Europe Travel Guide For Foodies: Explore Through Your Tastebuds!

One of the best things about travel is that you get to experience exciting new flavors. As a true foodie and a wanderlust traveler, you can opt for a dedicated food tour or maybe opt just for some cooking classes with the locals. In order to uncover the hidden gems of flavors, one is bound to take a food tour across the region, and when it comes to Europe, you cannot simply resist it. This Europe travel guide will help you understand the variation of flavors in European cuisine. So get set to tantalize your taste buds with one of the best leisure travel packages that will include a food tour as well. 


Let’s dive in to explore Europe through your tastebuds!!!


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A Guide To European Food Culture

1. Cuisines Of Europe: The Very Best Of Continent

2. Europe’s Food and Gourmet Festivals

3. Hottest Foodie Destinations In Europe


Cuisines Of Europe: The Very Best Of Continent


1. Central European Cuisine



The first cuisine we are talking about in the Europe Travel guide is Central European Cuisine. The cuisines, culinary traditions, and customs of the countries in central Europe are recognized as Central European Cuisine. Since the central part of the continent encompasses different nationalities and climates, here you will find various culinary traditions. Most of the dishes in central Europe are influenced by the region’s climate and other countries like Poland, Hungary, etc. All the countries in central Europe have their own specialty like Austria is renowned for high-end cuisine and excellent pastries, Germany is loved for Bratwurst, Hungary for goulash, and Slovakia for gnocchi-like Halusky pasta. Most of the dishes that you’ll find in the central part of Europe are made up of Meat and Pork that are served with bread. Bread and potatoes are staples in Central European cuisine. Apart from food, Central Europe ranks high in beer consumption. As this part comes under the European beer belt, the Central European cuisine consists of various kinds and varieties of beer. 


Prominent Cuisines Under Central European Cuisine: 


Austrian Cuisine Silesian cuisine
Slovenian cuisine Slovak cuisine
Polish cuisine Liechtensteiner cuisine
Swiss cuisine Hungarian cuisine
German Cuisine Czech Cuisine


Must-to-try Dishes:  


Fondue Bagel
Idrijski žlikrofi Sauerbraten
Pierogi Currywurst
Bryndzové halušky Svíčková
Wiener Schnitzel Strudel


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2. Eastern European Cuisine



When we talk about Eastern European cuisine- the different cultures, ethnicities, histories, and languages of Eastern Europe just cross our minds. The climate has a strong influence over the cuisine of the eastern part of Europe. Apart from different climatic conditions and food cultures, various regions of Eastern European cuisine have a lot of similarities. From the Baltic to the Black Sea, you will get to try a lot of fish and seafood. However, forest areas are filled with lots of mushrooms. This is the part of the continent that has a plethora of hearty peasant dishes. The food here is not just appetizing but also eye-pleasing. The main ingredient of Eastern European cuisine is eggs, dairy products, barley, red meat, etc. For people in the Eastern part of Europe, food is much more than mere nourishment. It is a reason behind the celebration, a tradition, and a blessing. They are so much into food that the gifting traditions here also include bread, wine, and salt. 


Prominent Cuisines Under Eastern European Cuisine: 


Armenian cuisine Belarusian cuisine
Bulgarian cuisine Romanian cuisine
Soviet cuisine Ukrainian cuisine
Georgian cuisine Russian cuisine
Kazakh cuisine Azerbaijani cuisine


Must-to-try Dishes:  


Pelmeni (Dumplings) Haliva
Borscht  Beef Stroganoff 
khachapuri Chiburekki 
Beshbarmak  Tochitură 
Potato babka  Pampushka 


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3. Northern European Cuisine



Land of Vikings and glaciers- Northern Europe is also known for its appetizing food. As this region is highly dependent on the ocean, the major part of Northern European cuisine consists of oysters, fish, and mussels. Due to the greater availability, the cost of fish is much lesser than anything else in the northern part of Europe. Apart from seafood, this cuisine is also dominated by apples, fruits, potatoes, and hardy vegetables. This part of Europe loves to experiment with their hereditary cuisine and come up with new innovations. One such interesting option that outshines Northern European cuisine from others is Smoked Horse Meat. Beyond this, Nordic cuisine is a new invention here. It is a culinary movement in Nordic countries that lies in the Northern part of Europe. This cuisine is all based on local, natural, and seasonal produce, which offers a new taste to the usual palate. When it comes to drinking, beer is the highlight of Northern European cuisine. 


Prominent Cuisines Under Northern European Cuisine: 


 Finnish cuisine Icelandic cuisine
Danish cuisine Lithuanian cuisine
Swedish cuisine Faroese cuisine
Sami cuisine Livonian cuisine
Estonian cuisine Norwegian cuisine


Must-to-try Dishes:  


Smørrebrød  Jodekager
Mustamakkara  Köttbullar
Julmust Hönökaka
Knäckebröd Fiskesuppe
Fårikål  Rugbrød


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4. Southern European Cuisine



Next on our Europe Travel Guide, we have Southern European Cuisine. The cuisine of countries like Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc. makes up the Southern European cuisine. The cuisine here is not just astoundingly diverse but also delicious. Among all the cuisines, the Greek and Italian are the most loved all across the globe, so much that people travel just to enjoy this cuisine in its home country. If you try the cuisine of the southern part of Europe, you will find it much different from the Northern and Eastern European cuisine. The typical food items that are the majority of Southern European cuisine are fish, poultry, olives, sauces, and citrus fruits. Apart from this, the coffee produced in the southern region is considered to be the finest in the entire world. Also, because of the long coastline on the Mediterranean, the cuisine in south Europe consists of a lot of fish, and you will be surprised to try it as it is always fresh, healthy, and juicy. 


Prominent Cuisines Under Southern European Cuisine: 


Croatian cuisine Albanian cuisine
Greek cuisine Portuguese cuisine
Italian cuisine Spanish cuisine
Turkish cuisine Basque cuisine
Catalan cuisine Serbian cuisine


Must-to-try Dishes:  


Pizza  Ćevapi 
Souvla  Istrian stew 
Mititei Greek salad
Souvlaki  Moussaka 
Risotto  Ravioli 


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5. Western European Cuisine



You are fortunate if you are someone who loves to sample mouthwatering food of the region to dazzle your tastebuds. Western European cuisine is one of the cuisines on the Europe Travel Guide that go unmatched with the rest of the continent. The style of the cuisine here is simple yet delicious. People here love to enjoy their food more in a natural state than cooking it extensively. The highlight of the cuisine remains pasta, vegetables, meat, beef, pork, bread, etc. Typically, everything that is healthy and fresh is the majority of this cuisine. Among all the types of Western European cuisine, french cuisine remains the base for all the culinary schools in the entire continent. Other than French, people love to enjoy the cheese products of Switzerland, meat-based delicacies of German, etc. If you are someone who enjoys mild, spicy, and soft flavors, then Western European Cuisine is the perfect choice for you.


Prominent Cuisines Under Western European Cuisine: 


Scottish cuisine Belgian cuisine
English cuisine Dutch cuisine
French cuisine Irish cuisine
Occitan cuisine Luxembourgian cuisine
Welsh cuisine Monégasque cuisine


Must-to-try Dishes:  


Sunday roast Waffle 
Bangers and Mash  Macaroni and Cheese
Soufflé  Shepherd's pie
Ratatouille  Barbajuan
Haggis  Cawl 


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Europe’s Food and Gourmet Festivals


Are you a foodie? Have you traveled the world for food? Well, if you haven’t, then you should. According to us, no Europe travel guide for foodies is complete without mentioning the food and gourmet festivals. Attending the food festivals is the best way to discover the authentic culture and offerings of the destination. If you too want to enjoy the gastronomic scenes in Europe, review this list of our top picks and add them to your leisure travel package. These are the tastiest events you must be part of. 


1. Napoli Pizza Village Festival



The name of the festival is sufficient to lure the readers of the Europe Travel guide. This pizza festival takes place every year in Naples- the home of pizzas- and runs for 10 long days. This festival is the largest pizza celebration in the entire world. Besides tasting a variety of pizzas, being a part of this festival will offer you ample opportunities to take part in educational classes to learn the real art of pizza making. Other than this, various events, concerts, and live performances take place, which adds to visitors’ experience. If you happen to be in the country during the spring, this is the festival you must attend. 


Where: Naples, Italy

When: Late May or Early June


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2. Baltic Herring Festival



Finland’s food celebration- Baltic Herring Festival- is a unique celebration that takes every year in Helsinki. In this festival, various fishers come together on their small boats to sell their catch. Together with plenty of fishes to buy, here at this festival, you will get to enjoy Finland’s famous delicacies. People love to come and have the best time at this festival savoring mouthwatering herring, taking part in cooking competitions, and enjoying cooking classes and events. Since 1743, this unusual and exciting event is attracting people from all across the globe to enjoy the authentic culture of herring. Believe us; it is the most special mention on our Europe travel guide. Make sure you experience it on your vacation.


Where: Helsinki, Finland

When: Early October


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3. Prague Food Festival



From 2006 onwards, Prague Food Festival has taken place annually, bringing forth the best of the Czech Republic. This festival tries to bring together the best of the country in one place and showcase every delicacy that it has to offer. Although it just runs for three long days, people love to travel from different parts to experience the ultimate culinary offerings of the country. Apart from the lip-smacking food, this festival is known for its beautiful setting. It takes place at Prague Castle, which provides breathtaking views which are worth experiencing. If you are someone who loves to travel for food, then keep this Europe travel guide in hand and add this festival to your gastronomic calendar. It is an experience that you’ll never forget!


Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: Last Week Of May


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4. Taste of Stockholm



Another fun-filled food celebration that captures the attention of thousands of visitors every year is Taste of Stockholm. This festival is a small farewell to the spring by Sweden. For the past 25 years, this festival has been held at Kungsträdgården every year for five days. With innovative events, this festival serves the visitors with unforgettable food scenes. Here you will get to enjoy everything right from the locally produced food to organic meals to various other food delicacies. Beyond food, this festival has a lot of activities to keep its visitors entertained, like Cooking classes, competitions, exhilarating activities, and much more. This event is an ideal celebration for all the festival-goers. It is a must-to-experience on our Europe travel guide.  


Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: June


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5. Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival



When we talk about food festivals in Europe, Copenhagen is one of the festivals that comes to our mind. It is the largest festival in the region, with more than 130 events to enjoy over the course of 10 days. The foodies love to attend this festival to enjoy appetizing Danish and Nordic cuisine, which is presented beautifully. Right from the cozy eateries to fun-filled food events, this festival has something for every palate. Along with paying homage to European cuisine, this festival lets the visitors learn about the culture and heritage of the country. It is the most fantastic addition to the Europe travel guide and highly recommends you plan your leisure travel package around this festival.


Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

When: August


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6. Taste of Amsterdam



Another famous name on the list of major European food festivals is Taste of Amsterdam. Every year, Amstelpark in the capital gets turned into a gastronomic wonderland showcasing the best of the Netherlands. It is a four-day-long food fest that calls the prominent restaurants and chefs of the country to show off their offerings. At this festival, more than 24 restaurants come together to offer over 100 dishes. This also includes some of the signature dishes of the Netherlands. Beyond tasting the food, being a part of this festival, you will also get to enjoy culinary masterclasses, workshops, demonstrations, and much more. For all the foodies, this is one of the best food festivals on this Europe travel guide.


Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: June


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7. Gelato Festival



It’s time to quest your search for the best festival on Europe travel guide. Gelato Festival is Italy’s annual event that lets the visitors dive into the world of ice cream. Right from the tasting to themed activities to educational workshops, this festival is a complete package for all those who have a sweet tooth. The Gelato Festival was started back in 2010, and since then, people love to travel to Europe to attend this festival. Being a part will let you sample some of the incredible flavors of ice cream. Given the success, this festival can be considered one of the finest events in Europe. Be a part of the Gelato Festival and satisfy your taste buds with the best deserts. 


Where: Florence, Italy

When: May


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Hottest Foodie Destinations In Europe


1. Rome- 



Rome is a mecca for food lovers. Together with the grandeur of architecture, roman cuisine is renowned all across the world. Although it is prepared with simple and easy ingredients, it tastes fantastic. Among all the food that this city has to offer, Pasta is the highlight. Other than pasta, the pizza of Rome is something that you can’t overlook. Whether you are an adventurous eater or a picky one, this city is no less than dining heaven for you. If you are booking a leisure travel package to Europe, you must pick Rome from this Europe travel guide as one of your destinations. 


Foods To Try: Carbonara, Amatriciana, Cacio e pepe, Coda alla vaccinara, Gelato, Maritozzi, Pizza al taglio, and Supplì.


Best Places To Eat At: Colline Emiliane, Emma, La Terrazza, Imàgo, Aroma, Giulia, and L'Angolo Divino.


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2. Paris- 



Paris, renowned as the most romantic city in the world, is also a city for outstanding culinary excellence. If you are in search of a fine dining experience or want to enjoy the classic French cuisine, then Paris is the place for you. From dusk to dawn, this city has so many restaurants to explore that you will get to enjoy a new one on your visit. If you call yourself a foodie and don’t have Paris on your itinerary- get up and add eating here to your bucket list! Believe us; it is one of the best food destinations on Europe travel guide.


Foods To Try: Falafel, Couscous, French cheese, Red wine, Baguettes, Croissants, Macarons, Oysters, and Eclairs. 


Best Places To Eat At: L’Astrance, David Toutain, Aux Bons Crus, Clamato, Breizh Café, L'Assiette, and La Bourse et la Vie. 


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3. Copenhagen- 



Denmark gained popularity after discovering new Nordic cuisine. And to try this ultimate cuisine, Copenhagen is the best place in Denmark. It is the place where you will get to try some of the finest restaurants in the world. The cuisine of Denmark usually revolves around local ingredients and seasonal produce, which is relatively healthy, fresh, and delicious to taste. If you are in Europe and want to relish the dining experience like never before, you must head to Copenhagen. It is one such destination on the Europe travel guide that all the foodies must visit at least once. 


Foods To Try: Smorrebrod, Herring, Danish Cheese, Rye Bread, Hotdogs, Julefrokost, Pølser, and Gløgg.


Best Places To Eat At: Noma, Amass, Barr, Alouette, Nihao YAO, Rufino Osteria, Gemyse, and Geranium.


4. London- 



The food scenes in London can be rightly described as traditional culinary visions with modern innovation. Just like itstourist attractions, the food diversity of London is quite impressive. When it comes to food, the city has a rich history which is reflected in its eateries, cuisine, and flavors. If you are in the city, then one thing that you must try is afternoon tea. The people here take their meal between lunch and dinner very seriously, which contains tea and easy snacks. Make sure you add London to your leisure travel package and keep this Europe travel guide handy to have the best food experience on the continent.


Foods To Try: Bangers and Mash, Fish & Chips, Sunday Roast, The Crodough, Scotch Egg, and Bread Sauce.


Best Places To Eat At: Hoppers, Claude Bosi, Gloria, Kutir, Gazelle, Gymkhana, Luca, and Oren. 


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