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Road trips are like the ultimate freedom — you can take a detour, or turn around an off-the-beaten-path as and when you want! You don’t have to worry about booking a luxurious hotel, and you can wake up to an epic location. Road trips are not just fun & adventure, but they also help you bond with family & friends. The open road trips give you endless opportunities to see the world with your own eyes. You do not just plan a road trip but you get a chance to design your *Memory book* that you can remember for the rest of your life. The best way to start your journey & plan a road trip is by considering certain factors like communication, location, safety & more. At Leisure, we’ve got our team of road trip experts who spend several days and months on the road — just to bring you the most relevant information on how to plan road trips. We’ve dedicated this section to acquaint our readers with as many aspects of planning a road trip as possible. This would be your handy guide to getting on the road like a pro. From professional road trip planning tips to the best road trip destinations, we’ll leave nothing to chance. Let us help you plant the seed and nurture your dream road trip planning. With our well-written and well-researched articles by the road trip experts, we’re sure, you’ll never make any mistake. Before you fasten your seat belt & venture for your adventurous journey, equip yourself with the right information. Travel not to go anywhere, but to go!!

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