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Zimbabwe once served as the royal palace, is now a great safari destination to explore the ruins and the wildlife. The splashing waters of the majestic Victoria Falls is one the greatest natural spectacles to behold. Be on this classic Zimbabwe safari and enjoy unique experiences of privacy at Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, and Victoria Falls.


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12 Days Zimbabwe Itinerary: Discover the Wildlife on this African Safari

Discovering the wildlife on this 12 Days Zimbabwe Itinerary is going to be cathartic for you! Zimbabwe is among one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. The thundering Victoria Falls, game-rich wildlife parks, and the rugged Eastern Highland are some of the most attractive charms of this country. This 12 Days Zimbabwe Itinerary will take you to most of its eye-opening attractions. Just follow this itinerary and hold your breath, you are going to experience something incredible.

Zimbabwe safari: Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park & Mana Pools National Park

With this 10 Days Zimbabwe Safari you will be exploring three of the top tourist attractions of the country. Filled with adventure, this trip into the heart of South Africa has plenty of things to offer to you. You will be starting off with your adventurous journey from one of the most popular natural spectacles of the world, Victoria Falls. And, the next part of your journey will include visiting the wonderful Hwange National Park. This unforgettable journey will make the best of your time. It

Zimbabwe Safari:  An Overview of “A Land of Dramatic Contrasts”

Once known as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe is a beautiful country surrounded by South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, and Mozambique. Known for its natural attractions including the Great Zimbabwe Falls and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is one of the best tourist spots in Africa. Nothing can compete with Victoria Falls when it comes to creating scenic drama around the area. The world’s widest waterfall is Victoria Falls, which is also a major tourist attraction of Zimbabwe. The northern boundary is set by the Zambezi River and it gives immense pleasure to see the falls during the period of a full flood.

The latter part of Zimbabwe is a “must-visit” safari in Africa, offering beautiful scenic views, best wildlife animals game-viewing, diverse safari activities, and fantastic bird-watching. The country is famous for having the best Advisors for Zimbabwe Safari in Africa, which makes it quite popular among travelers seeking for pleasurable safari trip at the best prices. These safari guides are well-versed with the environment and the best time for game-viewing to guide tourists to experience the best of Zimbabwe during the safari trip.  

The Best Big Game Areas in Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe has an impressive list of big game animal species, which includes lions, leopards, elephants, wild buffaloes, and sable antelopes. The best game areas in Zimbabwe are the Matetsi and the Zambezi Valley, apart from the popular national parks. The top national parks are as follows:

  1. Hwange National Park - one of the best parks in Africa to view elephants and sable antelopes.

  2. Mana Pools National Park - a perfect place for viewing wildlife animals such as leopards and wild dogs.

  3. Matusadona National Park - a great place to find special species of black rhino, general game viewing of wildlife animals including lions and plenty of elephants.

A Brief Introduction on the popular National Parks in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park:

Hwange National Park is best known for its classic game-viewing, best walking safari, and amazing bird-watching among tourists. A short drive from Victoria Falls leads to a great place for encountering wildlife animals, including lions, zebras, leopards, hyenas, elephants, and buffaloes. The place is better known for its concentration of elephants that come to the waterholes during the dry season. Adding to these wildlife animals, there are some water animals that occupy the Zambezi River. Herds of hippos, crocodiles and shy waterbuck can easily be found while on Zimbabwe Safari Tours.

Wildlife at Hwange National Park:

Known as the largest and most popular park in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park offers an outstanding wildlife game viewing and excellent “Big Five Game”. It has the largest concentration of elephants besides being home to over 100 animal species. It has been estimated that more than 20,000 people congregate around the water holes to spot the wildlife animals during the dry season. The wildlife animals including big cats, elephants, and buffaloes are easily spotted and wild dogs can also be spotted in a particular season.

The Scenic Beauty in Hwange National Park:

Hwange National Park is located on the eastern edge of the huge Kalahari sands and scrublands. The park incorporates thornveld, teak backwoods, and mopane forest, with dispersed slopes in the northwest and there is almost no natural water present in the park. The wildlife animals are only dependant on the man-made water holes.

Weather in the Park:

Situated on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, Hwange has a semi-dry climate with stamped occasional changes. Amid the dry winter months (May to October) wildlife assembles around the boreholes and man-made water holes making for fantastic and enjoyable game-viewing.

The Dry season, which falls between April and October begins off warm before the temperature gets rises amidst the year. At that point, the warmth rapidly gets turned up, and bursting of warmth can be felt in the month of October. The Wet season that takes place between November and March.

Mana Pools National Park:

Mana Pools National Park is another national park that is famous for wildlife activities such as game drives, canoe adventure safari trips and walking safaris.

Wildlife at Mana Pools National Park:

The national park is home to the most enormous safari animal species. The jeopardized black rhino has turned out to be locally wiped out, yet most tourists experience to see one of the big cats during Zimbabwe Safari Tours. Elephants and wild buffaloes are copious, and expansive groups meander around the floodplains. The waterway overflows with crocodiles and hippos.

The Scenic Beauty in Hwange National Park:

Mana Pools comprises of four primary pools and a few little pools on the floodplains of the Zambezi River. The scenery around the country incorporates islands and sandbanks bordered by riverine backwoods and baobab trees against a background of the tough Zambezi slopes.

Weather at Mana Pools National Park:

The weather is at its most lovely in the Dry season (April to October) at the park. There can be a touch of residue noticeable all around, and the temperature soars just before the downpours break in the month of October. Generally, the conditions are significantly more pleasing than those in the Wet season (November to March).

Matusadona National Park:

A Matusadona safari spins around the cadence of the lake. The early morning drives give chance to watch of huge cats lurking in the shadows while evening could be taken up by a restful pontoon voyage on the lake. Watching hippos and crocodiles are an incredible view of a visitor. For bird-watching, it is a goal where the gutsier can extend their legs and appreciate a mobile safari in the organization.

Weather at Matusadona National Park:

The best time to go to Matusadona National Park is amid the May to October dry season. As the remainder of the national park evaporates, animals touch base at the lakeshore in expanding numbers and assorted variety. Visitors appreciate gentle radiant days and cold evenings from May to August yet hot and off and on the wet season in September and October.

Make Some Exclusive Experiences During Zimbabwe Safari Tours

Victoria Falls: Africa's Adventure Place

Victoria Falls is one of Africa's most prominent and most-visited attractions. Generally known as 'the Smoke that Thunders', these Falls are regularly the last spot on a Southern African safari. Basically, the area is known as Africa's Adventure Capital on the grounds that there is such a great amount to see and do. Despite seeing the Falls, a visitor can also observe them from the air on a helicopter or microlight trip. Hit the water in a kayak, pontoon to meet habituated elephants and stranded cheetahs that jump off the memorable extension, and swim in the Devil's Pool. There's a lot of shopping and history, just as apathetic days in the daylight after a bumper safari.

The World’s Gigantic Waterfall

Victoria Falls is not one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but it is also an official World Heritage Site. Known as the world's greatest cascade when estimated by the pressure of falling water, Mosi-oa-Tunya has excited individuals for a considerable length of time. There is almost no structure or advancement around the Falls in past years. This pristine magnificence is the thing that makes the experience so uncommon.

Heart-pumping Adventure Activities

Victoria Falls offers a lot of different approaches to get your heart pumping. Undoubtedly, one is to take a guided microlight flip over the Falls, flying through the rainbow made by the splash. Back on the ground, water-lovers can join a wilderness boating team for the absolute best rapids anyplace on the planet! A list of adventure activities that would get your pulse racing:

  1. Helicopter safari over the Falls.

  2. White-water rafting to get your adrenaline pumping.

  3. Bungee jumping, Bridge swinging, and zip-lining.

  4. Kayak safaris on the Zambezi River.

  5. Swimming in Devil's Pool, directly on the edge of the Falls.

  6. A day safari trip to Chobe or Hwange National Parks.

Have a Peace of Mind

Victoria Falls has bounty to offer when it comes to relaxation, both in Victoria Falls Town on the Zimbabwean side and in Livingstone on the Zambian side. It's genuinely a place for everyone, whether visiting for game-viewing, or for viewing a herd of elephants, it won’t be a disappointment for any traveler. History and culture buffs will have a long way to go and foodies can attempt customary African dinners. This place has something for everyone.

For Couples

  1. Enjoy a stay at a hotel where a youthful Queen Elizabeth II stayed.

  2. Watch elephants and hippos on a nightfall journey.

For Families

  1. Shopping areas for buying memorable presents for friends.

  2. Head to Vulture Culture at a nourishing time to become familiar with raptors.

Easy Connectivity to Other Safari Destinations

Victoria Falls is situated at the core of the Southern African safari experience and joins effectively with extraordinary natural life goals. There is day by day flights from South Africa's global airplane terminals to Livingstone Airport in Zambia and Victoria Falls Airport in Zim. A street exchange from Victoria Falls Airport to Vic Falls Town will take just a few minutes.

Matobo National Park: A Place for Showcasing Ancient Rock Art

Matobo National Park sits outside the town of Bulawayo and has a bounty of things to display. The highlight of the park is its accumulation of rock outcrops, endured into piles of exposed, adjusting stones. It is among these rocks that the grave of English colonialist Cecil Rhodes is found as 3000 samples of Khoi rock art and some ancient Stone Age settlements.

The best time to visit Matobo National Park is amid Zimbabwe's long dry winter from May to October. Wildlife animals are simpler to find in the dispersed vegetation and assemble at changeless water sources as the park evaporates. The period from May to August appreciates gentle radiant days and cool evenings. September and October can be extremely sweltering and dry while the mid-year rainy season from November to April is a period of occasional substantial downpour and expanded quantities of mosquitoes. Matobo safari adds variety and excellence to the blend of Zimbabwe Safari Tours.

Gonarezhou National Park: Great Wildlife Diversity

This tremendous park borders Mozambique's Limpopo National Park and South Africa's Kruger National Park to make up a huge wild territory: The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Because of overwhelming poaching, natural life densities have verifiably been exceptionally low, yet there has been stamped increment in populaces in the course of the most recent couple of years.

Wildlife At Gonarezhou National Park

Generally, all of the Big Five are present in the park, but rhino might well be locally extinct. Animals tend to be quite skittish, and densities are still recovering from years of poaching. The park offers a chance to see some large herds of elephant and buffalo, as well as a good variety of antelope, including the less common nyala, roan and sable antelope. Wild dogs are sometimes spotted, during Zimbabwe Safari Tours.

Scenery Beauty Around Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou is Zimbabwe's second biggest national park after Hwange. Areas of the park ensure lovely spreads of mahoganies, ironwoods and tall Acacia Albida trees. The Runde River valley is disregarded by the red sandstone Chilojo precipices.

Weather At Gonarezhou National Park

The climate at Gonarezhou is radiant and splendid throughout the Dry season (April to October), however, you have to slip on a lot of layers to manage the chill of early-morning amusement drives. The Wet season (November to March) sees the temperature rise and tempest mists spread over the sky generally evenings.

The Best Time To Visit Gonarezhou National Park

Visiting Gonarezhou in the Wet season (November to March) is ideal, however, tourists see that the flourishing vegetation gives extraordinary concealing spots to them. A great deal of the neighborhood holds up additionally shut their entrance for the majority of the wet months. It's a wise move to visit when the rainfall has finished and the vegetation has dispersed in the Dry season (April to October). Despite the parched conditions, natural life watching will be much more fulfilling.

The Best Time To Go To Zimbabwe

The dry season (May to October) is observed as the best time to visit Zimbabwe for game viewing, in spite of the fact that note that September and October are incredibly hot and dry months. The best time to head out to Victoria Falls is toward the finish of the late spring and start of the rainy season when the falls are in full flood, go among April and May for the best experience. In any case, it is the August to December low water season that is viewed as the best time to go wilderness boating at Victoria Falls - the volume and speed of the water are diminished and the rapids are increasingly uncovered.

Great Months To Visit Zimbabwe

  1. May to September - the best months to go to Zimbabwe for visiting almost all the National Parks like Matobo National Park, Gonarezhou National Park, etc.  

Peak Time To Visit Zimbabwe

  1. July to October - the best months to visit all the parks of Zimbabwe.

Low Season To Visit Zimbabwe

  1. November to April - all parts of Zimbabwe are quiet and they hardly get any crowd there during this period of time.

Best Weather in Zimbabwe

  1. April, May, and October - pleasant months as there is a little rainfall or no rainfall which makes it the best time for game viewing.

Bad Weather in Zimbabwe

  1. October to February - hottest months in low altitude.

  2. February to December - peak months of the wet season that cut down the tourism in the area.

Here are the highlights of the dry and wet seasons in Zimbabwe:

Dry Season - April to October  

  1. Vegetation is less and animal concentration around water holes and waterways, making wildlife less complex to spot.

  2. Almost no rainfall is predicted during this period of time, making place free from mosquitoes, clear blue skies and loads of daylight.

  3. It is high season, but the parks won't be fully packed, aside from Victoria Falls.

  4. The most terrific time to visit Victoria Falls is from May to September when the water is mid-to-low, and the shower doesn't hinder the view of the falls.

  5. October can get hot in the low-lying regions, with temperatures well above 32°C/90°F.

  6. The evenings and early mornings get cold and it's suggested to pack warm winter apparel for morning amusement drives in open vehicles amid the long stretches of June, July, and August.

  7. From March to May the progression of the Zambezi stream is at its pinnacle, however, the enormous billows of splash will obstruct the perspective on Victoria Falls.

Wet Season - November to May

  1. The view is greener, and it's low season results in lower rates.

  2. Downpours are generally short evening showers and only sometimes negatively affect your safari; however, the downpours can proceed for a considerable length of time

  3. The dampness joined with the higher temperatures in the low-lying parks can make it feel awkwardly hot.

  4. From October to December, the Zambezi river is at its least and Victoria Falls gets all the attention.

Places for a comfortable stay in Zimbabwe

A wide range of accommodation is available in Zimbabwe, ranging from the luxury of five-star hotels to mobile tented camps. Here are some suggested accommodations that are budget-friendly and comfortable for the travelers:

The Best Hotels To Stay in Zimbabwe

Experience comfort, luxury, and hospitality of locals by having a stay at the five-star hotel in Zimbabwe. A variety of hotels is accessible in Zimbabwe that is pocket-friendly and offers the best services to the visitor. It is always advisable to book accommodations in Zimbabwe in-advance to skip the hassle while on Zimbabwe Safari Tours.

Safari Camps and Lodges in Zimbabwe

Safari lodges and camps are the perfect accommodation option for those travelers who wish to stay in comfort with the closeness of nature. Safari camps and lodges are the perfect way to enjoy nature’s beauty at affordable prices.

Mobile Tented Camps in Zimbabwe

These are the ideal option for those who wish to stay wherever they want to since they are not bound to stay where the accommodation is made. These are actually the best option for free-spirit and travel-enthusiasts who are not dependent on climate conditions, accommodation, and any kind of luxury food items.

Visa and Passport Requirements

When traveling to Zimbabwe, a visa is an utmost thing to get legal access to the place. Most of the citizens including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Europeans require a visa to get an entry in the country and tourists can get their visas done at the airport or on the border post. Rest other nationalities are required to apply for a visa in prior.

Take Care of Health and Safety while on Zimbabwe Safari Tours

When planning to travel around Africa, especially Zimbabwe, here are some suggestions to take precautions before leaving for the country:

Drinking Water

Tap water is considered safe to drink in the country, but it is always advisable to drink from bottled water to prevent any kind of diseases caused due to water. Bottled water and borehole water are suggested to take during Zimbabwe Safari Tours. 

A Small First-Aid Kit

Less accessibility to medical practitioners, it is wise to carry a small first-aid kit along during a trip. Keep some basic medical aids such as antibiotics, sunscreen cream, antiseptic cream, mosquito repellent, bandage, hand sanitizer, etc.

Full Medical Check-up

A regular check-up before leaving for the country is recommended to make sure if a traveler is safe to travel and post-trip check-up is also to be done. This ensures the pre and post health conditions of a visitor.

Vaccinations Required

Just for a safety purpose, a general practitioner recommends vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid before heading to the country. But keep in mind that Zimbabwe is not a yellow-fever country, so no need to get panic for vaccination against it.

The Core Concepts of Zimbabwean Customs

Zimbabweans are quite polite in their behavior, and little formal when they greet others (foreigners). When they meet someone, they show quite a formal attitude by extending their right hand to shake hands. Shaking hands with the right hand is a common way of greeting anyone in Zimbabwe and a hug is only for their friends and family members.

Some Basic Etiquette in Zimbabwe

  1. They simply stand up when someone enters into a room to show a gentle gesture to the guest.  

  2. They show respect to the elders when they meet them in person.

  3. If traveling for the first time, make sure to be careful when speaking about the governing bodies or government as it is a serious crime in the country.

  4. A visit to a local without a gift is a rude gesture to them.

  5. Pork is prohibited in some areas of Zimbabwe due to religious reasons, so someone is a hard-core porn lover, make sure to find online the best restaurants that serve pork in Zimbabwe.

  6. Depending on the culture of the person, removing shoes outside is appreciated.

These are some basic customs and etiquette that are followed and accepted in Zimbabwe.

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