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Beautiful architecture, exquisite folk paintings, and thermal baths are best to describe Hungary. Step into the fairytale world of Hungary where castles and rivers are as majestic as caves and hillsides. You will forever feel as though you have stepped into a majestic blend of traditional villages and modern cities where festivals reign throughout the year, riverbanks blossom, and cobblestone paths and serene countryside are never far away. Stunning architecture, vital folk art, thermal spas and Europe's most exciting capital after dark are Hungary's major drawing cards.


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Know these Quirky Facts before planning Luxury Hungary Tours 2023


Quick Facts About Hungary

Population: 9,673,172

Capital: Budapest,

Budapest (population): 1,756,000

Currency: Forint (HUF)

Calling Code: 36

Let’s Explore More about Hungary!

The most fascinating part of Hungary located in East-Central Europe is its thousand years older history! There is an assortment of things that influence the complexity that is experienced in the country. The incredible history of Hungary, its unique language, traditions & culture, and everything is worth experiencing. With this brief introduction, it's apparent that there's no dearth of uniqueness & glory in this part of Europe. Let's find out how…..

Geography of Hungary

Located landlocked in the central part of Europe, Hungary shares its borders with seven countries including Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, and Slovenia. Budapest, the capital city of the country is divided by the Danube River. Buda and Pest were two different cities in the earlier days, which later on became Budapest.

Language and Alphabet

People in Hungary speak Hungarian, but it is called Magyar here! A lot of things in Hungary match to that of the Estonian and Finnish, but they do not match to the Indo-European languages that are spoken in the countries in the neighboring countries. Today Hungarians use modern Latin alphabet, but in a bygone era, they have been using 'Runes script' for their alphabet.

Hungary’s Religion

In Hungary, around 74.4% of the population belongs to the Christian religion and a variety of Christian denomination are living here. According to the census conducted in 2011, 39% of the Hungarian population was found to be Catholic.

Tourist Attractions in Hungary

One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Hungary is its capital city, “Budapest”. This modern with a punch of traditional abundance has until now maintained the royal and regal outlook that it has been carrying along from the 19th century. From the rejuvenating spas to fascinating museums, flamboyant bars, and a lot of other pieces of entertainment, art, and royalty, this place makes for a great tourist attraction. In Budapest, historic Thermal baths are also very famous. When in Budapest, one can simply go for day trips to the neighboring traditional village, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Also, don’t forget to visit GödöllÅ‘which used to be the summer residence for Franz Josef, Austrian Emperor.

Important Facts About Hungary Travel

Countries belonging to the EEA or EU do not have to obtain a visa for visiting Hungary if the plan is for 90 days or less. But, a passport is a must-have on your Hungary trip! US citizens will require a current visa on their Hungary tour. A current passport is one that is valid for at least six months.

There are five international airports that serve the country. The most popular airport in Budapest is Ferihegy International Airport (BUD), which is also known as Ferihegy in the local language. From the airport, one can easily catch an airport bus that runs every 10 minutes and connects with the city center with another bus or metro rail. In Budapest, there are three major train stations: South, East, and West. Each of these stations will connect with different parts of the city. Sleeper cars are also available in different parts of the country that are believed to operate in a safe way.

History and Culture related to Hungary

To start with, Hungary used to be the kingdom for more than a thousand years and also an important part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Until 1989, Hungary was under the Communist government. It was when parliament was established in the country. Today Hungary functions as a parliamentary republic. But, even today the prowess of the ruler and its powerful kingdom is remembered.

Hungary is believed to have been built of vibrant culture! While on your Hungary tours, you can discover the glorious culture that differentiates it from the rest of the world. The Folk costumes and everything explains the colorfully beautiful history of the country. Also, the pre-Lenten festival that is celebrated with the name of “Farsang” is an important aspect that showcases what could have been the culture of the country. Apart from that, the furry clothes worn during Farsang depict the cultural peculiarity of the country. During the spring season, the Easter tradition of Hungary is something that brightens up the culture of the country.

Off-the-beaten Experiences on Hungary Tours!

Unbelievable! Hungary has won 465 Olympic Medals

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that Hungary has won all the Olympics that it has competed in. This makes out that Hungary is the one country which has to its name, the second highest number of gold medals won in the Olympic summer games. And, one more interesting fact related to the Olympics is that from the 1920 Olympics Hungary was banned. It also joined the boycott which took place during the summer Olympics of 1984.

You cannot clink Beer Glasses in Hungary

When on Hungary tours make sure not to clink the beer glasses! There is a legend that explains this rule followed in Hungary. Legends say that in 1984 during the Hungarian revolution that took place against the Habsburgs, after the defeat around 13 generals belonging to Hungary were executed. With each execution, the Austrians clinked their beer glasses. And, since then Hungary people vowed not to clink their glasses while drinking beer.

Hungary Speaks Absolutely Unique Language

Hungarian is the toughest of all the languages spoken in the World and it's hard to learn it. So, keep your fingers crossed, you are going to experience something really tough, but amazing. One can't find any other language in Europe as fascinating as Hungarian. The language is believed to have been found by the ancestors of the Magyar tribes (who have also found Hungary).

Macdonald - First Fast Food Restaurant in Hungary

Macdonald was the first foreign fast-food restaurant that came to Hungary a few years before the 1989 fall of communism, back in 1989. But, that does not mean that this was the first fast food chain in the country. There were indeed a few local fast-food chains including city grill and the paprika.


It's hard to believe, but Hungary is found earlier than European countries like Germany and France. It was in 897 that Hungary was found, even before the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms was unified and before Germany and France became two different entities. Hungary was the largest country of Europe in around 1000 CE. This makes out that, there have to be some really interesting places on Hungary tours to see. With the help of our Hungary travel agents and advisors, it would be way easier to understand everything about this interesting European land.


Even today it's common in plains of Puszta to see cowboys! According to history, the Hungarians are said to have entered the European land on horseback. This is one of the most interesting facts to discover on Hungary tours about this country. We recommend our valued travelers to hire our suggested Luxury Hungary travel agents. These people have all the required knowledge on how to make the most of a vacation.


In Hungary, according to the data, there are around 1500 spas and most numbers of thermal springs around the globe. This is the reason that from the last many centuries, people from around the world have been coming here to enjoy the wonderful rejuvenating and healing waters. It has been estimated that almost every day approximately 70 million litres of water go about the surface of the Budapest. Amazing it is to hear this! Witnessing such awe-inspiring facts can be way more amazing. Let our Hungary travel agents help with their experience and skills.


The Hungarian Government has prepared a list of names that can only be chosen for naming children. Before one finalizes the name of his/her children, they will have to take prior permission from the Government. In case, the chosen name does not belong to the list of the Government, there's a legal procedure that has to be followed by every citizen of the country. Every person has a Government approved name here.


We have already mentioned that the Hungarian is surprisingly unique and so is the alphabet. The Hungarian alphabet is created with 44 alphabets that are more than usual. Don't forget talking on the same while interacting with locals.


No other country in the world collects as much VAT as in Hungary. 27% is surprisingly the highest part of VAT collected in any country. We recommend discovering more in-depth data on the same.


The Rubik’s cube was invented in Hungary! Apart from this, there have been a bunch of some really well-known inventions that have been from the country. Some of these renowned inventions from Hungarian land include holography, ballpoint pen, digital computing, the first functional helicopter, and thermographic.

Balaton Lake in Hungary is the Largest Lake of Central Europe

We have always read that Hungary is a landlocked country, but that does not mean that there are no water bodies here around the country. In fact, it houses the biggest lake in central Europe called Balaton Lake. People from around the globe come here for a beach vacation.

Hungary houses the First Wine Region Recognized Officially

Tokaji Aszu has something special for every wine lover! Even if countries like Spain, Spain, and Italy are known for their great wines, Hungary is Tokaj is often referred to as the “King of wines”. Here, people can get to visit the first officially recognized wine region in the world.

Gulyas is Hungary's National Dish

Some people might have tried out goulash (dish) in their homeland as it's a world-famous dish that defines the taste of Hungary. But, I can make it sure that those munching on the real taste of the dish made exclusively in Hungary is perfectly an amazing feeling. There is this great scope to discover plenty of unique things on the trip.

The best time to plan Hungary Tours.

March to May is the aptest time to visit Hungary. During this time of the year, the weather is perfectly idyllic and the country is comparatively less crowded. Hungary is witnessing some of the most beautiful festivals in the country like Easter celebrations. Also, the Margaret island's Japanese Garden looks aesthetically amazing and is all embellished with blooming flowers. This period is also the perfect time for enjoying bar-life, wandering around, and for visiting the pubs.

Some Quick Facts on the Best time to Travel to Hungary

Aptest time to travel to Hungary: April to May&September to October

High tourist Season: June to August

Low Tourist Season: November to March

Spring: April to May

Summer: June to August

Fall: September to October

Winter: November to March

  1. Autumn and spring are usually the perfect time for visiting Hungary. During this time of the year, there's pleasant weather and there won't be a horde of tourists standing in the queue.

  2. Almost the entire of Europe is on holiday during the summer that is between June to August. Most experienced Luxury Hungary tour agents suggest avoiding this season for planning a holiday. The hotel prices, car rentals, and other charges are comparatively very high during this season. And, traveling during the summer may ruin the budget that one wanted to limit in.

  3. Winter is the low tourist season in Hungary. During this time of the year, there's too much snow and rain. This leads to shutting down a lot of the tourist attractions in the country. However, this is the best season for those who are tight on the budget.

The places you stay are part of the Hungarian attraction. Hungary’s grand accommodation dates to the late 19th-century, when Budapest and other towns underwent significant renovations. Particularly in the capital city, you will enjoy a choice of period buildings and hotels. Some are in the boutique bracket, owner operated and big on charm. Larger hotels are both Hungarian and internationally owned, in townhouse buildings that sometimes fill an entire street.

Travel beyond the capital and historical towns have a similar appeal, period architecture transformed into superb upmarket accommodation. High ceilings, baroque fittings, grand breakfast rooms; most of these hotels are described as elegant, enchanting, and romantic. Many are well suited for families: these magnificent buildings are typically in the heart of a city or town, minimizing travel time to attractions. As tourism increased in the late 20th century, the old hotels renovated, and most of the larger ones are now equipped with interconnecting rooms.  

Outside urban areas you can stay in castle hotels, romantic accommodation that feels like an escape from the world. Accommodations offer incredible spas, along with the bounty of nature extending from the front door. Many spend the night on a boat as they travel through Hungary on a cruise. Note that this is not always particularly convenient in Budapest, as you may have to dock a long way from the heart of the city. When starting or ending a cruise in Hungary’s capital, it is worth extending the trip with a night or two that is more central. When picking a Budapest hotel, it is easy to become preoccupied with choosing a location in Buda or Pest. Instead think about proximity to one of the river bridges in the heart of the city, or a well-connected metro line – Budapest has an excellent underground.


Tips to plan HungaryTours

  • Our Hungary tour agents have meticulously created this piece of content that is sure to help people in planning their vacation. Here are some tourist trips that are sure to help with planning the best holiday to this European land.

  • Tourist sites in Hungary are spread in many areas that can bring about confusion at ones. Therefore it’s always good to plan and divide time for each of the sites and make most of the trip.

  • Before venturing on the trip just make sure checking out on bets time to visit the country as per your requirements.

  • It could help in a lot of ways of learning a few important words and phrases in the Hungarian language. We have jotted down some of these Hungarian words and phrases to help on the trip.

Hungarian Words and Phrases

Hello - Szia (SEE-a) or Helló (Hell-oh)

Good Morning - Jó Reggelt (Yo Reg-gaet)

Good Day - Jó Nap (Yo KNap)

Good Evening -  Jó Estét (Yo Est-Ate)

Goodbye - Viszontlátásra (VEE-sont-la-tash-ra)

Thank You - Köszönöm (KO-so-nom)

You’re Welcome - Szívesen (SEE-ve-shen)

Do you speak English - Beszél angolul? (BE-seyl AN-go-loul?)

I’m Doing Well - Köszönöm, jól (KO-so-nom, yoal)


- Some must-visited place one must be aware of, are the Hungarian Parliament Building, the Fisherman's Bastion, St. Stephen's Basilica, Bathhouse, Memento Park, Hero's Square, and Gellert Hill. Make sure not to miss these important sites here.

  1. Hungary gives an overwhelming welcome to its visitors and is safe to travel. People here are cooperative and there are only a few cases when travelers face any kind of problem.

  2. Indeed, a lot of visitors start feeling healthier as the days pass by on Hungary tours. This is because of the rejuvenating hot spring.

  3. From the time when Romans belonged to this place, Hungary has been considered is considered a therapeutic escape.

  4. Enjoying the spas and the spring makes for the perfect leisure vacation in Hungary. And, hiring our recommended Luxury Hungary tour agents would be a great way of adding to the ecstasy.

  5. Although a lot of visitors avoid drinking tap water in Budapest, it is particularly safe to drink. But, in any other part of the country other than Budapest, avoid drinking tap water.

  6. Apart from that, in Hungary, there are nearly nil cases of any violent form of crime, especially in Budapest.

  7. But, be aware of pickpockets, there can be a few of them wandering around on the streets, in taxis or in public transport.

  8. Be vigilant and know that the cases of animosity against immigrants have increased in the last few years.

  9. According to the Hungarian Government rules, it is compulsory to carry ID cards or passport throughout the tour.

  1. One important aspect of experiencing a trip is plunging deeper into the culture, customs, traditions, and the surrounding of the place. And, the best thing here is that one does not have to put in a lot of effort in that part.

  2. After exploring the flamboyance of Budapest, our Hungary travel agents recommend travelers moving to other parts of the country where one can experience folklore and traditions.

  3. The perfect way to initiate this part of the trip would be spending a day into hot springs or spas that is typical of Hungary.

  4. Indeed Hungarians would spend the entire day immersing themselves in the baths, enjoying with friends, and playing chess.

  5. Another part of exploring the traditional part of Hungary would be munching on the delicious food. It’s great to start with goulash, the popular heavy local meal of Hungary.

  6. These folk customs and traditions of Hungary will perfectly showcase the diverse traditions of Hungary’s past.

  7. The exceptional dancing style of Hungary that is performed more commonly in the rural parts of the country has something fascinating that suddenly brings about a vibrant energy and sweep one off their feet.

  8. Look at the embroidered costumes of these performers and it’s the perfect way to dive a little deeper into the glory of the country.

  9. Moving away from Budapest, into a little rural part of the country will take one into experiencing traditional Hungary. is an online platform which was created to provide assistance of every type to travelers. Be it planning and customizing the entire trip to planning a part of the trip to assistance during the trip, Leisure is dedicated to handling every part of the trip. It connects its valued customers only with the meticulously screened travelers who have also been given required training and mentoring by our team of travel experts. We are functional in every part of the world that means we can help plan trips through all seven continents of the world. From planning Europe tours to Asia tours to Australia tours, we have covered every corner of the Earth.

This particular part/page at has been designed for those who are planning or have some plans in mind to explore Hungary. This land-locked country offers its visitors a variety of things to explore. Our Hungary tour agents have all the required knowledge, from the ultra-modern Budapest to the traditional villages narrating stories of the bygone era. From selecting accommodation to suggesting the best time to visit, these Hungary travel agents will take all the responsibilities. It ensures that travelers are at peace and have the freedom to enjoy every part of the trip. Let Leisure help plan an awesome trip with its ultimate services and well-trained Luxury Hungary tour agents.

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