8 Tips to Choose the Best International Airlines: Surviving in Limbo

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 15,2021

When you are traveling for your vacation, you want to get into all the fun — be it the destinations where you are up for or the journey itself. The first thing that ever pops up in your mind when you have set your sight on your vacation is — how to choose the best airlines for your international trip. There are a huge number of airlines these days operating and trying to lure customers with different services and facilities. We must be thankful for this human miracle that we can easily fly from New York to Singapore & any other corner of the world and we’ve got a massive number of airlines these days to choose from. But Surviving the Long-Haul Flights is not as easy as the domestic ones — you’ve to spend long hours even a day off the ground in limbo. And, that is why you need to heedfully choose the best Airlines on an International Trip or you might end up getting the jet-lag that eclipses exhaustion. So, make the right decision before your unfathomable excitement about this international trip turns into evil. In this article, we’ll help you with 8 essential tips to choose the best International Airlines. Read the full article to discover:


8 Essential tips to choose the best International Airlines:


Price Considerations. 


When we surveyed at Leisure, we found that for most flyers, the top most consideration is — how many bugs they need to spend on their flights. You can choose a low-cost carrier like Ryanair if you’re on a budget but they might not offer all those facilities onboard or the ground, you have been dreaming for. Most low-cost carriers have very low baggage allowances and sometimes it is better to choose expensive airlines for obvious reasons. It is better to go for premium airlines for your international travels as low-cost carriers are good for domestic travels. Make a smart choice — you are going to be in the air for a longer period. While the price is an important consideration, comfort does matter when it’s about Surviving the Long-Haul Flights!


Consider comfort & onboard facilities.


When you are going for your international travel & particularly with small children some entertainment facilities can play big roles. Most of the airlines offer some onboard entertainment facilities — but you need to choose the airlines that fit your requirement. For instance, the Virgin Atlantic offers some awesome onboard entertainment facilities for children. So, you should choose the airlines onboard entertainment facilities that meet your requirements. Make sure to choose the airlines for your international travel — which have spacious seats, good legroom, & plenty of things for entertainment onboard. If you want your flight to be superbly luxurious go for flights that offer TVs with several channels, have personal minibars, and whose seats can be turned into comfy flat beds —Emirates’ business class cabins are equipped with all these amenities. 


How is customer service?


Looking for customer service is one of the most essential tips to choose the best airlines for international travel or domestic travel. Our travel experts surveyed only to find that for people flying to international destinations, the customer care service of an airline is a deciding factor. So if you’ve traveled previously with an airline and appreciated their customer service, you would likely fly with the same airline again or may find another with similar services. So, you can ask your family, friends, or acquaintances for their reviews (for an airline) if they are frequent flyers. You might also look for customer reviews on various authentic websites — you’ll find thousands of reviews. While no airline is perfect — but if the one you were considering has more negative reviews than the positive ones, consider re-evaluating!


Look Where Your Family is Going to Fit in.


If you are traveling with family, you’ve got to see if every member of the family can survive this long-haul flight. Especially, if you are traveling with kids or an elderly — look if the airline offers good facilities to sleep through this long hour journey. Air New Zealand is one of the best international airlines for this one — the sky couches are great for kids & the elderly to sleep through the journey. These seats are designed in a way that they could be converted into flat beds where kids can easily enjoy some sleep. Besides, there are bassinets for the kids (less than 8 months) which consist of pillows, blankets & sheets. This will save you from packing this heavy stuff on the flight. 


Compare Loyalty Programs the Airlines are Offering.


If you are flying with revenue-based flyer programs like United, Delta & Southwest — you can easily estimate your returns once you’ll have a proper valuation for the miles you are going to earn. So with different miles, you will get a chance to earn a different amount so there you have a good reason to choose the best airlines for your international travel that are offering valuable rewards. So, one way to find the right airline for your vacation is by looking at its loyalty programs. Your mileage balance can have you earn huge dividends — and it's too exciting for any regular traveler. 


Be amicable to the sitting next to you...


Be amicable to your seatmate...everyone here has the same ordeal! While this is pretty obvious, you should keep reminding yourself about taking care of your fellow-feeling. You must learn the rules of the air or make your own more sensitive rules. Before you start hopping around your seat make sure that — it’s not disturbing the other person and particularly make sure not to create any disturbances during the meal service hour. If you have the window seat or the aisle, it’s pretty obvious, people will be going to the lavatory several times— you should be cooperative. By exhibiting such cordial & hospitable behavior, who knows — you might make some long-lasting relationships! 


Comfort is King...wear something comfortable!


While skin-fit jeans or a fitted blouse might accentuate your looks & turn heads whenever you are walking but they can be the greatest evil for your sleeping hours — you are going to hate them for all your life for the trouble they might cause during your long-haul journey. So, one of the most essential tips to choose the best airlines & be comfortable while flying is putting on the right comfortable clothes — wear something loose-fitted in which you can easily move your body around. People who are at risk of getting blood clots or swelling must wear compression socks. 


Keep room for Flexibility in your Travel Dates…


If you want to save some extra bugs, make sure that you’ve kept enough room for flexibility in your travel dates. Who knows, there could be a massive drop in the rate & you might get the best deals on some later days. Flexible travel dates could be anything somewhere near your predefined date —may be before or after the original travel date. This cannot be always true — but you might snap up a discount on your air tickets if you are keeping your travel dates flexible. Take a chance, you might get some exciting deals!


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