Caribbean Islands Open for Travel- Check out the List!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 27,2021

Want to know about Caribbean Islands open for travel now? Most of the Caribbean Islands have opened for international travel with required coronavirus control protocols. You can plan your vacation this year but it would need some new rules and regulations in place that were not so common when we traveled during the past years. 


While in 2021, the travel industry got a kick-off (after the long halt that it faced in 2020), yet it has not been able to come roaring back. However, many countries are opening to travel slowly and a lot of Caribbean Islands have already reopened their borders to tourists from all over the world with certain restrictions and protocols in place. 


While you can always visit islands virtually, there is nothing like looking at the blue waters and losing yourself in the white sand. In this article, we thought of helping our travelers with all those Caribbean islands that have opened allowing travelers (with travel protocols in place). Anyone traveling from the US to the Caribbean country will have to follow travel protocols. 


Caribbean Islands Open for Travel Now


Anyone traveling from the US to the Caribbean countries will have to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that was conducted not before 72 hours prior to boarding the flight. Passengers who cannot produce test results for any reason will not be allowed into the flight. Many top hotels in the US have also stepped in and are offering pre-travel testing.


CDS recommendations: Travelers must also get tested three to five days after returning from the vacation and they must home quarantine themselves for at least seven days. 


Below is the list of the Caribbean Islands open for travel as of now. This will give you an idea of what you must know before planning your vacation. We’ll keep updating this list as something new comes up. Let’s read through the list:





If you are planning to travel to a Caribbean island right now or in the near future, Jamaica is one of the best choices. With Resilient Corridors’ can enjoy the best of Caribbean Islands without having to go through too many entry restrictions. Jamaica is one of the Caribbean islands open for travel now.


Safety Measure: You will be required to complete a Travel Authorization form, before boarding your flight. And, if you are from countries including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, or Panama— you will need to submit a negative COVID-19 test report that must have been done 10 days prior to the arrival.





According to CDS Anguilla is less at risk of coronavirus. The country is welcoming travelers for traveling with certain safety measures in place. Anguilla is another best of the Caribbean Islands open for travel. The place is mostly known for its minimal tourist resorts, the electrifying smile of locals, and the bewitchingly beautiful beaches. 


Safety Measure: Before landing here tourists are required to complete the Visitor Applications Form and submit a negative COVID-19 test result that was done 3-5 days prior to coming here. Travelers will also have to produce proof of  COVID-19 travel insurance after arriving. The PCR test at the airport is mandatory for all travelers. With these negative PCR test results, they can roam around without restrictions. 





The Bahamas is one of the Caribbean islands open for travel! It was since July 1, 2020, that the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas opened their borders for travelers. There are certainly no restrictions in terms of nationality but travelers will have to adhere to certain COVID-19 restrictions in place. The country is all filled with some really beautiful beaches where you could enjoy some amazing seafood, cocktails, watersports, outdoor recreational activities, and much more. 


Safety Measure: You will need to produce a health visa if you wish to travel through the country. You can apply for the Bahamas health visa from the official website. You will also have to produce COVID-19 travel insurance if you wish to visit the Island. 





Much like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic is also one of the Caribbean Islands open for travel, which opened itself to travelers from July 1, 2020. Since the travel restrictions here are not too stringent, travelers are encouraged to plan their leisure vacations here. 


Safety Measure: Lest you are traveling from the UK, you are not required to produce PCR test reports on your vacation to the Dominican Republic. Travelers have to fill the ETicket form indicating that they did not have any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 72 hours. While purchasing COVID-19 travel insurance is not compulsory, it would be better if you could get one. 





Aruba is another on this list of Caribbean Island open to travel! The mesmerizing spec of powdery-white sand is a land that looks like paradise. With shopping options, resorts, and the perfect nightlife all through from south to west, Aruba is among the can’t-miss places on this list of Caribbean Islands open for travel. The warm days and the sunnier warm people— it embraces you like a child in its mother’s womb. And, the best part is, it’s safe & open to travel here even at this time!


Safety Measure: Before landing in Ariba, all travelers must have completed their online ED and have purchased Aruba visitors insurance (that is mandatory even if they have health insurance that also covers COVID-19). Visitors are also required to produce a medical certificate indicating negative PCR test results that have been done anytime between 72 hours of departure. People with negative COVID-19 results will not have to quarantine themselves. Those who haven’t taken up the test will have to take it upon arrival and have to isolate themselves until receiving the results. 





Cuba is all packed with history, nature, culture, and magnificence! It’s the blend of a number of costumes, culture & races that have given birth to one of this most fascinating Caribbean Island destinations. People’s charm is one of the most amazing things you will witness here— they are all joyful, intelligent, imaginative, and unprejudiced. The appealing Caribbean Island has a rich culture, tropical scenery, gorgeous beaches and so much more. It is also among one of the Caribbean Islands open for travel since July 1, 2020. 


Safety Measure: After landing in Cuba, every traveler will have to produce proof of negative COVID-19 test results that are taken anytime between 72 hours before arriving. They will also have to submit a Sanitary Statement for Travelers. In addition, they will also have to undergo another PCR after landing here and another after 5 days of ending the quarantine period. 





Puerto Rico is another among our list of top Caribbean Islands open for travel. This place has it all— with some beaches all lined with palm trees, others with calm warm water saving through the golden sand— this is certainly one of the most perfect places for surfers, beach seekers, and family vacations. And, Puerto Rico is also one of the top places for nature lovers & history buffs!


Safety Measure: All travelers upon landing here will be required to submit a negative PCR test result, which was issued just about 72 hours prior to entering the country. All those travelers who cannot submit the required documents will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. 


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