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Travel Review: Excellent Tour To Bhutan

5Before I write anything about our Bhutan trip, I would draw your attention to the fact that I am a retired person from Scotland and before I say Goodbye to the world

Amazing Bhutan Tour

I am an avid traveler and always enjoy planning my trips myself. However, for my India and Nepal trip, I came to Leisure to help me in smoothing out the logistics. I'm really happy I did.

Wonderful Bhutan Tour

This tour company is really giving great services and provided to all the specifications as described by us. I have an outstanding experience in booking the tickets with the company, I have been traveling on world trips from past 15 years and am used to book my trip arrangements on the internet through online bookings after exploring on different airlines and tour agent portals, including the leading names

Magical Trip To Bhutan

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Bhutan for a 10 adventure and wanted to give my highest recommendation for our guide, Tshewang Rinchen. He is an extremely knowledgeable guide who helped organize a fantastic and well orchestrated tour balanced with culture and trekking

Amazing Experience Of Bhutan Tour

I can't stop my sadness of leaving Bhutan. It is such a wonderful place with a warm hospitality that I just feel like really want to just move and stay there. I hope that will never change until I come back to Bhutan in the future. Mr Wilson my tour planner is a wonderful person, he provided us one of the best Bhutan tour packages

Bhutan Travel Review

Bhutan Tour, Tiger's Nest Monastery, Temple Tours, Hiking, Local Culture

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