How to Make Travel better: Ultimate Guide to Conquering the Fear of Flying

Are you afraid of boarding on the flight? Seriously, I get it! No big deal, many people even hold back from traveling because of the fear of flying. I never shy away from admitting that even after spending countless hours in the air, I still feel those butterflies in my stomach I felt during my first flight. And, I think that’s completely normal. Some people almost die when there is shaky turbulence during the flight. I completely understand all of that but believe me getting over this fear is worth it— that is how to make travel better. No matter what discounted best leisure holiday vacation packages you are booking, if you have that fear of boarding your airplane, it can spoil an important part of your vacation, or maybe, you would cancel your vacation.


Don’t stop traveling and exploring the world because of the fear of flying— even the most frequent travelers face the fear of boarding the airplane. That’s like getting stuck in a metal tube thousands of feet above the ground, with fear of getting struck by lightning and other aircrafts flying up above the air, it’s no surprise some people are fearing it. But you can very much overcome this fear and learn how to make travel better. We reached leisure travelers to understand how they overcame their fear of flying and have designed this ultimate guide. Check out here:


An Ultimate Guide on Flying without Fear & how to Make Travel Better:


Convince Your Mind



To decipher, how to make travel better and how to enjoy your vacation to the fullest— you need to start with overcoming your fear of flying. And, that should start with convincing your brain that you are going to win over. Yoga can help take control of your brain— practice yoga every day. On your way, there are going to be hundreds of roadblocks mental and you have to be convinced that it won’t last long. There would of course be moments of doubts when you are going to feel weak again— but you have to overcome every doubt. Convince your mind that you are already ready for flying without any fear. This of course would not JUST go away— you have to persistently keep trying even when it feels like a roller coaster ride. There are plenty of the best leisure holiday vacation packages that might also include brief training on how to keep calm during your flight— book one if you struggle every time boarding your flight. 





Meditation actually works wonders— there are plenty of online apps available both on the android & apple platforms. Most experts suggest regular meditation to get rid of any form of phobia— and many people have tried this formula successfully. If every time you feel anxious boarding the flight and getting in then you must try meditation— every day sit for 5-10 minutes concentration on your breath and it won’t only help with overcoming your fear of flying but this is how to travel better and fly fearlessly.


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Know the Stats Correctly



Traveling via car is way more fatal than through airplanes— according to data by injury facts, the total number of aircraft incidents was 1,315 in 2017 and 1,347 in 2018 on the other hand, on average about 6 million accidents happen every year in the USA. So, when you start feeling anxious all over again before your next flights and are looking for ways on how to make travel better make sure you know the stats in advance. This will keep you calm and make you feel more confident before boarding the flights. Know that the chances that you are going to be harmed when traveling using a car is way lesser than traveling via airplane. 


Learn more about aerodynamics



You can very easily control your mind and consciousness if you have the right knowledge. So you can help yourself overcome the fear of flying by knowing the answer to certain questions in your mind— know “where that sound is coming from?” “What's the mechanics of airplanes”, and other questions that might have been bothering you from time to time. So when you know you are not afraid because then you know about the reason behind something happening. You are sure it's normal and you are no longer afraid, in fact, you have the knowledge to help others with how to make travel better. According to Wikipedia “Understanding, the motion of air around an object (often called a flow field) enables the calculation of forces and moments acting on the object.”, click the link to read more.


Enroll into a fear of flying course



Today, there’s a course for everything today and a course for fear of flying is no exception. There are many airlines and airports that are offering courses to help passengers deal with the fear of flying and how to make travel better. The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is one of the best places to learn with its Fear of Flying Clinic, which makes use of cognitive-behavioral therapy to help with phobia. Also, EasyJet offers a Fearless Flyer program and British Airways a Flying With Confidence class. Everyone is with you in the battle to help you guide through to deal with anxiety & fear.


Learn to learn different Perspectives



So everything looks as you look through the lens of your mind— changing perspective might help ease the fear of flying. Rather than thinking about it as something terrifying, think about it as an exciting experience. Take a deep breath and jot down everything in your head on all the reasons about how to make travel better. Turn your fear into a feeling that makes you feel good about your next flight. For instance, you can even flip through pictures from your last trip to fill yourself with excitement about how this is going to bring an opportunity for you to see new places and do everything you have ever wanted to. 


Allow your flight attendant to Help You



Your flight attendant is always ready to help you but you need to ask for it! So when you are going through anxiety, if something is bothering you, if you are skeptical about a strange sound— you can always talk to your flight attendant to know about everything bothering you and on how to travel better. Flights attendants are always there to help you and make you feel good all through your flight. They know about all the safety hacks and they can help you through everything. Don’t hesitate to ask for help— after they have been trained to handle even the worst situations.


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