12 Cool Things to Do in Albania in 2021

Author: Srikanth Krishna on May 21,2021

Ahh, Albania! I have fallen in love with you long before. So when I started my journey to Albania for the first time, I genuinely did not have very high expectations — as I had heard only about the nation’s political history. But after booking my first Albania vacation package in 2021, I am just speechless—  my trip to this beautiful country was something else. I discovered that this Balkan land has many things to see & do, unlike I have heard.


Albania’s natural landscape is just inexplicably amazing— be it the wondrous mountains, the lakes, or the beaches, there is something at every corner to get stunned. Every part of the country is laden with many quirky cities, a couple of great destinations, and UNESCO world heritage old towns, making it way more impressive. I, along with a couple of my friends, Booked a road trip Albania vacation package in 2021, and that’s when we got to discover the hidden Balkam gem.


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12 Cool Things to Do in Albania in 2021


I have created this leisure luxury travel guide to help you with my list of some of the most extraordinary things to do in Albanian, which you must include in your Leisure vacation travel package. If you are wondering, what are the best things to do on your Albania vacation package in 2021, read here:


1. Experience the Blue Eye



The Blue Eye, the natural spring that is around 50 meters deep, leaves many travelers stunned. Even scientists have not been able to find where the spring starts and how far it goes. Until now, divers have been able to go only 50 meters deeper— the spring has been protected, and travelers are not allowed to swim in the spring, but many do. If you are booking an Albania vacation package in 2021, make sure you visit here. 


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2. Self-guided Tour around the Berat Castle



Book an Albania vacation package in 2021 and take a self-guided tour of Berat Castle, the 13th-century relics. The castle is located along the bank of the Osum River, overlooking the Berat town. The Caste was burnt by the Romans, which was rebuilt several times. Many of the buildings in the Castle were Christian churches, with one being a mosque whose minaret base still stands. According to Wikipedia “Historically, Albania has been inhabited by numerous civilizations such as the Illyrians, Thracians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans.”

Do take a tour of the Berat Castle when booking the Albania vacation package in 2021. 


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3. Hiking Tour From Theth to Valbona



You can enjoy one of the best hiking experiences through the Albanian Alps— it might be challenging, but it’s rewarding in the end for sure. Many travel bloggers enjoy and have this hiking experience as one of the best in their lifetime. The hike is for around 6-8 hours, and travelers can enjoy some fantastic views from Theth to the Valbona hike. So, if you are booking an Albania vacation package in 2021, don’t forget to take this incredible hike. 


Check out our leisure luxury travel guides to know about some of the most adventurous experiences in Albania. 


4. Visit Apollonia



Apollonia, the ancient town built in 588 BC by the Greek community, is located along the central coast of Albania. The city was initially called Gylakeia, which was later changed to Apollonia in honor of Apollo God. The town was of extreme importance to the Greeks, and in the beginning, it also had a philosophy school. You would get an opportunity to explore plenty of ruins of temples, libraries & theaters. And, the view from the ancient city is quite impressive. I would suggest you add a day of excursions to Apollonia to the itinerary of your Albania vacation package in 2021.


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5. Visit the Anti-nuclear Bunker Museums



The anti-nuclear bunker in the capital city of Tirana has two museums— the Bunk’Art & the Bunk'Art 2. The Bunk’Art was built in the outskirts of Tirana in the 70s  under the Communist dictator Enver Hoxha. It is said that Hoxha was afraid of the attacks that never happened. Today, the travelers enjoy learning about history — the bunker has been converted into a contemporary space that reverberates the stories from the older Albania. Bunk’Art2, the other bunker, is located just about a short distance away from the Skanderbeg Square in the city’s heart. It is built to honor the victims of the regimen— and if you are looking for an Albania vacation package in 2021, make sure the itinerary includes a day of excursion to these two enriching places. 


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6. Stroll Around the Lakeside Shkodra City



Oh My Gosh! The Lakeside Shkodra City is such a sigh of relief from all the planning you have been doing, from booking your Albania vacation package in 2021 to packing and navigating the airport crowd. Snuggled between the Albanian Alps and Lake Shkodër, sitting on the Mbi Shkodra Plain— this peaceful city takes you back in time. Shkodra, which has been known as Scodra, is about 103 km from Tirana. A day excursion plan to the town of Shkodra will bring you an opportunity to see the beautiful Albania Alps and Lake Shkodër. And, the cafes sprawling all through the pedestrianized boulevards are the most incredible places to hang around in Albania. Check out the Shkodra travel guide at Wikivoyage to know more about this place.


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7. Albanian Riviera Visit



It would be a sin not to fit in ‘Albanian Riviera Visit’ in the itinerary when you had spent a considerable part of your savings on booking an Albania vacation package in 2021 (when the pandemic had not yet stopped causing mayhem in our lives). Being home to several beautiful beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Albanian Riviera makes one of Albania’s top tourist destinations. Stretching from Dhermi to Sarande, the Riviera sits in the southern part of Albania. I booked my Albani vacation package in 2021 for the first time, which attracted me to these places. However, it was not a part of my itinerary— probably it was the scene of those enchanting beaches in the Albanian Riviera. Some of the best places to visit in the Albanian Riviera are— Himara, Drymades beach, Dhërmi, Qeparo, and Vuno.


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8. Eat Seafood in Sarande



Another fantastic experience in Albania is trying the exceptional seafood in Sarande. Some of the top places where you get the best of it are— Fourth Island, Vlore County, Haxhi, Abiori Bar Restaurant, Pizzeria Ksamil, La Petite, and Restaurant Harmony. Sarande is a seaside city, which makes out that seafood will be one of the primary attractions. I have met many of my traveling friends who hated seafood, but now they are hardcore seafood lovers after tasting it in Sarande. If you are not a vegan, you must add Sarande to your itinerary when planning an Albania vacation package in 2021. I will recommend you must try the seafood at Fishland, which is just around the fishing docks. 


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9. Enjoy Raki



When planning an Albania vacation package in 2021 or any part of your lifetime, you can’t miss one of the first things that is ‘trying Raki.’ It’s like a way of experiencing the Albanian culture— every Albanian family makes the local moonshine, which is pretty strong with, sometimes about, 60% of alcohol. For me, it has been the best experience, and it’s my favorite. Go to a cafe and order a Raki; one-shot will cost around 37-euros. One interesting fact about Albania Raki I found very intriguing was— when you are served with the second glass of Raki, though the waiter brings the second shot in another drink, he pours it into the glass you had your first shot. There is a belief behind this, according to which whoever takes the second shot in a different mirror is believed to get into another relationship soon, which means they will break up with the current one. So, that’s Albani!!


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10. Visit Gjirokaster



Gjirokaster, with a couple of spectacular fortresses, the old bazaar, and the gorgeous Ottoman-era houses— is one of the superbly enchanting cities in Albania. Be it peeping through the history or diving into the culture of Albania, Gjirokaster has something to offer at every turn you take. When I was looking on the internet for an Albania vacation package in 2021, I was not sure if giving a day to Gjirokaster would be even worth it or not. But when I reached and started walking around the city exploring Gjirokastër Museum, houses, an open courtyard, and the clock towers — it was much like a life-changing experience for me. You can hire a leisure luxury travel guide who will tell you everything about navigating the castle. 


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11. Indulge in the Albanian Nightlife



The nightlife in Tirana could not be as good as in the US or UK. So, when I started with my Albania vacation package in 2021, I was unsure what it would be like. And, honestly, I was a bit nervous too. When I finally went to relish it, the whole experience was life-changing. Unlike in most other countries, people would dance like crazy, talk to strangers and get into some errand talks, and it was a little different in Albania— people just stood or sat with their glass of wine in their hands rather than dancing. They stared at everyone entering — so when you are there, don’t get surprised to notice some curious eyes gazing at you; it’s usually don’t take that too seriously. 


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12. Relax at Hidden Beaches



Albania has some of the best beaches in the world— and you will be amazed to see them. Some of the gorgeous beaches in Albania are from Vlora to Ksamil, and there is something for everyone. Most of these beaches are packed with tourists throughout the year. But there are a few places where you can relax in seclusion. These off-the-beaten beaches hide in Albania, and you cannot find them easily. Just be patient, seek help from leisure luxury travel guides— and spend a few days gazing at the beautiful, calm, and crystal-clear waters.


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