What We Do At Leisure

At Leisure, we nurture your travel goals. Our proficient team of luxury tour agents with their tailor-made epic vacation caters to you with comprehensive choices. We empower every traveler across the globe.

What We Do At Leisure

What Makes Our Approach Unique

We are differently quintessential in our approach. We follow a simple and hassle-free two-step process. Our proficient professionals work to filter out a group of brilliant experts. These experts have to undergo several levels of scrupulous assessments before getting the final ticket to be a part of the team. We then match traveler’s requirements and preferences to find the most suitable travel agent. Ultimately, these luxury tour agents perfectly orchestrate an unforgettable vacation. These experts are so inspired to come up with something that could awaken, ‘the traveler’ slumbering within you.

Our specialized tour agents clang to the idea of showing accuracy in whatever they do from day one. These experts are trained and are equipped with everything that can be a part of designing the best customized itineraries. Our recommended experts will be responsible for taking care of transportation, logistics, and accommodation, on the trip. You will be provided with 24/7 support services until the completion of the trip.

How We Do What We Do

What Steps We Follow

  • Matching Your Requirements to Top Travel Agents

    We first request some input from your side. Click on the “plan my trip” button and fill out the request form. According to your preferences, our team will match you with some highly skilled luxury tour agents who can design the perfect trip for you.

  • Your Customized Itinerary is Created

    Our cherry-picked travel agents/experts will then interact with you via emails and phone calls to understand your requirements. They will elaborately study your desires on the trip and what the travler inside you is passionate about. Eventually, they will use their proficiency to design your epic vacation.

  • You Verify and book an Appropriate Agent

    Leisure gives you an unparalleled freedom to review closely the services and expertise of the Trip agents. Book your Trip, only after you get a refined itinerary that perfectly suits your requirements. You are free to choose a trip specialist who provides all the services that you need. In addition to that, we also include a clause that guarantees against fraud or any default, caused due to our agents, during the vacation. Our team will be there 24/7 to assist you.

  • Travelers Requested to Share their Experience

    Leisure will ask for your valuable review once the trip is over. This is to encourage the team and our luxury tour agents, to work diligently in the future. Also, these reviews will help us reach prospective travelers and bring them into the true state of Eudaimonia. Your genuine reviews will help us spearhead the job of showing this fascinating world to passionate travelers across the globe.

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How We Do What We Do
Our Mission to Select Best Travel Experts

A Peerless Platform to find Reliable Travel agents

We have created this peerless platform only to help you select the best travel agents for the kind of vacation you have envisioned. We exhaustively work to provide you with the finest assistance. Leisure collaborates only with those experts who excel in all levels of our assessment process, designed by our brilliant team of experts. Following are the steps our trip agents have to go through during the selection process:

Our Mission to Select Best Travel Experts
  • Leisure has a dedicated team, which owns the responsibility to find out the gems from a pool of initially filtered travel agents. It takes us more than two hours to unequivocally be sure about selecting an expert.

  • According to our terms and conditions of hiring, we prefer only those candidates who have traveled exhaustively and are well acquainted with the particular place.

  • Once they have passed through our all levels of assessment we move on to checking their past works and the credibility of the itineraries they have designed.

  • The next step understands the reputation of the agents in the professional arena. We seek help from their industry references and testimonials from clients. Traveler's reviews are also one of our parameters for this hiring.

  • In the end, we try to understand deeply how stable they are financially. This is directly related to whether they are capable of guaranteeing against any issue caused as a result of the fault from travel agents side.

Our Impeccably Qualitative Services

The Quality Service We Perceive

We strive to provide only quality services to our valued customer. It's the only criterion around which we evaluate every parameter. It's our avarice for providing the extraordinarily qualitative services that provide us encouragement to jump-start every time with a fresh idea.

We don't believe in a third party, when it comes to assessing the proficiency of travel agents. Our special team dedicated to assessing these experts is given the discretionary power to select them before they are actually inducted into the team.

We start by mulling ways to make the best team which can cherry-pick only excellent travel agents. These experts spend hours going through their past assignments and ratio of their success. We also study their behavior before they are given the final ticket to enter the team. We do not compromise on any aspect.

In addition to that, we also reach out to travelers to discover more about these specialists. We deeply study their records and reputation with their past customers. Also, our team personally interviews some these past travelers to seek their reviews. According to our selection process, a tour agent has to have at least 4.25 rating (out of 5) to become a part of the Leisure team.

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