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There are plenty of fancy best luxury hotels all over the world — the possibilities are endless. But, how to know about the most famous hotels in the world across the world and get to experience them — experiences undoubtedly speak. Starting with a clean slate, the team of experts at including the destination experts, luxury travel writers & hotel specialists scoured the six continents across the globe to create the exclusive list of 50 World's best luxury hotels and help our readers with every bit of information about these best hotels. We asked our readers and travel experts to weigh in their favorite hotels across the six continents. Stay at some of the hotels, be it across Asia or Europe is utterly unforgettable — location in the heart of the city, sumptuous food, breathtaking view, and more. You’ll remember & reminisce about your stay at some of the most famous hotels in the world for the rest of your life. The response to our survey made us more curious to know — what travelers love, where they want to go, and what kind of accommodation they want. We’ll listen to the echo of your wanderlust until you want to travel. Read on to discover which are the best luxury hotels across the world. Welcome to's repository of information on the best hotels around the world!!


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