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My trip to Tanzania still gives me goosebumps

Whenever I think about my Tanzania Tour, I end up getting goosebumps. We would definitely recommend Leisure to our friends and associates!

Amazing family trip in Tanzania

Such a great trip it was. I personally enjoyed it a lot. It was so much more than just about the animals. The camps were top-notch and the service was amazing.

The best trip of my life - Tanzania is awe-inspiring

I visited Tanzania last month with my wife and here are my experiences from the same. At the start of my trip,

Amazing experience in the amazing country

Tanzania is a great place to get some real taste of African lives. The wild animals and the vivid vegetation that grows in this part of the Africa is incredible

An Amazing Tanzania Safari Tour

This tour was more than I had hoped for. Initially, United airlines canceled my first flight & I simultaneously missed all my connecting flights. They re-routed me, however instead of landing in Ethiopia, I landed in Nairobi and that too 11 hours later. This travel agency made sure I had a contact in Nairobi just in case my flight to Kilimanjaro was canceled.

Tanzania Safari Review

anzania was wonderful. We were a bit unfortunate with the animals in the reserve but it was still so unique and we had the occasion to go into the Serengeti for a day. Our server at Faru Faru was so nice and we really liked having him serve each of our meals- it delivered it so unique and created a pretty bond

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