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Travel Review: Adventure Self Drive Trip To Reykjavik, Iceland

My wife and I had an amazing time on our self-drive tour to Iceland, although we were little apprehensive about self-drive, later, we realized that we made the right decision.

Travel Review: Unforgettable Iceland Tour

My wife and I, are the true explorer and we love to travel around the places that hold natural beauty. That's we make a lot of travel trips that could land us

Travel Review: Excellent Iceland Tour

Last week, we return from our beautiful Iceland trip and the major hand in making this trip awesomely exciting is due to our travel agent. He was so good

A Chilling Experience of Iceland Trip

I just returned from a wonderful week in Iceland. The travel company planned an a wonderful week tour for me and my fiance. The travel agent wasn't fazed when we threw in the surprise of getting married on New Year's Eve just two weeks before the trip.

Iceland Tour Review

We just returned from a marvelous week in Iceland. Our tour agent planned an excellent week for us and wasn't embarrassed when we threw in the wrinkle of getting married on New Year's Eve two weeks before our tour

Brilliant Tour Organizer For Iceland Tour

Our trip to Iceland was one of the of the happiest vacations our family has ever taken. I would like to give thanks to Leisure for referring this travel company to us. Our tour manager James was terribly patient with my endless questions and answered all. We are a family with three children who were very excited about this tour and the tour turned a wonderful one

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