Why Having A Food-cation in Italy Is A Must?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 04,2020

Pizza and pasta are the safest bet that we have. Italy has given the world many tasty recipes and the world molded it to their taste buds. One can obviously fall in love with the delicacies of Italy and you need to pack your bag right now to satisfy your taste buds. How would you like to spend your date night? Obviously a pizza and some movies. We all need to chill and what could be better than a pizza with your favorite drink and some good fun time. 


If you are confused about where to spend your vacation we would like to make a  small suggestion that you must visit Italy. Not for the architecture or the landscapes, we mean obviously they are important but the street food here is amazing. For once ditch those luxurious restaurants and try your hands on the delicious food available. You can simply take a cue from the many Instagrammers who love posting pics of the street style food here.  


We believe in a meaningful staycation, what’s the use if you are wandering purposelessly? You can take on a journey for adventure, spirituality or even for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Well, why don’t you try a foodie trip? If you love cooking you can take many cues from here and expertise yourself in Italian street cuisine. There are many street-side foods that you can try but we would suggest the few five that we are falling in love with. 


Our experts wandered around the streets for curating this list for you and to give you an insight into what your foodie staycation could feel like:



About the streets



The streets of Italy are filled with visitors and the admirers of the art. Most people take Italian food like lasagna, pizza, and pasta but the streets here have very different stories. You can wander around to explore more and the hidden jewels. If you follow the concept of homestay you can learn a few of the home recipes also. Italians are very classy and sober and the same gets reflected in their food. The use of herbs by them can never be beaten, and the creamy delicacies that they have are sinfully the best. 


The decorations they have are simply astonishing and you will fall in love with them very easily. As soon as you enter the streets you can see the chairs set up in a very decorative fashion and the locals hustling with the orders as it is mostly crowded even in the scorching heat. There are many eateries that are famous but letting a local guide you to the best joints will work in your favor as they know the authentic taste and the famous spots too. In our native countries, we may have few places which are well known but don’t serve the best quality. But we personally know the true hidden gems and the same goes for Italy.



2. Foods to relish on the streets Arancini ( deep-fried rice balls)


They hail from Sicily and originated in the 10th Century. The Sicilians are a foodie and will give you a taste of a lifetime. They have contributed a lot to Italian cuisine and have always experimented to make it better. Arancini is one of its best contributions to Italian cuisine. They are rice balls that are filled with cheese, peas and minced meat or chicken. The batter is then fried and the final result is mouthwatering. It is mainly eaten as a snack with tea or your coffee as they are deep-fried.  You can find this savory at every corner and in every fine dining restaurant too. Instead of tasting it at a high-end cafe go for the local stalls. If you are vegetarian you can still ask for its vegetarian alternative which is equally tasty. Sprinkle some oregano and herbs on it and dip it in your favorite sauce to relish this mouth-watering snack.





It again originated in Sicily and as you know they are best with the experiments. It was first made from mountain ice stored in homes and then with secret ingredients added to it. Gelato is the better version of ice creams as the cream used is far better and it melts as soon as it touches your tongue. Imagine this heavonilicious gelato of your favorite flavor in a cone and melting in your mouth to give you a taste you can never forget. The taste you find here is very different from the one you will get in other countries. It can beat your favorite ice-cream anytime and is the best way to tingle and mingle your taste buds. It is famously eaten here with Brioche bun and the gelato is stuffed into it. The combination may sound strange but it tastes sinfully great. 



Cuoppo Napoletano



It is again a perfect example of deep-fried food tasting good. With the concept of fries and pizzas in a cone, Cuoppo Napoletano is basically seafood served in the paper cone. The seafood is prepared with delicious herbs and then deep-fried to savor your taste buds. You can never get over the taste of it and it is a must-have recipe. You can have it anytime and anywhere and is best eaten with your favorite drink. You will get coastal vibes from it and may find it on every beach. The best way to enjoy the beaches here is to take your favorite beverage along with some Cuoppo Napoletano and a cold breeze while you surround yourself with the beauty of the beach. If you don’t believe us you can taste it for yourself. 



Lampredotto a weird yet tasty dish



It is a weird yet very tasty combination that you can have. However, not everyone will like it. There are many people who may even puke after hearing the ingredients that go into it. It still is favorite amongst the locals and they love having it. It originated in Florence and is prepared by very skillful chefs. The cow’s stomach is cooked with tomato puree and herbs. Yes! You heard it right Cow’s stomach. The taste is good that you may even get addicted to it. The meat is first disinfected and then prepared with other ingredients the tomatoes selected and the herbs play a very major role in it. Only the best quality tomatoes go inside its preparation. You can try it out with a bun and it will add more to its taste. You must try this food on your excursion to Italy. It makes us a good dinner choice and can be found on every street. If you are a vegetarian then, it’s better to avoid it. 






Its a tasty mess and very sweet. It again originated from Sicily’s Palermo and ever since there was no looking back. It’s basically a sweet dish that is a favorite of every street food vendor. Cannoli has the reputation of being a tasty and classy sweet dish. Firstly, a tube of pastry is prepared by being deep-fried and then is filled with layers of different sweetness. Chocolate to give a bitter yet appealing taste, choco chips make the second layer and then comes the layer of cherry and candies. The other end is then sealed wit6h orange peels which are turned into candies. There is no clean way to have it. Make sure you avoid it on your date as it is one hell of a mess and you may find the chocolate and ricotta dripping all over your face. You need to have napkins with you while you bite into Cannoli. 


The tourists love this sweet dish and most of them take back the recipe with them. Whenever you eat this Italian dish you need to thank Sicilians for it.



Pizza al taglio



Pizza and pizza and a whole lot of pizza are something one can never say no to. You can indulge in pizza anytime but, what if we tell that you have been eating pizza wrong your entire life. Firstly pizza is not round here and your sleeves are surely not going to be a triangle in shape. Also, it is sold by weight and not the size of the base. Is that too much information? It might be but, this is the way Romans eat their pizza. At every street corner, you can find this dish and it will give you a new appeal to look at pizzas. 


This is all you can have on your Italy vacation. Pack your bags as soon as possible and enjoy the street food of your favorite destination. Love is surely in the air but for food. It is heaven for every non-vegetarians and people with a sweet tooth. There are many more dishes that you can taste while you roam around the canals and streets here but these five must be on your must-have list. Make your friends and families envy your foodcation when you post the pics on Instagram. Eat, sleep and repeat on your next Italy vacation. 

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