Top Must-See Attractions for the Best Luxury Poland Tours!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 27,2021

Poland is one of Europe’s most underrated destinations for enjoying a vacation full of luxury, amazing architecture, historic sites, beautiful coastlines, and majestic mountains. This country has everything to offer to tourists and history buffs for the best luxury Poland tours. From the oldest salt mines in the world to the mesmerizing port city of Gdansk, there are endless places to visit, and things to do on your best luxury Poland tours to any of these cities. It has something all varieties of tourists and explorers, from extravagant royal luxury to medieval monuments, from lively, colorful, and artistic cities to historic Nazi sites that have made history.


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Poland offers heritage, culture, architecture, and artistic beauty like no other, which is why the best luxury Poland tours take you to some of the greatest cities in the country, which have an amazing history associated with each one of them. The experts at leisure bring you the top attractions and destinations that you absolutely cannot miss if you wish to have the best luxury Poland tours! 


1.    The historic Auschwitz Camps



Standing as a reminder of the horrific tragedy caused to European Jews, during the Nazi regime, the Auschwitz camps are one of the most popular sights to see in Poland, for completely different reasons. The concentration camps, remind you of how precious life is, as it humbles you to cherish life and spread only love and happiness in the lives of every individual you come across.


The Auschwitz camps are located just an hour away from Krakow and remind us of the horrors that still make us tremble. The site is a reminder of the concentration and extermination camps that operated here during 1942 and 1944, under the then Nazi-Occupied Poland. Holding over 1.3 Million inmates, out of which only less than 10% of the prisoners managed to survive.


Today you can explore Auschwitz through your best luxury Poland tours with the help of a guide, and learn about the ruins of the numerous buildings and almost 300 barracks that once stood here. Although, while fleeing the camps, Nazi soldiers destroy almost all of the gas chambers, and crematorium but some have been partly preserved as a historic site.


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2.    Old Market Place in Warsaw



Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its largest city as well. The city of Warsaw has a rich history, which is reflected through its medieval architectural marvels. The city has stood the test of time since it was established during the 9th century. The city has faced and emerged victorious against many calamities to human civilizations, such as the plague, historic invasions, multiple wars, and the most recent of them would be the invasion of the Nazis. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, which can be studied at the many museums and heritage sites in the city.


However, today, Warsaw is not all castles, and cathedrals, the city is sprawling with cultural, tall modern skyscrapers, extravagant hotels and shopping outlets, amazing art galleries and so much more to offer you the best luxury Poland tours on your visit. The old town marketplace in Warsaw offers some authentic Polish experience, which amazingly fresh produce, beautiful cafes and restaurants, and quiet little cobblestone alleyways make it seem like a fairytale town. In addition, the colorful buildings and medieval architecture add to its charms. The old town marketplace is the best place in the country to buy some amazing souvenirs and check out the best Polish culture.


3.    The Polish Castles



Poland has some amazing castles, palaces, and royal residences that should be a perfect addition to your trip to make it the best luxury Poland tour. With over 500 castles and several thousand palaces spread out all over the country, exploring the royal history of Poland is so much fun on your European vacation. Some are ruined, with only a part of them still standing for the world to see, some rebuilt and refurbished to keep their heritage alive, some have perfectly stood the test of time and turned into a historic monument which you can visit, where some are abandoned and said to have been occupied by ghosts. Whatever your expectations from your trip to Poland maybe, be it learning the rich history and culture of the country, exploring the royal luxury in style, or taking on the adventure of exploring the ghost castles and palaces by yourself, there are some of the best luxury Poland tour packages that take you to different castles all across Poland and let you enjoy its rich heritage.


Some of the most popular and must-see castles on your trip to Poland include The Ksiaz Castle, The Czocha Castle, the ruins of Ogrodzieniec Castle, The Wawel Royal Castle, Moszna Castle, and the Malbork Castle, which is also one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, where you can even catch the reenactment of the Battle of Grunwald fought in 1410. As for the ghost seekers, who wish to seek out the secrets of the fortress, you can visit the Castles in Checiny or Niedzica.


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4.    Learn its History



Time has time, Poland has stood its ground against conquerors, invaders, emperors, and armies, and written past numerous times. After being established somewhere between the 10th and 14th century under the Piast Dynasty, Poland has gone through a lot of changes in terms of architecture, geography, cultural changes as well other political influences. Even if you’re not a complete history buff, while on your best luxury Poland tours, you won’t be able to escape the charm of the city and find yourself enchanted with its past.


And for those, who wish to learn everything about the country, throughout the years, from its food, architecture, history, and cultural changes over the years, there are close to 949 world-class Museums and their branches all over the city. For the best luxury Poland tours experience, you should check out their popular and elegant museums, in Poland, such as Oskar Schindler’s Factory, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Rynek Underground, European Solidarity Centre, POLIN Museum of the history of Polish Jews, Polish Aviation Museum, Museum of the Second World War and the Wieliczka Salt Mines.


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5.    Explore the Grandeur of Poland in Luxury


Thanks to its amazing architectural heritage and skilled craftsmanship, Poland is home to some of the most extravagant and elegant hotels in the world. In order to enjoy the best of the best luxury Poland tours, you must plan your stay at one of the hotels mentioned below:


a)  Hotel Bristol



This iconic hotel serves as a landmark in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The hotel is perfectly located between the top attractions in the capital and offers quick access to all of them for the best luxury Poland tours. The hotel has played host to some of the greatest political leaders, royal families, and celebrities from around the world. The hotel has 206 rooms with elegant artworks and plush interior designs to blow you away. You also get a butler to help you with all your needs from taking your luggage to your room, to making sure your shoes are sparkling clean.


b)  Hotel Warszawa



This hotel is arguably one of the most romantic places to stay in Poland. The luxurious amenities, the modern glass architecture, and the beautiful design make it look like something out of a painting. The hotel is comfortably situated near the most popular tourist attractions with Old Town of Warsaw within a walking distance. The hotel offers a spa, wellness, and fitness retreats to help you relax, along with heated swimming pool bike rentals, amazing modern amenities in your room, and a world-class view to die for. The hotel is situated in one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country giving you an amazing view of the best luxury Poland tours of your life.


c)       Raffles Europejski Warsaw



This hotel is among the oldest and the most iconic hotels in the country. Built-in 1857 with a complete overhaul renovation in 2017, this hotel demonstrates luxury like no other. The hotel is full of amazing pieces of artwork from top to bottom and features an elegant interior design. The hotel has a total of 106 rooms divided into different categories with the Presidential and Raffles suite being the most spectacular of the bunch giving you a kind experience on the best luxury Poland tours of your life. In addition to the beautiful rooms, the hotel also has other amenities such as a spa, fine dining restaurants, a cigar bar, contemporary polish artworks, a friendly staff with a make it works attitude, and personal butlers to assist you with all your needs.


The amazing hotels, historic sites, and royal castles, and lovely Polish hospitality help you have the best luxury Poland tours which will not only enrich your experience with amazing architecture and luxurious hospitality but will also teach you a thing or two about the power of perseverance!


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