Europe Travel Ban: Countries That Follow New Travel Restrictions

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 23,2021

Europe is the smallest continent which comprises 6.7% of the earth. European countries remain favorites for decades, and the reasons are endless. Europe is one of the most excellent mainlands where each country is delightful in its beautiful way. Even though these countries are as pretty as a picture no matter if it's Italy, Germany, Switzerland, or Greece.

The Covid-19 has modified the globe entirely by forbidding trip new travel restrictions. COVID-19 made the world remotely controlled but traveling is one thing that can never be operated. Like many countries, Europe has followed travel restrictions for the sake of the nation’s safety. Moving towards the new world is a new reality. Foremost, we are going to discuss the countries that followed new travel restrictions. 




France (The Eiffel Tower)



France has the Eiffel Tower that is not only the symbol of this country but the symbol of the whole continent. France is one of the richest countries in architecture, having a collection of historical buildings and heritage. One can see in France through architecture how the world changed from historical to modern architecture. 

France was one of the first countries of Europe that found the first case of Coronavirus. The border is tightening now, those returning from outside the EU can currently have to be compelled to check negative for the virus inside seventy-two hours before their travel into France, and so isolate for seven days, and check negative for 100% accuracy. After entering the country, Masks, hand gloves, and sanitizers are mandatory as they have the seventh-highest death toll due to Covid-19. Many visiting places are still close to avoid gatherings and social interaction. Timings of the traveling are also being restricted, no one is allowed to travel after 6 pm. 

Listed below countries are closed due to COVID-19. You are not allowed to go to France if you are not coming from a European country. 




1. Museums and monuments 

2. The theaters 

3. Bars and restaurants

4. Cinemas 

5. Pools and gyms 


Shopping centers and departmental stores larger than 20,000m² are also on close to avoid gathering of the people. 


Social distancing is the "New Protocol" of the era.





Germany is one of the most eye-catching countries with its most popular house architecture and several attractions. The mixture of old-world charm and trendy urban cities make it a perfect destination for travelers. With a good array of food, accommodations, and drink choices, Germany is historically more cost-effective to the trip than its other European counterparts.


A traveler can experience two hundred attractions and museums giving automobile and technology-themed activities. The Covid-19 has changed our lives, rules, and regulations. Surely the way of traveling is also changed. 


Germany is one of the most traveled countries in the world. However, Germany and Europe Countries are authorized to travel, with every journey they need approval from the federal border police. 


Germany is a well-prepared country as it has one of the best medical services in the world. Due to Covid-19, Germany has restricted many countries to visit. They have very rigid rules for those who want to travel to Germany during Covid. The travelers have to face these below rules. 


- Entry restrictions

- Digital entry registration 

- Test requirement on entry 

- Quarantine regulations. 

However, masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves are mandatory in Germany. They have highly alert police for checking the rules and regulations. Same as France, except EU countries you are not allowed to enter in Germany currently. 





Greece is a beautiful country with rugged mountains, exotic, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes, and lush forests – Greece vacation has it all. Get the prospect to get completely different lifestyles and wonders all in one country because the natural beauty and variety is certain to astound you. Greece was one of the countries that have opened travel for many countries. Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, it has to ban travel. Those whose reports are negative can be welcome to the country yet they have to make their self-quarantine for seven days. The basis of COVID-19 care is mandatory there. 


Like many of the EU countries, Greece still has not allowed countries from another continent to visit Greece.


 Like the above Countries, Many EU countries have banned tourism. 








These countries like above have restricted the countries except the EU. Many EU countries have allowed other continent’s country but with high rules and regulations. Their top priority is Health and safety.


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