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Germany is a quintessential tourist spot - Natural Beauty, culture & history all at one place! The way it holds this unimaginable glut of charm is absolutely unmatched. With a plethora of small & quaint villages, fantabulous towns, spellbinding historical spots, the soaring mountains & the beautifully dense forests - one feels a hypnotizing effect in every corner of the country.

On top of all this, another fantastic aspect about Germany is that there’s something of value for every type of traveler. For the one who is more inclined towards art & keens for sightseeing - Hamburg, Munich & Frankfurt are the best places. On the other hand, those interested in recreational & entertaining activities can make their way to the Rhine Valley, the Bavarian Alps & the Black Forest.

Availing the best of Germany vacation packages will surely resurrect that much-needed symphony inside of you! There’s beauty everywhere - from the grand amazing palaces to the wonderful old cathedrals & the charm of the old arty-crafty villages, there’s something unspeakably magical about this place. A lot of villages & towns will get you an introduction of the old traditional Germany with many traditional fairs, Christmas Markets & festivals.
While there is an assortment of cities & towns to get inspired with, yet Berlin is one of the most popular of them all. With off-the-beaten galleries, finely designed museums & many superb tourist spots, there are thousands of reasons to look for the perfect Germany vacation packages and satiate your wanderlust. Before you venture on this incredible odyssey of the lifetime, let us introduce you briefly to Germany.


A Brief Description of Germany

Official Name: Federal Republic of Germany
Capital of Germany: Berlin
Official Language: German
Currency of Germany: Euro
Major Rivers: Rhine, Elbe, Main, Danube
Major Cities of Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, and Leipzig.

What Interesting Things You can Do with best Germany Vacation Packages?

The natural beauty of this amazing chunk of land along with its incredible history, cultural and assortment of tourist attractions makes it an implausible tourist spot. Every part of the country is all laden with beautiful sites & great tourist spots. From Berlin to Munich and Hamburg, there are an assortment sites. And, we have here assortments of Germany vacation packages for every type of traveler. Let us throw some light on some of the top tourist attractions in Germany. Here we go:

1. The Berlin Wall

Opening Timings: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)

Entry fee: Free

Location: Berlin, Germany

The Berlin wall is one-of-its-kind epochal tourist attractions of Germany! Those Germany vacation packages that do not include this place, they are absolutely & truly not complete. To precisely describe, the colorful graffiti designed on some sections of the wall is amazing to look at. And, one cannot miss going to the Berlin War Memorial & the Berlin War Exhibitions.

2. Frauenkirche

Opening Timings: 10 AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 6 PM

Entry fee: Free, donations welcome

Location: Munich, Germany

Frauenkirche will add another wing to your feather of traveling! This Catholic Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Germany. Surprisingly, this amazing tourist attraction has capacity to accommodate around 20,000 people all at a time. In addition to the serenity, climbing up above church tower will get to some really spectacular views.

3. Brandenburg Gate

Opening Timings:

9:30 AM to 7:00 PM (April to October)

9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (November to March)

Note: Opening time can differ during special events like New Year's Eve & Christmas.

Entry fees: Free

Location: Berlin

This is the perfect place that most dream Germany vacation packages begin with! It stands as a symbol German & Berlin division at the time of the Cold War. Today, it is considered as an emblem of national unity & peace. Don’t forget to add this spot to your bucket list as it also makes for a great place for clicking pictures.

4. The Black Forest

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Entry fee: You have to get a Black Forest Card for free visit & rides.

Location: Baden-Württemberg

This wonderful 160 km expanse of forest, hills & forests is another most beautiful tourist attraction in Germany. It is all spread from the Baden-Baden spa town to the Swiss border & from Lake Constance to the Rhine. This part of the country is particularly great option for those who want to move on a slow pace – as in on foot or by bicycle, which is the perfect way to make a deeper connection with the twists & turns & the natural view.

5. Museum Island

Opening Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: Approx. $20/per person

Location: Berlin

This unique “the Museum Island” was named so as for this tourist spot encompasses world-class museums including the Alte Nationalgalerie, Altes Museum, Pergamon Museum, and Neues Museum. Sitting at the heart of the capital city, Berlin, the Museum Island is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the country. The five well-known museums will take you through a wonderful journey of art & archeological collections.

6. Gendarmenmarkt

Opening Timings: 11 AM to 10 PM

Entry fee:

1 Euro (Adults)

Free for children below 12.

Note: on 25th & 26th of December (from 11 AM to 2 PM), it’s free.

Location: Berlin

Talk about the best places to see on any Top Germany vacation packages and you cannot forget about Gendarmenmarkt! Located in the heart of the country in Berlin, this is a public square & is popularly known for three spectacular buildings including the French & German cathedrals & Schinkel’s Konzerthaus. During Christmas, you will get another advantage of shopping at the Gendarmenmarkt.

May to September makes for the best time to plan the trip! Throughout this period, the temperature remains low with the temperature being overall pleasant to go out and discover the country. During the season (peak of the summer), airfares & accommodation rates soar up & are comparatively high because of the thick tourist crowd. 

However, in general, the best time to plan trip Germany  is May to September, yet it will largely depend on your choices. Based on different vacation choices and the type of Germany vacation packages you are looking for, here is a list of the best time to visit Germany. 

Let’s find out: 

Best time to visit Germany For


Additional Information


April and May or October

After Oktoberfest events

Good Weather

May through September

Warm Temperature & plenty of Sunshine

Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

July and August

Arrive at an hour Before


Throughout the year

Oktoberfest in September is the most important Festiva.

To visit Vineyards

Late April to early summer

Assortment of open-air wine festivals.

There are different travel seasons in Germany based on number of tourists queuing around the top tourist attractions in the country. Here is a sneak peak into the same: 

High Season in Germany:  

  • Mid of June to August, the Christmas Holidays & Oktoberfest Holidays. 

  • Popular tourist spots are all flooded with tourists from around the globe.

  • Airfares & accommodation rates highest throughout the year. 

Shoulder Season in Germany: 

  • April to Mid of June, first half of September & second half of October.

  • Rain, sunny & warm weather. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable.

  • You can get accommodations & airfares at discounted rates.     

Low Season in Germany:  

  • November to March & Mid-December to early January.

  • Dreary, dark & cold days. There could be snow & freezing rain in a few places.

  • Less expensive season with plenty of deals on accommodation & airfares.

In Germany, there isn’t any dearth of fantabulous places to visit! From the hustle & bustle of Berlin to the historical land of Munich, you will have an encounter with everything that will  fascinate you. This list is going to help with all your Germany vacation packages and create your dream trip.

Here’s the list:

1. Berlin

This is not so surprising to know that, Berlin is the second most populous city of the European Union. It is one of the most diverse parts of Germany where people from a variety of backgrounds live. Particularly known for its skyscrapers & shopping markets, very few know that around one-third of the city is all laden with lakes, canals & rivers. In addition to that, Berlin’s history is one of the fascinating parts of all Germany vacation packages.

Top tourist attractions in Berlin:

1. The Brandenburg Gate

2. The Rebuilt Reichstag

3. Museum Island

4. Charlottenburg Palace and Park

5. The Gendarmenmarkt

6. Jewish Museum Berlin

2. Munich

The capital city of Bavaria, Munich is one of the city’s you should not miss! With its unique culture & great authentic taste of its own, the city’s air along with the assortment of tourist attractions will attract you for sure. Oktoberfest, the annual festival that is celebrated with a lot of beer is one of those unique things about Munich. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Munich in addition to all of this.

Top Tourist Attractions in Munich:

  1.  Munich Resident

  2. Frauenkirche

  3. Asamkirche (Asam Church)

  4.  Englischer Garten (English Garden)

  5.  Nymphenburg Palace

  6. Cuvilliés Theater

3. Heidelberg

Housing the country’s oldest buildings Heidelberg has been considered as oldest student town not only of Germany but for Germany. The city is all laden with great energy of the youth who are present here in great numbers. In addition to this unique feature, Heidelberg with lush forests and the Neckar River penetrating all through it will bring you close to nature. And, we do not have to mention the plethora of tourist attractions in Heidelberg.

Top Tourist Attractions in Heidelberg:

  1. Heidelberg Castle

  2. Heidelberg University

  3. Karl Theodor Bridge

  4. The Philosophers' Way

  5. Schloss Schwetzingen

  6. Heidelberg Zoo

4. Nuremberg

You will find plenty of historical spots in Nuremberg. It is particularly famous for the Nuremberg trials, the even when the nazi war criminals were sentenced. You have a flood of great things to discover if you are particularly inclined towards discovering the story of war & the aftermath. One of the top places to visit with that regards is the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rallying Grounds. In addition to that, the wonderful historical centre is a must-see spot! This place is one of an important locations that will surely be included in all Germany vacation packages.

Top tourist Attractions in Nuremberg:

  1. Imperial Castle

  2. National Germanic Museum

  3. The Historic City Walls

  4. The Nuremberg Transport Museum

  5. St. Lawrence's Church

  6. The Hauptmarkt

5. Cologne

Cologne is truly the keypoint of historical & cultural discovery! In addition to helping you discover the great history of germany, the bustling cosmopolitan city feel is over the city. Cologne’s Old Town (Altstadt), you will get to discover some pictures from the past - cobbled streets, the vibrantly colourful buildings, will familiarize with the past.

Top Tourist Attractions in Cologne: 

  1. Cologne Cathedral

  2. Cologne's Old Town

  3. Rhine River Cruises

  4. National Socialism Documentation Center

  5. Cologne Zoological Gardens

  6. Chocolate Museum

6. Hamburg

Located in the vicinity of Elbe, Hamburg will get you that magic of a dream vacation! It’s the second-largest part of Europe. And, the place is also known for development going on in different areas including education, research & science. Arts & culture is ingrained in every part of the city - visit the Laeisz,  concert halls, musical shows, and more. And, you cannot miss visiting the Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, which is the largest railway model of the world.

Top Tourist attractions in Hamburg:

  1. The Port of Hamburg

  2. Miniatur Wunderland

  3. Kunsthalle Hamburg

  4. St. Michael's Church

  5. International Maritime Museum

  6. Ohlsdorf Cemetery

The Best Germany Vacation 2022


5 Days Germany Vacation - Berlin Highlights

Destinations: Berlin
Minimum Price: $827
Maximum Price: $917
Vacation Duration: 5 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Explore the charming capital of Germany, Berlin.
  2. Visit some of the best museums of Berlin to discover its turbulent past.
  3. Scale along the Reichstag dome and know about the party culture of Berlin.
  4. Visit to the city’s highlights including the Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate, Kulturforum, the Reichstag, the Jewish Museum, Checkpoint Charlie, and the magnificent palace of Sanssouci in Potsdam.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days Germany Vacation - Frankfurt to Nuremberg

Destinations: Frankfurt to Nuremberg
Minimum Price: $1729
Maximum Price: $1999
Vacation Duration: 10 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Explore the cities of Nuremberg, Frankfurt, and Munich.
  2. Stroll through the Altstadt and watch for the Old Opera House and half-timbered houses.
  3. In Heidelberg, explore the medieval architecture, the Baden-Baden & Freiburg.
  4. Visit Strasbourg & Colmar in Alsace the France-German region, crossing the Rhine River.
  5. Visit the black forest, the island of Lindau, castles of Ludwig II, the spectacular fairy-tale castle, and more.
  6. In Munich visit the medieval square of Marienplatz, Neues Rathaus, and see the popular the famous clock tower.
  7. In Nuremberg, visit the city center to explore several historical landmarks including the Gothic Frauenkirche and Nuremberg Castle.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Germany Vacation - Discovering Berlin & Dresden 

Destinations: Berlin & Dresden
Minimum Price: $4512
Maximum Price: $4799
Vacation Duration: 7 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Explore the most happening cities of Germany, Berlin with such Germany vacation packages.
  2. In Berlin, get acquainted with the incredible history that it holds, the spectacular nightlife, the art embedded in every pinch of the soil, the world-class museums & more.
  3. The in Dresden, visit the Imperial Zwinger palace and the Dresden Opera House.
  4. In the next part of the trip, make your towards the ‘Saxon Switzerland’ where you will visit the Chinese-style palace & do more.
  5. On your way to Weimar, visit the baroque Moritzburg Castle.
  6. In Weimar, you will visit the birthplace of some of the most influential people of the history including Liszt, Goethe, and Bach.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Frankfurt to Munich

Destinations: Frankfurt to Munich
Minimum Price: $1876
Maximum Price: $1999
Vacation Duration: 6 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Most Germany vacation packages like this begin from Frankfurt, which is popularly known for being the business & financial capital of Germany.
  2. Wander around the Old City or the Altstadt to discover the various classical centers & half-timbered houses.
  3. After Frankfurt, make your way towards Berlin, where you can sink in its culture visiting operas and classical theatre.
  4. History buffs can visit the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz, and more.
  5. Finish this vacation in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Visit the medieval square of Marienplatz, New Town Hall, Alte Pinakothek (the huge art gallery), and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Frankfurt to Berlin

Destinations: Frankfurt to Berlin
Minimum Price: $2765
Maximum Price: $2989
Vacation Duration: 5 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. This Germany vacation begins from Frankfurt, which is popularly known for housing the International airport.
  2. Explore the Altstadt to discover plenty of classical centers & the half-timbered houses.
  3. Make your way towards Wurzburg to get a taste of its ancient streets.
  4. In Nuremberg, go on a guided tour of the city to discover what all it took to rebuild the city after WWII.
  5. Visit the Christkindlesmarkt, which is the most important attractions when you are looking for Germany vacation packages in December.
  6. On the way to Dresden, visit the Opera House, Frauenkirche, admirable Elbe River and do more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Prague, Berlin & Warsaw

Destinations: Prague, Berlin & Warsaw
Minimum Price: $ 1821
Maximum Price: $ 1963
Vacation Duration: 8 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. In Warsaw, which is the political & economic capital of warsaw, you will see the Palace of Science and Culture including Lazienki Palace.
  2. Visit the Old Town & take in Chopin concert in the afternoon to satiate the zeal for discovering the cultural aspect of the country.
  3. In Poznan, discover the trade city, which is believed to be the place where Baroque and Gothic sensibilities come together.
  4. See the Brandenburg Gate, the impeccably built Schloss Charlottenburg, and the glass-domed Reichstag building.
  5. Then visit the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the opera house of the city and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Munich to Vienna

Destinations: Munich to Vienna
Minimum Price: $ 3698
Maximum Price: $ 3892
Vacation Duration: 12 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. With such Germany vacation packages you will be covering the cities of Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Austria and Durnstein.
  2. This trip begins in Munich, where you will see the Grand Circle of the city.
  3. Walkthrough the Grand Circle to visit the most popular sites including New Town Hall or the Neues Rathaus, Alte Pinakothek and more.
  4. Also, visit the Deutsches Museum and the Olympic Tower.
  5. After this, head towards Tegernsee, the lakeside town.
  6. Take up cooking classes in Zell am See. Learn to cook kaspress knodel.
  7. In Berchtesgaden, visit Eagle’s Nest and know everything about WWII.
  8. In Salzburg, visit Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace, which is considered the most admiring sight in the country.
  9. Head to Durnstein, discovering more about the national drink of Austria.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Germany Exploration

Destinations: Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt
Minimum Price: $ 3768
Maximum Price: $ 3984
Vacation Duration: 12 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Most of Such Germany vacation packages start in Frankfurt. See the half-timbered wooden houses of Paulskirche & Romerberg.
  2. Visit the Old Opera House and stroll around skyscraper district and get acquainted with the spectacularly built towers.
  3. In Berlin, visit landmark sites including Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall & its remnants, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and Potsdam Square.
  4. In Munich, the final spot, you visit the medieval square of Marienplatz, the Deutsches Museum, and more. Do not miss trying some of the popular Bavarian cuisine.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days Germany Vacation - Germany's Christmas Markets

Destinations: Berlin to Munich
Minimum Price: $6753
Maximum Price: $6999
Vacation Duration: 15 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. You will begin with Berlin as per these Germany vacation packages.
  2. Start with a visit to some of the popular historical sites - Museum Island, mighty Brandenburg Gate & the State Opera House.
  3. Don’t forget to stop by the Gendarmenmarkt. Visit the Berlin Wall & its remnants, and the nearby Oberbaumbridge.
  4. Further in Dresden, visit the popular historical sites including Augustus Bridge,Theater Square and do more.
  5. In Nuremberg, explore the historical sites including Nuremberg Castle, the Christkindlesmarkt, the stunning Gothic Frauenkirche, and more.
  6. At the final spot in Munich, visit Alte Pinakothek, the Neo-Gothic New Town Hall, the Viktualienmarkt street market, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


6 Days Germany Vacation - Munich Highlights

Destinations: Munich
Minimum Price: $2399
Maximum Price: $2512
Vacation Duration: 6 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. In Munich, discover this amazing mix of modern architecture & the historical charm.
  2. Visit the grand popular landmark sites including Marienplatz, the beautiful English Garden, the famous Hofbrauhaus, the Cathedral, Olympic Park built for the Olympics in 1972, and more.
  3. On another day, visit the perfectly romantic castles, the village of Oberammergau, Linderhof Castle, Neuschwanstein castle, and more.
  4. Wander through the town of Dachau, which was one of the most infamous concentration camps of the Nazis.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Germany Vacation - Dresden Highlights

Destinations: Dresden
Minimum Price: $912
Maximum Price: $967
Vacation Duration: 5 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. Go on a half-day sightseeing tour of Dresden and explore its landmark tourist sites.
  2. Start with steamboat ride along the Elbe River then enter through the Old City, and cross the city’s most popular bridge, the Blue Wonder.
  3. Marvel at the wonderful panoramic site of the city from Ober Loschwitz riding through the mountain railway.
  4. Visit the popular tourist sites including the Dresden Opera House, Zwinger Palace, and the Frauenkirche.
  5. Go on a nightlife exploration of Neustadt. Discover city’s history & its amazing art scenes.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Germany Vacation - Discovering Munich

Destinations: Nuremberg, Neuschwanstein & Munich
Minimum Price: $4478
Maximum Price: $4634
Vacation Duration: 7 Days
Activities on the Trip:

  1. This trip begins in Nuremberg which has been the center of germany’s history from many years. Discover how painstakingly the city was rebuilt after the destruction that was caused after WWII.
  2. Visit the popular sites like the Gothic Frauenkirche and Nuremberg Castle. Also, visit the Christmas market which is popularly known as Christkindlesmarkt.
  3. Visit the Old Town or baroque Altstadt and the Baroque cathedral where you will enjoy the perfect view of the city.
  4. Turn around Berchtesgaden located beautifully along six mountains. See the beautiful timber-framed houses, cobblestone paths, and the impeccable rolling hills.
  5. Visit Neuschwanstein and then Munich.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star
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