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When it comes to England, where do we even begin? There is so much history and culture rooted in this country; the options are countless. But thanks to England vacation packages, you can explore the stunning nation in all its glory. The land of Beatles, the Royal family, soccer, historic pubs, and more, England is a modern-day treasure trove for travelers.

From Buckingham Palace to London Eye and the Madame Tussauds Museum, the tourists are spoiled for choices in England vacation packages. It's not just the city life of London that will enthrall you, but the scenic beauty of the countryside is also equally enchanting. There's nothing like enjoying a sip of tea while gazing at the stunning Yorkshire woodlands.

The country is also known for its sports, especially soccer and cricket. So don't miss out on watching at least one game of English Premier League. There are plenty of historical buildings, towers, and more for all the history buffs to check out. The England vacation packages truly offer incredible adventures for those who want to get deeper into the British empire.

From London to Manchester and Bristol to Liverpool, the cities have seamlessly blended traditional and modern-day culture. So, check out the England vacation packages for your next holiday getaway.

Explore England Vacation Packages 2022


Laden with unspeakably beautiful scenery, green fields, chalk cliffs, moody moorland, ancient woods, and breezy plains, England is one tourist destination that is a must-have on everyone’s bucket list. One gets an opportunity to see everything with 34  AONB (Areas of Outstanding National Beauty), ten National Parks & miles-long coastline. The 2795 miles long beach-fringed coastline makes for one of the largest coastlines in Europe. The whole of England is a real feast for any travel enthusiast’s eyes. If you love to explore new places, meet new people, and discover something fresh everyday, then an England vacation is a must. But, before you plan England vacation packages, you need to discover a few things. Let us help you with that information:

Location & Geography: England includes Wales & Scotland, which is located on the island of Great Britain. It occupies two-thirds of the island area of Great Britain and is the largest of all the countries on the island. 

Surrounded by: The country is surrounded by all sides by the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, and the North Sea. 

Capital city: London is the capital city of England & the country is divided into nine different regions. 

Most Visited cities in England: Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, and Newcastle.

Food in England: The most popular dish in England is “fish and chips”! It’s a form of fried fish coupled with french fries. Most of the dishes are cooked using chicken, beef, lamb & sausage. Tea is also an important part of English food.

Currency in England: Pound Sterling is the currency of England and it is also one of the most popular currencies throughout the world. Only Euro & the U.S. dollar have a higher value than Pound. 

Language in England: English is the official language of England! Apart from that, a language from the olden days called Cornish is still one of the official languages of the country.

Enchanting England! The endlessly fascinating England defines charm, beauty & the essence of traveling. With a huge number of top tourist destinations sometimes it becomes quite tough to decide where to start from and where to end it. That is where well-planned England vacation packages under the supervision of experienced people come into picture. The moment you put your first step into this country plenty of postcard places start appearing. With this assortment of castles, natural sites, fascinating rural parts, lush National Parks, Museums, this European destination makes for one of the most exciting things for people.

Let’s mention here some of the interesting places in England you must visit. This is going to help you choose the best of England vacation packages and prioritize as per your interest. Here we go:

  1. Stonehenge

Surprisingly, this particular site attracts around 1.3 million tourists from around the world every year. Stonehenge is considered to be one of the most popular tourist spots in any England vacation packages. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is actually a series of huge stones forming a circle which becomes way fascinating because of the history that it beholds in every piece of the stone that stands. 

Important things to know before visiting the site:

  1. Time tickets for entry into the Premises.

  2. You can see the stones from a few meters.

  3. You will have only 30 minutes for access to the stones.

Entry Fees:

Children ( 5 years to 15 years) -  £9.30

Adults - £15.50

Senior & Students: £13.90

Opening Hours:

April to May - 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

June to August: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

September to October: 9:30 am-7:00 pm

October to March: 9:30 am-5:00 pm

  1. Roman Baths 

The Roman Bathhouse complex was originally built as a meeting spot for the patricians. It was designed in a way that they could come here enjoy a refreshing bath, socialize over a drink session. However, with Romans leaving the country, the bathhouse remained unused for a long period of time. While in the 19th century an excavation brought it gain in limelight making it one of the top tourist attractions in England. 

Important things to know before visiting the site:

  1. The water that flows is untreated and bathing here is not allowed for obvious reasons.

  2. Carry shoes with a strong sole as the floor is stony.

  3. Free tours are available at intervals of every hour.

  4. Claustrophobic needs to be cautious as the complex is located below the street level.

Entry Fees:

Children - 10.25

Adults - £16.50

Opening Hours: 

Varies by season

  1. Windsor Castle

The castle is unique for the reason that it is the only castle in the world that is still in use (by the monarchs). It was built somewhere near 900 years back in the form of a wooden fortress by king William and since then it has been the royal residence and palace. In Spite of it being an important place for the royal business it is open for public & tourists. 

Important things to know before visiting the site:

  1. From London, a visit to the Windsor Castle will consume half of your day.

  2. A full-day tour will also include visit to Bath, Oxford & Stonehenge.

Entry Fees:

Adults: £8.50 - £16

Opening Hours: 

November to February: 9:45 am - 4:15 pm

March to October: 9:45 am - 5:15 pm  

You can plan England vacation packages at any time of the year ~ it’s a year-round travel destination. The temperature here is temperate all through the year and be it summer or winter the temperature is not extreme. 

However, in general, the best time to visit England or plan England vacation packages is from late March to early June (spring) & September to November (autumn). Through this time of the year, it’s warm around.

In addition to that, December to February is also the perfect time of the year to plan England vacation packages. However, a few of the tourist sites in the mountainous area may get closed yet the sites in the main city remain open with amazing time for sightseeing. 

Here’s a sneak peak into the Best time to visit England season & month wise: 



Key Events



  1. St Patrick's Day Festival

  2. Museums at Night

  3. State Opening of Parliament 


Comparatively less Tourist Crowd

  1. Trooping the Colour 

  2. Wimbledon Championships 

  3. Notting Hill Carnival


Still crowded 

  1. London Fashion Week

  2. Guy Fawkes Night 

  3. The Lord Mayor's Show


Chilly winter (less crowded)

  1. London Parade

  2. Pancake Day

  3. London Fashion Week

Note: Although there isn’t anything like a bad or best time to visit England as the weather remains mild throughout the year, but the tourist influx, in general is at peak during autumn & spring. 

Given the fact that England is one of the historically rich destinations to travel the huge influx of tourists throughout the year is obvious. The fact that England vacation packages are available throughout the year and there are enough tourist attractions at every corner of the country adds to its value with respect to tourism. So, it’s not a pragmatic idea just to get stuck at any one corner ~ you have to know every part of it irrespective of anything.

Here’s a list of best cities not to miss on your England vacation packages:

1. London 

One of the best cities to visit in England is London ~ it’s the center of shopping, finance, politics & culture. There are in fact literally so many top tourist attractions in London that you will feel perplexed on how to prioritize your list. But, obviously, you are a first-timer, you cannot miss Westminster, which houses the residence of Prime Minister (Downing Street), Buckingham Palace, and many more top-notch attractions. But, apart from this there are other top tourist attractions in London ~ let's see:

Top Tourist attractions in London:

  1. The Tower of London

  2. The British Museum

  3. Big Ben

  4. National Gallery

  5. The Victoria and Albert Museum

2. Durham

The city of Durham is particularly known for the spectacular architecture & the beautifully built University. Actually the two are in a way related to each other ~ the 11th century castle of Durham now serves as an accommodation for the students. You have got to discover a lot of interesting things with England vacation packages. There are many other tourist attractions in England including Durham Cathedral known for its amazing tower. In addition to that, the Botanical garden & manicured gardens are perfect tourist attractions in England particularly for nature lovers.

Top Tourist attractions in Durham:

  1. Sarah P. Duke Gardens

  2. American Tobacco Campus

  3. Durham Performing Arts Center

  4. Durham Bulls Athletic Park

  5. Eno River State Park

3. Bristol 

Since its foundation in 1155, Briston has become considerably a great place for rejuvenating for tourists. Over the years, it has stood out tall creating a huge number of tourist attractions including museums and other architectural sites. One of the most prominent examples is the St Nicholas Market which gives a fair amount of space to travelers to shop for local produce. Another inclusion in top things to do on England vacation packages is show at the historic Old Vic (one of the best theatres in England).

Top Tourist attractions in Bristol:

  1. Bristol Harbour

  2. St. Mary Redcliffe

  3. Bristol Cathedral

  4. Brunel's SS Great Britain

  5.  Llandoger Trow

4. Manchester

Manchester is often referred to as the Capital of North and the reason is its gigantic size. However, it’s not as big as London yet it gives a good competition with respect to tourism. And, the place is particularly a great retreat for the architecture fans ~ Manchester Cathedral. For those who want to taste some international cuisine, Chinatown is the best place.

Top Tourist attractions in Manchester:

  1. Castlefield

  2.  Museum of Science and Industry

  3. Manchester Cathedral

  4. National Football Museum

  5. Chetham's Library

The Best England Vacation Packages 2022


7 Days England Vacation - Discover the Best of England

Destinations: England

Minimum Price: $1198

Maximum Price: $1234

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. The trip begins in London with such England vacation packages.

  2. Visit Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London & Big Benin London.

  3. You will also be visiting Buckingham Palace, Queen’s official residence.

  4. Also, a boat cruise along Thames included.

  5. Visit to the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the London Bridge.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days England Vacation Package - London to Edinburgh

Destinations: London & Edinburgh

Minimum Price: $1899

Maximum Price: $1923

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. The trip begins in London.

  2. Enjoy visiting scenic landscapes, historical sites, the quaint towns & more.

  3. Visit York, Stratford, and the Lake District.

  4. Also, visit Edinburgh & some of the most popular sites on the way.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days England Vacation - Paris, London & Amsterdam

Destinations: Paris, London & Amsterdam

Minimum Price: $2134

Maximum Price: $2256

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Explore three of the European countries - Paris, Amsterdam, & London.

  2. Visit iconic landmarks including the Parliament house, the Royal Albert Hall, Big Ben, the London Eye & Westminster Abbey.

  3. Visit Madame Tussauds waxworks museum and go for a pub tour alongside Thames River.

  4.  Next spot would be Paris where you will visit Palace of Versailles, go for hop On Hop Off bus tour & more.

  5. Next is discovery of Amsterdam, windmill village of Zaanse Schans, fishing village of Volendam, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days England Vacation - Lake District, Manchester & Liverpool

Destinations: Lake District, Manchester & Liverpool

Minimum Price: $1989

Maximum Price: $2001

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Perfect experience of culture & history.

  2. Visit Old Trafford in Manchester.

  3. Exploration of the history at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool.

  4. Discover the Lake District of Liverpool.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days England Vacation - Exploring London Palaces & Royal Castles

Destinations: London

Minimum Price: $1120

Maximum Price: $1189

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. These England vacation packages include the ultimate London palace tour.

  2. Visit Hampton Court, the Downton Abbey village, Kensington Palace, and Windsor Castle.

  3. Go to the Covent Garden, the British Museum, and the West End.

  4. Make visits to Kensington Palace, Prince Harry, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


15 Days England Vacation - Britain Highlights

Destinations: London to Edinburgh

Minimum Price: $4238

Maximum Price: $4301

Vacation Duration: 15 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Visit the cities of York, Chester & Oxford.

  2. Enjoy the immensely fascinating Cotswolds, the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia National Park, and more.

  3. Visit the city of Worcester and the 12th Century cathedral.

  4. On the final day visit Hermitage Castle, Abbotsford House, Rosslyn Chapel, and a sinister atmospheric eerie ruin.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days England Vacation - Bath Highlights

Destinations: Bath 

Minimum Price: $521

Maximum Price: $534

Vacation Duration: 3 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Discovery of the Bath city and exploring its iconic attractions.

  2. Sink in the culture & history of the city.

  3. Go for a walking tour to visit popular sites like the Roman Baths & the Royal Crescent.

  4. Go on exploring the architectural attractions including the Circus, the Royal Crescent& more.

  5. Enjoy a spa treatment & see Bath Abbey.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


5 Days England Vacation - Cambridge Highlights

Destinations: Cambridge

Minimum Price: $745

Maximum Price: $769

Vacation Duration: 5 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Explore every part of the world-famous & historical University of Cambridge on these England vacation packages.

  2. Along the River, discover the King’s College Chapel reverberating the stupendous architectural excellence of the country.

  3. Explore the city on a walking tour at your own pace.

  4. Enjoy a Hop On Hop Off bus tour and see the remaining sites.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


7 Days England Vacation - Paris & London

Destinations: Paris & London

Minimum Price: $1299

Maximum Price: $1329

Vacation Duration: 7 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Explore two of the best cities of England with such England vacation packages.

  2. Enjoy sightseeing on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour.

  3. Visit the important attractions like the Tower of London, the British Museum, the Changing of the Guard, the Tate Modern, and more.

  4. Include a complete day visit to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath.

  5. In Paris enjoy watching out important sites including the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre Museum, the Palais Royal, and more.

  6. Spend one complete day exploring gardens & palaces.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment


10 Days England Vacation - Classic British Isles

Destinations: Classic British Isles

Minimum Price: $1999

Maximum Price: $2034

Vacation Duration: 10 Days

Highlights of the Trip: 

  1. Discover the British Isles - London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

  2. See the Book of Kells at Trinity College Library, the Tower of London, Buckingham Castle, and the summit towering Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock.

  3. The first part of the vacation - Dublin, the Irish capital. Explore the Dublin Docklands, Trinity College Library, and more.

  4. The second spot is Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. Visit the medieval Old Town, Holyrood Palace, Calton Hill, and more.

  5. The third stop is London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. Visit the British Museum, the Coca-Cola London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and more.

Hotel Type: 4-star to 5-star

Payment mode: Cash/Card Payment 

Note: The above data has been compiled based on a general idea. This may or may not vary based on any kind of input from your side. However, we would like to mention here that these experienced travel agents at Leisure will surely help with customized England vacation packages. 

Leisure with its unique and user-friendly platform enables travel enthusiasts to plan their trip at the click of a button. It has a dedicated team of experts who work in coordination to find the best vacation packages. Leisure is unique when it comes to reliability, trustworthiness, transparency or work & the work ethics. Every single member in the team is inducted only after going through a process of meticulous examination, which ensures the credibility of the individual or the agency. In addition to that, it makes sure to provide every kind of necessary help including Tour managers, guides, 24/7 customer assistance, accommodation, documentation & more. GIve us a chance and we will provide you with the best of the England vacation packages.

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