Heading for a Business Trip to LA? Try These On The Go Tech Gadgets

Author: Sonali

Most business travelers’ have to be on-the-go! They have to fit in as much as they can on every other trip. People, who have to go on a business travel trip every other day appreciate the importance of good travel tech products. They make life easier for them! Getting the right tech gear at the right time would save a lot of your time & sometimes money. Of course, the idea is to have the right gear— and that will obviously depend on a lot of things like the place you are traveling to, how & when you are going to use this. There are several types of equipment available in the market that can frustrate you, these equipment marketed towards business travel performs poorly & would disappoint you after a few uses. So, if you are heading off for your next business trip to LA we’ve got you covered. Leisure travel experts have scoured through to find out the best travel tech gadgets that would help you on your business trip to LA.


Los Angeles is a sprawling city that gets you a fantastic sense of adventure & wonder! It’s where you get this opportunity to discover the distinctive neighborhood & the amazing foodie culture that the city boasts. Log Angels is a place popular for both business travel & leisure vacations. When you are visiting Los Angeles as a part of your business travel, all you have to do is make it in style, learn the basic business travel etiquette in LA, concentrate on the meetings, go on endless explorations & get ready with all your high-quality travel tech gadgets so you can finish your work commitments, sit back, relax & enjoy the sunshine. 


To help you clear the deck and make you business-travel-ready to LA, we’ve jotted down some of the best travel accessories. These gadgets will help you through your trip through the “City of Angels''. Here is the list of best travel tech gadgets to help you on your business trip to LA:


9 Super-helpful Travel Tech gadgets for your Business Trip to LA:


Cool your jets! No more juggling between back-to-back meetings — stay organized with these multipurpose compact gadgets that will make your trip easier, organized & comfortable. 


1. Portable Phone Charger



You can’t afford to do it without a discharged phone. Most business travelers rely on their smartphones for the conference call, schedules, boarding passes, business emails, and for keeping in touch with their bosses— all of that can be at stake if you have not your phone charges. So, you don’t want to screw it up, right? You need to pack a portable phone charger into your travel bags every time you are stepping out for your business trip. Get something that you can carry along easily even in your pocket. A portable phone charger is a must-have for all international or domestic travel. This is going to be your first step towards a successful business trip to LA. 


2. Custom-fit compression garments



Even if you are traveling in business class, a long-haul international flight can get you some grueling experience. Even in the business class, you cannot avoid the risk of deep vein thrombosis. So you need these compression gears to help yourself whether you are traveling to LA from New York, San Diego, or some international destinations. These garments are helpful for your limbs in diminishing the effects of gravity. These garments are designed in a way to create pressure helping your veins get to push through the blood flow back to the heart making it possible to get those nutrients your body needs when it needs it. They will consistently increase pressure to the calves & feet increasing the blood flow. The Custom-fit compression garments are one-of-its-kind that are customized after a 3D scan of your leg. They help with oxygenated blood flow. Thanks to the companies creating these Custom-fit compression garments.


3. Wireless Travel Router



A wireless travel router is a must-have for all business travel. In a city like LA which is located in the center of the nation’s film and television industry, and particularly when this is a business trip to LA for you, you have to be on-the-go ready with everything handy— the internet is obviously the most important thing you cannot do without. A portable wireless router will use the internet from your SIM card, LAN, or public Wi-Fi. It will help you with sharing a single Internet connection to be shared on different devices at a time including laptop, phone & tablets. It will use the data from a source to create a hotspot. It is one of those rare business travel gadgets that will actually surprise with the purpose it serves as compared to what it costs. Never miss them when you are up for your next business trip to LA!


4. Noise-Canceling Headphones



Noise-Canceling Headphones are one of the must-have on your list whether it’s business travel or a leisure vacation— coz you do not want to feel bored when you are in-limbo on your international flight from London to LA. It is probably one of the best inventions the modern-day experts have made— “Noise-canceling headphones were probably the best travel investment I have made,” says pro photographer Erik Dresser. So, when you have got to travel thousands of miles every year for business commitments. These Noise-Canceling Headphones help shut down the general din of the aircraft helping you grab some relaxing hours. It lets you fall asleep slowly without getting disturbed by the chatters of the fellow passengers & the cacophony of the shouting babies. 


5. Travel Keyboard



Another amazing thing about your business trip to LA is your travel keyboard. If you do not have the right keyboard, getting the work done on-the-go can look impossible. Be it drafting emails, taking up a couple of notes, or maybe getting your presentation ready sitting in the coffee shop— you’ve to have the right keyboard. Grab a “comfortable” travel keyboard, that would help you get your temporary workstation done within minutes. 


6. Smart sleep mask



The Smart sleep mask in the market is designed taking inspiration from NASA astronauts! These are designed to block the extra light, helping you with different tones to help you fall asleep & wake up as and when you wish to. They are fantastic for business travelers who want to catch up some sleep for their next meeting at the LA office. If you are well-rested, it definitely will make a difference to the output of the meeting. These Smart sleep masks are worth getting a little space in your business travel bag. 


7. Mobile Color Page Scanner



While you can scan your documents using your smartphone camera in a pinch, it can be a little time-consuming when you have a document with several pages— and the results are not GREAT. A decent mobile scanner will help you scan several pages with ease. They are about a feet long devices & can be easily carried anywhere on a business travel trip. You can scan two-sided documents without making any manual intervention. They weigh just a few pounds and a good quality Mobile Color Page Scanner can scan up to 8 pages at a stretch per minute. You can use them to scan in both formats— black & white or color. If you regularly need to scan several documents on-the-go during a business trip to LA, this gadget is the right thing for you. So you don’t feel lost in the unfamiliar streets of LA on your business trip— get a portable mobile page scanner for the trip. 


8. Portable Phone Sanitizer



So when you are traveling in 2021— irrespective of the purpose, business travel, or a leisure vacation, you have to have a portable phone sanitizer. While we’ve succeeded in decoding the vaccines, coronavirus is still there, and in some places, the infection rate is still soaring. To keep yourself safe from coronavirus & getting infected with germs — you must keep cleaning your phone. It is often through the airports, in the shared hotel spaces & conference rooms where the probability of catching up germs that can easily get you into trouble derailing your work commitments. If you have a portable phone sanitizer, you can keep these germs at bay by regularly cleaning your phone. These sanitizers kill germs with UV rays from your phone that might have gathered from different places. A lot of them are extremely travel-friendly and are equipped with built-in chargers & features that can hear your alarm through the sanitizer. Want to know more about some of the best travel accessories, we’ve got you covered. 


9. Kindle



For readers having a kindle by the side is a must! For most business travelers, reading is the best thing to do when they are sitting at the airport waiting for their flights or while in the air. And, the hardcore readers swear by a kindle because that makes it easy for them to read and enjoy the journey without having to flip through the pages of a real book. So, if you are an avid reader and up for your business trip to LA— we recommend you buy a kindle in lieu of a tablet. That’s the way you’ll enjoy the journey of a thousand miles!


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