11 Air Travel Accessories for an Improved Sleep on a Long-haul Flight

Author: Sonali

Surviving a long-haul flight can be really daunting with— not enough legroom, children screaming, sunlight pouring in, and your neighbor passenger making noise every time you try to sleep— it all makes your air travel intimidating. But you are not alone in this, Leisure editors reached out to you a few travelers asking them to share their air travel experience. And, we’ve rounded up some of the best air travel accessories to help you sleep like a baby on your next flight. I’m sure, these products will help you feel functional landing in your destination — you don’t have to worry about any twisted form of sleep deprivation. 


If you wish to reach your Leisure travel destination without feeling exhausted & bone-tired, you must include these air travel sleeping products into your packing list. While surviving a long-haul flight is certainly not an easy feat, but if you are a little mindful and have the right gear, you will win the battle and land in your leisure travel destination — as fresh as a daisy. Your carry-on that goes into the overhead compartment is your best companion when on air travel, so make the best use of it and pack the right sleeping gear. Here is the top 10 air travel sleeping gear:


1. Noise-Canceling Headphones



One thing that bothers most on long-haul International air travel is — the disturbances around you. You don’t sometimes realize but even the background sound of the airplane engine can make you feel uncomfortable and disturb your sleep or maybe the children screaming in your neighboring seat. A noise-canceling earbud will help in that case and help you sleep better in between all those disturbances. Pack one to make sure, you arrive at your leisure travel destination all energized and ready to travel. 


2. Travel Pillow



So when you are traveling in an all confined economy seat, it can be hurtful to your neck and could disturb your sleep. But no worries! If you will pack a quality travel pillow, it might help you survive a long-haul flight without hurting your neck. It will make you feel as you are floating on the cloud. These travel pillows with cushioned sides prevent painful movement and the memory foam will make your sleep cozy during any kind of disturbances. Not only for air travel, but these travel pillows are also helpful when on car rides or long bus travel. This can be easily folded and packed in your air travel carry-on bags. Some travel pillows also come with earplugs to help cancel the surrounding noise so you can sleep like a baby. 


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3. Compression socks 



To help prevent swelling. These compression socks are designed to keep your skin revitalized, hydrated, and firm during your long-haul flight to reach your leisure travel destination. These compression socks are a combination of vitamin E, retinol, shea butter, and apricot kernel— they will keep your skin easy through your flight. Most Compression socks are designed by orthopedic surgeons so they can help travelers deal with poor circulation, and other discomforts caused during a flight. 


4. Airplane Footrest for Air Travel



With lesser legroom, for any long-haul flight, your legs are most troubled all through the flight. And, if you already have had problems with swollen legs, before you reach your leisure travel destination, the problem can even deteriorate. With an air travel footrest, you can always elevate your legs & improve blood circulation so nothing makes you feel uncomfortable. Embracing your legs with a thick, soft cushion, puts pressure on your legs helping you feel relaxed and at ease. This, in return, helps free blood circulation through your vessels, protecting you from any complications. It’s easy to use— just hang it over the front seat and adjust your feet as you wish to. The best part is, it fits easily into your small overhead carry-on. 


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5. Sleep Mask



Until now, you must have understood why you can’t do without a long-haul flight through your leisure travel destination. Even those who think they can easily fall asleep even amidst the hardest of noise can struggle with falling asleep on a flight— it’s no surprise. As we discussed at the beginning of this article, with all that noise happening around, children screaming and lights appearing and disappearing within seconds, anyone can be deeply troubled sleeping right. When you wear a sleeping mask, it’s like hiding from the world around you. And, the good news is, even with the sleeping mask on, you don’t feel like wearing anything. All you need to do is put it on with its elastic strap— it’s as light and gentle to touch like a feather. 


6. Window Shelf for Air Travel



Want extra room around your seat on the flight? If you fly often, you’ll have an idea why you need that extra room during your flight. If you keep it comfortable so you can land in your leisure travel destination without feeling agitated for all the trouble, it is worth spending the best window shelf air travel. It’s a real game-changer for air travelers who are looking out to make that experience trouble-free. It helps you increase the space of your window seat and allows you to keep your stuff organized. You can effortlessly pack this foldable device in your carry-on and it can be easily installed around your window seat. Insert it simply into your window shade to create room for keeping your phone, magazines, and water bottle organized. 


7. Comfortable Air Travel pants



So those favorite pairs of your jeans might accentuate your looks, but I would recommend anyone to wear them during a long-haul flight. Wear those comfortable pairs of pants for your next flight to your leisure travel destination, see how it transforms your journey for right starting off your trip on the right foot. And, it’s not just about on flight, even when you are traveling via car or train— no jeans can make you as comfortable as your most comfortable pair of pants. And, all thanks to some of the top brands that have discovered the best air travel pants so you don’t have to compromise on your airport style & fashion. When choosing air travel pants focus on — comfort, style, versatility & fabric. 


8. A Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet



You might feel why even I bothered about putting up a ‘Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet’ in this list of top air travel essentials that might help you sleep better on your flight. This wallet helps you keep your essentials organized in your carry-on so you can always reach out. It will make sure you do not have to worry about rummaging through your luggage every time you need something — like your passport, boarding pass, or maybe money you need to pay ‘em. You should get a thick & spacious travel bag with special pockets for your cards, passport, travel insurance, and other documents. 


9. A Big Scarf



If you have struggled during most of your air travel flights— combating the built-in chilly temperature, a big scarf would make your next journey easier and much enjoyable. I have had an amazing experience with one like I bought this big scarf as a souvenir from my last trip but it turned out to be a companion that I can’t do without. And, the best part is, they are chic enough to make you look & feel confidently stylish— and they are big enough that you can double them as airplane blankets. You can’t believe I have gifted these scarves to a lot of my flying companions. Always fly with a big scarf that not just helps you handle the chilly temperature inside the airplane. 


10. Micro Smartphone Charger



A micro smartphone charger will always! You need enough juice in your charger so you can fully enjoy your leisure travel vacation without worrying about anything. It helps you not miss sending that important email across, or checking the last Facebook update from the person, you never want to miss. A pocket-friendly micro smartphone charger will make sure your phone is never dead so you can use it every time you want to click a picture and it will fit easily into your pocket. There are a number of brands that are making small travel Chargers as 1.3 x 0.9 x 0.6 inches— get one before you venture out on your leisure vacation. This would be one of the most essential leisure travel tips anyone can share for an exhilarating trip. 


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11. Baiji Water Bottle



Though I am making a mention of this in the end, a water bottle would be the first thing I would recommend to anybody who is a frequent flier. There is very little moisture in the air around the cabin as compared to on the ground. So, you need to drink a lot of water— I would recommend, you should get a foldable silicone bottle instead of the plastic water bottle. Most of these silicone bottles are so designed so you can fold and pack them, unlike the plastic bottles that you have to throw out in the trash every time. And, this material keeps water at the same temperature for several hours. 


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