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Fashion Alert! Poised & Graceful traveling is kinda incomplete without those trendy yet comfortable pairs of shoes, a chic outfit, and that perfected trip dressing style sense. Who doesn’t want to look chic & stylish while traveling — that is where the fun begins. But for most globetrotters, amidst the hassle of hauling the luggage, flying, and the subsequent jetlag, it’s hard to look fashionable & take care of their trip fashion look they have thought about for long. Style + fashion is often overlooked while planning a vacation but it does matter. While “what you are wearing on the trip or on the flight will not get you into any trouble in exploring those aesthetically pleasing destinations, yet it can bring a blot in your souvenirs. Wearing the wrong clothes can ruin your pictures making you look ugly — and you’ll end up putting them into the trash with nothing left to reminisce about the trip. So, what you’re choosing to wear on the trip including while you fly and what is your trip dressing style through the vacation — should be an essential part of the vacation planning as anything else. But STYLING right is a challenge — stick to two key ideas — prioritize comfortable & modest dressing. Our trip fashion expert editors will help you with easy tips & tricks on how to look chic & trendy while traveling. Truly, it’s not rocket science, you do not either have to be a spendthrift or pack a lot of stuff — and we’ll tell you why! Our trip dressing style expert editors will help you with functional information on how to style, for globetrotters, in different places will differ & why female jet-setters particularly should be heedful of not defending the culture of a place with how they are dressing up. We’ve got a lot to share with our readers on style+fashion while traveling. Looking chic & stylish on the road is easy & it does not cost an arm and a leg. You no more have to feel jealous of those stylish airport looks of the movie starlets — by following our trip dressing style+fashion section, you can now dress like them while you travel. Do you want to know What’s your VACATION STYLE? Read here…


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