Food And Travel Destinations: Heaven For Food Loving Travelers!

Author: Megha

Travel is to explore the culture, understand the locals, and dive into the specialty of the destination. Well,  all of this can be easily done via FOOD. The combination of appetizing food and travel landscapes is a secret to a successful vacation. Almost every city and town is specialized in its own food, however, some destinations got recognition for their ultimate culinary art. So, if it sounds great to fly around the globe and taste what the world has to offer, then you must consider the food and travel destinations. So, here we are with the 7 best destinations for food-loving travelers. These are the places where- To Travel Is To Eat!! If your dream trip is more about food than sightseeing, then this list is meant for you. Let your curiosity for food lead your next vacation!!! 


Why Should We Travel For Food? 


Before we dig into the list of destinations that are perfect to visit for food, we must know why we should plan a trip revolving around the food? 


Earlier the bucket list of travelers was more focused on iconic travel attractions, great museums, scenic beaches, and thrilling wildlife. But today, the scenario has changed. More than ever before, people love to make their travel decisions based on the food. People are ready to travel off beaten tracks to explore the food traditions. Inevitably, food and travel go hand-in-hand. Food vacations are the best way to know about the destination more deeply. It is altogether a different experience to enjoy freshly prepared food with local ingredients while enjoying the beauty of the destination. This makes traveling thousands of miles- worth it! 


Best Food and Travel Vacation Destinations 


Forget about the food, pick one destination, and travel with an open mind, there is a lot waiting for you to try. 


Let’s get started!!!


1. Mexico City



A destination for foodies that can be described as an unquenchable fest of aromas, colors, spices, and flavors is none other than MEXICO CITY. Although there are many fantastic places to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, Mexico City remains the best for the real flavors. In the culinary world, it is the destination where traditional food meets modern cuisine, and high-end dining meets street food. The real Mexican food is a perfect explosion of textures and fresh flavors that is no less than a gastronomic delight. The cuisine offered by Mexico City is more focused on farm-to-table dishes and innovative combinations that you won’t get to see anywhere else in the world. Someone said it right- “Life without Mexican food is like no life at all!” So, all the foodies, plan food and travel vacation to Mexico and relish the real taste of travel.  


2. Barcelona



Undoubtedly- “Barcelona cuisine is amazing!” For true foodies, it is a part of the experience to savor the Tapas of Barcelona. Tapas are popular all across the globe, but the ones that Barcelona offers are a must-try. This is that one destination where food and travel go hand-in-hand. To experience the food culture of the city, you can either visit a buzzy marketplace restaurant or eat delectable food at luxurious cafes. This city in Spain has so much for the foodies, that it won’t be possible to taste everything in just a few days. Unlike restaurants in other countries, the ones in Barcelona offer quality plates but at reasonable prices. If you too want to enjoy the world-famous Tapas, then La Cova Fumada, El Vaso de Oro, and Paco Meralgo are the finest spots. Wherever you are, if you are a real foodie, you can’t miss Barcelona!! 


3. Croatia



Located in between Italy, central Europe, and Ottoman Empire, Croatia is the destination for all the foodies out there. “There is no other reason as good as FOOD for traveling!”- If your love for the food is real, then you must plan to visit Croatia at least once. Although it is a lesser-known destination, it is surely a surprise for food lovers! The culinary scene in the country is greatly marked by its incredibly diverse regions and ancient traditions. Some of Croatia’s traditional food items that are a definite try are Black Risotto, Brodetto, Istrian Ham, Peka, Truffles, Buzara, and Boskarin. If you want to enjoy the true flavors of Croatia’s famous cuisine, you must head-out to Istria. Lies in the Croatian-Italian bilingual region, this place is perfect for amazing seafood. With so much to offer, a food and travel experience in Croatia is a must to enjoy. 


4. Tokyo



Have you heard about SUSHI? Well, who hasn’t? If you are someone who enjoys having sushi, then Tokyo is the destination for you. It is a place where you can get the best, freshest, and most delicious sushi ever. If this is not the perfect reason for you to plan a food vacation to Tokyo, then Wait.. this place has a lot more to offer to your taste buds. Tokyo is a vibrant city that has plentiful options for amazing food. Right from the luxurious restaurants to casual dining spots to unique themed restaurants, this city is full of options. The cool izakayas and old Tsukiji outer market are prominent among all. They are a must-to-visit on your food and travel journey to Tokyo to relish the food that you surely have never heard of before. So, grab your bag and leave for a vacation to Tokyo. We guarantee- it won’t disappoint you when it comes to the food!


5. Bologna



Food is not just eating energy, it is an experience!” and so do travel. Undoubtedly, food and travel are the best combinations ever. If you are a foodie, then nothing can be better than traveling for it. One such destination that you must visit is Bologna. This city in Italy has a life that revolves around food. Although there are so many things to do in the city, the best one is to try out some amazing culinary spots. In this city, you can experience a food tour, join the intimate cooking class or visit the high-end restaurants to savor some lip-smacking food. Not just food, this city is famous for its wine too. A wine tasting trip in the city will take your wine experience to a whole new level. Plan to visit this city. A food journey to Bologna will be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!


6. Chiang Mai



In northern Thailand lies this beautiful city- Chiang Mai which lures people to come and admire the ultimate culinary masterpieces. This city is known all over the world for its amazing Thai street food. Many people love to include Thai food in their diet, but not everyone knows what it tastes and looks like in Thailand! If you want to get the best taste of Thai food, then no destination can compare to Chiang Mai. For all the hardcore foodies, this is a perfect destination to satiate the hunger. Like art, culture, and language, the food here differs from everywhere else. The food served in Chiang Mai shows a heavier use of coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass, and ginger.  The food here goes even beyond the original Thai food and has its own distinct identity that captivates the attention of food and travel tourists from all over the world.


7. New Orleans



Food is the ingredients that bind us together!” The same happens in New Orleans. It is the city’s love affair for its traditional food that unites people here. Unlike typical American food, New Orleans has its own flavors and culture when it comes to food. If you are a foodie who loves to experiment with their tastes, then New Orleans is the ideal destination to explore. The food this city serves is greatly influenced by Cajun, Creole, and French, but has its own distinct identity. Some of the dishes this city is known for are po’boy sandwiches, gumbo, muffuletta sandwiches, crawfish, red beans and rice, jambalaya, and more. Together with the plethora of skillful chefs and ultimate dining spots, the cocktail scene here is worth discussing. If you want to impress your palettes with amazing food, then this is the place for you!


While some follow their heart when traveling, others follow their taste buds!!!” If you too think this way, then these are the ideal destinations for you. Review the list and tick off these foodie destinations on your bucket list so that you won’t miss what the world has to offer. We hope these recommendations of food and travel destinations will help you find the destination for your next trip!

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