How to Make Travel Better with Technology...Decoding!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 13,2021

How to make travel better? With technology growing at a rapid rate, it has become easier & convenient to travel. Sitting in the comfort zones of your home, you can do almost everything— book blockbuster leisure vacation packages, find out the best cities to travel around the world, and keep tabs on the flight booking rates. Tourism is arguably one of the areas where technology has had a huge impact. Today, if you have a smartphone and WIFI in proximity, you can book your vacation instantly. 


The next-generation technology is completely changing the way we want to travel. We can now travel faster, seek more comfortable accommodations with the help of different tools & apps. Technology continues to transform how the 8.5 billion people plan to take approximately 2 billion international trips, as reported by the World Tourism Organization by 2030. You don’t have to ask how to make travel better? Just rely on the latest technologies, it can enhance your vacationing experience leaps & bounds, be it for pleasure or business. Technological developments like social media, electronic payment, app development— have incalculably made travel better.


In this article, we are going to bring you a quick reminder of how technology has affected tourism for good. Let’s read the complete article to understand how to make travel better with the help of technology and how it has brought transformation in travel experiences over the years. Here we go:


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1. It makes planning Quicker



Technology had made it easy to book & plan leisure vacation packages. You easily get access to all the important information that is required to plan a dream vacation. All it takes to sit patiently in front of your computer/laptop researching about the destination and everything about how to make travel better. And, you can also search for a leisure travel agent who can do it for you on your behalf. Isn’t that interesting, all you need to plan and prepare for your vacation is your laptop & internet connection. 


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2. Technology Helps with Eco-friendly Travel



If you have the knowledge of the right technology, you can enjoy eco-friendly travel— you can find pleasure and save the earth for the next many generations. Technology has made improvements in a way that you do not now need to print your boarding pass, your hotel reservation, or the airline ticket— and that saves a lot of paper from getting into the environment. It’s all because of the ever-evolving technology— e-tickets, mobile check-ins, and the online reservations system — that we do not have to follow the conventional way. This is how to make travel better and to be in a win-win situation by saving your time with online bookings & reservations. 


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3. The language barrier is Thing of the Past



When I sat to write this article, you won’t believe it, I can’t even tell you how many points were popping into my mind. I penned down the ones I found every traveler should be reminded of often. Technology knows how to make travel better and keep the journey all pleasurable from starting to the end. If you know someone traveling through the 90s, they would let you know the stories of how it used to be too difficult communicating with people of different cultures— and they needed to keep phrasebooks traveling to a different country. But today you no longer need a phrasebook— your smartphone has it all and keeps you away from all kinds of language barriers. You can use a voice converter app to communicate with people in any part of the world and it’s all FREE & is simple to understand how to make travel better with the help of technology.


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4. You Get Access to Your Documents Easily



Search the internet with the keyword, “how to make travel better”, and you will get the most results that will talk about one or another piece of technological advancements that have made travel easier & convenient. When you are thinking of planning a vacation, all you need to worry about is — a properly working smartphone and internet connection— and you are ready to go. Technology even makes it possible to store all your documents in one place, you can store them all within your smartphone as e-documents or within your mail and access them from your smartphone. You can keep these documents all organized without any hassle— it’s like you do not have to keep too many papers in physical form. That’s like a lot of work done & keeping you in a peaceful state of mind. Technological experts know how to make travel better with simple tricks. 


5. Technology had Made Travel Transportation Easier



Technology has tremendously brought about transformation and plenty of ways on how to make travel better from one tourist attraction to another, from the airport to your hotel room. Today, we have plenty of apps that can help you book cans, taxis within seconds— it’s like simplifying a massive part of your vacation. Apps like Lyft Uber allow you to book a ride from your mobile phone and that’s such a relief when you are new to the place. In a matter of seconds, travelers can place an order for their ride and contact their driver. From your mobile device, you can choose either a shared ride or a single ride— depending on what you prioritize. At every point through your vacation, you will realize how to make travel better with technology. 


6. It Changes the Way You Pack for your Vacation



Packing used to be too difficult — ask someone who has traveled during the 90s. There was too much to squeeze just about in a tiny place— the CD Walkmans, all lots of documents, kids Games, and books if someone is a book lover, everything had to be packed alongside the suitcase of clothes. Technology has been a dependable tool that has helped how to make travel better. But with the ever-evolving technology, you can now keep that huge stack of documents, books, kids’ games— all within your smartphone. Can you imagine how much space this has saved for you during your vacation, you have to pack only the essentials in your carry-on or suitcase. In fact, technology changes your packing routine and you no longer need an iPod when you want to listen to music— your iTunes or Spotify accounts are enough. And, get an Amazon Kindle, it will save a lot of space in your travel bag — you do not have to pack that bundle of your favorite books. 


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7. How You Find Your Directions in a Foreign Land



When you are in a foreign land, it is pretty common people get confused with the direction, but when technology comes into the picture— you no longer have to look like an alien. Technology is today everywhere with an answer on how to make travel better! People who have traveled during the 90s must have seen plenty of confused travelers standing in the middle of the road looking into their maps, to get an idea of which direction would take them to their next spot. But since the Google maps were released in the public domain things changed drastically. People now can use their smartphones to get an idea of the accurate direction they should be heading to. Certainly, navigation apps have changed everything — you can easily find your next spot, your favorite restaurant & more.


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8. You can Easily Read Reviews Online



Before the advancement of technology with the perspective of travel, it used to be too difficult to get reviews about restaurants, hotels, places, and food. But as the technology advanced, most restaurants and your favorite places you want to chill are reviewed by real customers. All you need a smartphone & internet connection— go to their website and you can check these reviews before going to the place. It helps you choose the right place! Isn’t that enough to let you understand how to make travel better with technology? There are plenty of top sites like Tripadvisor Support & where you can read these reviews to be sure if they are providing satisfactory services to their customers. 


Read Travel reviews at


9. You Can Safely Make Electronic Payments



A few years ago— you would know if you belong to that era— we needed to carry along a lot of cash or get cash from the ATM if we were to make any payment. It was too risky and was too much a burden to be able to produce cash when required. The electronic payment system has simplified this— you can now make payments within a fraction of seconds even if you do not have cash in your wallet. Even if you are short of cash, you can make electronic payments to the taxi driver who drives you from the airport to your hotel room. It’s made safe! Unlike the olden days, you will seldom come across Tripadvisor Support agents’ offices flocked with travelers trying to make payments to confirm their bookings for leisure vacation packages. With thousands of good things that we cannot talk about all in the article— we hope you no more are seeking an answer on how to make travel better with technology.


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