Myanmar Vacations

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian nation that is often overlooked when it comes to tourism. However, one look at Myanmar vacation packages, and you will realize the country comes packed with an abundance of nature, history, and architectural wonders. 


The tourist attractions include the Himalayas, gorgeous corals, pagodas, vibrant festivals, and more. The Myanmar vacation packages have a lot to offer for tourists looking to spend some time in an unexplored country. If you are fascinated by Buddhism, you have to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, where it is believed eight strands of Gautama Buddha’s hair are kept. 


The country, which has a favorable climate for grape growing, is also known for its wine. Check out the Myanmar vacation packages for an enthralling wine-tasting experience on the pristine mountains.


Animal lovers can also enjoy the wilderness in Myanmar, which is home to endemic wildlife species. It will be a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts to explore the thick and untouched jungles in Myanmar. Of course, the Myanmar vacation packages will also let you experience the Buddhist New Year festival called the Thingyan. The locals celebrate the festival with prayers, traditional dances, parties, and water fights.    


If you are trying to get away from the usual tourist destinations and try something unique for your next trip, you should look at our Myanmar vacation packages.


The Incredible History of Myanmar

During different time periods, Myanmar’s historical past has seen a lot of turbulence and defeat. The entire story has really been complex and heart-wrenching. About every period, you study, there would be something that will add value to the Myanmar vacation packages. Discovering the country’s ancient roots, the colonial legacy will mean that you are curious to know about the current political & social status of the country. Let us find in brief how the story went on in the past:


Timeline History of Myanmar:


1057: The first unified state of Pagan was founded by King Anawrahta. 


1287: Pagan is conquered by Mongols.


1531: The country Burma gets reunited.


1755: The Konbaung dynasty is founded.


1824-26: End of the First Anglo-Burmese War. 


1852: Lower Burma gets annexed by Britain after the second Anglo-Burmese war.


1885-86: Burma is made a part of British India after Mandalay is captured by the British.


1937: Burma gets separated from India and is made a crown colony.


1942: Burma is occupied by Japan.


1945: Burma is liberated from the clutch of Japan with the help of Britain.


1948: Burma gets independence under Prime Minister U Nu.


1974: A new constitution comes into being. It allowed the transformation of power to a People's Assembly from the armed forces.


1975: Formation of Opposition National Democratic Front takes place.


1987: Currency devaluation takes place. It eats away all the savings of almost every household. This leads to giving rise in anti-government riots.


1988: After the unprecedented upheaval and the increasing numbers of people dying every day, a State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) comes into existence. 


1989: Many people get arrested after the State Law and Order Restoration Council declares martial law.


1992: Than Shwe becomes the chairman of SLORC replacing Saw Maung.


1997: Burma becomes a part of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations).


1997: SLORC becomes the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).


1998: Release of 300 NLD takes place from prison.


2005: Nay Pyi Taw (the newly created city) located near Pyinmana’s town, becomes the country’s capital. 


2007: The diplomatic ties between North Korea & Myanmar are restored.


Interesting Things You Can Do on Your Myanmar Vacation

After long years of watching the show from the other side of the door, Myanmar finally is opening itself up for tourists to discover its great things. Gradually, Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma is becoming an important destination on every traveler’s Bucket List. The wonderful ancient temples, amazing beaches, and intriguing culture that is hard to find anywhere else around the globe are always a part of most Myanmar vacation packages. There’s truly unfathomable beauty & charm to discover in Myanmar. Let us discuss some of these top things to do on Myanmar vacation. Here we go:


Trekking Through Kalaw

This trek can take one day to a week and Myanmar vacation packages provide all kinds of required assistance throughout this trek! This will completely depend on what kind of package you want to pick up. Either you can make pre-bookings or there’s another way out when you can get to book the same after reaching the destination. This journey will start from the Kalwan region and it’s a really rejuvenating thing for every avid traveler. The hill station’s jaunty surroundings, beautiful views, and peaceful atmosphere will make you fall in love with every part of the trekking experience. During the journey, you must never forget to munch on the great home-cooked local cuisines.


Dive into the Mergui Archipelago Waters

If you are crazy about diving deep into the water and discovering marine life than this has to be on the list of “best things to do in Myanmar”. Into the waters of the Mergui Archipelago, you will get to see some of the really wonderful underwater creatures. This is the most perfect place to try some snorkeling and diving. You also get a lot of space & time to enjoy & relax here around the shores. But, it’s always great to pack some books along to keep yourself busy while commuting from one place to another.


Discovering the undiscovered temples of Bagan

One of the most intriguing things about looking for Myanmar vacation packages is its unexplainably wonderful Bagan Buddhist temples. You will be awe-struck by the kind of peace one feels around here. These huge numbers of temples spread all through the plains is the greatest evidence of the cultural & religious inclination of the people of Burma over the last many centuries. This huge number of temples of Bagan together makes out the biggest archeological sites throughout Asia. So this is true, one of the best things to do on a Myanmar vacation. 


Climbing through the Mandalay Hill

Climbing through this 760-foot Mandalay hill is going to be one of the best things to do on a Myanmar vacation. Reaching to the top of the summit takes around half an hour and through this entire journey, you get to come across a number of pagodas & temples. Know in advance that, you may have to cover a few meters barefoot - be prepared. This complete journey of half an hour may get extended if you are making stops on the way. But, the breathtaking view from the top of the hill will make you feel that the whole time spent is worth it.


Munching on the Great Burmese Cuisines

Don’t miss the mouth-watering delicacies included with Myanmar vacation packages! Especially if you are an admirer of tasting new food, this part of your Myanmar vacation has to be an exciting part of it. You will find Myanmar’s most popular cuisine “Mont Lin Ma Yar” in Mandalay. It looks like crisp scallions, chickpeas & quail eggs and is really yummy. You will love this part of Burma for sure. You must also try some of the other popular cuisines of Myanmar including Ikan Bakar, Shan noodles, and Burmese pancakes. In addition to their great taste, you will love these cuisines because they are quite affordable.

 Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

The most unique thing about Myanmar is that you experience incredibly great thing is that you get to see an incredibly wonderful mix of the modern world and the old-day charm. Rich in history, tradition, and culture Myanmar is a country where every corner has something great to experience. All through the country, you can see pagodas & temples scattered. And, in addition to a huge number of Pagodas, Myanmar is also home to some tourist-friendly beaches. 


Here’s a list of some of the best places to Visit in Myanmar:



Best things to do in Mandalay: Jade Market, Mahamuni Pagoda, Gorgeous Golden Temple, U Bein Bridge, Mandalay Hill, cooking class, and more.


However, a lot of tourists skip traveling to Mandalay, but they should not. There’s a lot to see and do in Myanmar. It is one of the most interesting places in the country you would love for sure. Traveling on your own is the perfect thing, however, if you do not have enough time, you can just hire a driver to take you through Mandalay in the least possible time showing you most of the important sites.



Best Things to Do in Bagan: Temple tour, exploring the city on your own (hire a bike), treat yourself in a massage parlor, flying a hot air balloon (if you are traveling between October to April), Sunrise temple tour & more.


Bagan is a country that is all laden with contrast! From its wonderful history to the present day charm there’s truly immense love that Myanmar vacation packages bring along for tourists. It’s not a great idea to wander around to see the temples during the afternoon because you won’t really be able to walk barefoot. During this part of the day enjoy a massage, local cuisine, or a siesta. 



Best things to Do in Yangon: Visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, and visit golden statues, temples, and golden pagodas. Enjoying a cocktail at the majestic Strand Hotel, enjoy shopping at Bogyoke Aung San Market.


The locals of Yangon are extremely friendly. You will get to feel a special vibe in the air of this place. Unlike in other parts of the country, you can easily get to find English speaking people in Yangon. You can enjoy being in a restaurant, built beautifully overlooking one or the other pagoda. Most importantly, Yangon will show you the perfect mix of the old & the new. Make sure that the Myanmar vacation packages & deals you are looking for include a visit to Yangon into its itinerary.


Inle Lake:

Best things to do in Inle Lake: Wine Tasting, visiting the wine valley (visit during sunset or before that), a boat tour of the Lake, visiting the silk farm, floating gardens, leg rowers, boat makers, and cigar makers. Enjoy cooking class, Mercury Cooking Class, and more.

It will surely sweep you off your feet! Once you are here, you will fall in love with the peace that it holds and the beauty that it spreads all through. Inle Lake is the perfect escape from the hot environment. The tranquil & cool environment is so very relaxing. If you dream of being in such a relaxing environment, this is the place for you.  

The Best Myanmar Vacation Packages

The most important thing that will matter, is when you are thinking about selecting Myanmar vacation packages at the budget and places & spots you will be visiting. With this precise list of Myanmar vacation packages, we want to help you get an idea about these important parameters. This information is going to be extremely helpful in helping with designing your Myanmar vacation package. Read to discover more:


12 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - The Best of Myanmar


Destinations: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Kalaw, and more


Minimum Price: $1456


Maximum Price: $1567


Vacation Duration: 12 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Exploration of the Martyrs Mausoleum or  Aung San Suu Kyi’s House
  • Discovering the beauty of Kandawgyi Lake
  • Take up a riverboat journey on the Irrawaddy River while you are on your way to Mandalay
  • Explore Inle Lakes, Pindaya, and mountains


Hotel Type: 3-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


3 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Exploration of Yangon


Destinations: Yangon


Minimum Price: $501


Maximum Price: $570


Vacation Duration: 3 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Discover the fascinating history
  • Know about political facts related to Yangon
  • Visit various colonial landmarks in Yangon and Aung San Suu Kyi's childhood home
  • Visit the 2500-year-old Sule Pagoda
  • The Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda
  • Aung San House Museum, and more


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Discovering the Glory of Myanmar


Destinations: Yangon, Mandalay & Bagan


Minimum Price: $3126


Maximum Price: $3456


Vacation Duration: 15 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Explore  Inle Lake, Yangon
  • Mandalay, and Bagan. Visit the Golden Rock via Bago
  • The Shwemawdaw Pagoda, the Golden Rock, and more


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - From Mandalay to Bagan 


Destinations: Mandalay & Bagan


Minimum Price: $1589


Maximum Price: $1699


Vacation Duration: 7 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Visit sites around Mandalay
  • Explore Bagan & 3000 Buddhist temples
  • Visit the Golden Palace Monastery
  • Mandalay Hill, the opulent Mahamuni Pagoda, and more. 


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Myanmar River Cruise


Destinations: Mandalay, Pagan & more. 


Minimum Price: $5211


Maximum Price: $5678


Vacation Duration: 15 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Explore in Thayetmyo
  • The war cemetery, the Minhla Forts
  • Visit the town of Sale
  • Beautiful teak monasteries
  • See the thousands of gold & brick monasteries
  • Enjoy beautiful sites, and do more


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


9 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Irrawaddy River Boutique Cruise


Destinations: Mandalay, Bagan & Yangon


Minimum Price: $3109


Maximum Price: $3289


Vacation Duration: 9 days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Cruising through Mandalay through Bagan and Yangon
  • Watch out for the amazing sights, historical destinations
  • Take a Pandaw cruise ship
  • Visit the jungle village in Mandalay, and do more


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


4 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Cruising through Mandalay to Bagan


Destinations: Mandalay & Bagan


Minimum Price: $867


Maximum Price: $926


Vacation Duration: 4 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Discovering the ruins of ancient Myanmar
  • Cruising from Mandalay to Bagan
  • Enjoy the vessel’s luxurious facilities
  • See the popular sites & temples, and enjoy the beautiful panorama Cruise from Mandalay to Bagan luxuriously with such 4-day Myanmar vacation packages


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Cruising through Bagan to Mandalay


Destinations: Bagan to Mandalay


Minimum Price: $999


Maximum Price: $1045


Vacation Duration: 5 Days


Activities on the Trip: 


  • Down the Irrawaddy River explore the ancient capitals of Myanmar ( Mingun and Ava, and Mandalay)
  • Stroll through the thousands of temples around Bagan, and do more.


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Myanmar Vacation Package - Indochina Tour


Destinations: Thailand, China, & Myanmar


Minimum Price: $1398


Maximum Price: $1467


Vacation Duration: 7 Days


Activities on the Trip:


  • Explore three of the key locations of the trip including Thailand, China, & Myanmar. 
  • Enjoying wandering around beautiful Bangkok
  • Visiting the majestic temples of Angkor
  • Visiting the wonderful sites of Yangon


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star


Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


Note: The above information on Myanmar vacation packages is being provided based on a basic estimation. This has been designed on the basis of the understanding of a bunch of experts and can differ in one or more aspects depending on the input from clients. However, hiring experienced travel agents help in designing customized vacation packages. 

Best Time to Visit Myanmar

When is the best time to look for Myanmar vacation packages? This completely depends upon the part of the country you are planning to visit. Every part of the country is differently affected by the weather conditions, which makes out for advantages & disadvantages depending on the place you are visiting. 


Here’s a Sneak peek into How some of These Places are affected by the Weather Conditions in Myanmar: 



Best For



Between November to April Yangon is driest.

From March to April the temperature goes quite high.



Throughout the Year temperature in Bagan is high.

It’s comparatively less hot from November to February.

November to February is the busiest time of the year.

July is the perfect time to see Green Bagan & also there is less crowd during that time.

Inle Lake


From January to February, the temperature at Inle Lake is Low.

August to October is the best time to see Inle Lake with balanced temperature & minimum temperature.



November, December & January are the best time to travel to Mandalay.

January to March & December are the driest seasons.

There’s very little crowd during October & June.

Ngapali Beach

April to May are the hottest months of the year and the beaches are too crowded during the season.

From June to September, it rains in a good amount.


However, it’s important to mention here that the best time to look for Myanmar vacation packages is from November to February. This is when most tourists come to Myanmar to have a great time. From June to September, there’s the occurrence of the southwest monsoon when there's a good amount of rain, Cloud & humid temperature. The mountains & coasts receive comparatively more temperatures than the central plains including Bagan & Mandalay. Sometimes, the roads become unmanageable during the rainy season. 

Everything About Myanmar Vacation 

Myanmar is adding something interesting for travelers every day! With its charming landscape, unending natural beauty, and perennially rich history it makes every single person fall in love with this place. Those ancient peaceful temples and the pleasantly heart-touching culture act as a powerful magnet for travelers. However, Maynmar culture has been hidden from people for the last many years, but it is slowly opening up to people around the world. This has added curiosity in the minds of people who are avid travelers. If you are also an avid traveler & discoverer, make sure that you are availing the best of the Myanmar vacation packages.


With an incredibly great history and wonderfully fascinating culture, you’ll love every day & every part of Myanmar vacation packages. In the last few years, it has been discovered that there is an assortment of facts to learn & imbibe from Myanmar, the country. With the first democratically elected Government coming into power in the country, it opened its doors for travelers who were interested in discovering Myanmar.


Tourists now get every piece of service from Myanmar tourism as in other countries. But, before you actually venture on such trips, it is really important to know some significant facts about the country:


Quick Information on Myanmar Vacation: 


Burmese Currency: Burmese Kyat (MMK)


Myanmar Language: Burmese


Main Festivals: The Thingyan festival (Buddhist festival celebrated in April from 13 to 16). People celebrate the festival as a 

way of getting rid of all the sins in one big water fight.


Safety in Myanmar: It’s quite safe to travel to the country. There’s only a negligible crime rate against foreigners. However, well-planned Myanmar vacation packages will take care of their clients’ safety.


Estimated Myanmar Vacation Package Cost: Myanmar, in general, is not a very expensive country for travelers. In general, a Myanmar vacation package will cost you around $30 to $35 per day. This will include your basic requirements on the trip including food, accommodation & transportation. 


ATMs in Myanmar: If we talk about a time belonging to a few years back from today, it was quite tough to find an ATM in Myanmar. However, today, you can very easily find ATMs easily, particularly in the major cities.

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