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The bustling beauty of the country is seamlessly placed among the majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches, and of course, the warm-hearted and friendly locals. After the split of the Roman Empire 1600 years ago, Montenegro has sat on the borderline between east and west. The richness and diversity of its cultural history can be spotted in the pattern of floors of Roman villas, flamboyantly painted Orthodox monasteries, ornate Catholic churches, elegant minarets of mosques, and the sturdy fortresses built by the numerous powers that have fought over these lands. Then there's the legacy of 50 years as a non-aligned communist state, independent of both the Eastern Bloc and the West. For those with even a passing interest in European history, it's a fascinating place.


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Know Everything About Luxury Montenegro Tours 2022


Montenegro is wonderful! This tiny part of Europe is inexplicably beautiful and diverse. In a small part of the land, one can amazingly find every piece of natural beauty. With beautiful Rivers, lovely beaches, serene lakes, canyons, fjords, and mountains, there’s no dearth of amazement in nature. Montenegro tours are a great choice for those who want to fall in love with the beauty of nature and get rejuvenated. Let’s find something more interesting about this gem of the Balkans.

Cetinje: The Old Royal Capital

Cetinje is one of the most important parts of the country for travelers. It used to be the old Royal capital of the country. It was when Montenegro ran under a royal family. The perfect start is visiting King Nikola's palace. Here, check out the perfectly crafted architecture style, which is something worth visiting here. Then, other tourist sites to visit here are Kolašin, Virpazar, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, and Podgorica. It's important here to point out that hiring Montenegro tour agents comes into the picture here. They have all the prerequisite knowledge and guidance in the most exciting way.

Rakija: The National Drink of Montenegro

It’s not acceptable to leave the country without sampling Rakija. It is considered to be the National drink of Montenegro. This drink is also believed to kill bacteria instantly and relieves any kind of stomach pain. Locals in Montenegro love sharing Rakija with visitors and tourists. So, it’s important to make sure not to leave the country without sampling Rakija. This drink is actually a type of fruit brandy that is prepared at home and it won’t taste like that of the brandy that we generally drink. Enjoying this drink with friends and family is an important part of any celebration here. It symbolizes happiness and merry-making. But, Montenegro tour agents and specialists, suggest consuming it in an optimum quantity to avoid getting high on it.

Gorazda: The abandoned fort

Near Boka Bay, many of the fortresses were built during Austro-Hungarian rule. During the 19th century, these fortresses used to be the point of protection. The Gorazda Fort was the most superbly made of them all. Its location was undoubtedly the best thing with bays of Tivat and Kotor in the backdrop and situated on the hills. From the top of the fort looking out for the Sunset is a real pleasure. Situated on the hills, Fort Gorazda is the perfect place for taking a view of the city. It also holds enormous historical significance. During WWI this Fort was much in use and then in the Yugoslav wars. Today it's nothing but abandoned! Hiring experienced Montenegro tour agents will do the job.

Sampling the Seafood

It’s a significant part of the trip to sample the seafood when near the coast. And, when in the magical Balkans one cannot miss trying out the lamb dishes. In Montenegro, it’s a great idea to present food instead of any kind of crafts or anything. The people here will love it! Most of the craft items in Montenegro are brought from China, but the food is made locally. Go for the Njeguski prosciutto and cheese in case looking for a piece of gift for someone. And, it’s important to buy them from the local market.

Kayaking And Snorkelling

There are new and interesting things to try out on the Montenegro trip. This exciting part of the trip one cannot miss out on. Some of these quirky, unique and exciting parts include trip include Kayaking and Snorkelling. It's great to start off by kayaking (when visiting Kotor's blue caves) instead of taking the usual motorboat. It won't just be exciting, but it would come up with enormous scope to capture every part of the journey into the camera. Enjoy kayaking to the fullest and then go swimming and snorkeling around the cave. Make sure to take up these activities before venturing another trip into another blue cave. Many experienced Montenegro tour agents have revealed that this is the most exhilarating part of the trip that should not be missed.

Car: The Cheapest way to get Around

Renting a car is the best way to travel through Montenegro in every aspect. Driving is easy here with roads being in the perfect condition. On top of that, it's cheap using a car to drive through the country. At every step, there's something to see in the country with diverse wildlife covering the large forest. The perfect way is to go around with a car, particularly for those who want to discover the best of Montenegro wildlife. Taxis are available for locals as well as for travelers, but it's comparatively expensive.

Montenegro Travel Insurance

The EHIC Card won't be valid in Montenegro as it's not a part of the European Union. With meticulous research and consultations with various Montenegro tour agents, it has been established that buying travel insurance plan before venturing on the trip is a prerequisite. However, it's very easy here to go to a Government hospital in case there is a medical emergency.

Montenegro tours: Experience the Best of the Country!

Montenegro is one of the newly discovered European nations. This tiny spot on Earth gained independence only very recently during 2006. Traveling to this not so known part of Europe is worth every Penny. With plenty of wonderful tourist sites and low prices, this makes for a wonderful destination. Most travelers who have been to this destination and also a bunch of some experienced Montenegro travel agents have reported that it's a pleasantly surprising destination. There's something beautifully charismatic at every corner of the country.

Let's find out what's in the kitty for the Montenegro trip planners!

Perfect Panorama of the Classic Castle of San Giovanni

One of the most uniquely interesting things to do in Montenegro is basking in the perfect panorama of the Classic Castle of San Giovanni. It's adventurously exciting to climb through old fortress walls. While it may be a little tiring for many people, but at the end of it, there's this heavenly view waiting to be discovered with its arms open. But, before that, there's a long way to go; climbing through a height of 1,200 meters and 1,400 stairs. It won't feel as tiring as it sounds in general. Top-Montenegro travel agents suggest taking up the journey near the sunrise or early morning. That spectacle is immensely romantic and perfect for capturing on the camera!

Walking along the Old Town Streets in Kotor

Another interesting part of the trip is walking along the Old Town streets. But, for enjoying that spectacular walk one has to make sure to set their alarm a little earlier. During the afternoon the entire street is all packed with people. Make sure to start off earlier particularly in the summers. An early start would be the perfect thing to avoid the incessant influx of crowd and capture the spectacular Old Town streets.

Rambling through the Arms Square

Close to the entrance gate of Kotor, there's wonderful Arm Square. It's perfectly filled with stone buildings, adorable shutters, and plenty of interesting landmarks. One can't miss out rambling through the famous Arm Square. The worth visiting sites here are Prague's astronomical clock and the “Pillar of Shame.” There's a small statue that is called the pillar of shame. The legend behind this statue is interesting. The pillar was built to be a place where people who will involve in any kind of shameful work will be stigmatized here. This is done so that everyone could see. However, there's nothing left much at this place apart from a small statue, yet, one must give it a visit.

The Cat Museum in Kotor: Sounds Absolutely Interesting!

All around in Kotor, there are cats wandering through the city. From more than 2000 years these cats have been in the country. It seems as if Montenegro belongs to them. The first-timers would feel being an open-air cat city. Pay just one euro and this quirky, unique cat museum is all yours where one can get to see the unusual cat population that's hard to see anywhere in the world. It's amazing to see a considerable amount of postcards, literature, and prints explaining the existence of cats in Kotor from the last many years. It'll take about 20 minutes to stroll around this centrally located in the city.

Bay of Kotor: A UNESCO World Heritage site

One of the best parts of visiting this part of the country is the Bay of Kotor. For its glory and charm, the Bay got listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. The best part of the day to visit this site is during the midday when most of the tourists are busy swarming up around the Old Town. While most pictures of the Bay are available from a height, but most Montenegro travel agents and specialist ensure that from the sea-level also, its panorama is Bright and beautiful.

Lake Skadar’s “Horseshoe Bend”

Lake Skadar shares its borders with two of the countries including Albania and Montenegro. It looks beautiful from both ends, but the emphasis is for what it looks at Montenegro end. Around the mountain, Lake Skadar in Montenegro end bends in a way to form nearly a semi-circle. One needs to travel to Rijeka Crnojevica. On the way, there’s an assortment of sites to be discovered.

Rijeka Crnojevica stone bridge

This one is the second biggest bridge that has been built in Montenegro so far. Rijeka Crnojevica is located in the vicinity of Lake Skadar. It's an extremely low populated town with just 200 people. The town is most popularly known for the stone bridge that is also sometimes referred to as the double-arched bridge. The best reflection can be seen at the time when the water is still and there's almost no wind. It's unbelievably true that in spite of the fact that it was built in 1853, it was not affected by the Balkan Wars and it looks absolutely perfect even after so many years.

Lady of Rocks: “Floating church”

This lady of rocks is mostly crowded for its glory! This Catholic church floating through the Kotor Bay is one of the best tourist attractions in Montenegro. In English, it's called the Lady of the Rocks. ExperiencedMontenegro travel agents recommend taking up a tour that also takes on a tour along the Blue Cave.

Best time to Plan Montenegro Tours

The best time to plan a Montenegro trip is during the shoulder season which covers early autumn and late spring. The country is quite crowded from May to July and is the best time to go on a beach holiday. And, during the time it's also great discovering the galore of National parks including Prokletije and also for birdwatching. Let's find out how to take the final decision on choosing the best time to plan these perfect Europe tours.

  1. The early part of October is also the perfect time for swimming along the coast. During this time the water is comparatively warm. The only unfavorable part of it is the frequent and unexpected downpours. For those who want to enjoy skiing, the best time for them is from November to April.

  2. The time until November is the perfect time for hikers. While July to August is extremely hot and is not that suitable for coastal hiking, it works well for the inland mountains.

  3. The mountainous regions of the country are believed to receive the highest level of rainfall in entire Europe. It can rain throughout the year and one must carry a raincoat along on the trip.

  4. Until the month of May, there is no scope for white water rafting. During this time of the year, near the mountains, the snow melts incessantly and Rivers can't really be handled.

  5. June & September is the perfect time for those who are looking out for some coastal fun. During this time of the year, the beaches are busy with people all around. This time of the year is also perfect for an activity holiday.

Choose the Pretty Den to Stay During Montenegro Tours!

There's an assortment of options to choose from for making a perfect stay during Montenegro tours. There are self-catering villas, hotels, and other apartments to choose from the most important aspect that should be taken care of while choosing accommodation during the trip is the location. Here's a quick guide to help people choose an apt location on Montenegro tours.

  1. There are plenty of hotels and most of them have a cozy and comfortable stay with all the facilities that one can expect on a trip.

  2. Another great choice is renting villas in Montenegro and they are perfectly fine for groups and families.

  3. Most villas have staunchly and beautifully constructed outdoors, kitchen, and living rooms. Before taking the final decision, consult some experienced Luxury Montenegro Tour agents and they are going to explain everything about these accommodations.

  4. There are too many great things about renting villas. Like if a room is being shared by two people and one wants to sleep while the other wants to dance on high-paced song, then that's super easy. Two separate spaces have been designed.

  5. The best thing about villas is that travelers can cook their meals and do not have to depend on unhealthy restaurant food. It's easy to cook and pack food of your choice and take it along during the trip.

  6. In addition to that, villas also give absolute privacy. They have private swimming pools and other facilities of luxury.

  7. Then there are self-catering rentals for holiday and apartments. These apartments are more like “home away from home”.

  8. There are certain advantages for hiring apartments over villas. There are shared swimming pools where kids can play together and make new friends.

  9. Most luxury Montenegro tour agents suggest renting apartments and reasons are undoubtedly many.

Tips to keep in Mind on Montenegro Tours

There are too many things to explore before planning a trip and one of them is the language barrier. While in many countries people speak English and it's easy to communicate, but there are many where people do not speak any other language. And of such countries is Montenegro. Let's find what's more on the list to know before planning Montenegro tours.

  1. It's very hard to find people who speak English in Montenegro. Surprisingly, people prefer speaking German rather than English. So, learning the language before going to this place is a prerequisite.

  2. It's always a great idea of choosing one location to stay and then moving along different locations and exploring places.

  3. Experienced Luxury Montenegro travel agents have suggested that when in the country, it's a sin to miss visiting Cetinje.

  4. For citizens of the US, Canada, and Europe can visit the country without requiring to apply for a visa. And, also the Schengen visa holders can plan out to visit the country for 30 days without a visa.

  5. When traveling the Orthodox Christian monasteries and chapels, one should make sure to cover their shoulders and knees.

Be Safe, Healthy & Travel!

It’s important to be safe and healthy during the Montenegro trip! There are common diseases prevalent in the country that cannot be treated by vaccination. So, that’s quite important to take precautions and stay healthy. Let’s find out what can be done!


  1. When eating or drinking something make sure that it's safe and healthy. Eating unclean food can cause many diseases like diarrhea.

  2. Make sure to eat food that is freshly cooked and served. Before eating vegetables and fruits, wash them off with clean water. Intake only pasteurized dairy products.

  3. Avoid food in any form from the street vendors, undercooked fish or meat, unwashed fruits, and ”Bushmeat”.

  4. Drink only sealed bottled water. Avoid tap water and Unpasteurized milk. In case of any kind of uneasiness talk immediately to the doctor.


  1. In general, Montenegro is considered a safe country. It’s completely fine to wander around at night. The central areas are particularly the safest.

  2. There are some cases of pickpocketing, theft, and alike, but cases of any kind of major violence are not common here.

  3. Drugs and other such stuff are banned in the country and those found possessing the same can be sent directly to the jail.

Know People & Customs on Monetengro Tours

One of the reasons that attract people to this country is the friendly behavior of people here. Locals are extremely welcoming and polite. They give the perfect kind of greeting in a quite polite way. Most skilled Luxury Montenegro Tour agents have emphasized on traveling to this part of Europe. Let's find out more!

  1. Upon meeting people in Montenegro may offer a glass of Rakija coupled with their customary hug.

  2. They are the kind of people who will welcome their guests wholeheartedly into their home and do anything to give them the best experience of their life.

  3. They might be a little conservative for the country is a proper mix of the Sunni Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

  4. While people here like drinking on a conversation, but they don't really appreciate showing it off on the streets in an unusual way.

  5. Montenegro's recently adopted currency is the euro. The banking system is not developed in eastern Podgorica, while along the coast, there's no problem.

  6. While it's fine to use credit cards many luxury tour agents recommend keeping cash (euros).

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