Key Technology Trends That Have Changed The Travel Industry

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 19,2021

Travel and technology are a perfect combination and drives one another to reach new heights. Technology remains a key component of the travel sector. It helps the customers enhance their experience and take their vacation to a different level. With the advent of technology, traveling has become more comfortable and convenient. It has not just changed the way we plan but also transformed the experience we gain. Especially, amidst the pandemic, traveling technology trends have become more crucial. Through this article, we are shedding light on the emerging travel technology trends that have a great impact on the industry. Review our top picks.


Internet of Things



Today, technology is not just limited to computers and smartphones but can be seen everywhere around us. One of the most interesting technology trends that can be witnessed in the travel industry is the “Internet of Things”. IoT(Internet of Things) includes connectivity between daily devices via internet connection. It helps in both sending and receiving data between the devices. The sensors are incorporated into the devices for effective communication and the transfer of information. It has opened up the prospects for significant enhancements to customer service. The travel industry can use this trend for serving their customers better and enhancing their experience. This amazing trend guarantees the travel industry to receive substantial updates. As per the experts, in the coming future, IoT will become the principal transforming factor in the personalized traveling experience. Some of the prominent examples of this trend in the industry are the smart room atmosphere control in the hotels, easy check-in on flights, and luggage navigation in case of thrift or loss. 


Mobile Technology



With the increase in the use of mobile devices, more than 48% of the websites worldwide are visited over the smartphone only. The trend of mobile technology has guaranteed an easy and fun experience on the vacation. From searching for the destination to booking the traveling expert to finding the accommodation, travelers prefer to do everything over a mobile device. The emerging mobile technology has usurped laptops and become the highly-used device for travel searches, booking, and sharing. With the growing consumer’s mobile behavior, mobile technology trends have grown significantly. From hotels offering their customers to make mobile bookings for the auxiliary services to smart lock keys to unlock the room via a mobile device, technology in this sector has come a long way. Smartphones have now become our travel guide, tour agent, attraction locator, and whatnot. Mobile Technology is undoubtedly the secret of smart travel.


Fintech and Contactless Payment



Another most amazing trend in travel technology is the introduction of fintech and contactless payment. It is the most significant way of making the payment without putting in a lot of effort and time. This is one of the travel technology trends that helped businesses to process payments even faster than ever. It does not even require the customer to have access to the credit or debit card or cash in hand. Payments can be done in so many different ways. It boosts customer service and enhances their experience. The fintech innovation in the travel industry is growing at a fast rate and has managed to come up with more than 300 different ways of making contactless payments. The travel industry can embrace any of the alternative payment methods and help their customers to elevate their experience. Initially, this technology trend has come up for convenience but it has now become a central part of traveling amidst the pandemic. It reduced the danger of the virus spreading while making payments by travelers and has become a prime focus in the traveling industry. 


Immersive Visual Experience



This segment of travel technology includes Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). They play an enormous role in the travel industry. Although it has been there for quite a long time, the pandemic let it come to the forefront. With traveling restrictions, people are constantly looking out for ways to travel around the world. This technology helps travelers to experience the vacation right from their smart devices. For travelers who can’t fly abroad can use this technology for enhancing their experience. This trend helped the industry to increase customer engagement by taking them to the hidden gems of the world without letting them get off their couch. The graphic overlays help the industry to offer an improved experience to the customers and provide them ample information. The industry is using the trend right from the planning stage. From viewing the destination to the accommodation to real-time map display, immersive visual experience comes in handy. This makes this trend the most exciting tech innovation in the travel industry.


Artificial Intelligence



In the ever-growing travel industry all over the world with different time-constraints, AI becomes a key trend in travel technology. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than just in robots. This trend is being used by the industry to learn user behavior via machine learning and providing the customers with customized service. It helps in providing them with automatic suggestions which in return enhances their experience. Another significant use of AI technology is for customer support in the travel industry. Using it in chatbots helps the industry to respond to the customer’s query in no time and makes the communication more effective. Additional examples of the AI trend in traveling are data collection and sorting, evaluating business performances, trend analysis, inventory management, biometric creations, background verification, and much more. The use of AI in travel is infinite and is on the way to become a major contributor to the profits in near future. 


Voice Assistance



Voice assistance is one of the highly used travel technology trends that has changed the whole traveling experience. With the massive increase of smartphones, AR and VR technology, artificial intelligence, the importance of voice assistance has risen immensely. The recent data has proved that most of the traveler searches are done via voice assistance. In addition to the research, this trend also plays a pivotal role in the real traveling experience. From airports to hotel rooms, companies are making significant investments in voice assistants. Using the voice, travelers can monitor their room’s lighting as well as the temperature. Airlines are introducing voice assistants for boosting their customer check-in service and verifying flight information. It also helped the industry to collect their traveler’s information without letting them come into contact with the workers. This is not it, the use of voice recognition is spreading rapidly and is like to spread even more. 



For enhancing your traveling experience, it is an absolute must to be aware of all the emerging travel technology trends. Carefully read the aforementioned latest trends and make the best use of technology to enhance your traveling experience.

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