9 Airport Tips to Make Air Travel Easier!

Let’s face it — navigating airports can be stressful! 


With all that puzzling security checks and the whole bunch of rules that change from airport to airport — flying today can be a downright miserable experience and any regular air traveler would know that. The airports have got busier, increasing length of queues at the check-in, and everything else has made the journey complex overall. Any air traveler who has had dealt with a bad airport experience can tell you that— this tiring journey through the airport can alone make you feel disheveled and that would be a bad start to your long-thought vacation. In addition to just catching your flight, there could be many other reasons that might require you to spend time at the airport— the constant delays in the flight can be one of the major ones. 


No matter what luxurious leisure travel packages you have booked and which opulent hotel suite you are going to stay at, the bad beginning can piss you off. But every lock has a key, if you can take care of small things, follow some important tips, it would make your air travel easier. Some simple tricks will make your air travel easier. It’s always good to be ready to face the challenge in a good & enjoyable way— after all, it’s the first step to beginning your unforgettable journey of a lifetime. In this article, we have come up with some helpful tips to navigate your air travel journey in a delightful way. Let’s go through these airport hacks that might make your journey pleasurable & smooth. Here we go:


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Your journey through the airport can be easier!


1. Arrive at the Airport Ahead of Time



While most US airlines give clear instructions as to arriving early at the airport— but you will see several air travelers rushing through the airport gates at the last moment that obviously makes your traveling experience worse in the first place. And, you must also have seen seasoned air travelers who might keep accumulating 100,000 air miles and over every year and still they arrive early at the airport, which is the right way to navigate your journey through the airport.  When you will talk to several full-time air travelers for whom booking leisure travel packages is just like any other daily chores, you will realize that most of them would think in the same way— It is always good to arrive early and relax!!


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2. Look for the Best Seat Before Booking



Even if you are not a regular air traveler and have had only a few encounters with the airport, you must have realized that some seats are more comfortable than the others. In fact, there are some seats that would just suck— like the aisle seats are really comfortable with respect to accessing the restrooms and if you ever have a chance to sit around the window seat, you must have had the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing view. The good thing about living in the era is that— you can find everything on the internet. There are websites where air travelers can find reviews of different seats— they have mentioned everything from where to find the power outlets and USB ports and more. And, particularly if you are flying for the first time, choosing the right seat is essential as it will help you overcome the fear of flying. 


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3. Signing Up Popular air Traveler Program will Help



There are plenty of TSA’s PreCheck programs working in various cities across the US— and you can avail one of these programs at over 200 airports today. The air travelers who are members of these programs get an option to get through the security without requiring to remove their laptops or their shoes. In addition to that, the Customs Department’s Global Entry program in the US is another option for frequent air travelers— it keeps you away from all the unwanted hassle. This helps passengers avoid long customs lines while they are returning from overseas. Booking the best leisure travel package is not just enough, you have to make the best choices from the beginning until the end of your vacation. 


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4. Don’t Forget Your Sleeping Kit



If you land at your vacation destination all well-rested, undoubtedly this is going to make the journey enjoyable. So whether you are trying to make yourself comfortable through the aisle seat or maybe trying to lean against the cold hard window— your sleeping kit would be of great help. It will keep you comfortable through the journey, taking you to the destination all fresh, rejuvenated, and excited about exploring it. So, even if you have had a little trouble making it through the long queue, if you have comfortably rested during the flight— then your journey would not get affected. And, if you have to sit at the airport, waiting for your delayed flight— an earplug and an eye mask would be of great help. You can also get an earplug with noise-canceling headphones— they work great in canceling out the noise going through in the surrounding, most air travelers use them.


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5. Relaxing at the Airport Lounge during a Long Layover is a Great Idea



It is understandable if you are not a frequent air traveler— investing your hard-earned money on these things would seem to be a bad idea for you. But, indeed, such investments are worth it like booking the best leisure travel packages. And, if you are a frequent traveler obviously this will mean that — spending here is a great investment. When you have to go through several layovers, it would be a great idea to get yourself a daily pass. Gather all the information on these passes before you book your flight. If you are trying to get a daily pass— make sure that it is available for United Club, Sky Club, and Admirals Club— and a one-day pass all these are available for all less than $60. The Amenities included range from complimentary drinks to snacks to shower suites, wifi, and much more. 


6. Online Check-in Helps



Nowadays most airlines offer online check-in for flying with them. This helps air travelers check-in online and get the print of their boarding pass through the mobile app or the website of the particular airline. This will save a lot of your time as you can directly go to the security check skipping the check-in queue. But you have to have all the information on whether the airlines you are trying to travel to allow online check-in or not— there are still some airlines that do not provide an online check-in facility. And, you need to especially be careful when packing— it must be done in a way that if you have to remove a few items at the security check, it won’t cause you too much trouble. And, keep anything liquid in the upper section of your carry-on — and the same goes true for your tablet or computer. 


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7. Keep Checking Your Flight Status



For any air traveler, this is one of the topmost airport hacks— it’s like this is mandatory to do. While most people know that it is important to keep close tabs on the flight status, a considerable part of this lot of air travelers would forget about it. Imagine getting up all unrested hastily in the middle of the night to get ready for your early morning flight— and you reach the airport to only realize that your flight has been canceled. This is really upsetting and more like some kind of torture. So if you are smart enough to get through this and know about the status of your flight in advance then it would be a great idea. Check your flight status in advance so you do not have to reach the airport laden with all your luggage, discovering that — the flight has been canceled. 


8. Keep Your Devices Charged



So before you head for the airport make sure that you have charged all your devices including your phone, camera, laptop, and other electronic devices if you have any. While we get the best leisure travel packages, we often do not pay heed to the smaller aspects! But believe me, it can change the game for sure! When you are going on air travel, you never know if you would be able to find a charging outlet or not at all places including at the airport— and there could be many other circumstances. And, in addition to charging your devices, you must also keep a small backup battery that will help in case of emergency. 


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9. Make sure You have Checked the Dimension of Your Carry-on Before Venturing Out 


Different airlines allow different measurements of carry-on that air travelers can bring on the flight. So before you venture out make sure that you know the requirement for the Domestic or International airline you are traveling with— like American airlines, Delta airlines & United airlines require 9″x14″x22″  dimension and Southwest allows 10″x16″x24″. Before anything measure the dimensions of your carry-on travel bag. 


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