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When we talk about the top-rated American airlines to fly, we most often expect the basics — health safety, on-time departure & arrival, and safety of luggage. But when you look around to get that information on the best airlines in America, you are left with just a handful of options. At Leisure, we have made our much hard-researched repository of top-rated American airlines where you not only can access the list of best airlines in America, but also it has every piece of information about each of the airlines including health & luggage safety. Once you have reached here, you’ll discover how to make the most of your flying experience in 2021. Every year, Leisure asks its readers & luxury travel experts to weigh in on their travel experiences across the globe — when they share their reviews on the top hotels, cities, islands, airlines, spas, cruise ships & more. In the top Airlines category, we asked our readers to share their opinion— based on those authentic opinions we’ll bring you information on the top-rated American airlines. As long as your wanderlust soul is ready to fly around the world, we’re ready to bring you top-notch information to make it an extraordinary odyssey of exploration for you. Welcome to our storehouse of information on the best airlines in America.

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