Foodie Alert: Food Festivals That You Can't Afford To Miss

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 08,2021

Traveling and food go side-by-side. In this little world of exquisite cuisine, attending a food festival is nothing less than a dream come true. What can be better than being a part of the food festival and getting the true experience of the country? Attending the food festival will help you get an insight into the finest cuisine, renowned chefs, and divine drinks. With so much to offer, these festivals pull a large crowd and offer them scrumptious meals, foot-tapping music, and a vibrant atmosphere.  If you too are a true food lover, no matter where you are, you must book a ticket to a food festival. 


So, mark your calendars, pick the best food festival, and start preparing yourself for some delicious memories that will be remembered for a long, long time.





Zillions of foodies come together in Naples every year to embrace the most famous food festival. This food festival serves more than 10,000 kinds of pizzas ranging from historic to margaritas to marinara. This fest goes on for a week and proclaims the best taste of pizzas. In addition to enjoying some delectable pizza, you can also enroll in pizza-making workshops or pizza-making championships. For all the pizza buffs, this is no doubt the best food festival in the world. 

When: May-June

Where: Naples, Italy


National Cherry Festival



Celebrated as the blessings of the blossoms, the National Cherry Festival is a must to visit by all foodies. For almost 100 years, Michigan has hosted this festival every year for 8 days straight. This festival welcomes more than 500,000 foodies to taste fresh and succulent cherries. In the 8 days, Traverse plans over 150 events and activities that include family fun, parades, concerts, and various performances. If you are in the mood of enjoying the best of Michigan, you must be a part of the National Cherry Festival. With so many cherries to appreciate, there is no excuse to miss this festival.

When: June-July

Where: Traverse City, Michigan





Oktoberfest is ignited by parades, marching bands, and various traditional customs. With this, the fest ground holds various rides and amusement activities that ensure the maximum fun of all the visitors. The roots of this festival go back to the 19th century. From then onwards, this festival has grown itself into the biggest celebration of beer in the world. It is one of the best beer festivals that lures millions of beer lovers from all around the world. From the finest brews to delicious delicacies, Oktoberfest will spoil you with options. Going with its traditions this festival holds 16 large tents which have their own ambiance and crowd. Get ready with an empty stomach to celebrate the beer with Oktoberfest.

When: September-October

Where: Germany


Salon Du Chocolat



For all chocolate lovers, this is the best food festival one can ever attend. This festival describes itself as the world’s largest event that is dedicated to chocolate. This festival helps chocolate enthusiasts to explore the chocolate world with more than 500 chefs from 60 different countries. This festival has various chocolate sculptures, workshops, and fashion shows. If you are a fan of chocolate as well as fashion, then experiencing the Salon Du Chocolat fashion show will be a great memory. To complete your hunt for the finest chocolate, grab a ticket to Paris and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Salon Du Chocolat.

When: October

Where: Paris, France


Food and Wine Classic



The International Food & Wine Classic Festival has never disappointed its visitors. It is a legendary event that occurs in the mountains of Colorado and spoils the visitors with the best. This festival offers a broad choice of different brands, chefs, and celebrities. Being a part of this festival will let you experience their food, talent, and even cookbooks. This festival is celebrated for three continuous days in which you can bite the grand cuisine prepared by top chefs from all around. So, get ready with all your senses and taste buds to taste the best food of your life.

When: June

Where: Aspen, Colorado


World Gourmet Summit



If you have a fancy taste and a passion for fine dining, the World Gourmet Summit must be on your bucket list. One of the most prestigious food festivals, the World Gourmet Summit celebrates national and international cuisine and fine dining. It asks the international culinary icons, industry experts, home-grown gems from all across the world to exhibit their true talent. Here, you will experience the finest items of the world that need more and more recognition. Over the decades now, this festival is offering visitors the real taste of fine dining. To have a classy experience, make sure you plan a visit to this food festival at least once.

When: March-April

Where: Singapore


Maslenitsa Pancake Festival



To celebrate the love for pancakes, many Russians come together and celebrate Maslenitsa Pancake Festival. At the end of winters and the beginnings of spring, this festival takes place. Visitors of this festival enjoy the pancake with a variety of toppings like jam, fruits, caviar, and butter. They consume the pancakes for a whole week which they consider as a symbol of the sun and its color. Along with tasting the pancakes, there are several other activities too. To celebrate the festival to the best, people attend dressing up in bright and colorful outfits. You can have the best time of your life enjoying horse riding, folk dance, puppet shows, and more at this festival. Prepare yourself and get the best pancake of your life. 

When: February-March

Where: St. Petersburg and Moscow


Maine Lobster Festival



Go wild with lobster in your hand. Every year Maine, USA hosts this fabulous festival for five days. Like other food festivals of the world, the Maine Lobster Festival has recognized itself as an international celebration and managed to become the best food festival in the world. You can enjoy the best local seafood at this festival. To pamper the guests, this festival exquisite culinary delights that are made from fresh catches. From crabs to lobsters to shrimps, you will get everything for your taste buds. Along with tasting mouthwatering seafood, this festival offers soothing music, entertaining competitions, art bazaars, carnivals shows, and much more. Add this festival to your bucket list and get ready to entertain yourself.

When: July-August

Where: Maine, USA


La Tomatina



Probably the biggest food war, La Tomatina captivates the attention of thousands of people from every corner of the globe. Over the years, this tomato-throwing event is entertaining the whole world. Every year, partygoers assemble in the small town of Bunol and equip themselves with sacks of overripe tomatoes and beat each other into the saggy mess. It is one of the most famous Spanish festivals that every foodie must visit. With so many tomatoes, the town gets painted all in red and provides lifetime memories to all the visitors. Together with tomato fighting, this festival has toothsome tomato dishes to try. If you are a true tomato lover, then prepare yourself for La Tomatina.

When: August

Where: Buñol, Spain



From street food to crafty dishes, get ready to fill in your bellies with delicious food and drinks. Be a part of the food festival and have culinary fun while acquiring a deep insight into the tradition and culture. If you want to mingle with the food lovers and taste the crazy food from all across the globe, then pick the best food festival you want to be a part of. It’s the right time to pack your bags and offer yourself the world of food.


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