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All laden with majestic mountains, the super welcoming locals & the spectacularly beautiful beaches, Montenegro makes for one of the most amazing destinations to travel in Europe. There are definitely certain experiences one can have only with Montenegro vacation packages. If you have not ever kissed the flowing water, if you have not ever had that adrenaline rush from zip-lining, then you must travel to Montenegro. Traveling to this country of tall people, colorful rains & dramatic nature is rejuvenating, relaxing & an altogether different experience. 

The best thing that is going to happen with you is the “ease of traveling” if you are looking for Montenegro vacation packages. Montenegro is one such country where you will not face any difficulty while traveling from one corner of the city to the other. From traveling to currency & people everything is easily accessible. But, even when you know that traveling even from one corner of the city to the other is not that tough, you still need to have information on certain things before planning for Montenegro vacation packages. 


Here’s a sneak peek into the important things to know about Montenegro before planning a vacation:

  1. The country is diverse.

  2. You can smoke anywhere you want.

  3. You have got to see some incredible scenery.

  4. Camping is allowed everywhere.

  5. Hiking is an important part of Montenegro vacation packages.

  6. Travel by train, it’s cheaper than a  bus.

  7. Meat is an important part of the whole menu.

  8. Hire a car ~ it’s going to be a wise decision irrespective of the length of vacation.

What Interesting Things You Can Do on your Montenegro Vacation?

Tourism is not too old in Montenegro! In fact it’s just a few years back that it became an independent nation and gradually started focusing on tourism. But, in this small span of time, Montenegro has lured tourists from across the globe. It was the absolutely amazing historical towns, the impeccably peaceful beaches, and the super-clean waters of the Adriatics that helped the country through this journey. With such astoundingly enormous beauty & amazingly inspiring story, Montenegro has slowly making its name as one of the most loved tourist attractions among the real travelers. Another fascinating aspect that adds to the craze of Montenegro vacation packages among globetrotters is the cost-effectiveness. Traveling through the beaches of Montenegro is way cheaper than that of its neighboring countries including France, Italy, and Croatia. 

Let’s find out what all you can see & experience on this tour through Montenegro:

1. Durmitor National Park 

Particularly for the nature admirers and the ones with a zeal of discovery everything about the every little creation of nature, the Durmitor National Park is a precious gift. The park is located in the central part of the village of Žabljak. This thickly forested part of the country is one of the bucket list destinations with all Montenegro vacation packages. With its amazing location in the middle of Dinaric Alps consists of 18 glacial lakes, the popular Tara River & the Durmitor Massif’s high altitude peaks. Near the park, some of the popular activities during winters include snowboarding & skiing, on the other hand, if you are planning for Montenegro vacation packages during the summers, you have hiking, camping & rafting to enjoy. And, if you are a wildlife explorer at heart then it’s going to be amazing being here with 163 bird species, different varieties of butterflies & mammals.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Address: Zabljak Municipality, Montenegro

2. Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is one of the finest examples of the architectural mastery of Montenegro and is also an important Christian pilgrimage site. Standing amidst the giant Ostroška Greda rocks, the monastery is one of the major tourist attractions that attracts travelers from across the globe every year in huge numbers. It was a cave from which the entire monastery was carved! It was founded by Sveti Vasilije and still there are evidence near the monastery that testify to that fact. The monastery was built during the 17th century as a means of refuge from the Ottoman Empire. When in Montenegro vacation, you cannot miss this place, which is considered an asset to Montenegro tourism. 

Opening Hours: Everyday (6 AM to 8 PM)

Address: Dabojevici, Danilovgrad Municipality, Montenegro

3. Mount Lovcen

Capped by two giant granite peaks, Mount Lovcen makes for one of the most popular attractions of the country. And, inspired by the name of Mount Lovcen, the Mount Lovćen National Park is another addition to the country’s charm that accentuates its beauty. When you reach the top of the Mountain, the glimpse of the city of Kotor & the surrounding hills will sweep you off your feet. Also, in the vicinity is the Njegoš Mausoleum, which is the place where the great philosopher & writer, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš (known for Montenegro epic poem, “The Mountain Wreath”)  has been buried - you have this chance to pay him respect. 

Address: Cetinje Municipality 81250, Montenegro

4. Sveti Stefan

Located across the Budva Riviera, Sveti Stefan is one of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro.  All surrounded by terracotta-roofed houses, standing on a rocky island, it makes for an amazing destination for the ones who want peace, serenity coupled with luxury. There’s a narrow stretch of land that connects Sveti Stefan with the mainland. This luxury town hotel are part of all those Montenegro vacation packages that focuses more on a rejuvenating, relaxing & comfortable holiday. And, more charmingly, the two pebble beaches at the either side of the connecting passage makes it a way amazing things to do in Montenegro.

What is the Best Time to Plan Montenegro Vacations?

If you have been planning to look for the best Montenegro vacation packages, you should take a pause and get knowledge on the best time to visit Montenegro. While in general, the time to visit Montenegro is between April to September, however, you have to study your requirements and decide when you should visit Montenegro. 

In fact, Montenegro climate is all about two different patterns ~ the Mediterranean climate near the coast, when summers are warm ( temperature between mid- the to upper thirties) and the winters being mild ~ and the other pattern followed in the interiors which shows up with a sub-alpine climate with warm summers & chilly winters (when temperature lowers down to minus fifteen to twenty degrees).

However, the coastal area can be traveled at any time of the year (it is pleasant throughout). The place is overcrowded between July to August and it can become really uncomfortable traveling during this part of the year. The rates almost double and the accommodations are unimaginably costly. But, June to September is the best time to travel to this part of the country!

Best time to Travel to Montenegro (Monthwise):




Traveling Information



11 days

A fantastic time to plan a trip



10 days

The Adriatic Sea brings biting wind



13 days

The Tranquility of mountains is much accessible



11 days

The month of Color & warmth



12 days

Best time to visit Montenegro for the weather (neither to hot nor too cold)



9 days

Excellent month to plan Monegro Vacation packages



4 days

Beginning of the high tourist season in Montenegro



6 days

Hot & unbearable Month



7 days

One of the Best months to Visit Montenegro



14 days

One of the Prettiest Months in Montenegro



12 days

Inhospitable terrain & Freezing Temperature



14 days

Mountains are out of Service

Those who have not seen the country from inside would not understand, but Montenegro is the most beautiful of all the Balkan countries. With unparalleled natural beauty, amazingly rich history and simply a huge collection of so many beautiful cities, you cannot resist but think of planning with more of the Montenegro vacation packages once you are here. Montenegro has seriously some of the most precious possessions of Europe that is hard to find anywhere else. With a huge number of beautiful cities, you have all the chances to see & experience some of the most amazing things of your life. Let’s begin with digging a little deeper into Montenegro and the top places to visit in Montenegro.

  1. Kotor

Kotor is considered one of the most charming and historically rich towns of Montenegro! No matter which Montenegro vacation packages you are choosing, Kotor has to be on the list of the top places to visit. There is an assortment of interesting places that attract travelers! In fact, just walking across the streets is an amazing experience with beautiful shops & clean roads. 

Top Places to visit in Kotor:

  1. Visit Perast

  2. Our Lady of the Rocks

  3. Fortified Old Town of Kotor

  4. Cruising through the Adriatic Sea

  5. Climb to Kotor’s Castle of San Giovanni

2. Budva

Today, the town of Budva has transformed into a bustling metropolitan from that of a quiet city. This small coastal town is among one of the most loved parts of the country! Beginning its life just a half millennia ago, the city has quite modernized itself with plenty of beautiful buildings, yachts, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, which, together makes it an amazing tourist attraction. And, the most exciting part is its own island located opposite to the city. This island is all packed with spectacular beaches, seafood specialties & superb restaurants. The beach life, with the aroma of mouthwatering barbeque, chirpings of children from the nearby amusement parks, and the sound of loud music from the nearby disco, makes Budva a town of hedonists. 

Top places to visit in Budva:

  1. Stari Grad

  2. Trg između crkava

  3. Sveti Nikola

  4. Ploče Beach

  5. Podostrog Monastery

3. Herceg Novi

Located in the northern part of the section where the entrance of the Gulf of Kotor, Herceg Novi is another addition to the list of top places to visit in Montenegro. The city was built around the 14th century and it has an interesting history throughout the rule of Venetians, Turk, Bosnia, French Russian & Austrians. At the time, when the city was struck by the earthquake of 1979, the city suffered a lot of destruction. But, fortunately, in the later years restoration was done, reconstructing and restoring some of the important buildings. Today, for this rich tourism growth, the city is also listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the top of the city, the Citadel is beautifully restored and it offers plentiful scope for travelers to enjoy an amazing walkthrough. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Herceg Novi: 

  1. Forte Mare

  2. Kanli Kula Fortress

  3. Fortress Spanjola

  4. Fortification Mamula

  5. Monastery Savina

The Best Montenegro Vacation Packages


3 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Best of Montenegro

Destinations: Kotor to Kotor

Minimum Price: $799

Maximum Price: $829

Vacation Duration: 3 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. All such Montenegro vacation packages have been designed to acquaint you with the amazing culture & rich history of the country.

  2. Kotor Highlights: Enjoy rafting camp & the Montenegro special breakfast, Rafting on Tara river, and more.

  3. Ride along ''the heart of National park Durmitor''.

  4. Hike along black Lake.

  5. Admire the views of the Djurdjevica Tara bridge on Tara river.

  6. Visit the monastery Moraca while you pass through the river Moraca.

  7. Spend a night at Rijeka Crnojevica.

  8. Enjoy the boat ride on the river part of National park Skadar lake.

  9. Explore museums, monasteries & other monuments.

  10. At village Njegusi where you will stay at a family house of locals. Taste the local Montenegro products like homemade wine and ''rakija''.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


4 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Rafting & Canoeing in Montenegro

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Podgorica

Minimum Price: $562

Maximum Price: $618

Vacation Duration: 4 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Enjoy rafting along the Tara River. 

  2. Share stories & enjoy the moment around the campfire.

  3. Explore the Nevidio Canyon, which is the least explored in Europe.

  4. Visit the Zabljak (“Black”) Lake, discover the tranquility of the forests, swim around the glacial Lake

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - South Montenegro and Kotor Bay

Destinations: Ivanova Korita to Vranovo Brdo

Minimum Price: $921

Maximum Price: $959

Vacation Duration: 8 days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. These Montenegro vacation packages are designed for hikers, in general, for those who want to discover the adventurer inside of them.

  2. Exploration of the  Ivanova Korita, Lovcen National Park.

  3. Cetinje highlights (the 'Museum Town of Montenegro’): Explore to know about the tumultuous history of Montenegro.

  4. Travel to the Jezierski Vrh summit which is about 1,657m high. From top of the summit, the view down is simply amazing.

  5. Visit the old town of Kotor & Boka Kotorska Bay.

  6. Visit “Our Lady of Rocks” church and the museum.

  7. Visit the village of Donji Stoliv, Gornja Lastva village, Crkvice, and the Vranovo Brdo and Fortresses.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Hiking & Photo Trekking along Cetinje 

Destinations: Cetinje to Skadar Lake National Park

Minimum Price: $999

Maximum Price: $116

Vacation Duration: 8 days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. With such Montenegro vacation packages your base is going to be in Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital. You will enjoy the view of the sea on one side & mountain on the other.

  2. Includes visit to the valley of Gods, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

  3. Visit some of the summits and National parks to enjoy the panorama of nature.

  4. Cetinje Highlights: Tour around Dolovi helmet. Visit Vjetrenica mlinovi and enjoy the view of the Boka Bay.

  5. Visit Brajici-Ogradjenica-Milocer which is 15 minutes away from Cetinje. 

  6. Visit the fortress 'Kosmach', settlements of Pastrovici, churches, monastery, and museum. 

  7. Kotor Highlights: Old caravan road, Boka bay, San Giovanni fortress, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Kotor Bay & South Montenegro

Destinations: Ivanova Korita to Vranovo Brdo

Minimum Price: $899

Maximum Price: $1006

Vacation Duration: 8 days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Visit Ivanova Korita, Lovcen National Park. 

  2. Explore the Old Capital of Cetinje. 

  3. Discover everything about the Jezerski Summit ~ Skadar lake, the Albanian Alps, the summits of Montenegro. 

  4. Explore Perast or Down to Kotor Bay, the village of Donji Stoliv (enjoy the perfect view of the Perast and the Bay), the church of St Vitus, and more.

  5. Visit to Crkvice, Vranovo Brdo and Fortresses.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


6 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Kotor Bay & Lovcen

Destinations: Ivanova Korita to Perast

Minimum Price: $765

Maximum Price: $801

Vacation Duration: 6 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Ivanova Korita, Lovcen National Park tour ~ the Adriatic coast view.

  2. Cetinje Highlights: Learn about the history of Montenegro.

  3. Jezerski Summit Visit ~ discover the magical 'Njegos tomb' located at the top of the summit.

  4. Visit to the Kotor Bay / Perast ~ Enjoy breathtaking views of the Boka Kotorska Bay.

  5. Visit to the Our Lady of the Rocks or Vrmac ~ explore church & the museum. 

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Trekking Tour of Montenegro

Destinations: Montenegro

Minimum Price: $1298

Maximum Price: $1333

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. All such 10 days Montenegro vacation packages are for adventurous travelers.

  2. While on the way to Kolasin, take a halt at Moraca Canyon to visit the 13th century Moraca Monastery.

  3. Visit Bjelasica Mountain ~ the perfect hiking trail which will take you to the heart of the mountains.

  4. Crna Glava Summit hiking ~ it heads to Crna Glava, which is the peak of summits of Bjelasica. Discover the shepherds' villages.

  5. Take up the Medjed Peak Circuit visit. On the way past the Black Lake and reach Previja Pass.

  6. Visit Jablan Lake, which is one of the most popular Lakes of Durmitor National Park.

  7. VIsit Cetinje, Jezerski Summit, Kotor Bay, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Lakes of North Montenegro & Summits

Destinations: Kolasin to Zminje Jezero

Minimum Price: $799

Maximum Price: $828

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. While traveling to Kolasin see the Moraca Canyon discover the Moraca Monastery.

  2. Discover Bjelasica Mountain and the Katuns or Shepherds' huts at the end of the hike.

  3. Visit the Crna Glava Summit which heads to Crna Glava.

  4. Visit the Biogradsko Lake and Biogradska Gora National Park.

  5. Enjoy trailing along the Medjed Peak Circuit.

  6. Visit Jablan Lake, which is the highest Lakes in Durmitor. Do more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Classic Mediterranean

Destinations: Budva, Kotor Bay, and more.

Minimum Price: $921

Maximum Price: $985

Vacation Duration: 7 days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. These Montenegro vacation packages will begin in Budva.

  2. Tour around the Old town of  Kotor.

  3. Visit Perast and Our Lady of The Rocks and it’s a church.

  4. Visit the popular islet Sveti Stefan, Monastery Rezevici, Uspenje Bogorodice and Saint Trinity church.

  5. Visit the old fisherman's village Virpazar and Lake Skadar.

  6. Explore the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Lovcen, and National parks.

  7. Try some traditional dishes of Montenegro & the perfect glass of wine. Visit wine cellar Sipcanik, Plantaze. 

  8. Visit the Ostrog Monastery, River Crnojevica, and a trip to the point where magically Skadar Lake meets the River.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Montenegro Vacation Package - Coastal Montenegro

Destinations: Dubrovnik to Tivat

Minimum Price: $1621

Maximum Price: $1678

Vacation Duration: 8 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Cetinje highlights ~ Lake Skadar, Rijeka Crnojevica, fishing village of Virpazar, and more.

  2. Ulcinj highlights ~ Olive groves, old Bar, 

  3. Cetinje Highlights ~ Lovcen National Park, spring in Sanik.

  4. Visit Kod Pera, a café (popular of the area, which opens every morning for the last 100 years).

  5. Explore the Bay of Kotor. 

  6. Tour around the Peninsula of Lustica located at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, and do more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment

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