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China is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, the country witnesses over a million international tourists per year. It is so massive that it is impossible for anyone to truly witness the country. But look at the positive side; you will never run out of places to visit. So don't let that stop you from checking out the China travel packages that highlight all the best tourist places to explore. 


China has this wonderful and mysterious charm that you won't get in any other country — case in point, the Great Wall of China, which continues to enthrall tourists for years. The best part about China travel packages is that you get to witness the seamlessly beautiful blend of traditional and modern culture. 


The country is rich in traditions, heritage, and ancient customs, which is perfect for all history buffs. Let's not forget the food. There is nothing like relishing authentic Chinese food from where it originates. The China travel packages have everything you need - gorgeous beaches, beautiful architectural designs, snow-capped mountains, and every other tourist attraction. If you are a fan of the Avatar movie, you might want to visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan province. Its pillar-like rock formations make it look straight out of a sci-fi film. 


So what are you waiting for? Read through our China travel packages and enjoy the country in all its glory.  


Explore China Vacation & Packages 2022


China is simply magic! The land & its people make everyone head over heels for the unseen & untouched beauty. The place will amaze you! You will see and encounter things that could not be found anywhere else in the universe. The amazing combination of the contemporary & the old will have a swashbuckling effect on your heart & mind. This is very important to choose from the best of China vacation packages that will take you through all of this magical land.


It’s simply an adventure looking for China Vacation packages and planning it all. And, this makes out that one has to take care of a number of things before one ventures out on this incredible trip. There are things to take care of and make preparations for even before one takes their flight. 


One of the most important things in that regard is the visa requirement. Even US citizens who do not need a visa to cross many of the borders will need one when looking for China vacation packages. And, there are plenty of other things that you will generally not get in China as it is altogether a different country with a completely different culture. There are many other forms of preparations one is required to make before venturing on this vacation. Here are important things to know before the trip. Let’s find out:


Location & Geography: Located in the East & Middle Asia China, occupies an area of around 3,691,502 square miles. It’s the third-largest country in the world! While western China is all laden with desert, high plateaus, and mountains in east you will get to see hills, deltas & plains. 


Bordering countries: Eleven countries share their border with China. In the north, there’s Mongolia & Russia, to the southwest is India & to the south is Vietnam, Myanmar & Laos. 


Climate: China exhibits a diverse climate with subarctic in the north & tropical in the south.

Thing to Do & Best Spots to Visit in China


The Great Wall - Beijing 


Entry Fees: ¥45 & for students with ID card (¥25).


Cost of the Cable car to the Wall: ¥100 (for adults) & ¥120 (for a round trip).


Beijing is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in most utmost China vacation packages! A flock of tourists from around the world comes to the country to see the charming Beijing & the Great Wall of China every year. It is one destination in the country where you can get the maximum feel of the history & culture of the country. And, it’s particularly, the Great Wall of China & the Forbidden City that attracts millions of travelers from around the world. 


“The Great Wall of China” is particularly one of the biggest assets that the country has given to tourists throughout the world. It’s the longest wall in the world! It takes you to see the great scenery through steep mountains & rugged country.


Things to Do in Beijing:


  • Visit the Forbidden City
  • Take a Biking tour of the narrow alleys, the hutongs
  • Discover the Chinese culture in Beijing


Terracotta Army - Xi'an 


Entry Fees: 120 yuan (For Adults) & Free (for Children under 1.2m)


Open Timing: 8:30 am–5:30 pm


Xi'an is another great tourist destination and is included in all of the China vacation packages! And, people usually discover this enchanting destination on their first trip to the country. Often referred to as the birthplace of the Chinese Civilization, there’s a great deal of an opportunity to discover the history & the culture of the country here. An assortment of ancient structures have been preserved and the legacy left by “the First Emperor” gives unsurprisingly wonderful things to experience here. 


Of all the archeological structures, the Terracotta Army is considered the most influential one. The terracotta sculptures & warriors are designed so skillfully so as to bring in life in whatever is being conveyed. Each sculpture is designed to showcase different poses & expressions and that’s quite interesting to see. 


Best Things to Do in Xi'an:


  • Visit Terracotta Army
  • Biking through the Ancient City Wall
  • The Muslim Streets


Bullet Train Ride - Shanghai 


Travel through Hangzhou & Suzhou from Shanghai, which usually takes an hour by Bullet train trip. The high-speed rail trip will give you an amazingly comfortable feeling. There are only a few cities in the world that will give you the feeling that Shanghai will give. With plenty of ancient gardens, water towns, and places to discover the history & culture, you will get to see wonderful places away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life. Just make sure that the China vacation packages you are finalizing include a bullet train ride to Shanghai.


Top Things to Do in These Shanghai:


  • Yu Garden
  • The Jade Buddha Temple
  • The Shanghai Museum


Top Things to Do in Suzhou:


  • Humble Administrator's Garden.
  • Lingering Garden
  • Tiger Hill & Shantang Street


Top Things to Do in Hangzhou:


  • The West Lake Wonderland
  • The Quaint Water Towns
  • Qinghefang Old Street


Cute Giant Pandas - Chengdu


How to Reach: By Taxi or Public Bus from Chengdu.


Entry Fees: $10 USD (58rmb).

If you will talk about the major tourist destinations then Chengdu is not definitely a great place to consider. In spite of this fact, most tourists, in the end, show untrammeled love for the place. The perfect blend of the lively nightlife & the relaxing tea house culture makes Chengdu one of the best tourist destinations. Chengdu is a very significant part of most China vacation packages.


The Cute Giant Pandas are the best thing about Chengdu! No matter where you belong to, you will fall in love with these cue giant Pandas & feel like hugging & cuddling them. There is plenty of zoos where you can see these pandas everywhere in Chengdu. And, more enthusiastic travelers can volunteer (take care of cute pandas).


Top Things to Do in Chengdu:


  • Experience the Panda Keeper Program
  • Experience walking around Jinli Ancient Street
  • Enjoy Sichuan food
  • Leshan Giant Buddha


Wulingyuan Scenic Area - Zhangjiajie 


Zhangjiajie is another very popular tourist destination in China! With hundreds of tourist sights including the hidden valley, the limestone caves, uniquely designed pillars, and the seas of clouds, the place creates an untrammeled space for tourism. 


Located in the north of the city, the Wulingyuan Scenic area is one of the most-visited parts of the city. The fact that it is listed under the 40 popular tourist sites in China makes it one testifies to its relevance as the best place to visit in Zhangjiajie. There are in general two scenic areas in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area - Suoxi that includes Yellow Dragon Cave & Baofeng Lake in the vicinity and the larger Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. In 2002, it was listed as World Geopark & in 1992 among the World Natural Heritage. 


Top Things to Do in Zhangjiajie:


  • The Phoenix Ancient City
  • Tianzi Mountains

Top Travel Spots in China Vacation

China is huge & amazingly beautiful! Only Canada, Russia & United States are bigger in the area than China. With its impressive history coupled with the huge number of wonderful tourist attractions, China vacation gives anyone a fascinatingly different kind of smugness. The staggeringly beautiful tourist attractions make anyone feel like coming back again. Let’s explore a little more about some of the top tourist attractions in China. Here we go:


The Forbidden City (Beijing)


Entry Fees: 


November to March (Low season): 40 Yuan ($6)


April to October (High season): 60 Yuan ($9)


Opening Hours: 


April to October: 8:30-16:00


November to March: 8:30-15:30


Transportation: Public transport or Taxi


The Forbidden City or the Summer Palace is a place that will provide you peace & tranquility in the hustle-bustle of the city. Your trip will be incomplete without visiting Beijing, the capital city. Taking into consideration the charm of the city most China vacation packages will have it in their itinerary. While people sometimes feel uncomfortable visiting the city because of the level of pollution, yet they are attracted due to the fascinating tourist attractions & places to visit. And, the great & tranquil Forbidden City creates another level of charm for the tourists here. On top of that the distinctive Temple of Heaven is nothing but the city’s Heritage Site that never fails to impress tourists. 


Eat Peking duck (in Beijing)


Where: All through Beijing.


Cost: $10 – $40 USD Per Person


Opening Hours: N/A


And, you cannot miss this on your China vacation packages! The delicious dish is one of the most important parts of any China vacation package. Throughout the country, indeed, it is all around China and a trip can be incomplete without enjoying the taste of Peking duck. And, however, one can find this delicious dish in any part of the country, but enjoying it in Beijing, the capital city can give you another level of happiness. And, there are a myriad of eating outlets that sell Peking duck. 


Wander the Bund in Shanghai


Where: Shanghai


How to Reach: Bus, Taxi, Subway, the popular sightseeing tunnel, or Ferry.


Cost: 55rmb ($9.50 USD) for a round trip


Considered the charm of Shanghai, the Bund is located along the west bank of the River Huangpu. The bund is also known as Waitan and is a part of most China vacation packages! The years-old China’s rich history, the sweeping & swarming metropolis, and the never-dying charm make the Bund Shanghai a must-see attraction on your China vacation. Walking along the bank of the beautiful River Bund ad, one is taken on its incredible historical journey. Looking at the amazing different Romanesque & Gothic architecture, you will be amazed. The time spent in Bund is going to get you the most wonderful memories. 


The Pearl


Where: Shanghai’s Pudong district, 


Reach by: Public Transport or Taxi


Cost: $23 – $32 USD


The Pearl is an impeccable testament to modern-day China! Like the Bunda which showcases the country’s International occupation & the Yuyuan Gardens which tells about the country’s history, in a similar way, The Pearl reverberates some great stories about the country. And, interestingly, Pearl gives a huge number of activities to do both for the young and the old ones. 


Shopping along Nanjing East Road


Where: Extends from The Bund to Shanghai along with the Jing’an Temple


Reached by: Taxi or Public Transport


Cost: Free


Not known to many, China is one place where you can bargain happily even for the most popular brands, and could get the product at a cost that is hard to get anywhere else throughout the world. With over 600 brands & businesses and stretched through more than three miles, it’s absolute heaven for those who love amazing smells, sights coupled with the sounds of a bustling market. Whether you want to get some authentic Chinese products (gifts) for your family or are a hard-core technology freak, there has to be something for everyone in the Nanjing East Road market. It’s recommended that you look for only those China vacation packages that include shopping along the Nanjing East Road.

Top China Vacation Packages 2022


13 Days China Vacation Package - Exploring Classic China


Destinations: China


Minimum Price: $2123


Maximum Price: $2345


Vacation Duration: 13 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • A great opportunity for travel enthusiasts to satiate their wanderlust
  • With such China vacation packages, visit scenic Guilin, historic Xian, Beijing (the beautiful capital city), Shanghai (the cosmopolitan city), & amazing Hong Kong
  • Cruise along the Li River, enjoying the amazing landscape


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


13 Days China Vacation Package - Yangtze River Cruise



Destinations: Beijing, Xian


Minimum Price: $2678


Maximum Price: $3123


Vacation Duration: 13 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Visit the Great Wall of China
  • Enjoy the wonderful scenic view of the mountains all through the Great Wall of China
  • Visit the stunning Temple of Heaven, where the Imperial Emperors were believed to have worshipped their deity
  • Also, visit the Summer Palace in the vicinity where the Imperial Emperors escaped the scorching heat


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


9 Days China Vacation Package - Exploring the Taste of China


Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai


Minimum Price: $1567


Maximum Price: $1675


Vacation Duration: 9 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Explore the assortment of historical treasures by availing the most exciting of the China vacation packages
  • Visit Tian An Men Square, the biggest public square in the World
  • Know about the Imperial Dynasties by paying a visit to the incredible Forbidden City
  • The Forbidden City is one of the best places to visit on any China vacation. It is often known as the Imperial Palace
  • There’s much more to explore on the trip, just be ready


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


4 Days China Vacation Package - Aman Summer Palace 


Destinations: China


Minimum Price: $2123


Maximum Price: $2345


Vacation Duration: 4 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Visit the beautiful Summer Palace of Beijing
  • Explore Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the mind-blowing Temple of Heavens


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days China Vacation Package - Beijing: Explore the Great Wall of China


Destinations: Beijing


Minimum Price: $892


Maximum Price: $934


Vacation Duration: 5 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Discover the wonderful hustle & bustle of modern-day Beijing coupled with the amazing historical sites reverberating the story of China's past
  • Visit the largest public space of the World, Tiananmen Square
  • Also visit the Great Hall of the People, the Forbidden City or the Imperial Palace, the National Museum of China, Mao Tse Tung’s Mausoleum, and more


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days China Vacation Package - Chengdu Pandas


Destinations: Chengdu


Minimum Price: $999


Maximum Price: $1024


Vacation Duration: 5 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Grab this opportunity to discover the wonderful & unique Pandas, which are one of the treasures of the country with all of such China vacation packages
  • You will travel to the Chengdu Breeding Sanctuary, which is around an hour's drive from the city
  • One will also see the golden monkeys, the gnu, and the white-lipped deer
  • You will visit the Sanxingdui Museum, where you can discover plenty of archeological sites
  • A trip to the four sacred Buddhist Mountains
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from a cable car


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days China Vacation Package - From Beijing to Shanghai


Destinations: Beijing to Shanghai


Minimum Price: $4456


Maximum Price: $4702


Vacation Duration: 12 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Discover the mystical landscape of Chinese ancient land
  • Discover the charm of Pingyao Ancient Town & the Taiyuan City
  • Cruising along with the River Li in Guilin
  • Go an exploration through the Reed Flute Caves
  • Discover the amazing UNESCO-listed Xidi Village
  • Take pleasure in watching out the Yellow Mountain


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days China Vacation Package - Biking Tour of China


Destinations: Beijing, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Lijiang, and Guilin.


Minimum Price: $4235


Maximum Price: $4561


Vacation Duration: 12 Days


Activities on the Trip:


  • Explore the beautiful cities of Beijing, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Lijiang, and Guilin
  • Beijing, Yangshuo, Shanghai, Lijiang, and Guilin
  • Explore the Great Wall of China. Also, visit the Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square
  • Discover the charm of the Summer Palace & its Royal Garden
  • Visit through the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall
  • Wander around the guard towers
  • In Guilin, explore the amazing rice paddies, Rivers & limestone mountains
  • Then visit the Reed Flute Cave
  • The resort town of Yangshuo (visit the local villages)
  • In Chaolong Village, take cooking classes


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days China Vacation Package - Li River, Guilin & Yangshuo


Destinations: Li River, Guilin & Yangshuo


Minimum Price: $912


Maximum Price: $1054


Vacation Duration: 5 Days


Activities on the Trip:


  • Discover the amazing beauty of the subtropical city, of Guilin in the beginning of all such China vacation packages
  • Take a cruise down to the Yangshuo village, exploring the unique landscape surrounding the city
  • See the enormous picturesque limestone peaks in all shapes & sizes, on the way
  • Get involved in various activities and discover the city's everyday life


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days China Vacation Package - Know about the Kunming Stone Forest


Destinations: Yunnan Province


Minimum Price: $698


Maximum Price: $745


Vacation Duration: 5 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • The Stone Forest is located around three hours' driving distance from Kunming
  • The Forest is a wonderful collection of stone images of different shapes of animals, humans, and plants
  • The City of Spring, Kunming will win your heart with beautiful flowers & the amazing subtropical climate
  • Visit the various temples & plenty of fascinating parks
  • Visit the Dianchi Lake
  • Visit the Stone Forest covering an area of 96,000 acres


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


4 Days China Vacation Package - Guilin: Li River


Destinations: Guilin


Minimum Price: $546


Maximum Price: $598


Vacation Duration: 4 Days


Activities on the Trip:  


  • Guilin is called Guilin because most of the streets are all laden with sweet fragrant trees and “Guilin” literal meaning is “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus”
  • Explore the unimaginably beautiful landscape of Guilin
  • Take a cruise down through the Li River to Yangshuo village
  • Discover the charm of the picturesque limestone peaks on the cruise down to Yangshuo village


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


9 Days China Vacation Package - Beijing to Shanghai: The Foodie Guide


Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu & Shanghai 


Minimum Price: $2891


Maximum Price: $3010


Vacation Duration: 9 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Taste the flavors of Chinese cuisines throughout China (Beijing, Xian, Chengdu & Shanghai)
  • Explore the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square
  • Take up a private cooking class & learn to cook some special Northern Chinese dishes
  • Take a tour of the temple of Heaven and munch on some popular snacks
  • Visit Xian and enjoy some of the popular culinary specialties
  • Visit the giant beautiful city Xian City Wall and Qin Shi Huang's tomb, where you will see the Terracotta warriors
  • In Chengdu take up a Sichuan Cuisine Museum Cooking Class.  And understand the rich history associated with Sichuan cuisine


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment 


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Best Time to Visit China


The best time to travel to China and look for China vacation packages is during autumn & spring! During this time of the year, the weather is way drier & warmer as compared to what it is during the extremely cold winters and humid summers all through China. And, with this huge size, China makes out that there is not going to be an end to your vacation no matter which part of the year it is.


In fact, you can plan China vacations and look for China vacation packages around the year, however, in general, the best time to visit China is in the time period between April & October. It is when the country opens its arms to travelers with the local bazaars at their peak & the flowers blossoming beautifully. 


For your convenience, we have exclusively created this detailed & well-researched story on the best time to visit China. Here we go:









September to October



Paintings of the Beijing Palace Museum are Displayed.


Northern China: (later April to May)

Southern April: (Early March to April)





June to the end of August


Rainy Season



December to February



Charming scenery all through the country.


High Season vs Low Season


High seasons in China:

Visiting during the high season is not usually the best idea. Rates (accommodations, trains, planes) are generally high during the high season. 


And, if you are planning during the high season, you must go for an organized tour. This will ease the process of buying tickets & all.


Low seasons in China:

Traveling during the low season is advantageous in many respects. This will save money as well as time.


While during peak season you may need more time at every location you are visiting in the low season you will save a lot of your precious time. 

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