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Get ready to explore Bosnia in a way that will make your heart skip a beat and your Instagram followers swoon with envy! Bosnia, the land of picturesque landscapes and captivating culture, is a treasure trove of delightful surprises. From the fairy-tale-like towns of Mostar and Sarajevo, where colorful buildings and charming bridges take center stage, to the breathtaking beauty of the Pliva Lakes, where nature's palette paints a masterpiece, you'll be transported to a world that feels straight out of a storybook.


Traveling to Bosnia is indeed very exciting. Check out our Bosnia tours and packages that will make your travel journey an experience to remember. Whether you're a history aficionado, an outdoor adventurer, or a lover of arts and culture, our itineraries will cater to your unique interests and passions.


Immerse yourself in the chic vibes of Sarajevo's trendy cafés and boutique shops, where you can sip on delicious Bosnian coffee and browse for stylish souvenirs. Explore the ancient streets of Mostar, admiring the graceful arches of the famous Old Bridge and shopping for handmade crafts at the bustling bazaars. And when it's time to refuel, indulge in delectable Bosnian cuisine, from delicious cevapi to mouthwatering baklava, satisfying your taste buds with a burst of flavors.


For those seeking a touch of luxury, our Bosnia itineraries will elevate your experience to new heights. Picture yourself staying in boutique hotels that blend modern elegance with traditional charm, pampering yourself with spa treatments that rejuvenate both body and soul, and dining at trendy restaurants that showcase the best of Bosnian gastronomy.


So, get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure through Bosnia! Let us be your guide as we uncover the hidden gems, capture picture-perfect moments, and create memories that are enchanting and unforgettable.

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Know Everything About Bosnia luxury Tours in 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those places that is attractive beyond belief yet only just recovered from the heartbreak of war. The country has recovered and evolved into one of the world’s most enigmatic and evocative travel destinations. Mortar damage and bullet holes may still be seen, and they add something to the atmosphere. But the times of civil war and strife are long gone. Now is the time to explore a country filled with exquisite natural and cultural beauty.  Breathtaking landscapes set the scene, most of the country defined by the Dinaric Alps, a rather rugged chain that sweeps all the way through the Balkans. Rivers twist down dividing historic towns while providing a platform for rafting adventures. Most life is in the foothills, particularly small stone villages where religions mix harmoniously. This is a country where you hear church bells ring after the muezzin calls to prayer, and the current unity of a Christian Islamic history is very different from what happened when Yugoslavia broke up.  You can happily spend days in the mountains, with hiking trails slowly opening up to less than intrepid visitors. Despite the phantasmagorical setting, the two premier highlights are cultural, Sarajevo in Bosnia, and Mostar in Herzegovina. After undergoing substantial regeneration, both have become travel icons in Eastern Europe. While they still bear scars, the reincarnations are celebrating once-forgotten glories. Both are quirky, filled with café culture that is as welcoming as the gregarious locals.

Most visitors tend to be passing through Bosnia and Herzegovina, stopping in Sarajevo and Mostar on a longer Balkan vacation. The stone architecture found in these two cities is emblematic of the country, a euphonik mix of East and West, blending Ottoman and Turkish styles with Central Europe. It is a blend that extends to the overwhelming atmosphere, something you cannot quite put your finger on until you leave and reflect on the experience.  Sarajevo has the country’s main international airport and is the entry point for many, a city that quickly immerses you in the country’s riddle. When coming overland, Mostar is a relatively short drive northeast from Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast. Bosnia is usually the southernmost point on an itinerary, but it is also possible to continue further south, through the mountains to Montenegro and the coast in Albania. Extend the visit beyond the two favorite stops, and you find a country of off-the-beaten track highlights. You will see stunning waterfalls in the thick forest close to Roman and Illyrian remains. Jahorina hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and continues to offer excellent winter skiing. Medieval Orthodox monasteries cling to the mountains, while the dervish order monastery of Tekija is somewhat precariously balanced on the edge of nature. Travnik is an ode to the Ottoman era, a mosque, and fortress reminiscing of a time when it was known as the European Istanbul. If you want to explore and seek lesser-known adventures, this is just the start of where local guides can to take you.


Visit These Places to Enjoy Bosnia Tours

Bosnia and Herzegovina are finally into the spotlight! For last many years, the beauty that Bosnia encapsulates was not that visibly open to travelers, but now it has arrived into that zone. Many travelers have realized the beauty, Bosnia is. Its beauty can be absolutely defined by the mountains, impeccable rivers, churches & minarets, old towns, and the bridges. Let us see some of the most beautiful & popular tourist destinations in Bosnia.

Sarajevo - The Capital of Bosnia:

The capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina is Sarajevo. It has not been very famously known before the 20th-century. With our recommended Bosnia travel agents one can get a clear picture of Sarajevo as the capital of the country. It was the Latin Bridge of Sarajevo where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and that led to the beginning of WWI. the capital was under a seize for another four years. It was the longest of all the siege in the history of the country. And, in every part of the country, one can get to see the reminders of this war. From the “Sarajevo roses” to the bullet holes in the walls and everything is worth seeing.


This picture-perfect city of Bosnia is particularly the most famous amongst the tourists. Let help with the most fascinating picture of the city with its recommended Bosnia tour agents. Mostar is popularly known for “Old Bridge”, Stari. The bridge was reconstructed only very recently in 2004 after it was destroyed in the 1990s. The bridge was destroyed for making a separation between the Croat and Serb side from the Muslim side of Mostar. Today all around the World the bridge standing tall over the Neretva River is considered an Instagram pilgrim. And, travelers get a chance to make some really beautiful clicks here.

Kravice Waterfalls:

The Kravice Waterfalls are located in the Herzegovina regions of Bosnia. At the base of the waterfalls, there's a natural pool that is quite a perfect space for swimming, particularly during the summer months. From our Bosnia travel agents, you get to know that entrance into these Waterfalls is chargeable. In the summer months, it costs around seven euros for each person. There are two restaurants & bars in the vicinity of the pool inside the waterfall. Swimming is the perfect way to enjoy being near the waterfall. While one travels to this picturesque location, our recommended trustworthy Bosnia travel agents will act as your perfect guides.

Blagaj Tekija:

Blagaj Tekija located along the banks of excellent turquoise Buna River spring has been considered the site of Dervish monastery. This is the most popular tourist attractions in Bosnia among tourists who are curious to discover the history related to the Dervish sect. And, is also famous between the Instagrammers and photographers. The Dervish (a religious sect) belong to the Ottoman era. They propagated a very different form of worship, which involved chanting and dancing.


Konjic is located halfway between Mostar and Sarajevo! This small village has got attention from tourists only a few years back. Traveling here is rejuvenating with green all through in the surrounding of the city. It's perfect to plan a half-day trip to Konjic, and for those who want to go for rafting through the beautiful Neretva River, a complete day trip is suggested. There's a pebbled beach located at the foot of the bridge, where the journey ends.


Trebinje is on most traveler's radar with a convenient distance of 30 minutes from Dubrovnik town. And, we recommend our valued travelers to hire our suggested Bosnia travel agents so as to enjoy every bit of the trip. Located in Bosnia's Republika Srpska region, Trebinje is a wonderful town with perfectly authentic atmosphere. There's a beautiful old Town with a perfect thriving viniculture scene and the stunning views of the Austro-Hungarian forts on top of the hill. Tourists can find here a great many of some really impeccable wineries and cathedrals. There are some gorgeous Rivers and stunning beaches where one can enjoy the perfect day.

Banja Luka:

While traveling through Banja Luka a traveler can feel like being in a small town. However, in reality it is the second largest Town of Bosnia. The city is also the capital of Republika Srpska. Located in the northern part of the country, Banja Luka makes out to be one of the best stops, while you are traveling through car crossing Croatia. Here, one can get to see the perfect cultural blend of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And, some of the most popular tourist sites here are Orthodox mosque and church.


Located beautifully along the bank of the Neretva river, Počitelj is a medieval town of Bosnia. The town belongs to the 14th century and the unique architecture with which it has been built is all influenced by Ottoman and medieval style. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, during the Balkans wars, this thriving town was destroyed partly. For travelers, it's more like an open Museum and less like a city with only a few people around. While traveling along the way, one can see a number of stalls of local products and souvenirs. One must try munching on the delicacies.


Radimlja is the most perfect place to see the medieval gravestones (Stećci) which can be found in most of the countryside of Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. For around 900 years, the oldest stećci are there in the place. And, that makes it one of the incredible pieces of history with perfect carvings that are designed with the scenes belonging to Medieval Europe. With over 4000 stećci belonging to the medieval era, Radimlja has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Lukomir can be easily visited from Sarajevo! This is Bosnia's highest village and a day is enough to take a trip here. There are plenty of unique things that one can get to see. Unlike most of the villages in Bosnia, Lukomir was not affected by the war of 1990.

Best Time to Plan Bosnia Tours (by Season)

There's a drastic variation of temperature in Bosnia. For around half of the year, it feels cool here with considerable humidity. Bosnia is less temperate as compared to other parts of Europe. June to August are among the warmest months and is perfect for those who like traveling during the warm season.

March to May - Spring

The Season is moderately cool here with the combination of temperature and humidity. The temperature ranges from 23.3°C to 9.3°C and is comparatively warmer during the later parts of the season. Every month around six days of precipitation takes place and rain is common. Before planning Bosnia tours in spring, one must know that this is the busiest part of the year in terms of tourism.

June to August - Summer

With a high temperature, it's comfortable visiting Bosnia in the months falling in the middle of the year. There's least rainfall during this season with only 3-6 days of rain per month. These months are also among some of the busiest months of the year in terms of tourism in Bosnia. Consequently, the accommodation charges everything may be a little higher than usual.

September to November - Fall

During the fall, temperature ranges from 25.4°C to 9.2°C. With a mix of wind and humidity, the surrounding keeps chilly. There's a significant amount of precipitation during the season with five to six days of precipitation every month. During this season only a few tourists can be seen in the country. Consequently, Bosnia hotel charges are quite affordable.

December to February - Winter

During this time of the year, the weather remains considerably cool in Bosnia and perfect for those who like traveling during the season. The temperature ranges from 10.5°C to 4.9°C during the winter season in Bosnia. There's a considerable amount of snow and rain during this season and it rains on average six times a month. Tourism in Bosnia is considerably slow during winters in Bosnia.

Bosnia Hotels are present only on a small scale with only a few tourists around in the country. Most of the hotels in Bosnia are so built to provide with the most modern and up-to-date facilities. But, before planning a trip to Bosnia one must know that there won't be any ostentatiously attractive Facilities in the hotels and they are not that organized. 

  1. There are just standard facilities that can fulfill the criterion of giving comfort to the travelers.

  2. One must be cautious while going to the old socialist-era hotels, particularly those that are in the darn need to be renovated.

  3. Don't worry, if you land u there, it won't disappoint with racked up facilities for accommodation.

  4. In the cities like Sarajevo and Mostar, the hotels can be surprisingly swanky and flamboyant.

  5. The Governments are functioning fast both in terms of modernization and infrastructure. Soon one can get to find some of the most attractive hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  6. Currently, there are Hotels in Bosnia for those who are more inclined towards modern amenities and also old-world nostalgia.

  7. Some newly built hotels in Bosnia are just a few minutes away from the main town and houses modern facilities like spas and indoor pools.

  8. There are also some Hotels with alcohol-free and non-smoking retreat. The food is great with plenty of veggies and fresh fruits included in the breakfast.

Before Venturing out for Bosnia Tours

Bosnia and Herzegovina follow similar immigration rules & regulation as the countries listed in the European Union. Similar to the EU countries, the people from Canada & US can travel to Bosnia without any visa.

  • Before planning a trip to Bosnia, one must know how to find the perfect way to travel in this part of Europe. We recommend getting in touch with our selected Bosnia tour agents who know every nook and cranny of the country.

  • While Mostar houses the International Airport, Sarajevo offers the most convenient platform connecting most of the European cities.

  • After the destruction caused by the war, Railway  & Road systems are gradually being revamped and modernized. It's quite easy to get around the city!

  • The Roads & Rail connecting Sarajevo towards Zagreb and Sarajevo to Mostar have already been revamped and reconstructed with the best facilities comparable to some modern form of transportation.

  • Most of the Financial establishments will be accepting payment in euros. There are a few of the ATMs from which euros can be withdrawn.

  • In Mostar and Sarajevo travelers don't have to face any problem in withdrawing the local currency with Visa and Mastercard.

  • Most of the upmarket hotels, restaurants, and shops accept card payments.

How to be Safe & Healthy while Traveling in Bosnia

Talk about the safest countries in the World to travel and Bosnia and Herzegovina will top the list. And, the capital city, Sarajevo is considered the safest part of the country. This is made possible because of the simple and honest lifestyle of people of Bosnia. Let our recommended Bosnia travel agents help with their experience in planning the best trip.

  • One reason for the modesty & repulsion form of violence is because of fear. This is the fear that has come from the four long years of brutally fought civil wars that caused too much havoc to the country and its people.

  • One can rarely hear the story of pickpockets and any other form of crime in most parts of Europe.

  • In the rural parts of the country, what causes danger is the Landmines. And, one can feel safe if they are accompanying our suggested Bosnia Travel Agents and guides.

  • But, those who are traveling alone without any guide, they will have to stick to the trails both while driving and while walking.

  • From an estimation from 1995, there are around 1 million Landmines scattered all through the country. One must not rely on the signage that is present on a few of the Landmine areas as most of them have been swept away after the flood caused in 2014.

Bosnia Tours: People & Customs

One of the most common topics of discussion while traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina are going to be wars. One gets a similar feeling as traveling to Vietnam. The war is quite young and those belonging to the group of people above 25 will know what it was being born with wars all around.

  • People here are determined to get out of the effects of the war. They don't want to look back and dwell on past experiences.

  • So, it's not quite a great idea to talk about the Balkan wars over the coffee. Locals may feel offended.

  • Don't worry our recommended Bosnia travel agents and guides will explain everything about these wars while traveling through the remnants of the war.

  • People of Bosnia are positive with an attitude to keeping the past, in the past. They are incredibly welcoming and eager to be friends with whoever they meet.

  • They are keen to invite friends and acquaintances over the coffee. Most of the Mountainous people are soft and kind-hearted and so are Bosnians.

  • Travelers are often amazed by the diversity in people of Bosnia. There's exemplary harmony between people of different religions.

  • On a trip, one has to reserve some special time for sharing coffee with the locals. So, we recommend some more time in Bosnia than usual.

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