Looking For A Rental Car? Here Are Some Tips That You Must Know

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 02,2021

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the vacation and stroll around the city is to rent a car. It is not only easy to borrow a car- it is also a lot of fun!!! However, there are several pitfalls that you have to look out for while booking a car. If you have never rented a car before, the whole process will be a little confusing for you. It can be stressful and overwhelming at the same time. One single mistake while choosing the service will end up paying more than you actually need. This is the reason, we are here with this article to help you! Through this article, we will share with you some amazing car rental tips that will assist you to get behind the wheel without any drama. Make sure you keep these tips in mind before riding off the car on your vacation. 


Let’s get started with the tips!


1. Save More On Car Rental With Early Booking



The very first thing that you must do after confirming your travel dates is to lock them with the car rental company. It is always a good idea to book your car before embarking on the journey- at least one week before. Always remember- one week before! Regardless of the type of business, demand and supply play a vital role. In case you delay the bookings, you will not only get the higher charges but the options to choose from will also decrease. Early booking gives the customer higher flexibility- with more choices and lesser price. Although you can also go for last-minute bookings, it is always best to book before.   


2. Look At Different Areas Of Rate Details Before Booking



It seems enticing and less hectic to sort the options at low to high prices and book the one that costs you less. But, this is not the right way. While making a booking it is always crucial to spend some time online looking for different options and comparing the prices. This is a money-saving tip that will help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a car rental service that is not worthy. So, you must not book the car with the up-front charges but look at different areas to calculate the cost like mileage, driver surcharge, deposit, fuel, late return charges, cost of border crossing, and cleaning or service charge. 


3. Carefully Select The Car As Per The Requirements



If you are planning a road trip and want to book a car rental service, you must be very smart and picky with your choice of car. Careful thinking is required for selecting the type of vehicle you need. It is always advisable to- Never underestimate the power of the vehicle. While selecting a car, you must consider the number of travelers and the purpose. For instance- if you are traveling with co-workers and want to keep some supplies, then you need a large car. In case you are traveling in a small group, a small or medium-sized car will work the best. If you are planning luxurious travel, then you must book a high-end car. So, know your requirement and book the car accordingly. 


4. Never Overlook The Insurance And Understand It Clearly



INSURANCE is the term that you will get to hear a lot when you talk about the car rental service. The insurance in rental cars is a little different from the insurance of personal vehicles. When you opt for a car, the rental service providers will try to sell you the insurance. But the best option is to choose the insurance from your own insurance provider. The reason behind this is that the rental service providers sell the insurance at a much higher price. So, if your service provider is asking you to buy additional insurance, say NO! Keep this tip in mind and buy insurance but not from the rental car firm. 


5. Carefully Inspect The Car Before Signing In The Papers



Wondering how to select a car? While you book a car, you must have a pickup attitude and should do a proper test of the vehicle before you sign the papers. Although car rental companies usually won’t trouble their customers, some actually do. This makes it important to prepare a list of all the damages, scratches, dents, and every minor defect that you find. Even if the issue is insignificant, it is important to pinpoint and let the company notice it. Note every single damage in the agreement and click the photos as valid proof. Doing a pre-rental inspection helps the customers save money that might be charged from you for the damage. Be Smart and Save More!


6. Always Gas Up The Car Before Returning It



One of the car rental tips that you might night know is to return your car after filling its gas tank. Wondering WHY??? This is because the price they charge for filling up the tank is much higher than that of gas stations. After a hectic trip, it might seem comfortable and more convenient to let the rental company fill the tank when you drop off the vehicle. And it is, definitely! But for a little convenience, you will be charged a lot. So, it is always a good idea to make some efforts and go to a gas station by yourself and fill up the tank. This is a great cost-cutting!


7. Avoid Renting The Car From Airport To Get Rid Of Surcharges



Planning to rent a car? But have you planned where to rent a car? The answer will probably be “NO”. Most of us don’t know the importance of the location of renting a car. We find it more convenient to get picked and dropped at the airport. But we didn’t know about the premium that we have to pay for being picked just after stepping out of the flight. The car rental companies charge the premium from the customers when they book a pickup or drop from/to the airport. This makes it important to keep this travel tip in mind and save money on your vacation. 


8. Take All The Reviews Very Seriously



If you are booking a car rental service online, then you must read the reviews. “We all need people who give us feedback.”- That’s true! Reading the feedback helps us to know the real experience of the customers with the company which gives us a hint of what we are going to get.  It is advised to all the customers to take the reviews with a pinch of salt and must know the effective way of reading them. You must read the reviews with an open mind and try to understand the reason underlying the review. It is important to know, whether the review is about the bad service or just the frustration of the customer. 


9. Look For Car Rental Service Online



We take this tip very seriously. When you plan to book a rental car, you must move online and look for the service. You will definitely get the best price online rather than walking to the rental booth and booking your car. Browsing for the service online will not only help you get the best price and great discounts but will also offer multiple options. However, you must keep in mind that looking online is preferable only when you are booking at least 24 hours before the ride. On the other hand, if you want the car in an emergency, then it is preferable to move to the physical store and negotiate the price with the provider. 


10. Use Your Own GPS



If you are unaware of the car rental service or renting a car for the first time, you might not know that the company asks for an extra charge for adding the GPS to your car. When you book a car, the company will offer you a GPS as an add-on service. Ever happened with you? The answer that you must give for this service should always be NO. It is good to decline to add the GPS system by the rental service provider and use your own smartphone for navigating the route. It is not worth spending money on the service that you can get for free. 


Ready to get wheels on your next vacation? These 10 car rental tips will definitely help you in enjoying the vacation and avoiding the hassle. Keep this list handy and get the most of the service. Always remember- “Trips become easier and convenient with the right equipment.” and the perfect one is the car.


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