How To Explore Europe Like A Local?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 10,2021

There is a reason Europe is loved by all; it offers a glimpse of everything. Right from art, beautiful scenery, romantic locations, vibrant culture, music, literature, pulsating modernity, vast history, and whatnot! It is the most visited continent and a favorite destination for all people. A Europe vacation package shows how marvelous traveling to exotic places can be. 


Immerse yourself in the experience called Europe like a local! Wander beneath the Eiffel Tower, visit Notre Dame and the Colosseum, tour the beautiful vineyards of Provence, unleash your inner soul in Santorini’s shores, and finally wrap your trip with the Aurora Borealis, i.e. the Northern Lights in Norway.


Here is a guide on exploring Europe classily like a local. Check out how.


1. Tour Europe by train:


Europe’s railway systems are systematic and convenient. Tourists can easily travel by train as it is more affordable than renting cars. Moreover, railway stations are situated in the middle of the cities and towns, hence, quite easy to navigate around the destination. 


Traveling by train is much more comfortable than by car. You don’t want to be tied tight to the car seat and let yourself stay free the whole while. A train journey will be more romantic as you can gaze at the cities unfolding through the window! To make your vacation package smooth, ensure to avail of a rail pass as it saves time.


2. Choose rental apartments over hotels:


Well yes, everyone likes to stay in a good hotel with the best view (one that faces the Eiffel maybe), but the truth is that, in Europe, every street has got something “touristy” to see. Moreover, what is the point of staying in an expensive hotel when you can feel at home with friendly people? Staying in a vacation rental or an Airbnb property proves light on your budget. It is no surprise that accommodation gobbles up a large chunk of every traveler’s money. Why allow that to happen? Rentals come at a much cheaper rate. They allow you to get about the city easier and bring you to the heart of the destination. 


3. Wake up early when in Europe!


It may sound ridiculous, but as said earlier, every nook and corner of Europe has at least one prominent landmark. Tourists swarm the famous destinations and queues are longer. One may get rid of waiting in lines to get the ticket and finally see the place. Hence, it is better to become an early bird and make the best of your time. You can get the best view and also good photographs!



4. Shop where the locals shop:


The secret sauce to traveling like a local is to shop like one. Instead of opting for expensive stores, choose the neighborhood grocery shops and pâtisseries. People in Europe host community gatherings wherein local businesses get a chance to show their wares. Participate in those and mingle with the locals to know more about their way of living. Restaurants that are small yet vintage are easier on your purse and offer the best delicacies! 


5. Do as the Europeans do:


It is important to know the etiquette and basic manners followed in a particular destination. Make sure you don’t embarrass yourself by being out too loud in the crowd! When in Europe, greet the shopkeepers and bid adieu when you are done shopping. Tipping is not given too much significance, so you don’t have to overtip. A small amount will go a long way. Ensure that you don’t touch and poke stuff while in the market or the store. This is extremely important. Ask for plastic gloves from the grocer if you want to touch any product. These are some things that Europeans do. They will be more than happy if their guests do the same too!


6. Try the traditional European cuisine:


Food is important in every Spain vacation package. It helps tourists learn more about the principal destination. It can enhance or spoil your trip, so ensure that you make the best choices. You can easily spot a McDonalds' or Starbucks at every turn, but when you strive to eat at local restaurants you get to taste the indigenous flavors of the place. As a responsible tourist, you should support the local community as well.


7. Participate in the local fests:


The La Tomatina Festival, Edinburgh Fest Fringe, Carnival of Venice, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. are just some famous European fests. These fests allure lakhs of tourists from all around the world. They foster relationships and better community understanding. 


Plan your vacation package during these fests to ensure maximum fun! Stay assured, Europe’s fests are all about chill vibes, good food, and vivid shows. From traditional folk art to various dance forms, witness the destination coming alive annually during the fests.


8. Walk around the city:


Many vacation packages offer walking tours to the main landmarks of the city. These tours know the best about tourist destinations. Walking tours are cheaper, and offer a better glimpse of the destinations with visiting. 


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