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Welcome to Slovenia, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Europe. Known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Slovenia is a dream destination for every traveler. Whether you're looking for a guided tour, a solo adventure, a road trip, or a budget-friendly getaway, Slovenia offers an array of options to suit your preferences.


Embarking on a tour of Slovenia allows you to explore the country's diverse landscapes and charming cities. Discover the fairytale-like Lake Bled, with its picturesque island and medieval castle perched on a hilltop. Marvel at the stunning underground world of Postojna Cave, a network of passages and chambers that will leave you in awe. Explore the vibrant capital city of Ljubljana, known for its charming old town, lively markets, and stunning architecture.


For those seeking a more personalized experience, private tours in Slovenia offer the opportunity to tailor your itinerary to your specific interests and preferences. Whether you want to delve into the country's history, sample its renowned wines, or venture off the beaten path, a private tour ensures a customized and immersive experience.


Slovenia is also an ideal destination for solo travelers looking for a unique adventure. Discover the country at your own pace, from hiking through the Julian Alps to exploring the charming coastal towns of Piran and Portorož. Experience the freedom of traveling solo while enjoying the warm hospitality of the Slovenian people.


Road trips in Slovenia are a popular choice, offering the flexibility to explore the country's scenic landscapes and charming towns. Drive along the stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea, or venture into the Triglav National Park. A road trip in Slovenia allows you to discover hidden gems and breathtaking vistas at your own pace.


Slovenia also caters to budget-conscious travelers, with a range of affordable accommodation options, transportation choices, and budget-friendly activities. Explore the country's natural wonders through hiking and cycling trails, sample delicious local cuisine at affordable eateries, and discover the rich cultural heritage through free museum visits and local festivals.


No matter what type of traveler you are, Slovenia promises a unique and unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags, embark on a round-trip adventure, and let Slovenia's natural beauty and warm hospitality captivate your senses.

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Experience The Best of Slovenia Vacation in 8-Days Trip

Whenever one thinks about going on a vacation, Slovenia, perhaps, may not be everyone's first pick. However, the scenic country is steadily, though quietly, becoming an up-coming corner of the world to visit and explore.

A Week-long Road Trip to Slovenia

Slovenia is called the green heart of European land! With this one-week road trip to Slovenia will offer you an opportunity to see and do a variety of things. This is the perfect place to go on a road trip taking the spectacular view of your surrounding. One of the best places to visit in Slovenia is Lake Bled. In this short span of week time, you will get to explore the most beautiful places in the country. Every traveler must have this desti

7 Days Slovenia Itinerary

With this 7 Days Slovenia Itinerary we will take you through this beautiful part of Central Europe! You will be wandering through the beautiful lakes, ski resorts, and impeccably perfect Mountains. Exploring the picturesque capital, Lake Bled, the town of Bled its church-topped islet and the medieval castle will sweep you off your feet. Slovenia is a country where you will get to see a mix of baroque facades, the iconic Tromostovje, and native Jože Plečnik, the 20th-century architecture. Let's g

All-Inclusive Vacation Package Europe: 9-Days Tour of Slovenian Alps

On this ultimate tour for the nature lovers, experience the majesty and diversity of the Slovenian Alps. Embark on a mix of white water rafting, serious hiking, kayaking, and even canyoning. Explore the lively city of Ljubljana and savor authentic Slovenian traditional food and wine on an all-inclusive vacation package Europe that you won't soon forget.

Valentines Day Vacation Package 2024: Romantic Slovenia Tour Itinerary

Valentine's day is just around the corner And now's the best time to start planning for one of the most romantic times of the year! Giving yourself and your other half Valentine's getaway treat is a wonderful choice if you are really looking forward to spending some quality time together and discover some fascinating corners of the world. To make things easier for you, we have put together an ultimate Valentines Day vacation package 2024.

Europe Vacation Package 2024: Explore The Best of Slovenia With Our 7-Days Slovenia Tour

Plan your dream trip to Slovenia with our detailed tour itinerary. Experience the best of nature, history, and culture as you traverse this captivating European destination.

Know everything about the Best Slovenia tours 


Visiting glorious Slovenia is an unimaginably wonderful experience! From its magnificent history to the awe-inspiring landscape, the country is full of tourist attractions. The perks and benefits of traveling through these often underrated destinations are delightfully many. The location is impeccably perfect in every sense including affordability, the location, and its amazing sites. Let's explore more about the country before planning a trip!

Slovenia: The country of green mountains

No one can deny the love for those wonderful green mountains and hills! The serene & tranquil scenes can win anyone's heart. For its beauty and wonder, the country is also sometimes referred to as mini-Switzerland. The beautiful Alps in the north bordering the country and the incredibly majestic alpine lakes including Lake Bled along with the heart-winning mountains in the backdrop is the best description in the country. Apart from this, the countryside painted with surging green mountains brings about a heavenly experience. There are amazing tiny chalets and farmhouses that will surely give the feeling of being in Switzerland. Slovenia tour agents say that the destination has to be on the Bucket List, particularly for those who love spending time in nature.

The Wonderful Classical History of Slovenia

Slovenia's history is a little complex and it may not be that clear on a single visit. It is highly recommended getting in touch with some experienced Slovenia tour agents before planning a trip. There are many castles in Slovenia and the best way to dive deeper into the wonderful history of the country by visiting these castles. In addition to being majestically amazing, these castles help in understanding the past in a better way. It's very easy to understand the complex history of the castles like Skofja Loka, Celje, Bled, and Velenje by seeing them from close. For those who want to understand the history of eastern Slovenia then visiting the Ptuj castle's museum is the perfect thing. At Skofja Loka Museum, along the WWII section, one can get to learn the fierce movement that gave independence to the country. Learning the entire history of Slovenia is possible by visiting the Ljubljana castle and its museum.

Visiting Coastal Slovenia

The perfectly magnificent piece of the small piece of Slovenia coast is undeniably the most beautiful thing. Clasped between the long Croatian coast and Italy’s coast along the Adriatic Sea, the Slovenian coast is one of the most amazing things about the country. Most people do not even know about the coastal beauty Slovenia is, but they are worth giving a visit. Slovenia tour agents and specialists have recommended that staying in the wonderful town of the Piran town is the best thing ever. But, there are other towns like Portoroz and Izola to visit. The city of Piran is the most wonderful of all these cities with an amazing view and there are plenty of churches and smaller lanes.

Influence from Different Societies

In Slovenia, one of the unique things that you will be discovering is the mixed influence from different cultures. Most part this blended form of culture and everything in Slovenia has unquestionably been because of the history and geography. From a long time, the country has been a part of the Habsburg Empire and therefore it's quite obvious to see some influence of Austria. This is visible in the way the architecture of the city has been built. In the western part of the country, there is a great influence of the Italian culture. And, this is because of Italy being in the proximity of Slovenia and more importantly the fact that after WWI Italy acquired a large portion of Slovenia. There's also Slavic influence because of which the Slovenian ethnic group was evolved. This is a shared influence between the neighboring countries of Croatia and Yugoslavia.

Food & Drinking Habits in Slovenia

Before planning, Slovenia tours know that food here is not that gravitating. A large part of Italian cuisine culture is shared with Croatia and Austria. Like the way of living and culture, a large part of Slovenia cuisine have regional influence and it lacks in having its own dishes. But, seafood pasta, meat stews, and sausages are great to eat. But, it's worth mentioning here that these dishes can also be found in other parts of the world. And, this fact is true even for beer and drinks. The national beer of Slovenia is Lasko. If there is anything special here that is Bled Cream Cake or Kremsnita. It should be a must, on the list for those who are in the scenic lakeside town.

The Splendid Slovenian Caves

These splendid caves are perfect sites in Slovenia, particularly for those who are great fans of making deep discoveries and the ones who are claustrophobic. One of the reasons to travel to the country can be its spectacular caves. This goes to the fact that this region of the country stands on the limestone plateau. Skocjan Caves and Postojna Caves are two of the most famous caves in Slovenia. These two caves are located in the southwestern part of the country. In the cave Postojna, there’s a castle at the entrance and one has to take a train through the cave. While Skocjan is not as popular as Postojna Caves, it’s worth visiting. All Slovenia tour agents include these caves on their list of sites that they will be helping travelers to visit.

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Wonderful things to Experience on Slovenia Tours!

Visiting new places is a great experience! Stepping out to explore the undiscovered gives a special type of contentment and peace. There are some really amazing places in the world that are great travel destinations. Slovenia is one of those places! There are plenty of unique and wonderful experiences. Here are a few of those unusual experiences that should not be missed. Read below to find…

Experience the Festival of Roasted Potato

Slovenia is one of those countries that keep hosting different festivals all through the year. The Festival of Roasted Potato is the most interesting of them. It was the members of the “The Society for Acknowledging Roasted Potatoes as The Main Course” who started this festival. today, the festival has become one of the most favorites for travelers coming to Slovenia from around the world. There are many delicious items on the list at this festival. The main attraction is the fact that potato is included as the main course instead of being the side dish on the platter. With the help of experienced travel agents, it’s easy to make the visit a wonderful experience.

Planica Zipline Experience

All the adventure freaks ought to have Planica Ziplineon the list of best things to do in Slovenia. It is one of the most fascinating parts of the trip for the adventurous group of travelers. Looking at the craze, the Planica Ski Center in 2015 started rides on a thrilling zip line for travelers. This zip line has been made over a real ski jump. But, this is just for people who are fearless. In just 40 seconds there is a descent of 566-meter and the experience is unparalleled. Slovenia travel agents suggest that the ZipLine Planica is one of the best ways to bring about an adventure on the trip. The great thing about ZipLine Planica is that it is organized throughout the year.

Visit Europe’s Tallest Chimney

Want to see the tallest chimney in the world? Slovenia is the right place! Trbovlje town has been an important industrial center in Slovenia from the 19th century. This chimney was constructed to protect the city only from the contamination of the air. After WWII, industrial developments took its pace and there were many local power plants that were contaminating the air. Therefore, in order to protect the city from air pollution, a chimney, 360 meters tall was built. The work started in 1976 and it took 210 days to finish the work. It’s been more than 40 years since the edifice was built, but it is still Europe’s tallest chimney.

Sampling World’s Oldest Vine

This is the historical part of Maribor, Lent, where this vine has been growing from the last 400 years. There's a house belonging to the 16th century on which this vine grows. This house is now known as the Old Vine House. Everything about vine including history about wine production in the Maribor region is showcased inside the house. At the Old Vine House, there's an opportunity to sample the oldest flavors of wine produced in the world.

Underground Cycling Experience

Slovenia is the perfect location for cycling enthusiasts. In addition to having the perfect trails for the bikers, Slovenia also offers an incredible opportunity for underground cycling. Under the Mt. Peca, cycling enthusiasts can experience the adventure they may not have experienced before. Experienced Slovenia travel agents can take visitors through unique cycling experience through the zinc and lead mines.

Visiting a Secret Partisan Hospital

During the time of WWII, secret hospitals were built through Slovenian territory by the Slovenian resistance movement. Franja Hospital was the best equipped of them all and was built secretly in a Passive gorge. The Franja Hospital was converted into a museum after the war got over to celebrate the velour of the brave people under whom the hospital was operated. The museum has everything preserved skillfully and provides a wonderful opportunity to go back in time when the whole thing took place.

An Old Prison Cell Experience

In Ljubljana, a building of old army prison has been rebuilt into an attractive Celica Hostel. There used to around 20 rooms, all of which have been converted into beautiful hostel rooms. Different artists have designed each of these cells. An interesting thing to note here about these cells is that the bars on the windows are still original. And, it still follows the same procedure, as the cells were assigned to the prisoners in the past, hostels are also assigned in the similar

Upon arrival, guests are not allowed to choose their own cells, instead, one is assigned to them, the same way, a cell was assigned to the prisoners in the past.

A Honey Massage Experience

The beneficial properties of honey have been known for centuries. However, it was not until recently when honey started being used in massage treatment to enhance the healing effects of the Massage. Selected spas in Slovenia now use flower honey in their treatments. It provides a natural way to nourish the skin, detoxify the body, increase blood circulation, build the immune system, and relax the whole body.

Škofja Loka Town

The town of Škofja Loka is the birthplace of the Škofja Loka Passion Play, the oldest dramatic play written in the Slovenian language. Traditionally, the play is performed as a procession, and the streets of medieval Škofja Loka create a perfect setting. Each production of the 16th-century play includes over 600 actors and 80 horsemen, transforming the town into the largest outdoor theatrical venue in Slovenia.

Best time to Travel to Slovenia

May & September are the most suitable months of the year to travel to Slovenia. There are only a few European countries where weather plays so diversely and Slovenia is one of them. The country witnesses perfect four season variations. Let's read below what makes May & September the best time to travel to the country

Traveling During May

  1. During May (the shoulder season), there will be very less tourists around, which is high during June to August.

  2. The coast of the Mediterranean does not look too much populated with Italian travelers. The streets in Ljubljana aren't really overcrowded.

  3. Other tourist attractions like Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled have overwhelming space to breathe in the spectacular air.

  4. On top of that, in the later part of May the weather is quite pleasant with temperature rising coupled with a little of precipitation.

  5. Also, accommodation prices are quite low in May in comparison to what it is from June to August.

Traveling During September

  1. Traveling in Slovenia in September is the same as in May. It is close to the peak season. While September is not that warm, but it's great to enjoy many of the outdoor activities.

  2. Same as in May, tourist influx is less during this time of the year. Accommodation and other costs being cheaper.

How to Find Accommodation on Slovenia Tours

There are no dearth of options to stay in Slovenia. There are different options for people with different needs. One can get to find here, luxury hotels, camping grounds, private rooms, and much more. Also, there are vineyard cottages and accommodations that suit every type of travelers.

  1. There are two options for accommodation one can choose. Thankfully Slovenia is a very easy destination to travel.

  2. The capital of the country is located centrally and most of the tourist places are just an hour two away.

  3. One can choose between staying in one of the tourist hubs and visit different places from the place.

  4. Other way is opting for a road trip and then moving around every night and changing accommodations.

  5. Camping is one of the most interesting accommodation options in Slovenia. These campsites are beautifully hidden cute tents. These are so located to offer travelers the perfect opportunity to relish the nature.

  6. Another great accommodation is found in the capital city, Ljubljana. This colourfully beautiful city has plenty of things to explore. There are a large number of castles, museums, and a lot of other tourist sites to explore. That makes this one of the most sought after locations to stay.

  7. Apart from that, there are many other accommodation options in Slovenia. It would be easier to decide which of them to choose if there are experienced Luxury Slovenia agents are there to guide.

Important Things to Know Before Planning Slovenia Tours!

Visa & Passport Requirement

  1. It’s not that tough to enter Slovenia! In essence, for those who are traveling from any of the EU Schengen country will not be required to produce a passport when entering the country.

  2. Alternatively, those who are coming from a non-Schengen country will have to go through the entire procedure.

  3. Visa is not usually required for people belonging to EU nations, who are staying here for 90 days and less.

Food & Drink in Slovenia

  1. The much-famous cuisines of Slovenia have come as a blend of influences from countries including the Balkans, Austria, and Hungary.

  2. A large part of the food in Slovenia comes from meat including beef, weal, and pork. In addition to that, people here also eat cured meat including salami and prosciutto. They prefer something healthy like soups and breads to start with.

  3. For vegetarians, it can be a little tough. They will get just a little option. Some of the best vegetarian food options in Slovenia are salads and cheese dumplings.

  4. It’s easy to find wonderful wine in the country. Some of the most popular of them are the Whites in the Zlata Radgonska Penina and Reds in Primorska.

  5. In addition to that, espresso and Turkish coffee are perfect things to try in the country.

Slovenia tours: Travel Healthy Travel Safe


  1. There won’t be any issue in drinking tap water. It’s unquestionably safe! Even if while camping and hiking it would be better to boil the water before drinking.

  2. The healthcare standards in Slovenia are very good and match to that of the European standards.

  3. Treatment at public hospitals are free while those at private ones, a visit may cost around 50 Euros.

  4. EU nationals  will have to carry along the European Health Insurance Card. And, people from other countries can get emergency medical facilities, but they will have to pay for it.

  5. It’s better to buy a full-fledged insurance plan that covers everything including the worst scenarios.

  6. The common health precautions are using SPF sunscreen while stepping out. And, also, wearing repellents is important as Lyme disease are very common here.


  1. Usually Slovenia is stated as a safe country. But, there have been cases of theft and other small acts. Therefore, it’s always good to take precautions!

  2. When traveling on a bus or train or are wandering around a crowded place always be wary of your belongings and wallets.

  3. Never just leave your belongings in an empty hut or a beach when hiking. Make sure to lock the car and don’t park it in any gloomy place.

  4. Many Luxury Slovenia tour agents have reported that there have been many cases of bicycle theft in the country. Therefore, keeping that in mind is very crucial.

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