Destination Of The Year

New Year, new travel resolutions, and new searches for the best “Destination of the Year”, this is how we all get started with. Long discussions on a coffee break, calling your friends and colleagues for their best travel experiences is the “New Normal”. Searching for the destination for memorable travel experiences is not easy, but Leisure has come a long way to unveil the best “Destination of the Year”. After meticulous research on the best travel spots, we have come up with Italy as a destination of the year. A destination that deals well with the mindset of the travelers post-pandemic. For all the travel-lovers, this destination will certainly change your life post-pandemic. To make 2021 unforgettable and special, choose “Italy” as your next destination. From kids to grandparents, this destination is well-suited to all ages. If you are traveling with your family, or solo, you will find it an amalgamation of beautiful views and breathtaking landscapes. Hence, you must plan a trip there to witness the various shades the city offers. Hope you hop onto your wagon soon to explore the beauty that lies in every nook of this destination. 


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