly someone in love with the idea of discovering history as and when there is an opportunity.

Let's explore the best things to do in Denmark:

  1. Tivoli amusement park

This park is one-of-its-kind a great way of making the most of your summer vacations. This is the time when one can see a huge number of people in the grounds playing different games & enjoying roller coaster rides. The Tivoli amusement park is a wonderful option if you want your children to enjoy every single moment to the fullest. You will also find a few 5-star rated restaurants and during Christmas the park is open wherein there’s a provision to enjoy the day in an amazing Christmas market. 

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: (11.00am – 11.00pm)

Friday & Saturday: (11.00am – midnight)

Entry Fee: 


99 DKK



Free for children (ages 0-7)


Note: You will still need to pay for the rides.

  1. The Round Tower

You have to reach to the top of this beautiful tower, if you want to enjoy the best view of the city. The total height of the tower is around 36 meters and the walkway is around 209 meters. Also called Rundetaarn, this 17th-century edifice is believed to be the oldest of all observatories in Europe. It was used to be quite popular for the astronomical developments that were led by astronomer Tycho Brahe. Even after this iconic astronomer, the king of Denmark made out that the Brahe's research will continue, which ultimately resulted in the construction of the round tower.

Opening Hours:

Every day: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Entry Fee: 


25 DKK/adult



5 DKK/under age 15

      3. The Little Mermaid


No matter “the Little Mermaid” is the smallest of all the tourist spots in Copenhagen, yet a huge number of people come to see it. Sitting on the bank of “Langelinie” cruise harbor located in Nyhavn district, it looks so fascinating. Most importantly it’s at a walkable distance from other important tourist attractions in Copenhagen. This beautiful piece of sculpture was created in 1913 by Edvard Eriksen. It’s suggested that one must read the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen before visiting this place. 

Entry Fee: It’s Free

Opening Hours: Everyday

  1. Rosenborg castle

The castle was built in the year 1606 as the summer palace for King Christian IV. For its magnificence, the castle became the most favorite residence of the king. On your tour through the castle, you are going to see the wonderful art, the architecture of the palace rooms. And, seeing the Crown Jewel is more than an amazing experience. 

Opening Hours:

Every day: 10.00am – 5.00pm 

Entry Fee: 90 DKK/adult

60 DKK/student

free/under age 17

Note: You may also buy a joint ticket for Amalienborg & Rosenborg Castles. It will cost around 130 DKK.

  1. Amalienborg Castle & the Changing of the Guard

For anyone who has a love for the royal history of Denmark must visit the Amalienborg Castle. You will see the royal family still residing inside the palace and discover everything about one of the oldest monarchies of the world. From the beautiful palace square it’s great watching out for the changing of the guards. The Amalienborg is most popularly known for its Royal Guard known as Den Kongelige Livgarde.

Opening Hours:

Every day: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Entry Fee: 90 DKK/adult

60 DKK/student

free/under age 17

Note: You may also buy a joint ticket for Amalienborg & Rosenborg castles. 

  1. The Black Diamond Library

The beautiful structure of the Royal Library will make you fall in love with it! The interior of this Black diamond library too is as beautiful & stunning as the exterior. Both the old school back rooms & the modern-day front lobby are worth watching. And, it’s literally a great feeling enjoying coffee in one of the cafes or sitting on the dock in the sun. Also, there are lectures & concerts happening frequently in the library - be informed on the same beforehand.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8.00am – 10.00pm 

Sunday: Closed

Entry Fee: It’s free! 

Of all the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is believed to have the least extreme climate. Throughout the year, the level of rainfall in the country is almost similar counting to an average of 61cm. However, the western Denmark is wetter than eastern Denmark.

In general, the best time to travel to Denmark is during summers (specifically in June, July & August). It is when it’s warm all around and the landscape starts looking perfect antidote to your eyes. On most days, you will see Denmark to be quite sunny with an absolutely clear sky in a couple of days. Almost all Denmark vacation packages will provide information on the best time to travel.

Seasons in Denmark:


May to June


June to August


September to October


November to April

Some Important Facts:

Best time to visit Denmark

Spring (May to June) & Fall (September to October)

High Tourist Season

Summer (June to August)

Low Season

Winter (November to April)

Denmark is a real heaven for those who want to delve deeper into the spectacular nature & bask into the great Old World charm. Denmark has always been one of the most sought-after countries for the globetrotters. The compact and walkable cities with an assortment of amazingly preserved medieval buildings and much more, there’s one or more thing for everyone. 

Denmark is particularly known for its creative modern-day designs that are placed beautifully side by side alongside the variety of historical establishments. It’s absolutely a loved place for creative people. In addition to that, you get thousands of opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of things wandering through the top cities in Denmark. Let us discuss some of the best cities to travel in Denmark:

      1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark sits beautifully across Zealand and Amager. There is an assortment of architectural wonders with a beautiful historic center reverberating of its uniqueness. Frederiksstaden, the 18th-century district is a popular example of the city’s magnificent architecture. You have the opportunity to see a variety of tourist places while strolling through the canal. There are plenty of Denmark vacation packages that offer guided tours.

Top Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen:

  1. Tivoli Gardens

  2. Christiansborg Palace

  3. The National Museum of Denmark

  4.  The National Gallery of Denmark

  5. Nyhavn Harbor

      2. Funen

Funen, the largest island of Denmark has a lot for you in the store! It is popularly known as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the great author and therefore you definitely has a lot to explore here. Here, you can visit the great art museums, the popular annual film festival, and the award-winning zoo. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Funen.

Top Tourist Attractions in Funen:

  1. Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

  2. Egeskov Castle

  3. Hans Christian Andersen Museum

  4. Funen Open-Air Village

  5. Denmark's Railway Museum

      3. Aarhus

Aarhus is one city where you can experience the perfect mix of cosmopolitan surroundings & the traditional charm of the small villages both. Located on the Jutland peninsula, Aarhus is the second-largest city of Denmark. With plenty of romantic places and plenty of quaint restaurants & pubs, you get all the opportunity to experience the best days of your life. There are many stupendous examples of European architecture all across the city including the Concert Hall. There’s much more to see in Aarhus. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Aarhus:

  1. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

  2. The Old Town

  3. The New Moesgård Museum

  4. Aarhus Cathedral

  5. Aarhus City Hall

      4. Aalborg

Aalborg is located in the Jutland region of Denmark. The city is popularly known for being the fourth largest in Denmark and the fact that the vibrant waterfront area along the Limfjord belongs to Aalborg adds to its galore. The city center can be very conveniently reached which makes most of the tourist attractions accessible. There are plenty of tourist sites in Aalborg & in the surrounding area. Make sure that you are choosing Denmark vacation packages which take you through these sites.

Top Tourist Attractions in Aalborg:

  1. The architectural Utzon Center

  2. The dramatic House of Music

  3. The Old Furniture Factory

  4. The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art

  5. Vibrant Street Art of Aalborg

      5. Billund 

Billund city is located in the Jutland region of Denmark! Located in the center of the region, it provides an easy scope to explore Jutland. Legoland Billund is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, which is included in most of the Denmark vacation packages. Around 50 rides are designed for children below the age of 15 and Mini lands has many popular buildings. There’s much more to experience in Billund - Let’s take a look:

Top Tourist Attractions in Billund:

  1. Legoland Billund

  2. Givskud Zoo

  3. Skulpturpark

  4. Bindeballe Købmandsgård

  5. Gyttegard Golf Klub

The Best Denmark Vacation Packages 2022


15 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Exploring Helsinki & Scandinavia


Destinations: Helsinki & Scandinavia 

Minimum Price: $3076

Maximum Price: $3274

Vacation Duration: 15 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Start the journey in Copenhagen, enjoying the journey through the fjord country of Norway.

  2. In Stalheim enjoy the amazing view of the gorge.

  3. Explore the wonderful palaces, Tivoli, amusement parks (the oldest one) & the perfectly wonderful art & designs of the museums.

  4. Go for an overnight ferry to Oslo. Visit the Hallingdal Valley in Norway.

  5. Visit across one of the biggest suspension bridges & enjoy the mountain scenery across suspension bridges.

  6. Visit Naeroyfjord & the Naeroy Valley. Ride the popular Flam Railway.

  7. In Fagernes, visit through the Vigeland Park, the Opera House, & the Royal Palace. 

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


13 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Helsinki & Copenhagen


Destinations: Helsinki & Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $5237

Maximum Price: $5984

Vacation Duration: 13 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Visit the amazing cities of Helsinki & Copenhagen - experience Slavic & European influence coming together.

  2. In Copenhagen visit Amalienborg Palace, Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid statue, the old canal district of Nyhavn, and more.

  3. Take a ferry ride from Oslo to Lofthus. Enjoy  touring around the sites including the old Bryggen area. Travel to the town of historically rich town of Voss.

  4. Travel to Stockholm from Oslo. Take a walk along the Old Town to discover the Vasa Museum, ABBA museum or the open-air museum Skansen.

  5. Take a ferry ride to Tallinn to discover the capital city of Estonia. Visit Toompea Castle, the Dome church, and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

  6. Visit Helsinki, your last spot of the trip. Explore spots including Temppeliaukio Church, Kaivopuisto Park, and other important examples of the city's magnificent architecture.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Copenhagen


Destinations: Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $2085

Maximum Price: $2389

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Such Denmark vacation packages usually begin from Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city.

  2. Visit the 17th century Amalienborg Palace, which used to be a dwelling place for the Royal family.

  3. See the popular Little Mermaid placed beautifully in the middle of the harbor. Then go for canal cruise crossing through Frederiksholm & Christianshavn. 

  4. Visit Copenhagen and enjoy its food. Then visit Malmo in Sweden crossing Oresund Bridge.

  5. In Malmo, see the Stora Torget or the Lilla Torget. Also visit the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art. Enjoy a boat tour through the canal.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Stockholm & Copenhagen


Destinations: Stockholm & Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $1047

Maximum Price: $1278

Vacation Duration: 5 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 


  1. In Copenhagen, take a tour through the Grand canal. 
  2. A Train ride to Stockholm from Copenhagen enjoying watching out city sites.
  3. Enjoy being along the spectacular Djurgarden Canal.
  4. Explore the pedestrian markets, bakeries, castles, and more. 
  5. In Stockholm, explore museums, art galleries, Gamla Stan, and the old Town.


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Copenhagen & Reykjavik


Destinations: Copenhagen & Reykjavik

Minimum Price: $1589

Maximum Price: $1699

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Experience the Northern Lights if you have got the chance.

  2. Discover the magnificent history & cultural charm of Reykjavik.

  3. Visit the most important attractions of Iceland, the Golden Circle.

  4. Stroll through Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

  5. Enjoy wine & dine in one of the flamboyant restaurants of Copenhagen.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Discovering Copenhagen


Destinations: Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $1076

Maximum Price: $1308

Vacation Duration: 5 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  • Enjoy strolling through the beautiful pink houses and cobbled streets.

  • Visit the Tivoli Gardens, which is the second-oldest amusement park.

  • Explore the city by bike ride. Visit the Rosenborg Castle.

  • Stroll through the Nyhavn, a beautiful waterfront.

  • Visit Freetown Christiania where you can see a couple of art galleries & eateries.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


9 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Stockholm, Copenhagen, & Oslo


Destinations: Stockholm, Copenhagen, & Oslo

Minimum Price: $2573

Maximum Price: $2799

Vacation Duration: 9 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. In Oslo, visit the popular Vigeland Sculpture.

  2. Overnight cruise to Oslo from Copenhagen.

  3. Picturesque train ride to Stockholm from Oslo.

  4. Begin the journey from Denmark ending in Sweden crossing Norway.

  5. In Oslo, visit a museum to discover the interesting history.

  6. Savor the taste of Swedish meatballs.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Copenhagen and Stockholm 


Destinations: Copenhagen and Stockholm 

Minimum Price: $1099

Maximum Price: $1289

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Experience two Nordic stars in Sweden & Denmark.

  2. Revel at the wonderful architecture world-class museums & magnificent history of the country.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Amsterdam and Copenhagen


Destinations: Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $ 1178

Maximum Price: $1304

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. With such Denmark vacation packages, visit two of the most popular cities of Copenhagen & Amsterdam.

  2. Amsterdam is popularly known for its history of acceptance and tolerance. 

  3. Discover the magical history of the canal city, Denmark.

  4. In Copenhagen, discover the wonderful gardens, museums, palaces & parks.

  5. Select from the flexible Denmark vacation packages so that you can get it customized accordingly.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Denmark Vacation Package - Copenhagen and Oslo


Destinations: Oslo and Copenhagen

Minimum Price: $1187

Maximum Price: $1387

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Visit the city of Oslo which is surrounded by forests & hills beautifully.

  2. Visit Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, which is all laden with stunning museums, world-class historically rich sites and wonderful dining & shopping spots.

  3. Visit Stockholm, which is built around one of the best-preserved city centers of Europe. It is known for having been built on 14 islands.

  4. In Stockholm, experience the amazing natural beauty all around. 

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

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