Japan Vacations

Be it the bright neon lights or the gorgeous Mount Fuji, Japan is a country that has the best of both worlds. Called the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan travel packages offer a fascinating tour of the country that has perfectly blended the cultural heritage and the liveliness of the metropolis.


There is something mystic about Japan that truly captivates travelers from around the world. While on the other hand, you will also get to witness breathtaking skyscrapers and beautiful religious shrines across the country. A look at the Japan vacation packages, and you will realize visiting Tokyo is a must. From the shopping centers to the flamboyant restaurants and the buzzing night markets and partying, it is a traveler's paradise you simply can't miss.


Apart from the scrumptious local delicacies, you ought to indulge in the traditional sushi and add a flavor to your Japan vacation packages. The country also offers plenty on the nature front. In fact, did you know nearly 80 percent of Japan is mountainous? Interestingly, it is also an island nation that stretches about 1,869 miles or the length of the East Coast.


If you still haven't gone through Japan travel packages, check out our articles and get mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Japan. Truly, it will be an experience of a lifetime.


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With this Japan vacation, you are definitely preparing yourself for a trip of a lifetime. With the vibrantly decked-up cities, wonderful landscapes, friendly people, mouth-watering food & fascinating culture, there’s no dearth of options to satiate the traveler inside you.


Japan is also known as “the Land of the Rising Sun”! It is where modernity & traditional values meet to create something that has it all. From the sky-scraping buildings to the snow-kissed mountains & the beautiful temples, you will love everything about this country. 


In general, you can begin with Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan. All laden with shopping spots, flamboyant restaurants, and extraordinarily wonderful nightlife you cannot miss even a single part of it. In Tokyo, you will explore the Sumida district, the wonderful museums, the Sumida River, and a sumo stadium. If you are visiting Tokyo in April, hanami & if you are visiting in July, the fireworks festival is the perfect thing to experience. 


Then you have Harajuku where you will get to see an ancient shrine. Also, the youth of Harajuku, sense of fashion will fascinate you at every step.  


Explore Harajuku to see an ancient shrine and the wild fashions of the Harajuku youth on Sundays. Enjoy a fun-filled night out in Roppongi.


Japan is one of those Asian nations, where you feel fascinated to plan a vacation at some point in life. From a huge number of beautiful sites, wonderful landscapes, and most importantly the great food, it will win your heart for sure. Before you actually get onto planning this incredible Japan vacation know these quick & important facts: 


Quick Facts about Japan Vacation:


Capital: Tokyo (東京): Tokyo, 


Ethnic groups: 


Japanese: 98.5% (Approximately)


Koreans: 0.5% 


Chinese: 0.4% 


Other: 0.6%


Climate: Tropical to Temperate


Currency: yen (¥)


Government: Constitutional Democracy


Official Language: Japanese


National Sport: Sumo (soccer & baseball are also popular)

Things to Do in Japan


Japan is a typical example of a class! There’s a glut of beauty & charm in every corner of the country. And, there’s too much of beauty that one trip will undoubtedly take you through every part of the scene. For millions of years, it has been making people fall in love with and with its unfathomable beauty, it’s going to do so in the upcoming years. 


There’s a whole host of things to do in Japan. From the uniquely built skyscrapers to the cosplay go-kart rides to the over-the-top arcades, and tranquil tea ceremonies - it's going to sweep you off your feet. And, there’s much more than this! Let us know about other engrossing things on your Japan vacation. Here we go:


Hiroshima Peace Memorial 


Opening Time: 


March to July: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM


August: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM


September to November: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


December to February: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Note: Opened only for 30 minutes before closing time.


Entry Fees: 



  • 200 Yen for individual
  • 10 Yen for a group of 30 or more


High school students:

  • 100 Yen for individual
  • For groups, entry is Free


Junior high school students and younger



Location: Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial showcases the catastrophic event of 1945, 6th August when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The memorial is built in remembrance of the loss of precious lives lost in this unexpected attack. And, it is built in the middle of a park with the only edifice standing in the vicinity that was left after the bombing. Paying a visit to the memorial will make you feel connected with the pain & suffering of the people of Hiroshima who went through this menacing attack. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial has particularly been built as a token of compassion for the victims. 


Himeji Castle Tours 


Opening Time: 


27th April to 31st August: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Entry is prohibited after 5:30 PM)


1st September to 26th April: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Entry after 4:30 PM is prohibited)


29th December to 30th December: Closed


Admission Fees: 



  • 310 Yen for Individual Ticket
  • 250 Yen for Group Ticket (30 plus)



  • 150 Yen for Individual Ticket
  • 120 Yen for Group Tickets (30 plus)


Himeji Castle is one of the most perfect examples of the castle architecture of Japan. Since it was built, the edifice has been built a variety of times throughout history. This makes it a representation of the different architectural styles of different periods in history. It was originally built as a defense mechanism to help protect against enemies. It is believed to have survived the sabotaging bombings during the WWII. The castle is often shown in foreign films! The castle is also called 'White Egret Castle' or 'White Heron Castle' for its design which is built in a way to give the impression of a bird ready to take flight.


Jigokudani Monkey Park


Opening Hours: 


April to October: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM October


November to March: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Closed on: No Closing Days

  • Entrance Fees Per Person (Varies for infants, children & adults)


Adult (18 years & above): JPY800


Children (6 years to 18 years of age) = JPY400


Infants (aged 0 to 5): Free of cost


Important Rules of the Park:

  • You cannot feed the monkeys
  • You cannot touch the monkeys
  • Drinking & Eating on the trail or during park visits are not allowed
  • You are required to maintain distance with monkeys
  • Use of a Selfie Stick or any kind of flash Photography is prohibited.

Located near the city of Nagano, Jigokudani Monkey Park is quite a popular spring area. The name meaning “Hell’s Valley” itself signifies the boiling steamed water coming out from the frozen ground. It all surrounds cold forests & steep cliffs. The park is popularly known for the spectacular scene in winter when the myriad of Snow Monkeys come while the park is all covered with snow. The monkeys come & sit in the warm hot springs descending from the steep cliffs. 

Best Time to Visit Japan


Japan is a destination where you can travel through any part of the year. Through different parts of the season, you get to meet with different aspects of Japanese culture & traditions. Traveling to Japan is fun with each season loaded with celebrations & seasonal foods.


It’s just that you have to specific about what aspect of traveling you would like to enjoy on your Japan vacation. You can choose to plan a vacation during the winter season if you love the cold and alternatively can choose to visit during the summer season if you're a summer person.


Here’s a Sneak Peek into Japan’s Seasons:





Vacationing Scope


March to May


One of the best time to visit Japan.


June to August

Hot & Humid

It’s the Typhoon season of Japan


September to November

Cool breezes & respite from the heat of Summer

One of the Best Time to Visit Japan


December to February

The Coolest Season

Great time for winter sports enthusiasts.

Some more important facts about the best time to travel to Japan:


Precisely stating, the best months to travel to Japan are November & April. Let us understand why it is good to travel during November & April.




What to Wear


A perfect blend of the dry & warm Season

Light Sweaters & Light Jackets would do


You can witness the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

It’s a great experience strolling through the park in Tokyo & on the streets of Kyoto.

Japan gets very little rain during April & temperature is mild in most parts of the country. 

Light Jacket and lightweight Rain Jacket.

Top Places to Visit in Japan


With the internet flooded with an overwhelmingly large number of destinations to choose from and visit, it is a really daunting task to choose the one that can really help with satiating the wanderer inside of you. However, the definition of a perfect travel destination can be different for different people while Japan is one place everyone must visit. 


Japan is one part of the Asian subcontinent everyone should know about. There’s no other place like Japan with plenty of skyscrapers, dense yet peaceful bamboo forests, rejuvenating temples, and more such amazing things, you cannot miss any part of it. In addition to all that, you will love the food, the extremely efficient transport system, and the ultra-welcoming people.


There’s unimaginably mammoth beauty in the country! From east to west & north to south, you will discover something unique in every part of the country. We have this cherry-picked list of the best places to visit in Japan. Let’s have a look:


1. Tokyo - The Ultramodern Capital of Japan


Tokyo is the capital of the ultramodern Japan! While Kyoto will showcase traditional Japan, Tokyo will have the imprint of modern Japan on your mind. From the extremely flamboyant restaurants providing incredibly delicious food to the frenzy of youth fashion shows, noisy arcades, and pervasive skyscrapers, Tokyo is absolutely heaven for travel aficionados. And, Tokyo is an amazing place when it comes to eating! Even if you are just strolling through the roads and trying out different types of food, it’s going to be a fantastic experience. 


Things to do in Tokyo:


  • Visit the brilliant Disney Sea
  • Don’t miss Takeshita Street fashions
  • Gaze at the stars from Shinjuku’s Metropolitan Government Building
  • Stroll around the popular Shibuya Crossing


2. Kyoto - The Traditional & Cultural Heart of Japan


Located on Honshu Islands, Kyoto is considered the cultural capital of Japan. It has an assortment of ancient Buddhist temples, traditional wooden houses, imperial palaces, and a variety of other sites showcasing the past. With all this, Kyoto gives you all the scope to understand about the traditional Japan. In Kyoto, you will learn about very popular traditions of Japan like kaiseki dining. It is a traditional dining where you are served a number of precise dishes along with female entertainers of the Gion district, geisha. If you have time for just one place to visit then go for Kyoto; You won’t ever regret the choice!


Things to do in Kyoto:


  • Learn to cook some traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Stroll around the streets of  Gion to the magical Yasaka-jinja
  • Visit the Tenryu-ji temple and try Zen Buddhist cuisine
  • Visit the amazing Kurama-dera temple

3) Kanazawa


Often referred to as “Little Kyoto”, Kanazawa is one of the places in Japan you should not miss. Packed with Amazing sites, some of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, amazing neighborhoods, and some top-notch museums, Kanazawa necessarily should be on the bucket list. 


Around the Kenroku-en Garden & Kanazawa Castle Park, the beautiful formation of the green core makes for an interesting thing. Along with this green core, there are a number of small but popular sights. Just to the south of the park, there are three very popular museums in Japan. There are some traditional houses that will necessarily make for an interesting vacation. 


South of the park you’ll find three great museums. Within easy distance of the central core are some fantastic districts of traditional houses that used to serve as the city’s entertainment districts. Here, I’ll introduce the three Kanazawa sights that I consider must-sees. Then I’ll introduce the best of the other sights in the city. All of these places can be found on our Ka.


Kanazawa is one of the best cities to visit in Japan, but few foreign tourists make it here. As Kyoto grows in popularity consider turning to Kanazawa instead for a quieter place to experience geisha districts with preserved wooden buildings. There is also one of the most beautiful gardens in the country, a stunning castle, and many art museums to explore.


In Kanazawa don’t miss:


  • Wandering Kenroku-en Garden, one of the top three gardens in Japan
  • Exploring the wooden teahouses of the geisha districts Higashi Chaya and the quieter Kazuemachi and Nishi Chaya
  • Experiencing a traditional tea ceremony at the exquisite Gyokusen-in Gardens 

The Best Japan Vacation Packages in 2022/2023


15 Days Japan Vacation Package - Quintessential Japan Exploration


Destinations: Kyoto, Himeji, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tokyo & more.  

Minimum Price: $6456  

Maximum Price: $6984  

Vacation Duration: 15 Days  

Activities on the Trip:

  • Experience the serenity of Kyoto’ temples
  • Visit Miyajima Island and Hiroshima for its beauty & charm
  • Sink in the fresh & peaceful air of the Japanese Alps
  • Explore the megalopolis of Tokyo
  • Marvel at the incredibly unique culture and natural beauty of Japan
  • The trip will start in Kyoto & end in Tokyo


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


13 Days Japan Vacation Package - Koyasan Monastery Vacation


Destinations: Kyoto, Koyasan & Osaka.  

Minimum Price: $913  

Maximum Price: $1023  

Vacation Duration: 3 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Dive deeper into the spiritual air of Mount Koya & take some lessons of Japanese Buddhism
  • Explore Koyasan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site & stay at a traditional Shukubo temple lodge along with the monks
  • Spend some time atop Koyasan, the incredible mountain located in Wakayama
  • Explore the 100-plus temples located all across the mountain
  • Visit the largest cemetery of Japan
  • Stay at the Shukubo Buddhist Temple and watch out for the monks chanting their morning


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


12 Days Japan Vacation Package - Japan Discovery


Destinations: Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, and Kyoto,   

Minimum Price: $4120  

Maximum Price: $4326  

Vacation Duration: 12 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Discover the modern-day charm of Tokyo & the traditional Nara & Kyoto
  • Explore the magical Mount Fuji & learn some history in Takayama
  • Visit Hiroshima to understand how it has evolved as a symbol for peace
  • In Tokyo, visit the Meiji Shrine, which was built to commemorate a Japanese Emperor
  • Visit the Imperial Palace, the vibrant street markets, Kannon Temple, and Asakusa
  • Enjoy dinner with sumo wrestlers and maybe you can test yours against one of the professionals


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Japan Vacation Package - Kyoto in the Past


Destinations: Kyoto  

Minimum Price: $934  

Maximum Price: $1014  

Vacation Duration: 5 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Pay your visit to the fabulously built shrines of Kyoto
  • Experience the bewildering traditions & history of the city
  • Get to see some wonderful views
  • Explore the multitude of shrines & temples built in the city
  • Also, visit the 17 UNESCO-listed cities of Kyoto
  • Visit the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and the Nijo Castle


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


3 Days Japan Vacation Package - Osaka to Okayama art Exploration


Destinations: Naoshima, and Osaka  

Minimum Price: $3123  

Maximum Price: $3474  

Vacation Duration: 3 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Ride the ferry to Naoshima
  • Watch out for the incredible art installations in the Seto Inland Sea
  • Explore the awe-inspiring modern-day art
  • Visit the art museums in Naoshima
  • Explore the plenty of fanciful architecture, art museums, and sculptures
  • Visit important spots like the Art House Project, temples, abandoned houses, and workshops
  • Visit the Chichu Art Museum & enjoy dinner at the French restaurant Benesse House
  • Visit Osaka


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


8 Days Japan Vacation Package - Naoshima Art & Japan


Destinations: Tokyo, Hakone & Naoshima  

Minimum Price: $4418  

Maximum Price: $4673  

Vacation Duration: 8 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Visit the Tsukiji Outer Market, the Imperial Palace, and the seat of the Japanese Government in Tokyo
  • Discover the artistic side of Japan in the Seto Inland Sea on a remote island
  • At the Kabukiza theatre, take a bird’s eye view of Tokyo
  • In Asakusa visit Senso-ji
  • Visit the iconic Mount Fuji
  • Take a cruise trip through the incredible Lake Ashi & enjoy the fantabulous view from the Hakone Ropeway
  • Visit Kyoto and its highlights including the Ryoanji temple or Nijo Castle
  • In Nara, witness the scene of some wild deer and see Kasuga Taisha Shrine & the largest bronze Buddha


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Japan Vacation Package - The Cultural Japan Exploration


Destinations: Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Hakone, Takayama, Kanazawa & Kyoto  

Minimum Price: $2912  

Maximum Price: $3592  

Vacation Duration: 7 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Visit the beautiful temples of Kamakura and also visit the Great Buddha & Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine
  • Explore the Tokyo city and many of its amazing tourist locations including Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace Plaza, Senso-ji, and more
  • In Mount Fuji enjoy the wonderful views from the 5th station and take an afternoon cruise followed by the Hakone Ropeway ride
  • Wander around the streets of Takayama. In the city visit the tourist spots including the Kusakabe Folkcraft Museum and the Yatai Kaikan Hall
  • Visit the small yet beautiful towns of Shirakawa & Gokayama
  • In Kanazawa discover the culture, art & about Japanese crafts
  • Also, visit Kanazawa & Tentoku-in Temple


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Japan Vacation Package - Street Food & Japanese Sake


Destinations: Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima & Osaka.  

Minimum Price: $1385  

Maximum Price: $1493  

Vacation Duration: 7 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Discover the buzzing modern-day atmosphere of Tokyo
  • Go & explore the beautiful shrines & temples in Kyoto
  • Enjoy the taste of traditional kaiseki & Japanese tea
  • Visit the popular floating torii gate in Miyajima


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days Japan Vacation Package


Destinations: Tokyo, Biwako, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka  

Minimum Price: $3658  

Maximum Price: $3872  

Vacation Duration: 10 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Go on a sightseeing tour of Old Tokyo
  • Enjoy Kaiseki dinner & relax with afternoon tea
  • The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto and travel via bullet train
  • Wander around the biggest shopping district of Osaka


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


14 Days Japan Vacation Package - Japan Exploration 2020


Destinations: Tokyo, Takayama, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Kyoto.  

Minimum Price: $3999  

Maximum Price: $4182  

Vacation Duration: 14 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Roam around through the buzzing streets of Tokyo
  • Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and learn about the war that took place
  • Sample the wonderful delicacy in a sake brewery


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days Japan Vacation Package - Adventure Tour of Japan


Destinations: Tokyo, Nagano, Hakone, Osaka, Koyasan, & Kyoto.  

Minimum Price: $2469  

Maximum Price: $2698  

Vacation Duration: 15 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • Visit the popular majestic castles, the colorful shrines & the amazing ancient temples
  • Travel through the mountains to discover the unique red-faced
  • Spend some time in the thousand-year-old Buddhist temple


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days Japan Vacation Package - Tokyo to Osaka (Hiroshima Tour)


Destinations: Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto & Hiroshima.  

Minimum Price: $6598  

Maximum Price: $6999  

Vacation Duration: 15 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • The trip starts from Tokyo to Osaka
  • Visit to Hiroshima & discover about the devastating bombing that completely shook the world
  • Sightseeing tour of Tokyo - Explore the popular temples including Sensoji
  • Taste the traditional sweets of Japan
  • Ascend Tokyo’s Skytree, which is the highest broadcasting tower throughout the world
  • Visit the tiny village Oshino Hakkai


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days Japan Vacation Package - Kyushu Vacation


Destinations: Fukuoka, Shiragiku, Kumamoto, and Nagasaki.  

Minimum Price: $1056  

Maximum Price: $1169  

Vacation Duration: 7 Days


Activities on the Trip:


  • Discover the charming island of Kyushu located in the southern part of Japan
  • Visit the coastal town of Fukuoka and its popular 17th-century castle
  • Then explore Beppu, the hot springs in the east
  • In southeastern Japan, explore the exclusive Nagasaki memorial
  • In the western Kyushu, visit Unzen-Amakusa National Park, the first-ever national park of Japan
  • Visit the village of Unzen


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


13 Days Japan Vacation Package - Rail Ride of Japan


Destinations: Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko, Takayama, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka & Hiroshima.  

Minimum Price: $2038  

Maximum Price: $2199  

Vacation Duration: 15 Days


Activities on the Trip:


  • Take yourself through Honshu’s main island
  • The trip begins in Tokyo with visiting the grand sites like Senso-ji temple & the Meiji Shrine
  • Also, discover the wonderful landscapes of Shinjuku, Akihabara, and Shibuya
  • Visit the coastal city of Kamakura where you get to see the Hokoku-ji Temple & the Great Buddha
  • In the north visit Nikko where you get an opportunity to discover the most enchanting shrine of Japan, Toshogu & the mausoleum
  • Visit Kyoto to see the incredible sites including Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle, the thousand orange-red torii gates, and the golden pavilion of Kinkaku-ji
  • Then at the end of the trip, visit Hiroshima in the south, popularly known for the heinous bombing attack


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days Japan Vacation Package - Discovering the Imperial Tokyo


Destinations: Tokyo  

Minimum Price: $910  

Maximum Price: $1020  

Vacation Duration: 5 Days  

Activities on the Trip:


  • A Planned visit to the Tokyo Tower, which is the perfect place to relish the amazing views of the city
  • Visit the Imperial Palace Gardens, the old quarter of Asakusa, the street market & the wonderful Kannon Temple
  • Then discover the Ueno district, where you can get way more insight into the traditional aspect of the city
  • In Ueno, you will visit the Art Academy, shrines, Tokyo University of Arts, the zoo, the National Science Museum, and more
  • Explore the entertainment & the shopping areas of Harajuku & Ginza


Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star  

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment  

Note: Here, it’s worth mentioning that the above Japan vacation packages are just to give you an idea of how a trip, in general, will look like. The key idea is to help travelers with the total cost of the vacation and things they are going to do throughout the trip based on the vacation duration & the accommodation type. This may or may not vary depending on your requirements!

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