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Indulge in the wonders of Germany with Leisure, your trusted travel companion. Our expertly curated itineraries offer the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation, ensuring a memorable journey through this captivating country. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cityscapes of Berlin, where a harmonious blend of history and modernity awaits. Marvel at iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, visit world-class museums, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's diverse neighborhoods. Uncover the remnants of the Berlin Wall, a poignant symbol of the city's tumultuous past, and witness the resiliency of its people.


Venture into the charming medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses transport you back in time. Stroll along the well-preserved city walls, savor the delectable flavors of traditional German cuisine, and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this fairytale destination.


For nature enthusiasts, the Black Forest beckons with its pristine beauty and tranquil surroundings. Explore winding hiking trails that lead you through dense forests, encounter picturesque waterfalls, and breathe in the crisp mountain air. Don't miss the opportunity to sample the famous Black Forest cake, a culinary delight that originated from this enchanting region. Indulge your senses in the scenic landscapes of the Rhine Valley, where vineyards stretch across rolling hills and medieval castles perch atop rocky cliffs. Embark on a romantic boat cruise along the Rhine River, passing by charming villages and vineyards, and witness the timeless beauty that has inspired poets and artists for centuries.


Choose Leisure for your Germany itinerary and embark on a transformative experience that will leave you with cherished memories. Contact us today and let us guide you on an extraordinary adventure through the heart of Germany.

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The Best Germany Tour Itinerary For Travel-Lovers

Berlin, the capital city of Germany and an iconic symbol of reunification may have had a turbulent past. This city reflects a classic example of different historical periods in its many distinctive neighborhoods, which house numerous palaces, museums, cathedral and other sites of historic interest. This Germany tour itinerary covers this lively city with its many parks, cafés, clubs, bars and street art especially the East Side Gallery. Berlin is also home to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra a

Luxury Germany Tours: Everything Needs to Know About Germany


Interesting Facts to Discover during Germany Tours!

Before venturing on a trip it’s very important to know certain interesting facts about the country. That’s the way to add to the inquisitiveness! For those who are looking out for Germany tours, we have jotted down some incredibly interesting and jaw-dropping facts that are sure to do the magic. Germany is one of the unique places in Europe. Read below to find why!


800 million Currywurst varieties in Germany

Germany loves currywurst (a type of sauce eaten in Germany). There are surprisingly 800 million varieties of currywurst that are eaten in the country. This means that 10 currywurst for every person. Interestingly many restaurants also offer vegetarian sausages. Germans are crazy about sausage! This is one of those interesting facts to discover on Germany tours.


Transformative Inventions of Germany to Know

A plethora of world-transforming inventions and discoveries have taken place in Germany. Many extraordinary brains belong to this part of Europe. To name a few of those interesting inventions in the country, include bacteriology, television, book printing, the refrigerator, record player, and Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Isn’t this reason enough to plan Germany tours?


Running Out of Fuel is a Crime in Germany

Make sure to fill up the tank before going out, at least for the time until the next gas station is not reached. According to Germany rules, one cannot run out of fuel on a trip. The rules can be very strict in that case. Depending on the individual case the person could be charged between €30 to €70.


No college Tuition Fees in Germany (it’s been abolished)

College tuition fees in 16 of the German states were abolished in 2014 at public Universities. This is such a great thing about Germany that everyone would like to go to this part of Europe. College tuition fees for everyone is free here except for the small administrative and other charges as required.


People in Germany are very Honest & Precise

It would very easy to survive in Germany, especially for those who like to tell the truth. People in Germany are very honest they don’t like fooling around. It can be a little frustrating for those who are not used to it. But, that’s going to help in the long run. So, Planning Germany tours are not going to make anyone unhappy. In addition to being truthful, Germans are precise and they will explain it all precisely. That’s the way they are! Our suggested Germany tour agents help traveling to different parts of the country and discovering people here.


Germany is Famous for the Best Christmas Market

Germany tours are perfect for those who are planning a trip to Europe during the winter! This is because of the lovely Christmas markets in German that can be seen on every nook and cranny of the city. The entire panorama is incredible! Belonging to the 1300 & 1400, the German Christmas markets are completely magical. There’s grand Christmas celebration in Germany and especially in Augsburg, Dresden, Cologne, Berlin, and Dortmund.


One of the Best Passports is found in Germany

Germany has the third-best passports in the world. It’s a surprising thing to discover on Germany tours. Germans are free to travel to 126 countries without requiring a visa. And, in 36 other countries, they can get a visa on arrival. This is a wonderful thing about being a German citizen.


Germany is good at Recycling

Germany tours are safe! Everyone should know that Germany finds a good position in terms of Recycling. It’s also planning to take further steps towards working on renewable energy. The strong environment in the country about recycling and renewable energy encourages people to be kind to the environment. Every citizen takes responsibility towards doing the best for the planet Earth.


Germany has the Largest Economy  in the European Union

Germany apart from being the world’s largest economy is also the leading country in the European Union. Germany is a developed country and over the years it has built its economy strongly. Our recommended Germany travel agents will give all the details on the same. They have been trained in a way that they would never be present without doing their homework.


Germany is Closed on Sundays

Germany is closed on Sundays! So, never plan to shop out on Sundays. Only a few restaurants, gas stations and 24*7 stores are going to be open on Sunday. All the grocery stores and shops are closed this day. Sunday is “Ruhetag” in Germany that refers to their resting day. Everyone on Germany tours must know this fact. Or they might land into trouble. Before planning shopping, know that Sunday would be a complete holiday.


One-third of Germany is covered with Woodland & Forest

People in Germany like appreciating nature! One-third of Germany is all covered with woodland and forest. There are also plenty of lakes and people here love boasting about them. They can be found throughout the country. Those who are hiring our recommended luxury Germany tour agents will be guided to see this part of Germany's beauty.

Off-the-beaten Experiences on Germany Tours!

Germans with their tremendous efficiency, caliber, and prowess have all the ingredients for a perfectly unique place to live. Germany perfectly showcases brilliance, charm, and unseen magic that can be seen in the blink of the eyes. Plan Germany tours to discover the modern life of the country, to get motivated by the power of Berlin, to get indulged into the tranquility and the passion of Germany. Let’s find out some of the unique experiences on Germany tours:


Celebrate being in the Magical Berlin

Berlin is a big name in Germany! Apart from being the largest city and capital of the country, there’s too much to experience in Berlin. Known for its turbulent history, music, art, and hip vibes. It’s the perfect space for the creative ones and those who like exploring old-age artifacts in Museums. Apart from being home to a large number of Museums, Germany also boasts for the fantastic nightlife, cheap food, and great cafe culture. One can get plenty of unique experiences in Germany and too just by spending a little.


Discover the Quiet Munich

The quieter and the louder Munich! While Berlin is known for being a modern space buzzing all around, Munich looks quieter, but right in its own different way. The imprint of Munich will remain on the mind even after leaving the city. There are a large number of interesting things to do and see in Munich. From the trekking trails to the popular beer halls, centuries-old buildings, plush parks, amazing food, and much more, the city will sweep one off his feet. Also, the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich is something that’s sure to lure people from around the globe.


World’s largest Beer festival in Germany

Oktoberfest: The largest festival that is celebrated in Germany! The Volksfest is celebrated in late September. So, for those who are traveling to Germany during late September, it's advantageous. It's a celebration of 16 to 18 days and during the festival entire Germany consumes a lot of beer. Around six million people from around the globe come to celebrate the festival. Planning Germany tours around the Oktoberfest is definitely a plus! Don't lose on this. Our recommended Germany tour agents are going to take you to the most exciting destination.


Other Great Cities in Germany

Don't get stuck at only Munich & Berlin! There are many more great cities to see in Germany; explore them all. Make sure before making way for any other place in Europe you are exploring these cities.

Humburg is best for those who are looking for Greenery around. Humburg, the second-largest cities of the country with an abundance of greenery, canals, and parks is the perfect thing. It's also the second-largest cities of the country and has an assortment of unique things to experience.

Frankfurt is the right place for those who are looking out for some dose of history. One can find plenty of historical sites and science museums. Another place for history and culture buffs is Cologne. And, one can also get some really interesting sites in Hover that people often underestimate.


Hiking through the Black Forest

The Black Forest is the perfect thing for those who, like Brothers Grimm fairy tales! The Black Forest shares its border with France and is located in the southwest part of Germany. With lovely dense forest and fairy-tale villages, this makes for one of the best tourist sites in Germany. There are plenty of hiking trails here and one can go around exploring the breathtaking landscape for many days.


Neuschwanstein Castle

For those travelers who want to see the Disney Castle model, this is the right place! This 19th-century castle located on top of the rugged cliff, nestled in a lush forest, and surrounded by beautiful mountain landscape is something that cannot be missed. Nothing can be an enthralling experience as looking at the beautiful mountains. After coming here to the castle, you will come to realize why people from around the globe come here to bask in its beauty.


Nature’s Gift: Germany

Not only is it the vibrancy of the cities that attract travelers from all parts of the world, but the natural landscape here is also bewitching. Venture out to explore the outdoors, wander around the lush forest, steep rock faces, and the crystal clear waters; this experience is more than anything else. Then, you can venture to see Lake Constance, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Germany and Freshwater Lake. the best thing about this natural beauty is wandering around, hiking, and cycling.


Smoking is Banned in Germany

On Germany tours, smoking is banned, so make sure to avoid that. But, it’s legal to drink. Don’t smoke on public transportation, public buildings, and other public places. But, don’t worry drinking is allowed. 

The best time to Plan Germany Tours

One can plan Germany tours at any time of the year! It's just that you should be aware of the weather changing trends all through the year so as to plan accordingly. Also, one should know about prices and tourist attractions. This will ensure that there isn't any negative effect on your plans. Read below to note down these weather trends:


Best Season to plan Germany tours April - November (Summer)


Check out activities and weather in Germany

Low Tourist season (November to March): During this season the weather is wet and cold. Many areas also witness snowfall. This is the perfect time for opera concerts and the perfect dose of theatre. Most ski resorts are busy and most of the tourist places are closed for the most time.


Mid Tourist Season (April to June & September to October): Days are sunny during this season of the year. Obviously is the perfect season to plan Germany tours. Prices are also lower during this time.


High Tourist Season (July to August): Weather is the most pleasant during this time of the year. Obviously, prices are high and there's too much of a crowd around the city. But, this is the perfect season for food, music, and most of the fun activities.

With this information, it's easy to decide when to plan Germany tours. Also, our recommended Germany tour agents are there to guide.

Accommodations  on Germany Tours

  1. In comparison to the other European countries, hotel charges and all kinds of accommodation charges are quite low.

  2. There are plenty of accommodation options in Germany including hostels, Airbnb, and luxury hotels in Germany. Hostels are great numbers in Germany, particularly in the bigger cities.

  3. Our suggested Luxury Germany travel agents have all the required knowledge about these accommodations. Trust them! They can save a lot of your money.

  4. For those who are looking for even cheaper options, camping and Couchsurfing is the perfect option.

  5. Note that camping is not legalized in Germany, but still, there are dealers who will give camping space for €5 to €20 for one night.

  6. For those traveling during Oktoberfest, peak season, or national holidays, it’s important that they are booking their accommodations in advance there won’t be any space left. In this regard, our recommended Germany tour agents are experts in dealing with these situations. They will be quite productive and money spent won’t be a waste.

  7. There are many online sites, that our suggested Luxury Germany travel agents and experts will recommend. From these sites, it’s easy to book tickets online beforehand.


One does not need to take any precautions with respect to health before visiting Germany.

It's very easy to visit a nearby pharmacy when any medical emergency arises. All the needed medical advice is easily available here on Germany tours.

The pharmacy staff may also call a doctor to your hotel room if required. Health rules in Germany are very easy and convenient for those who want to seek help.

Germany healthcare is one of the best in the world. It's affordable enough to help people with their healthcare needs in a pocket-friendly way.

However, to be at the safer end, make sure to buy a health insurance plan that covers any kind of medical cost that is incurred on the trip.



Like most of the European countries, it's safe to travel in Germany. Most luxury tour agents suggest that there isn't any risk of theft.

Germany is a country is considered even safer than the UK and France. And, a great travel destination with no risk of natural disaster.

Irrespective that fact that Germany is considered one of the safest countries to travel, it's always great to take precautions. So, before venturing on the vacation one must make sure to have bought travel insurance that covers all forms of medical costs.

Know about People & their Customs on Germany Tours

German Culture

Germans don’t like to talk small! Like the salesperson at the counter while shopping is not going to ask how you doing or greet you or anything like that. And, you should also not ask this anywhere. Germans are not really going to appreciate that.

But, this does not really indicate that Germans don’t really like manners. They are just like that and their culture.

At the end of everything, it’s considered a way of showing courtesy by saying ‘thank you’. Also, sometimes you will be overwhelmingly wished by the salesperson Good morning or Good evening. And, they will expect a return for the same.

It’s not common in Germany to initiate a conversation while standing in a queue. That’s not really common here in Germany.

German is spoken in Germany. It is considered respectful to speak German here. So, learning a little of it will do.

Conversing with the locals in Germany would be great. They consider this gesture polite and friendly.

In many areas, particularly in tourist areas, many people speak English. But, our Germany tours agents and experts say that one should not rely on this. Speaking in English may not work sometimes. To remain at the safer end try to learn a little of German language on Germany tours.

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Important Tips to Follow on Germany Tours

  1. Germany is the signatory of the Schengen convention and the member of the EU. Any member of the European Union can travel to Germany without requiring a visa.

  2. Anyone who is a national of Schengen zone enjoys the freedom of traveling without a visa for 90 days to Germany. For those who want to stay longer will need to get a visa for the Schengen zone. ‘

  3. Other country nationals including the Philippines, Russia, Asian countries, and China; they all have to apply for a Schengen visa if they wish to travel to Germany.

What to Pack  on Germany Tours

  1. One will have to pack all types of clothes for planning Germany tours because the weather varies considerably here.

  2. Even if you are traveling in the mid-season there could be chances of rain and the climate becomes quite cold here, particularly if you are into the Mountains.

  3. It's important to carry along a variety of light clothes that can be worn in layers in colder days. And the same could be worn alone in the summer days.

  4. Our suggested Germany travel agents will give complete detail on what to pack for Germany tours. Get in touch with these luxury Germany tour agents, they will guide in the best possible way at an affordable price.

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