How to have a hassle-free airport checking experience?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on May 19,2020

Traveling can be fun and frolic but sometimes it is all about being chaotic. Well! Getting oneself through the security checks at the airport is not just nerve-racking but can be mentally exhausting too. There are certain sets of rules and regulations that one has to follow while at the airport. It all depends on what you pack, and what you quit, in your backpack. Packing can be a very stressful and hectic task. There are many Travelers who understand the basic dos and don'ts of airport security just like the back of their hands, but Some people are not well versed. Just because of this confusion they are left with no choice but to spend a little more time than others at the airport. There are certain rules which are made to make your security checkup at the airport hassle-free but not everybody knows them. There are certain items in your luggage that are going to make their securities pass a hassle-free task. Certain articles on the internet that one might consider before packing. But are they all good enough to give you the correct information? Here are a few of the items or steps that one can follow while packing so that they don't have to spend much time getting, themselves checked at the security counter because of questionable items. All the steps are gathered from traveling experts for making your travel smoother:

Carry a Hardshell Suitcase:

The first step of any traveler’s dilemma is the kind of baggage they must carry. There are several types of selection one can make for the baggage options. However, for every Traveler, the best kind of travel piece is the hard shell. The hard case suitcases are easy to carry and are not easily damaged during the baggage checking. They keep your belongings safe and also ensure that if the person has some extra space to carry the last minute Essentials. Hence, it is always recommended to carry a hard case suitcase whenever you are traveling for any kind of occasion. Also, they have great longevity and durability.

Know the limit of carrying liquid:

Instead of carrying the full-size packs, try packing 100ml bottles. Airports are a chaotic place, and there are thousands of travelers waiting for their turns to be frisked by the airport authorities. It is better to be prepared beforehand. Traveling is a responsible task, and one needs to follow a set of rules and regulations. If you are flying with your family then all you need is very little time in the checking facilities. Hence, it would be better if you are prepared beforehand and carry a minimum amount of liquid with you. The containers must be of 100 ml or less. Instead of going for full sizes right taking sample sizes for travel-friendly packs.

Carry items in sealable packs:

Nobody likes a mess in their bag. The clear sealable plastic bags are a savior. If someone is experienced in traveling then, they know how unpredictable the liquids can get. While you are carrying out the small containers of hundred ml there are greater possibilities of them oozing out. One must carry all their liquids or 100 ml bottles in sealable plastic bags so that they all are in one place and don't leak out. Even if the bottles will leak out of the sealable pack will not allow them to spoil your other belongings. Thus, this makes it an essential part of your luggage. Even the TSA agents will get an easier way to scan your items. It is easy to distinguish between certain products and one can use them to carry some eateries too.

Carry important documents in your luggage:

All the essential documentations must be kept in an easily accessible spot. While traveling the two main items are boarding pass and your passport. They will help you in boarding the plane and without these documents, you can't pass through the security. For making a hassle-free security pass always carry these two important documents in a safe, and easy to access spot. It is advisable to do so because whenever the security will ask you for them you don't need to fumble through your entire luggage. Simply keep them at the easy hand movement and save yourself some time. Also, make sure that you keep them in a safe place. Easy to access places should be for you not for the pickpockets. Also, don’t forget the “Travel Essentials for the much-awaited vacation.”

No need to worry about the water bottle:

Everybody knows that one is not allowed to carry a full-sized hair spray or body wash. But people forget that they are not even allowed to carry a filled water bottle. At every station, they have the facility to fill your water bottles. Also, they provide water on the flight. A full water bottle may make a suspicious image of you. If you are carrying some fancy water bottle then the TSA agent might ask you to drop it or drink the entire bottle. Hence, it is advisable to carry an empty bottle or no bottle. Water is not an issue and easily available at every Station. One need not worry about their hydration as the facilities keep it in check.

Electronics to be packed at the top:

It is illegal to carry any kind of Lithium battery in your luggage. Whenever a person is traveling they must not carry any kind of Lithium battery with them in the flight. Hence, if you have your laptop or any kind of complex electronics then you might need to leave them in the carry-on. While you are at the security counter the people might ask you to drop your liquids and electronics. This means that it is best if you don't carry your laptop in the luggage you are going to carry with yourself. Instead, try carrying it on top, so that you can remove them whenever the security asks you to. 

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