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Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 15,2021

“A couple of hours talking to travel agents can save a lot of your headache down the road.”


A travel agent is an individual with a complete understanding of travel products and services. Right from the location to accommodation to travel mode to culture, they are aware of every single detail about this sector. Apart from the knowledge, they have connections and experience which will make your travel a seamless experience. For travelers, they are no less than a magician who can plan their vacation like no one else. The kind of trip they can plan is impossible for you to think of even if you are a meticulous traveler and have an abundance of time to plan a trip. 


If you want a guaranteed lifetime experience on your vacation, then this leisure travel guide is meant for you. We have curated all the required information that you need to know along with the best travel agents in the U.S. to whom you should call. Read the full article underneath and make your travel a special journey. You can also review the official website of U.S. travel and learn more about the best travel agents in the U.S. 


All About Best Travel Agents In The U.S.

1. What Do Travel Agents Do?

2. Importance Of Travel Agents

3. Types Of Travel Agents

4. List Of 7 Best Travel Agents In The U.S.

5. Ways To Choose The Best Travel Agent

6. Conclusion


Right Said- “Call the specialists...they know what the guidebooks don’t!” Look at one of the best travel agents in the U.S. and convert your ordinary travel into an extraordinary experience. No matter where you want to go, how you imagine your vacation, what you want to do— this is an ideal leisure travel guide for you.


Let’s Take A Look!!!


What Do Travel Agents Do?



Decades ago, the role of travel agents was considered crucial for planning a vacation. But with the expansion of the internet, travel booking websites, and other resources, people forget about the relevance of travel agents. They are confused about whether to call a travel agent or not. But… let us clear your doubts. Yes, travel agents are still great and relevant for planning a memorable vacation. They have a lot of benefits to offer that we aren't even aware of. Travel agents are still the most important component of the travel industry with a good count of tourist traffic. 


The role of the travel agent is to PLAN A VACATION. They take away your headache and perform all the tasks for making your travel an enjoyable and once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Below we have discussed the role of the best travel agents in the U.S. 


1. Provide Travel Information: Every travel agent in the industry- whether small or large- are responsible for providing the tourists with all the vital travel information. Every minute detail about travel like accommodation, trip attractions, activities, meal, culture, tradition, language, shopping, visa, and whatnot. Travel agents remain updated with all the latest information and provide all the correct details to the travelers.


2. Prepare Full-fledged Itinerary: This is one of the most prominent roles of the travel agents. They are liable to prepare a complete structured itinerary. Right from identifying the origin to the destination to the midpoints, you don’t have to do a single task. For an unmatched journey, you must book one of the best travel agents in the U.S. and they will do a deep market study to prepare a perfect itinerary for you.


3. Make The Bookings: With travel agents, you don’t have to worry about making the bookings. You can book any of the best travel agents in the U.S. and they will provide you with ample tour packages which include the bookings too. Whether it’s airline tickets or accommodation or transport or entertainment, the agents have connections with various providers which will help you get the best service at a much affordable price. 


4. Serves Travel Insurance: Not all, but some of the large-scale and best travel agents in the U.S. provide tourists with travel insurance. Travel insurance is one of the most crucial components of traveling but is usually ignored by travelers. But some agents make sure that their clients never travel without insurance.


Importance Of Travel Agents


Travel agents play a crucial role in the tour and travel industry. Below we have mentioned some of the major importance of the agents. These are the reasons why you should get in touch with the best travel agents in the U.S. 


1. Expert Guidance

2. Money-Saving

3. Convenient

4. Personalized Service 

5. Access To Better Facilities

6. Better Budgeting

7. Exclusivity

8. 24/7 Support Availability

9. Authentic and Updated Information

10. Availability Of Multiple Options


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Types Of Travel Agents


Every travel agent offers its services to two different kinds of travelers- business travelers and leisure travelers. The requirements of both types of travelers are way different from each other. The agents have to understand them and cater to their needs in the best possible manner. There are broadly two categories of travel agents i.e. Retail Travel Agents and Wholesale Travel Agents to fulfill the needs. 


1. RETAIL TRAVEL AGENTS: Retail travel agents are the agents who sell the travel products and services directly to the customers or public in the name of vendors. There is no third party involved and the commission is directly received by the agents. The commission that agents receive from the vendors is the main source of earning of such agents. Although the maximum portion of their income is from the commission, they at times earn a little from consultation and others. 



2. WHOLESALE TRAVEL AGENTS: The second type of travel agents are Wholesale Travel Agents who do not sell the services or products directly to the customers. They prepare the tour packages and sell them to customers via Retail Travel Agents. Such agents purchase the products in ample and then design unique packages for the tourists. When it comes to the source of income, they usually earn from the discount they receive and the price at which they sell. 



List Of 7 Best Travel Agents In The U.S.


Here are our top picks of the best travel agents in the U.S. These agents are perfect to offer you a unique experience that you will cherish all your life. Choose the agent from this leisure travel guide with whom you want to connect with. It’s time to leave your home to discover the world!


1. Lighthouse Travel



About: An exclusive and one of the best travel agents in the U.S.- Lighthouse Travel is a perfect addition to the list. It is a travel agent that works for providing its users with three positive experiences- Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Reconnection. If you want to experience a unique and memorable journey, then you must make a call to Lighthouse Travel. The specialists will get in touch with you and advise, assist, and advocate for you with the best. The motto behind the services is to provide peace of mind to the customers. They are there to guide you to your destination. Call them now!


Reason For Choosing: There are ample reasons why we considered Lightroom on this list. Some of them are:


- Experienced Leaders

- Good Background

- Highly Certified Agency 

- Amazing Travel Suppliers

- Exclusive Benefits

- Tailored Itineraries

- Provide Best Values 


Website: Lighthouse Travel


2. Cire Travel



About: Cire travel is a New-York based travel agent company which is titled as one of the best travel agents in the U.S. for planning corporate meetings, business travels, business groups. Apart from business travel, you can also contact them for leisure travel planning. This agency works with an aim to deliver their customers unique and exceptional travel experiences no matter where you are traveling to. If you are looking forward to a vacation, then you must reach out to Cire Travel, you will never get a friend like them. They will not just make your travel easy but also help you fulfill all your dreams. 


Reason For Choosing: Among a plethora of travel agencies, below are some of the reasons why we specified Cire Travel on the list. Take a look:


- Highly Resourceful

- Concierge-style Service

- Values Time and Money

- Compassionate Team

- Offers Multiple Perks

- Extensive Relationships Across Globe

- Specialized in UAE Corporate Travel


Website: Cire Travel


3. Small World Vacations



About: Specialized in Disney vacation plannings, Small World Vacations is an authorized travel agent for all your Disney travel needs. This agency is one of the best travel agents in the U.S. that has all the resources for planning a magical vacation for you. You must use their extensive knowledge and experience to plan a vacation like never before. They are in this business for over 25 years and try their best to fulfill all the travel hopes, desires, and dreams of a customer. Next time when you want to plan a Disney vacation, you have to contact them. It’s an opportunity to save time, headache, and money!


Reason For Choosing: Small World vacations is undoubtedly a top-notch travel agency that stands out in the crowd due to various reasons. Some of the prominent ones are:



- Timely Response

- Authorized Planner

- Great Discounts

- Step-by-step Guidance

- Highly Knowledgeable Team

- Tied Up With Top brands


Website: Small World Vacations


4. Zicasso Travel



About: “The relentless pursuit of excellence”. This is how Zicasso Travel Agent describes their service. It is one of the top leaders and the best travel agents in the U.S. that excels at planning a trip for the customers. It not only makes your travel exceptional but also fills it with inspiring and enriching experiences. This travel agency works with a different approach from other agencies. Instead of planning a trip for you on their own, Zicasso Travel helps you connect with the leading specialists in the industry. Get in touch and you will be provided with an ideal itinerary!


Reason For Choosing: Following are some of the reasons why Zicasso Travels is on the list. Learn why you should contact them:


- Highly Recognized

- Focus On Quality

- Transparent Communication

- High Integrity

- Award-winning Service

- Extreme Focus On Privacy

- 24/7 Support


Website: Zicasso Travel


5. Extranomical Tours



About: Extranomical Tours is a San-Francisco-based travel agency that has a team of experienced and highly qualified agents and guides. 18 years in this industry, Extranomical Tours has one of the best travel agents in the U.S. who promises the customers to know the city like never before. For an unmatched travel experience, this is the tour agent you must head to. Having a tour package from Extranomical Tours, you feel like traveling with friends. “Smart. Safe. Respectful. Empathetic. Attentive. Flexible.”- This is how the service of Extranomical Tours can be defined. Get in touch and Explore the world!


Reason For Choosing: There are multiple reasons why we like and suggest you Extranomical Tours. These reasons are:


- Provides Vast Choices

- Personalized Itinerary

- Flexible Service

- Guaranteed Satisfaction

- Convenient Itinerary

- Passionate Team

- Ultimate Pampering Activities


Website: Extranomical Tours


6. Avenue Travel



About: In today’s world, Avenue Travel is one such travel agent that strives to serve its customers with the highest level of service and experience. The service you will get is worth every dollar you spend. This agency promises its customers the service that you won’t receive from other top agents in the world. They try to increase productivity, save money on the vacation, and work on satisfying their customers. You must get in touch with Avenue Travel at least once. The experience you get will surely increase your urge to visit them on your next trip again.


Reason For Choosing: Below are the reasons that make Avenue Travel one of the best travel agents in the U.S. Carefully read them:


- Easy-to-navigate Website

- 24 -hour Service

- Unbeatable Discounts

- Availability Of Mobile App

- Improved Service

- Efficient Assistance

- Complete Range Of Service 


Website: Avenue Travel


7. Fox World Travel



About: Among the top agencies in the world- Fox World Travel is one of the prominent and best travel agents in the U.S. This travel agency takes time to create a personalized experience for the customers even if the travel plans are complex and requires great planning. Getting in touch with Fox World Travel will help you know what you are going to get as soon as you step out of the plane. This agency has a creative, curious, and gold-driven team that will help you meet all your travel needs. They believe that traveling is the best way to celebrate both small wins and big milestones. 


Reason For Choosing: The reasons why Fox World Travel is amongst the 7 best travel agencies are given below. These reasons will provoke you to look into their service.


- Unbeatable Travel Experience 

- Focus on Family-Oriented Goal

- Eager To Plan Trips

- Seamless Service

- Detailed Reporting

- Fully Customized Service

- Provides Online Service


Website: Fox World Travel


Ways To Choose The Best Travel Agent


- For choosing the best travel agents in the U.S., you have to check whether the agent is a member of ASTA- American Society of Travel Agents or not. Being a member shows a promising sign as all the members of ASTA have to maintain the credentials and follow the strict code of ethics. 


- You must check the background of the agent and their credibility. In case an agent does not have a proper website or an outlet, then it creates a negative impact on the image of the agent. 


- Check for the reviews of the agent. Choosing the agent with good reviews will help you know about the agent’s past services and the service you can expect from the agent. 


- Before you make sure that this is one of the best travel agents in the U.S., you must ask them a few questions. Have a conversation with them like a travel pro. Ask them about the time they have been in the business, bifurcation of the fees, service providers they tied up with, etc. 


- Carefully review the contract that your agent provides to you. Just like any other contract, you must read each and every clause of the contract very carefully. 




It is obvious that every traveler has their own travel needs and requirements. Everyone has different expectations when it comes to traveling. A good travel agent is one who identifies these requirements and makes every possible effort to fulfill them. The agents come with various benefits and are great to have by your side when you are planning your vacation. We hope that our leisure travel guide has helped you in knowing more about the agents and the best travel agents in the U.S. If you like the idea of a travel agent, pick up your phone and get in touch with the one. It’s time for a hassle-free vacation!


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