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Discover the Adriatic jewel of Croatia with our exclusive vacation packages. Nestled along the stunning coastline of the Mediterranean, Croatia boasts a wealth of natural beauty, historic treasures, and vibrant culture.


Begin your journey in the historic city of Dubrovnik, where ancient city walls encircle a UNESCO-listed Old Town brimming with medieval architecture and charming alleyways. Walk along the iconic city walls, visit the stunning Rector's Palace, and soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of Lokrum Island.


Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Plitvice Lakes National Park, where cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes create a paradise for nature lovers. Hike along scenic trails, cruise across tranquil waters, and marvel at the diverse flora and fauna that call this UNESCO World Heritage site home.


Embark on a sailing adventure along the Dalmatian Coast, where hidden coves, secluded islands, and picturesque fishing villages await. Discover the stunning islands of Hvar, Korcula, and Brac, each offering its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


Uncover the beauty of Croatia with our meticulously crafted vacation packages. Whether you're enchanted by ancient cities, vibrant culture, or breathtaking coastlines, we have the ideal itinerary for you. Our personalized trips are designed to match your interests and preferences, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience. Book now and embark on a remarkable journey through Croatia. Your perfect European escape awaits!

Know Everything About Croatia Vacation


Located in the northwest of the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Although the crescent-shaped country is small in area, geographical diversity cannot be ignored. The capital city is Zagreb, which is a place that cannot be missed and must have a place in all Croatia vacation packages. 

From mouthwatering food to the fascinating history, the perfect Mediterranean climate, and the serene waters, every part of the country is amazing. If you are looking for Croatia vacation packages, you have got to experience all through the trip. With commendable post-war developments & since the time when the TV series “Game of Thrones” came into the limelight, Croatia’s popularity as a tourist destination has soared.

Croatia is indeed one of the best locations to enjoy summer vacation with friends & family. At every step, there’s something to discover and to surprise yourself. However, an informed traveler has always benefited from others. Before you finalize the best Croatia vacation packages, it’s very important to know certain things about the country.


Official name: Republika Hrvatska (Republic of Croatia)

The territory of Croatia: 56.542 Km2

Borders to: Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy (Sea border).

Population in Croatia: About 4.150.000, density 75.8/km2

Government Croatia: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic 

Well-planned Croatia vacation packages must have the attributes including ~ great food, rich history, serene water & the excellent Mediterranean climate. Over the years, for the wonder it holds, Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. And, without any doubt the reason why it is popularly known among tourists is that ~ is the plenty of post-war developments & the very popular TV series including the Game of Thrones! Summer is the perfect time for availing great Croatia vacation packages. 

Below is a precise list of Best places to visit in Croatia:

  1. Strolling along the Old Town Walls

If you have been a die-hard fan of the HBO shows, this place will definitely not disappoint you! It’s like the real-life version of the king’s landing. In addition to this, it is also the incredible natural beauty of this place that attracts tourists from around the world. The wonderful terracotta rooftops and the serene blue waters of the Adriatic Sea are amazing. Other tourist attractions that you cannot forget to see here are the Roski Slap waterfall and the small island of Visovac. 

  1. Explore Krka National Park

The Krka National Park located in the part of Dalmatia, covering an area of around 142 square km has been named after the river Karka. The best thing about visiting this park is its magnificent waterfalls ~ Skradinski Buk falls is the most popular of them all. And, if you want to see all of this park then taking a boat trip is a perfect idea. Before including Krka National Park in Croatia vacation packages you must have your costumes & trunks ready. 

  1. Drink Croatian Wine

Wine has always been an important part of this European nation! For the last many years, Croatia has been making wine and for this fact the country is popularly known throughout the world. If you are really curious about wine production and how it is made just visit Tomić Winery which is located in the town of Jelsa ~ chat with the bartenders & know about the different varieties of wine. There are plenty of reasons why you must taste & know about Croatian wine. 

  1. Try Dalmatian Cuisine

And, it’s not only Greece that will have you get some of the most unique varieties of seafood, but Croatia is another part of Europe in that regard. In spite of being this small nation, Croatia is supposed to have a diverse range of cuisines and the reason is the multicultural influence. Dalmatia is more popularly known for food in comparison to other parts of the country, which has also added to tourism here. The place is particularly known for special homemade pasta & fresh seafood. 

  1. Rent a Villa

Undoubtedly there are a number of five-star hotels in Croatia, however, the peace of staying in a rented villa in the location of your choice is an incredible option. There are plenty of villas available along the coast that will give you perfect morning view ~ there are options for perfectly every type of vacation including wedding, bachelorette parties & more. 

  1. Istria in the North

It is in Istria where the Adriatic & Continental Croatia meets! This heart-shaped peninsula in the north-west is an important part of literally all Croatia vacation packages. Particularly the rolling hills & bucolic interior attracts people who are more into food & culture exploration. On the other hand, the coastline is known for its sun-and-sea set. While most people are not much aware and they spend more of their time in Dalmatia ~, on the other hand, the Istria region has many beautiful wine tasting sites, seafood, historical sites & amazing waterfront villages.  

Most Croatia vacation packages are available throughout the year! With plenty of great food, amazing tourist sites, diverse wine tasting, great seafood, Croatia should be one of the important parts of anyone’s travel wishlist. And, the best thing about this place is that irrespective of the budget this place will offer something for every type of visitor. 

Croatian Season is divided into three categories ~ High season, Low season & shoulder season. Before you select from the best Croatia vacation packages you should know about the best time to visit Croatia. 

Seasons in Croatia:

Croatia’s Low Season  (October – April)

  1. During the low season or in the time period between October to April, there are only few tourists. 

  2. It’s colder around the Croatian nation, during the season, yet it can be the perfect time for people who like traveling during the period is a good idea. 

  3. There are pretty more chances of bargaining with the advantage of prices going incredibly low. 

  4. It’s the perfect time of the year for skiing & spa-stay. Don’t forget to see Zagreb & Dubrovnik.

Croatia’s High Season (June – August)

  1. June, July & August are the peak seasons in Croatia with the weather being consistently warm & sunny. 

  2. You can have some great time along the beautiful beaches of the Hvar Island, Split, Dubrovnik & Korčula Island. 

  3. Usually, the afternoons will have a perfect temperature which is great for swimming. 

Croatia’s Shoulder Season (May & September)

  • For most people, this is the perfect time for planning Croatia vacation packages. 

  • During May & September, it is going to be a great time for visiting Croatia.

  • One thing to be aware of during the season is that the weather is not really predictable. 

  • The good thing is the warm temperature with a minimum crowd.

In fact, there are so many top tourist destinations in Croatia that it is hard to list a few of them. It’s particularly the wealth of natural attractions that make Croatia one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in the world ~ from the unparalleled beauty of the island, the Adriatic coastline & the beautiful the Plitvice Lakes every part of it is quite engaging. However, the historical ruins & the wondrous medieval cities are no less. Let’s throw light on some of the top cities in Croatia:

1. Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik is the master of tourism in Croatia! With indispensable beauty, natural charm & rejuvenating air anyone can fall in love with the idea of this place. It’s been rightly named as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”! One of the most visited destinations here is the old city of Dubrovnik. The city was established somewhere around the 7th century somewhere around the Adriatic Sea southern tip. There are literally a huge number of tourist attractions in the city.

Top tourist attractions in Dubrovnik:

  1. The Old City Walls

  2. Stradun of Dubrovnik

  3. Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury

  4. The City Gates

  5. Loggia Square

2. Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia! But, it is often not paid heed to given the tremendous charm of Dubrovnik & Split. In contrast to what people assume it to be, there are plenty of top tourist attractions of Croatia in the capital city. One of the most popular one is “The Museum of Broken Relationships” ~ this showcases leftover items from many broken relationships. Apart from that, the food outlets make for one amazing part of any Croatia vacation packages. 

Top tourist attractions in Zagreb:

  1. Upper Town (Gornji Grad)

  2. Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury

  3. Lotrscak Tower

  4. Stone Gate

  5. The Museum of Mimara

3. Split

If you are someone with an extreme love for the natural wonders then this is the place for you. Split ranks second among the largest cities in Croatia and without any doubt it has that wow factor that any traveler looks for. From the spectacular view from top of the Marjan Hill’ to the magical Diolectian’s Palace and the spots where the most popular TV series Game of Thrones was shot ~ there’s literally no dearth of interesting places to explore. From history to amazing natural wonders, Split is popular among Croatia vacation packages. 

Top tourist attractions in Split:

  1. Diocletian's Palace

  2. Cathedral of St. Domnius

  3. The Ivan Mestrovic Gallery

  4. Zlatni Rat Beach

  5. Marjan Forest Park

4. Istria

Located in the vicinity of the Italian border,Istria definitely makes it easy for travelers’ to make for Croatia vacation packages a great way of visiting both the nations. And, given the fact that Italy is almost bordering the city you should expect the Italian influence on the inhabitants of Istria in advance. The city is a wonderful destination for the foodies ~ that includes winery visits, truffle festivals & more. And, the Brijuni National Park is one of the most sought after tourist attractions which is part of almost all Croatia vacation packages.

Top tourist attractions in Istria:

  1. Medieval Rovinj

  2. Rabac

  3. Motovun

  4. Pula

  5. Brijuni National Park

The Best Croatia Vacation Packages in 2022


7 Days Croatia Vacation - The Dalmatian Coast

Destinations: Croatia &  Dubrovnik

Minimum Price: $ 2121 

Maximum Price: $2456

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. The amazing coastline of Croatia.

  2. You will enjoy watching the rising cliffs from the sea.

  3. Wanders around the beautiful islands all through.

  4. Visit Dubrovnik, Split, Korcula, Trogir and their charming tourist attractions. 

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

10 Days Croatia Vacation - Dubrovnik, Split & Zagreb

Destinations: Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik

Minimum Price: $1768

Maximum Price: $1899

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Begin all such Croatia vacation packages from Zagreb (the capital city).

  2. Zagreb is the center of opportunities, innovation & culture ~ explore it.

  3. Then visit Split which has a lot to be explored given the fact that it belongs to the Roman era.

  4. In the end, visit the heart of any Croatia vacation packages Dubrovnik. 

  5. Discover perfectly charming attractions including the old town.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

5 Days Croatia Vacation - Dubrovnik Exploration

Destinations: Dubrovnik 

Minimum Price: $1342

Maximum Price: $1478

Vacation Duration: 5 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. Experience all of Dubrovnik with such Croatia vacation packages.

  2. Also, explore the neighboring country the island of Montenegro.

  3. Move on to explore the charming town of Budva & Kotor.

  4. Moving on, there’s Korcula island on the itinerary with beaches surrounding villages, vineyards & olive groves.

  5. Go on to an exploration of the cathedrals & monasteries to discover medieval era facts.

  6. Wine tasting included with the itinerary at the end (the wine history of Croatia dates back to 2500 years back).

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

7 Days Croatia Vacation - Katarina Cruise Line

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Split

Minimum Price: $1198

Maximum Price: $1334

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. Arrive in Dubrovnik & explore the city.

  2. Move on to the Elaphite Islands where you are going to stay in a tiny fish village.

  3. Then arrive on the island of Mljet.

  4. In Korcula explore the interesting local streets & go on a tour of food tasting.

  5. Visit Vis, the Mediterranean charm & Bol, the amazing Zlatni Rat beach.

  6. Move on to exploring Pucisca. Go rafting on the Cetina River.

  7. With these Croatia vacation packages, your final destination is going to be Split.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

7 Days Croatia Vacation - Croatia By Sea

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik

Minimum Price: $1999

Maximum Price: $2012

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. All such Croatia vacation packages involve a walking tour of Dubrovnik including a visit to the Franciscan Monastery’s Pharmacy and the Rector’s Palace.

  2. Reach Mljet Island via boat which is a perfect retreat for those who love lakes, forests and birds.

  3. Spend a night at the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula. Also, visit St Mark’s Cathedral.

  4. Explore Pucisca town sailing through Brac.

  5. Discover the protected Cetina River Canyon. 

  6. Visit Split: go to the old port, Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, and the seafront promenade.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

8 Days Croatia Vacation - Adriatic Cruise

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Zadar

Minimum Price: $2512

Maximum Price: $2678

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. This Croatia cruise takes you through a delightful tour.

  2. See the most popular walls of Dubrovnik.

  3. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  4. Go to the most popular Islands in Europe.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

7 Days Croatia Vacation - Northern Croatia & Slovenia

Destinations: Croatia & Slovenia

Minimum Price: $2721

Maximum Price: $2834

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. Most Croatia vacation packages revolve around the idea of the Dalmatian Coast.

  2. You are taken to the northern part of the country.

  3. And, also you have this Golden opportunity to explore the neighboring country Slovenia.

  4. You will be discovering plenty of medieval villages, sceneries & the wine culture through both of the European countries.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

8 Days Croatia Vacation - Self Drive

Destinations: Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Minimum Price: $999

Maximum Price: $1098

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. With Croatia vacation packages based on self-drive give you the opportunity to discover the country’s best tourist sites at your own pace.

  2. Visit Zagreb exploring its best tourist spots.

  3. Then move on to Split & Plitvice Lakes.

  4. End the trip in Dubrovnik where you will be spending a complete day discovering its charm at your own pace.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

7 Days Croatia Vacation - Western Balkans

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Belgrade

Minimum Price: $2090

Maximum Price: $2321

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. These Croatia vacation packages begin with an exploration of the rich history of the Balkan nation.

  2. Moving on walking through the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

  3. Visit Sarajevo and the  Ottoman bazaar of Bascarsija.

  4. In Belgrade, the “White City”, enjoy standing atop the Kalemegdan Fortress.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

8 Days Croatia Vacation - Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Destinations: Split to Dubrovnik

Minimum Price: $2987

Maximum Price: $3012

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Activities on the Trip: 

  1. Begin the trip by a visit to Dubrovnik, & Split.

  2. Then visit some of the most amazing sites. 

  3. Soak in the history hidden in the beautiful waves of the Mediterranean waters.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

Note: This information is being provided just for a reference. We know you are worried about the budget, activities covered, and the experiences you are going to get. The sole aim of providing this information is to give you a general idea on such trips, covering these destinations. However, we would like to mention that France vacation experts are great at customizing it for their clients. 

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