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An Overwhelming Tahitian Experience

I returned from this trip to Tahiti with a group of 6 friends. Although the islands in Tahiti are not as overly-hyped as its neighboring counterparts, one won't regret their decision after reaching the destination for sure.

Travel Review: Best Tour to Tahiti

A few days back we visited Tahiti which was none less than a dream vacation. It all happened because of the travel agency we hired to schedule our vacation.

Amazing Time in Tahiti

This trip was in our bucket list for our 25th wedding anniversary. And so it was indeed quite special. We booked for it about 6 months well in advance. We could not have asked for a better travel planner who have been absolutely wonderful to work with.

Wonderful Trip To Tahiti

I took on a vacation to hang out with my family and I found the idea of going to Tahiti quite fascinating. I searched in the internet for better deals and itineraries and finally found one at Leisure. My wife and I instantly liked the planning done into the itinerary. The customizing option was also there. I got various options of choosing from the travel agents

Excellent Tahiti Trip With This Tour Guide

This was the first time I have booked a tour with this company and I loved every minute of it. The places we stayed were incredible, especially Beachouse and Blue Lagoon. Everything was made really easy and we had a great time singing and laughing round the islands. Jonny was an amazing tour guide and made everyone feel so welcome, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my travels

Amazing Tahiti Island Tour

This was an one day tour we and saw everything we were supposed to see Paola our tour guide was native to Papeete, so she shared a lot of history and information that a local would know !!! Near the end of the tour, she even sang a beautiful song to us - she first told us the meaning and then sang the song in Tahitian language ! Overall this is one of the best tahiti tour packages for short trip

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