Why do you need to use a road route planner for your next road trip?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 22,2021

Road trips are and will always be one of the most fun and exciting ways to travel. Be it traveling with friends, family, or even by yourself, traveling on long stretches of tarmac offers a certain level of freedom that is unparalleled. All you need is a vehicle, and some friends and you’re ready to go.


However, when traveling for long stretches it is highly recommended that you spend some time planning your road trip with the help of a road route planner and gather up all of your essentials in one place. It is the process of planning a road trip that involves, identifying the best routes and number of pit stops, accommodations, fuel, and other costs is what most people face issues with.


Gone are the days when you had to make a last-minute run to the store to grab yourself an enormous map, which was not only hard to track but a challenge to even open while driving.


Thanks to a little device called a smartphone, we can now keep finding all the alternative routes and the best spots to take overnight, with the help of road route planner apps. Our experts at Leisure have traveled extensively through some of the most popular and the most remote roads in the United States and around the world. Through their experience, they have come up with a list of the best road route planner apps that you can use to plan your next road trip from your mobile phone.


Contents of the Article:

·         What is a Road Route Planner?

·         Importance of a Road Route Planner

·         Benefits of planning your trip using a road route planner over traditional means

·         Best road route planners for you


What is a Road Route Planner?


Road route planning is simply the process of identifying the best possible route for your journey. It involves considering all the alternative routes and options and selecting the best one depending on your particular preference. There are many factors to be considered while planning a road trip, such as the number of fuel stations along the way, the condition of the roads, or decent motels or places to take a halt after driving for hours.


A road route planner is an application on your mobile phone which does the job for you. It takes away your frustration of having to calculate and selecting the best possible route with the help of its algorithm.


A road route planner uses the internet and the GPS to download a map between your source and destination and identifies the best route based on your preference. It also tracks your position in real-time which allows you to not only find out the estimated time to arrive but to take a litter detour whenever you want.


Importance of a Road Route Planner


A road route planner has become essential to modern-day transportation. Be it going to your office every morning or long journeys, route planners have definitely made road travel a lot easier.


Businesses that depend on road transportation such as taxi cabs, Food Delivery, or online shopping services, each require fast and safe routes for traveling in order to save both time and money. Such businesses look for minimizing the time taken during the commute in order to increase the number of successful deliveries they can make in a day.

Road Route Planners are an essential element for both businesses and independent users. In addition to using them in day-to-day life, they serve a crucial role when planning any road trip no matter how long or short. It provides all the information needed to make the necessary and quite possibly life save decisions which enable us to have a memorable trip without worrying about missing every other exit.


With the rising population and fuel prices, using road route planners has become vital, to save both time and money. In order to manage heavy traffic more efficiently, highways and busy roads have fewer exit and entry points, which makes it difficult for someone who isn’t familiar with the city to navigate. Thus, as a result, people end up losing large amounts of time while trying to find the right path while spending more on gas.


Benefits of using Road Route Planner


Using a route planner offers a lot of benefits that usually go unnoticed by most people. Let’s have a look at some of these important advantages which include:


1.    Identifying the most cost-effective route


Route planners make finding the most efficient route so much easier. It presents you with all the information you need to make your decision and helps you minimize costs.


2.    Decrease Fuel consumption


Missing your exits and taking a different route is one of the most common things on a road trip. A route planner will give you voice commands to tell you exactly where to turn and save you from running around in circles, hence saving a considerable amount of fuel. 


3.    Save a lot of Time and Money


By using a route planner you will save time while planning your journey, and while you’re on the road. It also helps you save a lot of gas money and keeps your vehicle from going into the shop so often for maintenance. 


4.    Lowering  the number of accidents


Route planners are often integrated with mobile phones or the car itself, so it reduces distractions from the road and helps you concentrate on your driving once your set it up before starting your journey. This reduces a large percentage of accidents caused by using mobile devices while driving. 


5.    Provides all the necessary information in one place


Be it fuel stops, restaurants, motels, or some sightseeing options, a road route planner will give you all the information in one place with ratings and reviews so you don’t have to search for them yourself. 


6.    Allows you to prioritize your stops


When planning long road trips, you have to prioritize and schedule your stops in order to stay on schedule. Road route planners allow you to plan ahead and mark the spots that you think are appropriately placed to save time. 


7.    Enables you to share your location in real-time


One of the most important features of road planners is that they allow you to share your location with someone. This feature enables you to send your information to friends so they can track where you are or see your estimated time of arrival.


8.    Allows us to navigate easily in any part of the world


No matter where you are traveling in the world, with the help of a road route planner you can rest assured that you will be able to find your destination easily without having to ask strangers for directions. 


9.    Give you hands-free access to navigation


Road route planners allow checking all the information from your dashboard without having to constantly check it. Just set up your route, and attach your phone to the holder and you’re good to go. 


10.   Let’s you choose the best accommodation and dining options


Road route planners often receive ratings and reviews from the community and the internet. This allows you to choose the best spots to make a stop while on your journey without any hassle.


Top Road Route Planners for your next Road Trip


Below are some of the best road route planner apps that have been tried by our road trip travel experts Leisure. Some of these apps are free, others require a subscription, but all of them will allow you to plan your next road trip journey with ease.


1.       Google Maps



This is the world’s most popular and widely used route planner. Google Maps comes integrated with most Android smartphones and is available for download in iPhones as well. Google Maps is an amazing route planner that lets you plan your travel and schedule stops based on your preference. It is completely free to use and works without any issues. It lets you share your plans with your friends so that they can contact you in case of any emergency.


2.       Road Trippers



Road Trippers is a great route planner which is designed specifically for long road trip journeys. It offers some essential features like sharing and syncing your travel plans with your friends who can also make suggestions to the set plan. It has built-in travel guides which offer insights and off-beat suggestions along your route to make your planning process more interesting. Currently, the app is live in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


3.       Google Trips



This app by Google has many additional features that differentiate it from google maps. This app is specifically made for traveling and provides a much better experience by integrating your travel plans with your Gmail account and automatically organizing your travel. It also works as a one-stop for all, to manage all your restaurant, rental, and hotel bookings.


4.       Waze



Waze is an innovative route planning app that incorporates social interactions into its user interface. It enables you to find the best route for your road trip, through ratings and suggestions from the community posted on the app. It also allows users to post real-time information regarding any diversions, accidents, or traffic jams along the way to notify other drivers. It also allows you to find the best place to eat and fuel up along the way.


5.       GasBuddy



GasBuddy is one of the most innovative and functional road route planner apps. It provides you information and navigates you to the best places to get fuel at the cheapest rates. Currently, it only works in the United States and is very accurate and convenient to use. All you have to do is enter your destination and the app will show you a list of options to choose from to get your vehicle refueled.


Thought road route planners provide a lot of benefits, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a traditional map handy when traveling long distances. In the event, your phone dies, or you’re not getting any reception you can always go old school!


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