Greece Vacations

For people planning a cultural vacation, Greece should be on top of the list. On a number of occasions, Greece has synonymously been used with History & culture. From the ancient period of the Bronze age civilization to Santorini, Knossos - there has always been something really special to discover. From the ancient to Medieval to Modern - Greece showcases world-class history.

Greece is one of those great lands that has given to the world and ancient history of the world many great names. Popularly known for being the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, and most importantly history - Greece has been a real source of inspiration for millions of travelers. Some of the gem-like names of the most gifted individuals belong to Greece, the nation. 

Here’s a brief Timeline of Greece History:

6500–3000 BC: The Neolithic Period (It was when the first permanent villages were established).

3000–1150 BC: The Bronze Age (Mycenae becomes powerful and Crete).
1150–750 BC: The Dark Age (Iron tools come into existence. The Greek alphabet gets discovered. In 776 the first Olympic games happen here.

750 – 479 BC: The Archaic Period (The Black Sea and the Mediterranean witnesses formation of new cities and colonies).

479– 336 BC:   The Classical Period (There are fights between Greek cities. A number of new alliances come into the picture and many of them get destroyed. Sparta defeats Athens and later Thebes defeats Sparta. Alexander the Great father gets elected as Greece leader and assassinated.

336–146 BC: The leadership of Alexander the Great begins. Dies in 336 after conquering the Persian Empire. 

146BC–330 AD: Greece gets divided into various Roman provinces. Constructions take place around sanctuaries and the city states. Germanic nomads Athens.

330–1099 AD: Christianity becomes legal and Constantinople founded. Roman Empire splits. Greece gets inducted into the Byzantine Empire.


Best Things You Can Do on your Greece Vacation

When you are looking for Greece vacation packages, in addition to cost, another consideration is your choice of places to visit. There are beaches, historical places, monasteries, shopping spots, islands, and plenty of other things to visit in Greece. It will depend on the particular traveler if he wants a focused Greece vacation packages or if he wants to savor the taste of entire Greece. 

Here’s a little guide book on how to choose the best Greece vacation packages on the basis of where you really want to travel during the trip.

  1. There are beautiful beaches, great architecture, caves, hiking trails, wonderful shopping spots and more you can discover on your Greece tours.      

Greece Architecture

If you have been thinking for a long time to savor on the great architecture of Greece, you should make sure to choose Greece vacation packages that include a visit to those particular locations. It must include:    

Meteora: Visit the six popular monasteries - Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron, Holy Monastery of Varlaam, Holy Monastery of Rousanou, Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapafsas, and Holy Monastery of Holy Trinity.

Knossos: It is the largest bronze age archeological site and is the oldest city of Greece. You will discover a lot of things here. Explore the palace of Knossos. 

Athens: Athens is believed to be build of a powerful ancient civilization. It has many 5th-century BC archeological sites including Acropolis Museums, national archaeological museums, ancient sculptures, and more.

Other archeological sites to visit on Greece tours:  Delphi, Crete region, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Archeological sites of Olympia, and more. 

Beaches in Greece

When you are looking to choose beach-specific Greece vacation packages, you should look for an itinerary that is going to take you through the beaches. 

  • Make sure to choose accommodation from where it is easy to travel around the beaches. This way you can save your money and time both. 

Most Popular Beaches in Greece: Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu Island, Crete Region, Mykonos, Kos, Skythos, and more.

Caves in Greece: Melidoni Rethymni, Diros, Antiparos, Sami, Cephalonia, Alistrati, Pyrgos Dirou, Crete region, Psychro Cave, Matala, and more.

Shopping Spots in Greece: Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete region, Thessaloniki, Chania, Corfu, Kos, and more.


Best Time to Plan Greece Vacations

The best time to plan Greece tours is from April to November. Most part of this time is great to experience life on popular beaches in Greece including Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos. You can experience an incredible kind of energy in most of the shopping areas during this time in Greece.

Other Ideal Months to Plan Greece Vacations

Sunny Weather: May to October

Hot Weather: July to August

Honeymoon vacation: June & September

Budget-friendly vacation: March to May & October to November.

Beach Vacation in Greece: May to October

Mainland vacation in Greece: June to September

Santorini sightseeing in Greece: March to June & September to November

Mykonos beaches in Greece: June to September

High season in Greece: Later part of June to early September

Destinations & Attractions on Greece Vacations


The home to Plato, Athens, the capital city is an important touristic part of the country. Plato is an ancient figure of Greece and was born in Athens. This part of the country has enormously amazing statues still standing intact. Athens is the perfect mix of modern & ancient life. You will get a small-town feel in this part of the country with 3.8 million people and that absolutely incredible. The locals here are extremely welcoming and will do anything to help you (travelers).

Top Things to Do in Athens

Athens, the city will keep surprising you until you are on its land. It's an exciting mix of light & life - there are too many ancient stories, yet it's so modern. You are going to see all in one! Here are some unique things to see in Athens:

The Acropolis: In the Greek language, Acropolis refers to a ‘high city’. There are three important hills in the Athens city and Acropolis is the most popular of them. 

Ouzo: It’s a popular dry anise-flavored aperitif. Ouzo is consumed all through Greece and tastes similar to rakı, sambuca, pastis.

The city of Marathon: The city is located around 25 miles away from the capital city, Athens. The “Marathon story of Pheidippides” is related to the city. According to this story, Pheidippides, a Greek soldier ran from Marathon to Athens (a distance of 40 km). You get to discover this story here.


It seems God has himself crafted this beautiful part of the Gratifying Greece. Santorini is one of those precious places of the country that can’t be missed in Greece Tours. Standing on top of the multi-colored lovely cliffs, it will make you go head over the hills. Not only in Greece, but Santorini is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. In addition to the mammoth crater of a volcano, the entire view is vivifying for the eyes. The black & red beaches, whitewashed villages, and rural vineyards are simply amazing. There’s something for everyone from foodies to explorers and plenty of great things for the history lovers. 

Top things to do in Santorini

Kamari Beach: Kamari is one of those beaches of Greece that has been formed from the long-volcanic history of the state. Spread around four miles in the southeast direction of the Fira island, Kamari beach is one of the best things to witness the beauty of Greece. There are many popular resorts, hotels, and popular beachside bars. The crystal-clear blue water of the place is completely soothing and can sweep anyone off their feet.

Hiking: Hiking is the most preferred and the most exciting way to bask in the beauty of this amazing part of the country. The most perfect route is from Fira to Oia. This is an incredible hike and you get an opportunity to pass through Firostefani, Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli. 

Ancient Akrotiri: The amazing architecture of the Ancient Akrotiri belongs to the 17th century. However, it was discovered in the 1860s. It is believed to be one of the significant parts of the prehistoric settlements around the Aegean Sea. you have a tremendously rich history to discover around in this part of Santorini.


Mykonos falls under the category of the Best Islands in Greece Tours to visit. The perfect blend of great nightlife and absolutely inspiring beaches, this place is a must-visit when in Greece. And, not just for the party lovers, there are great things for foodies, for those looking for a romantic holiday and also for culture admirers. In nutshell, this is absolutely a heaven for the solo travelers, gay travelers as well as for the couples. 

Little Venice: Alefkandra quarter located beyond the Panagia Paraportiani is also called Little Venice. The beautiful houses built hanging over the sea makes it look like a tiny replica of Venice. Many of these buildings, today have been converted into flamboyant bars for the sunset view that it offers. Make sure that this destination is included in your Greece vacation package.

Panagia Paraportiani Church: There are in all 365 churches in Mykonos. The most popular of them all is the Panagia Paraportiani. This is an absolutely empowering and spiritual experience for the travelers on Greece tours. Situated in the central Chora, the white-washed church belongs to the Byzantine era. Guests have an opportunity to see a huge number of decorations from the middle ages and there are no visiting charges.

Psarou Beach: This is for those who want to do something different from Paradise Beach with nude bathers and noisy parties. Situated in the Northwest direction of the Paradise Beach, a trip to the Psarou Beach makes for one of the exhilarating experiences. It's the clear soothing waves, relaxing atmosphere, and the natural beauty of the island that makes it one of the most visited locations in Mykonos.


In mainland Greece, rising from the Thessaly plains, this group of fascinating vertical rocks reaches a height of 300 meters. On top of these rocks are plenty of monasteries that look as if they are hanging in the air. Some of these monasteries like some unique creation from the fairytale stories. They give you an impression of a magical place. You’ll see here six incredibly constructed monasteries. While for travelers, the yearning to see these monasteries give a chance for hiking, but for the monks, monasteries are places of meditation, prayer, and peace.

Top things to do in Meteora

Visiting Six Active Monasteries: The number of monasteries has dwindled over the years to six from twenty-four. It was the monks who built these monasteries in search of peace and solitude. Perched on top of rocks, one will need ladders, ropes, and other things to reach around the monastery. These six most visited monasteries in Meteora include Great Meteoron Monastery, Varlaam Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, Roussanou Monastery, St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery, and St. Stephen’s Monastery.

Kalambaka: Kalambaka is the best place to stay when you have landed up to visit Meteora. With a population of 12,000, it is the main town of Greece. Located at the foot of the rocky landscape, Kalambaka is an important part of Greece.

Sunset Points: This gives an opportunity to bask in the beauty of the sun hiding slowly behind the magnificent rock forest. A trip to the sunset point is an amazing opportunity to spend an interesting afternoon on your Greece Tours. You can capture slowly and beautifully disappearing sun.  

Other Top Places to Visit on Greece Tours Include: Crete Region, Rhodes, Corfu Island, Oia, Zakynthos Island, Heraklion, Chania, Thera  

Greece Vacation Packages 2022

Greece is most popularly known for its glorious history and a considerable part of it has come from Western civilization. The incredible amphitheater to temples and other monuments take travelers through the long-back history of this ancient land of Greece. At every corner of the country, you’ll discover something narrating silently the incredible history of Greece - be it the wonderful islands of the Dodecanese or the capital of Athens. And, when you have learned enough of the history, you can hop on to the Greek Islands where you can unwind with amazing blue seas and perfectly pristine beaches. There are plenty of Greece Vacation packages you can check with and plan a satiating trip. 

Below we have a general cost estimation for different types of  Greece vacation packages and things it may include. The information given below may sometimes vary according to your preferences and requirements on the trip. 


7 Days Greece Vacation Package - Santorini, Paros, and Athens

Destinations: Santorini, Paros, and Athens

Minimum Price per Person: $1235

Maximum Price per Person: $1394

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: Guided tour of Athens, the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, Panathenaic Stadium, Oia, Paros, and secluded beaches.

Hotel Type: 4 Star to 5 Star

Payment mode: Online or Credit card/Debit Card

Note: Such Greece vacation packages are generally available as semi-independent and independent trips. In most cases, this is designed to help you explore and understand the jaw-dropping wonders of Athens and then head towards Paros and Santorini, the lovely Greek Islands. International flights are not generally included, however you can request for the same. 


6 Days Greece Vacation Package Istanbul to Athens 

Destinations: Greece & Turkey                           

Minimum Price: $1398

Maximum Price per person: $1494

Vacation Duration:  6 days

Activities on the Trip: Tour the Acropolis of Athens, ancient citadel, watch the sunset from the seaside village of Oia, ferry rides through the Aegean Sea, strolling around Naoussa village on Paros, Sip local wine, treat yourself with local dishes like moussaka, tiropita, and souvlaki!

Hotel Type: 3 star to 5 star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Ferry ports, hotels & airport transfers.

  2. Sightseeing in Athens (museum & acropolis sites)

  3. One night in Paros

  4. Ferry from Paro to Santorini

  5. Everyday Breakfast.

Note: With this information given above, we are not talking about a particular Greece vacation package. Our aim is just to give you an idea of how most of Greece vacation packages will look like.  However, you always have the freedom to request and get your trip customized as per your requirements. 


7 Days Greece & Turkey Vacation Package -  Istanbul, Athens & Santorini

Destinations: Istanbul, Athens & Santorini

Minimum Price per person: $1025

Maximum Price per person: $1499

Vacation Duration: 7 Days 

Activities on the Trip: Dive deeper into the charm of Istanbul (the bustling city), Hippodrome Square, the Underground Cistern, indulge in Turkish coffee, visit Athens (the birthplace of modern Western civilization), Transfer to Santorini via Ferry, Walk around the village of Oia. 

Hotel Type: 4 star to 5 star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Ferry ports, hotels & airport transfers when in Greece.

  2. 2 Nights in Athens

  3. The ferry ride from Athens to Santorini

  4. 3 Nights in Santorini

  5. 1 Night in Athens

  6. Everyday Breakfast 

Note: The information about Greece & Turkey Vacation Package given above is just an overview of how your vacation will look like. We do not give a guarantee for everything mentioned above, it’s just an overview and the information can vary. However, the agents are well experienced to customize your trip the way you want.


12 Days Greece Vacation Package- Southern Adriatic: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia & Greece

Destinations: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia & Greece

Minimum Price per person: $1989

Maximum Price per person: $2299

Vacation Duration: 12 Days

Activities on the Trip: The Franciscan Monastery, 14th-century pharmacy, Visit Kotor, medieval towns in the Adriatic, Enjoy prosciutto, local cheese tastings in Montenegro, Venice Art Mask Factory in Shkodra, Visit Bunk'Art 2, Tour Meteora’s mystical monasteries, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 star to 5 star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. 10 nights (2 nights Dubrovnik, 1 night Tivat, 1 night Tirana, 1 night Ohrid, 2 nights Thessaloniki, 1 night Kalambaka, 2 nights Athens).

  2. Hotel porterage

  3. 21 meals (10 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 7 dinners).

  4. Sightseeing in an air-conditioned vehicles.

  5. English-speaking manager for your trip.

Note: The information given above is a general idea of how a Greece vacation package including a trip of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia & Greece will look like. Having said that, we would like to emphasize that we are not talking about any particular vacation package. However, we promise that you can get your trip customized as per your requirements & preferences.


7 Days Greece Vacation Package - Athens & Iconic Aegean Cruise

Destinations: Athens & Iconic Aegean Cruise

Minimum Price per person: $1109

Maximum Price per person: $2023

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: Visit the Acropolis, see the ancient architectural masterpieces, archaeological site of Ancient Ephesus, Kusadasi town, the Minoan palace of Knossos, and more.

Hotel Type: 3 star to 5 star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. 5 Nights (2 nights in Athens & 3 Nights Celestyal Cruise).

  2. Cruise porterage and gratuities.

  3. Total of 11 meals (5 breakfast, 3 Dinners & 3 Lunches).

  4. Unlimited drink on a cruise 

  5. Sightseeing in modern air-conditioned motorcoach.

Note: The above-given information on vacation package including a trip to Athens with Iconic Aegean Cruise will give you an idea about the budget and everything. This sole aim of this information is to give you an idea of how it works. But, you can definitely get your trip planned as per your requirements and preferences. 


7 Days Greece Vacation Package  - Athens, Poros & Spetses 

Destinations: Athens, Poros & Spetses

Minimum Price per person: $1629

Maximum Price per person: $1978

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: Visit the Acropolis, New Acropolis Museum, the bays as the sun sets in Spetses, Visit Love Bay in Poros, Greek delicacies, 

Hotel Type: 3 Star to 5 Star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Economy class airfare (round trip) to Athens.

  2. 2 nights in Athens

  3. 2 nights in Poros

  4. 2 nights in Spetses

  5. Ferry from Poros to Spetses

  6. Breakfast every day.

Note: The given information may not be completely true as is mentioned. With this, our aim is just to give general information about how your vacation will look like. However, you will have all the freedom to get your trip customized the way you want to.


5 Days Greece Vacation Package - Athens & Mykonos 

Destinations: Athens & Mykonos 

Minimum Price per person: $1879

Maximum Price per person: $2099

Vacation Duration: 5 Days

Activities on the Trip: Know ancient Greece at Athens, visit the Acropolis, Delve deeper into the historical facts, picturesque beaches, 

Hotel Type: 4 Star to 5 Star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Economy class airfare.

  2. Airport & Ferry Transfers.

  3. 2 nights in Athens.

  4. Athens sightseeing.

  5. Ferry from Athens to Mykonos.

  6. 3 nights in Mykonos 

  7. Breakfast every day.

Note: This is just a brief overview of how your Greece vacation package including a visit to Athens & Mykonos is going to look like. Having said that, we want to convey that this package may vary in one or more ways. However, you’ll always have the freedom to get this Greece vacation customized the way you want.


14 Days Greece Vacation Package - Athens, Santorini & Mykonos

Destinations: Athens, Santorini & Mykonos

Minimum Price per person: $3999

Maximum Price per person: $4211

Vacation Duration: 14 Days

Activities on the Trip: Mind-blowing view, mouth-watering food, sailing through the Aegean Sea to Mykonos, experience the beautiful pristine beaches, explore the Acropolis, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star & 5-star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Airfare to Athens (economy class).

  2. Airport and hotel transfers.

  3. 5 nights in Santorini

  4. 5 nights in Mykonos

  5. 4 nights in Athens

  6. Acropolis Site & Museum 

  7. Breakfast every day.

Note: The sole aim of providing this information is giving an overall idea of how your trip will look like. The information given above may or may not vary even when you are selecting a package similar to this. However, you can get your trip customized as per your requirements. 


7 Days Greece Vacation Package - Mykonos, Athens & Santorini

Destinations: Mykonos, Athens & Santorini

Minimum Price per person: $1895

Maximum Price per person: $2159

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Activities on the Trip: Visit the Acropolis, Enjoy the high-speed ferries from Mykonos and Santorini, savor the local delicacies, Mykonos’ glamorous nightlife, sunsets over Santorini’s bay.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. airfare to Athens (Economy class).

  2. 2 nights in Athens

  3. 2 nights in Mykonos.

  4. 3 nights in Santorini

  5. Hotel & ferry Transfers.

  6. Everyday Breakfast

Note:  This information may or may not be completely true with all of such Greece vacation packages. We are providing this information just for reference and to give you an idea of the budget and everything. However, you can request for a customized trip helping us to know your requirements.


6 Days 'Mamma Mia' Greece Vacation Package - Skopelos, Athens, and Skiathos 

Destinations: Skopelos, Athens, and Skiathos

Minimum Price per person: $1989

Maximum Price per person: $2245

Vacation Duration: 6 Days

Activities on the Trip: Delicious food, Visit the Acropolis, New Acropolis Museum in Athens, beautiful beaches in Skopelos and Skiathos, Enjoy ferry rides, and more.

Hotel Type: 4 star to 5 star

Payment mode: Online/Credit card/Debit card/ Cash


  1. Class airfare to Athens.

  2. Ferry & hotel transfers.

  3. 2 nights in Athens.

  4. 3 nights in Skiathos.

  5. 2 nights in Skopelos.

  6. High-speed ferry.

  7. Breakfast every day.

Note: This is just an overview of how a 6 Days 'Mamma Mia' Greece Vacation Package is going to look like. With this information, we aim to give you an idea of the budget and everything on the trip. However, you can narrate your requirements and help your Greece travel agent plan the best vacation ever for you.

Explore Greece Vacation & Packages 2022


Greece, the European Balkan country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For its beautiful beaches, captivating caves, mind-blowing museums, alluring architecture, and satisfying shopping spots, Greece is loved by most travelers. Its ancient connection and history is a significant aspect that makes it a culturally rich and affluent destination for tourists.

Greece Location.

Greece is a southern European nation. It's located in the southeastern end of Europe and in the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece is also sometimes referred to as a western European nation because of its cultural and economic influences. It also shares its border with many nations and seas including Albania and Bulgaria in the north, Turkey &  Aegean Sea in the east, and the Mediterranean Sea in the west & south.

The popularity of Greece Tours.

Called as the Cradle of western civilization, Greece makes for an incredible traveling destination. The vibrant and beautiful Athens is the capital of Greece and is all flooded with a huge number of top tourist spots. Apart from that, it's an incredible shopping spot for shopaholics. There are six amazingly built orthodox UNESCO-listed monasteries that provide an incredible opportunity to dive deeper into the country's architecture. Most Greece tour packages include a visit to some or all of these monasteries. In addition to this, beaches in the Crete region to Mykonos, Zakynthos islands, and the Corfu islands - it's all beautiful. You can have a peek into the natural wonders in Greece, visit the mind-blowing museums and do more. All of this, an amazing bunch of beauty has soared in the popularity of Greece tours.

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